Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1367 - Worshiping Mother Earth

Wei Suifeng moved his body and said indifferently, "I've fought White Deity, Green Deity, and a few heavenly teachers. Even though I couldn't beat them, they couldn't kill me either. They just sank me into the river. I haven't beaten Mother Earth yet, so I can give it a try."

Prince You Ming hesitated for a moment and said, "Even though I learned a lot of things from Eternal Peace, I've been learning all these years and haven't used them yet. I don't know how strong I am. Teacher You You said I'm very stupid and learn very slowly. I'm probably not Mother Earth's match…"

The dragon qilin quietly retreated and muttered softly, "I definitely can't beat anyone, so I still slipped away…"

He turned around and sprinted, executing reverse summoning divine art as he ran.

At this moment, he noticed the dragon and was stunned. "What a huge dragon… When can I be as awe-inspiring as him?"


In the distance, the dragon was struck into the dust.

The dragon qilin shuddered and continued to sprint away from this place.

His reverse summoning divine art wasn't as fast as Qin Mu's. After all, Qin Mu was the founder of the reverse summoning divine art, so the speed at which he executed it was extremely fast. On the other hand, he needed time to prepare.

He had to find a safe place before he could execute it.

Qin Mu leaned on the Glassy Sky Pagoda and said calmly, "Mother Earth, we were friends back then. You lent me the core of the Primordial Tree and a bottle of primordial liquid, so I'll give you another chance today. If you retreat now, I won't stop you. From now on, it's up to fate whether we are friends or foes."

Mother Earth sneered and said, "With just the three of you? One of you is Celestial Venerable Mu who only knows how to swindle people, the other is the Emperor of Endless Clouds who has been sunk into the river, and the other is a half-god who has been suppressed by his parents for 600,000 years. What right do you have to make me retreat?"

Wei Suifeng said sincerely, "Mother Earth, you have killed too many gods and devils. Your mind and soul have been blinded by the baleful aura, and you have already lost your rationality. I know Brahma Buddha, why don't you follow me to meet him and let him help you dissolve the baleful aura?"

"Brahma Heaven?"

Mother Earth sneered. "You guys aren't my match, so you plan to work together with Brahma to plot against me? Even though I haven't recovered to my peak state, I'm still not a match for Brahma!"

Wei Suifeng frowned, sighed, and stopped talking.

Prince You Ming couldn't help but say, "Yuan Venerate, do you know that the Glassy Sky Pagoda is in the hands of Celestial Venerable Mu? This treasure was the number one treasure in the world back then, and you should know its reputation! Although this treasure might not be number one today, after Celestial Venerable Mu's parents, Mute and Blind's redesign and forging, it's many times better than back then! Once this treasure is out, it will cut off your path of retreat, making it impossible for you to escape! Yuan Venerate, please reconsider!"

"Son of Xuan Wu only knows how to praise his own treasure?"

Mother Earth couldn't help but laugh. "The number one treasure in the world isn't the Glassy Sky Pagoda at all. The reason why your parents got the title of number one treasure is because Celestial Emperor, Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and I don't want to take out our own treasure. My Primordial Tree alone can support the tens of thousands of worlds in the heavens, and it's far beyond the Glassy Sky Pagoda. Your Glassy Sky Pagoda is only the 28 heavens. Deity Xuan is a god of sacrifice after all, and his horizons are shallow. You don't have much insight."

Prince You Ming opened his mouth, sighed, and stopped talking.

Qin Mu gently shook the Glassy Sky Pagoda in his hand, and the 28 layered canopy opened up with a hum. The 28 heavens appeared and swirled, expanding outwards and soon covering the vast space of the ancestral court!

The layers of heavens even sliced open the earth, cutting off Mother Earth's path of retreat.

Mother Earth looked around and saw that the 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda were filled with powerful treasures. These treasures were obviously not something that Deity Xuan and Deity Wu could refine. The formation runes inside were simply too powerful!

Just as she had said, the Glassy Sky Pagoda of the Black Tortoise and Deity of the Black Tortoise was the number one treasure in the world, but Celestial Emperor and the rest didn't want to show off.

