Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 137 - Young Cult Master And Daozi

Qin Mu's current state really did look like sleepwalking. He was frantically sprinting while he was asleep yet he still could see his surroundings and avoid obstructions. What made Chen Wanyun bewildered was when Qin Mu was sprinting, he actually still continued to execute his fist skills and leg skills, raising wind from the vigorous blows!

From time to time, he pulled out his Pig Slaughtering Knife, hacking here and there.

"Junior Brother Qin has such a strong power and yet he still works harder than others, even when he's sleeping, he doesn't forget to train. Even though his comprehension may be slightly lacking, his diligence is worth my learning!"

Chen Wanyun was greatly motivated and returned to his residence to train diligently.

However, Qin Mu wasn't completely asleep. His state was different from sleepwalking and this was his unique method of cultivation. Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had different points in cultivation compared to normal people. When he sprinted while cultivating, his cultivating speed would become faster. Meanwhile, his brain was resting and his fist and leg moves were executed all by muscle memory.

Qin Mu had relied on this kind of cultivation method to allow himself to increase leaps and bounds. When he came to Eternal Peace Empire, he had to learn the social custom of Eternal Peace, and that's why he didn't continue to cultivate like this anymore.

After Qin Mu had sprinted for four hours, he woke up, feeling extremely refreshed.

At this moment, he heard a familiar voice laughing, "Have you rested enough?"

Qin Mu immediately turned and greeted, "Patriarch."

Currently, there were no other people on the mountain and even those chancellors, directorates and secretaries had all gone to rest. They had also listened to Imperial Preceptor's lecture for two days without a break and needed to adjust themselves.

The young patriarch smiled and said, "What thoughts do you have on Imperial Preceptor's lecture?"

Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration, "Imperial Preceptor, an existence that's like a heavenly god. He thinks what ordinary people don't dare to think, and he does what ordinary people don't dare to do. He is indeed matchless."

The young patriarch walked down the mountain and asked, "How much have you learned regarding the sword skills that Imperial Preceptor taught?"

"I don't dare to say I have learned it completely, but to some extent for sure."

Qin Mu continued, "Learning sword from Village Chief, I thought I had already got all of the profundity of sword skills. Never would I have thought there are still somethings I have yet learned."

The young patriarch said, "The sentence that there's no end to learning is wrong and it should be there's no end to creating. One can't achieve only by learning, learning all one's life. It is creation that has no limit. You're still young now and need to absorb the stuff that others have created. When your knowledge has accumulated to a certain extent, you must try to create. If you always learn, you will always be a student but once you create a move, you will be master."

When they came to the front of the jade cliff, they only saw an old and a young Daoist sitting in front of the mountain gate of Imperial College.

The young patriarch seemed to smile and not smile, "I had invited Imperial Preceptor over to preach and give a lecture. Now that he already talked for two days and you have got such a huge benefit, aren't you not going?"

Qin Mu sighed, "As long as Patriarch gives the command, dare disciple disobey?"

The young patriarch sneered and kicked him down the cliff, "Rascal making it sounds nice! They have blocked the gate for so long and I don't see you budging. If you weren't given such benefits, would you be so willing? Aren't you still going?"

Qin Mu landed on the ground and rubbed his buttocks as he walked towards the mountain gate.

At this moment, there were no imperial scholars around the mountain gate and the scholars were still sleeping and resting. Only the two Daoists were left outside the mountain gate. Not far away there was also a strange beast that was guarding the mountain gate. The beast had a dragon head and a qilin's body. It was chained up and was taking a nap.

Daozi Lin Xuan saw Qin Mu walking over and his heart trembled slightly. He looked at Dan Yangzi and said, "Senior uncle…"

"Dan Yangzi raised his eyelids and gave a look at Qin Mu, "Go ahead. Imperial Preceptor lecturing the scholars was only to groom this person. You have no need to worry about losing."

Daozi Lin Xuan understood and stood up to welcome Qin Mu. Their qi activities crossed each other and they both stopped to bow as a greeting.

