Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1373 - Nine Hells Stage

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open as he looked at the 'godfather' of the dragon qilin on the throne and the 'godson' of the dragon under the throne. An absurd feeling rose in his heart.

He was still worried that the dragon qilin might have been eaten by that huge beast, but he didn't expect the dragon qilin to be captured and taken in as a foster son!

Furthermore, looking at the situation, the dragon qilin was actually doing pretty well beside the dragon!

With a hum, Qin Mu spread out his divine treasure realm and executed the Dao of Tai Shi. The chains on his neck fell off.

The dragon suddenly raised its head and stared at Qin Mu with its eighteen eyes. "You can resist the rules of this place and execute divine arts?"

Qin Mu moved his body and examined his surroundings. "There are natural Great Dao shackles here that specifically lock down one's Dao. I can only use four types of Great Dao."

The dragon was bewildered. After a moment, he laughed and said, "Impressive, truly remarkable! No wonder you are honored as Celestial Venerable Mu. I thought you were just a good-for-nothing that was used to make up the numbers among Celestial Venerables. I didn't expect you to really have some abilities!"

He stood up and walked down from the throne. In a few steps, he came to Qin Mu's side. His long body circled Qin Mu a few times, and seven of his nine heads and necks were broken. Even though the dragon qilin had treated his injuries, he still hadn't recovered.

He examined Qin Mu from head to toe as though he was looking at an animal and praised, "Truly remarkable. Your cultivation isn't high, but your abilities are truly extraordinary."

He returned to the throne, and the throne should have been forged by the Thorn Mountain in this place. It was like a forest of thorns, but it couldn't hurt him at all.

Qin Mu took a glance at the dragon qilin and smiled. "Dragon, your adopted son is quite unique. Half of him is a dragon and the other half is a qilin."

The dragon qilin shouted, "Mount Celestial Venerable Mu, I'll let you know that my name is Dragon Pi! You can call me Young Master Pi! When I was running, I executed my divine art and was seen by a few good brothers who were running away. They picked me up and ran away without any explanation. After that, my foster father came and felt that I was clever, so he took me in as his foster son."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and instantly understood the whole story.

During the battle with Wei Suifeng and Prince You Ming to kill Mother Earth, the Glassy Sky Pagoda had covered a vast area. The dragon qilin and the nearby behemoths were all escaping to avoid being affected.

Presumably, the dragon qilin was still trying to use your reverse summoning divine art to summon himself to the Great Black Mountain of the ancestral court, but he was discovered by the other huge beasts that had escaped.

Those huge beasts thought that the dragon qilin was also a huge beast like them. Seeing that he couldn't run fast enough, they held the dragon qilin in their mouths to escape.

The dragon qilin couldn't execute his reverse summoning divine art. When he reached a safe distance, he met another dragon that was escaping.

The dragon swept them up and escaped to hide here.

Even though the dragon qilin's medical skills were completely messed up, he was still much better than the behemoths. Therefore, he tried to curry favor by treating the dragon's injuries. The dragon should have been quite fond of him and saw that he was smart and capable, so he took him in as his foster son.

The dragon laughed. "Celestial Venerable Mu, do you know what kind of place this is? This place is called Mount Qi. In the past, the masters of creation called it the Sky Prison and the Nine Hells Stage! In the past, the masters of creation and the ancient gods who committed heinous crimes were often thrown here. In this place, even the ancient gods would become mortals, not to mention you. With every step they took, they would feel pain all over their bodies and wail in pain. In the end, you would be twisted beyond recognition and die a horrible death!"

"Qi Mountain, Sky Prison?"

Qin Mu was stunned. He looked around and muttered, "There's also a heavenly prison in the celestial heavens, but it's not that terrifying… If the heavenly prison also corresponds to one realm, then it should correspond to which realm in the seven realms of the celestial palace…"

The dragon glanced at him and said, "This is only the outer area of the Heavenly Prison, the first stage of the Nine Hells Stage. If we reach the Ninth Hell, not only will you be unable to use your divine arts, even if the so-called ten Celestial Venerables come, they will only die! There are at least dozens of ancient god corpses there! Submit to me and be my mount. You will have boundless glory at the back of the ancestral court. If you reject me, I will throw you into the Ninth Hell and let you taste a fate worse than death!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Dragon, you are already at death's door, yet you are still dreaming."

He repeated Wei Suifeng's analysis and said indifferently, "You only have one way out now, and that is to ally with me. Otherwise, when the ten Celestial Venerables descend, you will definitely die!"

The dragon snorted. "If I join one of the Celestial Venerables, I can be free and unfettered. How can my life be in danger?"

"If you submit to one of the Celestial Venerables, the other nine Celestial Venerables will be greatly threatened. In order to ensure that the Celestial Venerables are evenly matched, you will definitely be killed."

Qin Mu smiled. "Dragon, I've already invited you twice, I won't invite you a third time."

The dragon raised its dragon claws and gently knocked on the throne. Its nine faces flickered between dark and clear as it sized up Qin Mu. Suddenly, a dragon head shouted, "You definitely have a way to deal with my current crisis, that's why you came to find me with such certainty! If you don't say a way, I'll throw you into the Ninth Hell!"

Qin Mu smiled and looked around. "There's no need for you to throw me away, I'll go in myself."

The dragon stared with his eyes wide open. Qin Mu walked around him and walked deeper into the prison.

Heaven Prison's second stage was behind the throne of the dragon, and it was a broken cliff. Qin Mu leaped in.

He had originally wanted to see if this Nine Hells Platform could be used as a realm in the celestial palace. Now was the perfect time to test it out.

The dragon hurriedly came to the side of the broken cliff and looked down. He sneered and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, if you can't take it anymore, give me a squeak and I'll save you. However, I don't dare to enter the Ninth Hell. If you can still come out alive after jumping in, I'll ally with you."

The dragon qilin came to the front of the broken cliff and looked around. He shouted, "How can foster father ally with human pets?"

The dragon glanced at him and spat, "You and him are good brothers, how could I not know? Don't try this."

The dragon qilin felt his blood run cold.

The dragon smiled and said, "You are still too inexperienced and not as experienced as Celestial Venerable Mu. When I came into contact with you, I had already used my consciousness to clearly understand all eighteen generations of your ancestors. The reason why I acknowledged you as my foster son is not only because I admire your shamelessness, but also because I want to take advantage of Celestial Venerable Mu. At the very least, I want to surpass him in terms of seniority! Furthermore, I also need to establish a connection with Celestial Venerable Mu through you. If I can't take him as my mount, I won't fall out with him."

The dragon qilin instantly became honest and praised sincerely, "Godfather is wise!"

"Of course! However, you can forget about taming me."

The dragon sneered and said, "How shrewd was Divine King Bo Yang? Didn't I arrange for him to die for me?"

The dragon qilin's eyes lit up, and he looked at him in admiration. His tail swayed back and forth.

The dragon couldn't stand his gaze and immediately said, "I've read your Human Rearing Scriptures from your memory, don't test me!"

The dragon qilin hung his head in dejection. "Godfather is truly worthy of being the existence that could be Dragon Rearing Sovereign, the head of the three ancient god kings. I'm ashamed of my inferiority."

The dragon laughed and said, "You aren't bad either. Don't worry, as my godson, you will have half of the empire behind the ancestral court!"

The dragon qilin blinked his eyes. "I was raising him by accident, and he was also raising me by accident. He's an expert!"

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