Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1372 - Walking By The River

"The Southern Heavenly Gate Realm is built on the foundation of the Southern Heavenly Gate of the celestial heavens. The Southern Heavenly Gate of the celestial heavens symbolizes the authority of Celestial Emperor, the authority of the gods, and the power of the gods. Therefore, the traditional Celestial Palace Realm only focuses on power and lacks comprehension of the Dao."

Qin Mu's primordial spirit stopped. As he comprehended, he pondered over the reason. 'In other words, the instability of realm will appear on all gods and devils that are built on the foundation of the traditional celestial palace system. There are no exceptions.'

"Because when they passed through the Southern Heavenly Gate, they only received power and no comprehension of the Dao. This is also why when Founding Emperor split open the celestial heavens, the Dao hearts of all the gods and devils almost cracked and collapsed."

This included Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, and the ten Celestial Venerables!

"If Founding Emperor wants to achieve the Dao, to cultivate the thirty-six heavens of the Sword Dao, and to entrust his Sword Dao to the Ultimate Void, he has to go to the four great heavenly gates of the ancestral court, the Jade Pavilion, Jade Capital, and other places! Only by doing so can his comprehension of the Dao reach its peak!"

"Founding Emperor's path to the void is in the ancestral court!"

He continued forward and comprehended with his heart.

Qin Mu advanced at a steady pace. Even though the Dao fire was strong, it was hard to hurt him. The Dao voice in the heavenly gate made his Dao heart even more penetrating.

"This isn't Southern Heavenly Gate, it's the gate to the Dao. If someone can walk through this gate, they will most likely be able to enter the Dao."

He sighed ruefully in his heart. There was actually such a marvelous place in heaven and earth.

'However, the power of the Dao fire in this door of entering the Dao can probably burn most of the true gods to death!'

Qin Mu frowned slightly. The fiercest thing about the Dao fire wasn't the corporeal body, nor was it targeted at vital qi, primordial spirit, and consciousness. It wasn't the divine treasures or celestial palaces, but the Dao heart!

If the cultivation of the Dao heart wasn't high enough, it would be burned clean by the flames of the Southern Heavenly Gate, leaving nothing behind!

'I have to tell big senior brother, Prince You Ming, and the rest not to enter the Southern Heavenly Gate directly. The best way is to analyze the Dao fire here and patch up the Southern Heavenly Gate in their celestial palaces. That way, there's also a possibility of entering the path, but the chances are smaller. However, it's much bigger and safer than the Southern Heavenly Gate in the past.'

When he walked past the Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court and walked out of the gate formed by heaven and earth, it was already several days later. However, he didn't enter the path.

Even though the Ancestral Court's Southern Heavenly Gate had given him a deep comprehension, Qin Mu had long entered the path and his realm was very deep. The comprehension that the Southern Heavenly Gate had given him wasn't enough for him to enter the path once again and raise his realm to another level.

'I have to go to the other three heavenly gates again. The comprehensions that the three heavenly gates bring to my Dao heart and the Great Dao are enough for me to have no weakness in this realm!'

His primordial spirit walked out of Southern Heavenly Gate and returned. He passed through the gate once again, planning to return to his corporeal body.

His primordial spirit came to the entrance of the gate and was stunned. He saw that the Southern Heavenly Gate was empty, and his corporeal body had vanished without a trace!

He had been comprehending in Southern Heavenly Gate without any distractions, but he didn't expect to lose his corporeal body!

'Walking by the river often, my shoes are finally wet. I've made a low-level mistake. What huge beast can break through the divine art seal and take away my corporeal body?'

He sensed his corporeal body and realized that it was still there and hadn't been eaten by the huge beast. Only then was he at ease.

At this moment, Prince You Ming, who was using the Glassy Sky Pagoda to escort the people from the black mountain, also arrived. When they saw Qin Mu's primordial spirit, they couldn't help being astonished and went forward to ask.