Qin Mu said, "Imperial Scholar Qin Mu meets Daozi Lin Xuan. I'm of Five Elements Realm."

Daozi Lin Xuan replied respectfully, "Daozi Lin Xuan meets Scholar Qin Mu. I'm of Six Directions Realm and I'll seal my Six Directions Divine Treasure."

He sealed his Six Directions Divine Treasure and Qin Mu said, "Does Daozi want to use weapons?"

He pulled out a bamboo cane from his back before taking down a Pig Slaughtering Knife. He then took down his iron hammer before taking down Junior Protector Sword. Just as Daozi Lin Xuan wanted to say sometime, Dan Yangzi suddenly said, "No need for weapons, just use skills, divine arts, and close combat prowess."

Daozi didn't understand and placed his horsetail whisk down, "Since Brother Qin has said so, I shan't use weapons."

Dan Yangzi secretly gave a sigh of relief and moved his gaze away from Junior Protector Sword. If they were to use weapons, Daozi would be at a huge disadvantage. The shape of this sword made his heart jumped in shock. The sword sheath had the mouth of a fish dragon and looked like a first ranking high official's sword.

If it was real, Daozi Lin Xuan's horsetail whisk would be broken the moment they touched and there would be no need to compete anymore.

Qin Mu gave a smile and two layers of pupil suddenly appeared in his eyes. After opening Heaven's Eyes and Green Heaven's Eyes one after another, the ground beneath his feet suddenly sank and the limestone tiles cracked and the shattered rocks on the ground floated up from the trembling.


Qin Mu exhaled and shouted as he gave a punch out. The hundreds of shattered limestone that had just floated up became even finer by the punch of his. The biggest rock was also merely as big as a pea and the smaller ones were like sesame!

Countless of shattered rock followed his punch and flew towards Daozi Lin Xuan!


The dragon roars resonated out and the force of his punch actually merged with the shattered rocks, turning into a sand dragon which soared towards Daozi Lin Xuan just like a real divine dragon!

At the same time, his footsteps moved like a phantom at an extremely fast speed. He quickly followed the punch force and reached Daozi Lin Xuan's side.

Daozi was astonished. One of his eyes suddenly turned white and the other one turned black as he raised his hand forward for a mudra. His jade-like palm looked like a jade stamp. The stamp was like a mountain and on the bottom side of the stamp, there were weird bird characters and worm languages which were incomparably queer. The mudra brought along a simple and ancient aura with it as it faced the true dragon.

Heaven Flipping Mudra!

The forces from the two of them burst forth and a dull and astonishing boom sounded out. It was like the sound of thunder getting muffled by the dense thunderclouds and couldn't travel out.

The dragon head qilin in front of the mountain gate heard this muffled boom and raised its head to look around puzzledly.

Qin Mu only felt that his Tempest Of The Nine Dragons seemed to have met a wall that stretched from the earth to heaven and his force couldn't penetrate this wall, making him elated, "This Daozi sure is extraordinary! He's much stronger than all those scholars I have seen before!"

Tempest Of The Nine Dragons might look overbearing and fierce on the outside but it was actually an extremely exquisite move which contained forty-five dragon forces in it. This force was hidden in the center of the palm and if people received this palm head-on, the forty-five dragon forces would pass through their bodies and cause incomparably terrifying damages to their organs.

This Heaven Flipping Mudra from Daozi Lin Xuan actually formed an impenetrable defense and blocked the forty-five kinds of dragon forces that were hidden in the center of his palm in the area between their two facing palms. This showed how powerful Daozi was!

And at this moment, those countless of rocks flew past Daozi Lin Xuan's body.

Daoist Lin Xuan felt a bone-chilling cold and his Yin Yang Dao Eyes could see that among the fine shattered rocks, there were actually incomparably fine vital qi threads connecting them.