Both Celestial Emperor, Heaven Duke, and Earth Count had powerful treasures. Even the treasures of Celestial Empress' sister weren't inferior to the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

As for Mother Earth herself, she was a supreme treasure with extraordinary power!

Mother Earth of the Glassy Sky Pagoda had seen it before. Although it was complicated and powerful, it wasn't as terrifying as it was now!

The power of all kinds of treasures in the Glassy Sky Pagoda had been activated. There were as many treasures as there were stars in the sky, covering every heaven. It was obvious that a supreme grandmaster who was proficient in forging and formations had spent a long time to continuously improve the power of this treasure, refining the Glassy Sky Pagoda to an unimaginable level!

Mother Earth sneered and wasn't afraid at all. Although she had lost her corporeal body and even her roots had been seized by Celestial Venerable Xiao and Gongsun, she had the core of the Primordial Tree!

Now, even if her abilities were inferior to Celestial Venerables, she wouldn't be weaker than existences like Dao Ancestor and Brahma!

Even if Qin Mu took out the Glassy Sky Pagoda and Prince You Ming and Wei Suifeng, the two Emperor's Throne Realm existences, she would still have a high chance of winning!


Mother Earth screeched as her true body appeared behind her. It was the core of the Primordial Tree!

The core of the Primordial Tree was even larger and thicker than when Mother Earth had first descended into the Primordial Realm. The crown of the tree directly lifted up the layers of heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, preventing them from changing the order!

It was obvious that Mother Earth had done research on the Glassy Sky Pagoda and knew that this treasure could grant any request and change the order of the heavens.

In the Primordial Realm, the Primordial Tree held up the heavens, so he easily froze the heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

She had immediately cut off the Glassy Sky Pagoda's technique!

Mother Earth revealed her true form, and countless roots danced in the air. Thick roots spread towards the various heavens and invaded them, sweeping towards the precious scrolls that were hanging in the various heavens!

She had a natural advantage in how to break the Glassy Sky Pagoda!

Her body trembled as she flew through the heavens and pounced at Qin Mu.

Fixing the heavens, collecting the treasures, and killing Qin Mu in one go!

Beside Qin Mu, Prince You Ming bowed to Mother Earth who was flying towards him. He then stood up and took a step forward, roaring, "All Manifestations of the Celestial River!"

The celestial river suddenly coiled around his body, and a celestial palace flew out from behind him. Around the celestial palace were all kinds of small celestial palaces.

Ever since he came to Eternal Peace, his cultivation, which had long been stagnant, had started to advance by leaps and bounds. First, he was sent by Emperor Yanxiu, Ling Yuxiu, to the various academies to copy books. Next, he went to Imperial College to further his studies. Next, he went to the Dao Academies of Earth Virtue Celestial Palace to seek knowledge. He entered Si Youyou's gate and followed Si Youyou to cultivate.

He had too many shortcomings, but his aptitude and comprehension were definitely not bad. Otherwise, Son of Heaven Yin wouldn't have lamented that if Prince You Ming hadn't been suppressed, he would have definitely become one of the ten Celestial Venerables.

Even though Prince You Ming hadn't completely patched up his shortcomings, his cultivation was much stronger than before.

When he broke free, he met Son of Heaven Yin on the celestial river and heavily injured him with a punch. At that time, his magic power was incomparably dense, and his current strength was even greater than before!

His body coiled around the celestial river, and the celestial river was like a flying snake. He mastered Deity Xuan and Deity Wu's power and divine arts in one go. When the great divine art of entering the path burst forth, it was truly like the majestic waters of the celestial river.

In an instant, the images that flashed around the celestial river were like countless worlds where the celestial river flowed!


Mother Earth clashed with him, and her qi and blood churned. She couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, "Prince You Ming's magic power is truly vigorous! It's a pity he can't adapt!"

The roots of the Primordial Tree whipped over, sending Prince You Ming flying.

Mother Earth took a step forward and saw Wei Suifeng standing in front of her, also bowing to her.

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