Granny Si frowned, "Mu'er, where's your corporeal body?"

"Don't mention it."

Qin Mu said in shame, "I followed the dragon here and planned to enter with my primordial spirit to comprehend the marvel. I didn't expect my corporeal body to be stolen. I already know who stole my corporeal body, so I'm going to snatch it back!"

Wei Suifeng's heart stirred, and he whispered, "A dragon?"

Qin Mu nodded his head. "He took my corporeal body away to let me be his mount. Nothing will happen if I go and meet him."

He told everyone about the various discoveries in Ancestral Court's Southern Heavenly Gate and said, "If your abilities are strong enough, your true god realm is only a line away from mine. You can try to enter with your primordial spirit, but if you are much weaker than me, don't go in and die."

Once he said that, many people were eager to give it a try. Qin Mu took a glance at Yu Chudu and Wei Suifeng and shook his head. "You guys can't do it, you guys are too far apart."

Wei Suifeng snorted unhappily.

Qin Mu looked at First Ancestor, Second Ancestor, and the rest of the human emperors and shook his head. "You guys can't do it either."

Everyone was used to the blows and thought to themselves, 'That Great Cult Master Wei doesn't seem to be used to it yet, but he will.'

Qin Mu said to Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian, "You can go in. Prince You Ming, granny, you can go in. If you feel that something is wrong, you can leave immediately. You are far from it. Hua Xuanxiu, you are still too young, and your primordial spirit is unstable. Stay outside. Where is Dragon Pi? Where is he?"

He looked around but couldn't find Long Pi. He was bewildered.

"Fatty Dragon didn't go back."

Wei Suifeng said, "When I summoned everyone, I didn't find any traces of him, so I didn't summon Yan'er, in case she was worried."

Qin Mu's heart sank. When he was fighting Mother Earth, he had let the dragon qilin leave first. He didn't expect the dragon qilin to not return to the black mountain of the ancestral court!

"After I find my corporeal body, I'll go find him!"

Qin Mu was anxious. He suddenly stood up, and his primordial spirit vanished!

His primordial spirit traveled ten thousand miles and sensed his body. Not long later, his primordial spirit left Ancestral Court's Southern Heavenly Gate and came to a strange place.

There were mountains here, and they were as steep as knives and spears. They were awe-inspiring and sinister, like thorns growing on the ground. They were incomparably sharp and stabbed diagonally into the sky!

His primordial spirit passed through the strange mountains, and he suddenly felt a strange power stabbing into his primordial spirit, causing his primordial spirit to involuntarily slow down.

Qin Mu executed his divine art, and the runes of the Great Dao flew out to form Dao markings. The Dao markings formed a Dao chain, but the circulation of the Dao chain also became sluggish. The strange power that filled this place stabbed into his Dao chains, into the Dao markings, and into the Great Dao runes, making it difficult for the divine art to form!

His primordial spirit's flying speed became slower, and he finally couldn't mobilize his magic power anymore. His primordial spirit fell from the sky.

Qin Mu took a step forward and sprinted forward. His speed was still extremely fast, but the deeper he went into this strange mountain, the stronger the suppression became!

"What is this place?"

Just as he thought until here, the connection between his primordial spirit and corporeal body became incomparably strong.

His primordial spirit vanished into his corporeal body. Qin Mu opened his eyes and laughed. "Dragon, why are you sneaking around and stealing my corporeal body?"

At this moment, Qin Mu felt his neck becoming heavy. He saw a chain made of divine metal on his neck, and a dragon that had shrunk to over thirty yards long was lying on a thorny throne, sleeping.

Beside the dragon, the dragon qilin was refining medicine and changing medicine for the dragon, treating his injuries. He said in a low voice, "Godfather, Celestial Venerable Mu is here!"

The dragon slowly opened its eyes and yawned. "Don't call him Celestial Venerable Mu, call him your mount, Celestial Venerable Mu."

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