These vital qi threads were incomparably fine and under his Yin Yang Dao Eyes, the vital qi threads were actually fine spiraling swords and these fine swords were sword qi formed by Qin Mu's vital qi. These vital qi which were originally hidden in the rock were trying to come out from these rocks now.

"Wheel Carving Mudra!"

The ten fingers of Daozi Lin Xuan moved. With a palm facing up and a palm facing down, a hum was heard as two wheels appeared above his head and two below his feet. These wheels were formed by vital qi and had peculiar structures. It seemed to be a formation, just that the top and bottom were opposite.

Just as the formation shrouded him, the fine shattered rocks suddenly turned into dust and permeated the sky. The sword qi hidden inside the countless rocks instantly merged together to form a vital qi green dragon. The countless of sword qi formed the body of the green dragon as it stirred vigorously!

Spiral Sword Form!

Between the two wheels that were spinning in the opposite directions from each other instantly appeared countless of fine swords which formed a sword screen, colliding with the stirring green dragon. The sword qi broke into pieces and splattered in all directions. These two youths were not only competing for their sword moves, they were clashing with their magic power as well.

If there were other scholars of Imperial College around, they would definitely be incomparably astonished. Now Qin Mu was executing the Spiral Sword Form which Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had taught him but Qin Mu didn't turn Spiral Sword Form into a sword pillar as how Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had taught. He had instead made countless of spiraling sword qi to turn into a green dragon!

Daozi Lin Xuan instantly felt pressure as Qin Mu's vital qi was suppressing his vital qi. His cultivation was incomparably dense but Qin Mu's cultivation was actually still above his. This was practically impossible.

Dao Sect's Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique was widely known for its vigorous magic power and just based on the magic power of the same realm, there were no techniques from all the sects in the world that could rival Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique. Even if it was Rulai's Mahayana Sutra which was also known for its magic power!

However, now he felt that Qin Mu's magic power was still above his!

Daozi Lin Xuan felt that his Wheel Carving Mudra would break anytime and immediately changed his moves. Even though he didn't have a horsetail whisk, when his hands opened up, there were countless of strands flying out. Those were vital qi threads, but under his control, they were like vital qi swords stabbing outwards from the insides of the wheels, trying to sever the green dragon.

Just as he made the move, Qin Mu who was outside the wheels had already reached in front of him. Stretching his hands out and grabbing the countless of dust, Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth and the dust gathered in his hand to form a spear which stabbed into the turning wheels.

Daozi Lin Xuan used his other hand to defend with Heaven Flipping Mudra to stop this huge spear. However, explosive bangs rang continuously in his ears as Qin Mu used his hands as knives to follow up with Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities, causing countless of knives to cut down on the wheels.

His Wheel Carving Mudra instantly crumbled and Daozi Lin Xuan immediately knew it was bad. The next moment, he received several slashes on his chest with blood flowing out as he flew backward.

He borrowed the power to fly out back and still remained calm. The strands of hairs tunneled into the green dragon and with the strands flying out in all directions, the green dragon was finally eliminated.

As the green dragon fell apart, it immediately turned into hundreds of fine vital qi swords which gathered back together in a blink of an eye and burrowed into the ground.

"This is bad!"

Daozi Lin Xuan pushed his palm downwards and with his palm pressing down, countless strands of threads pierced into the ground and lifted his body up into the air.

With the strands of threads as his legs, he sprinted in the air like he was flying. Below him, a green dragon tunneled out from the ground before tunneling back in again. It then tunneled out once again and went back into the ground. Every time the green dragon burst out from the ground, Qin Mu's feet would coincidentally land on the dragon's head as he quickly chased Daozi Lin Xuan who was in the air.

Qin Mu flicked his fingers one after another and the flick of his fingers resulted in sudden claps of thunder. Between the rumbling of the thunder, a temperament had instead begun abruptly, causing Daozi Lin Xuan's expression to change hugely, "Crap, he has stolen the initiative. I can only use the sect legacy sword skill of Dao Sect!"

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