Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1374 - Hell Sealing Dao Heart

Qin Mu came to the second stage of Nine Hells Stage. The feeling of the Great Dao of Prison Lock was even stronger here, and the vital qi cultivation in his body became incomparably sluggish, making it hard to circulate!

Countless pores in his body seemed to have been sealed, and the qi in his body couldn't flow out.

Not only that, but the pain also became stronger, as if countless invisible needles were stabbing into his body!

What was even stranger was that his primordial spirit, consciousness, and vital qi could all feel the pain of being pricked by needles.

'If this place is also a realm, what's the use of this realm? It's a pity big senior brother isn't here…'

He was slightly puzzled. There was a heavenly prison in the celestial heavens, and it was used to suppress the criminals that were at the height of their crimes. Back then, after the Emperor of Endless Clouds, Wei Suifeng, was captured, he was imprisoned in the heavenly prison.

If Wei Suifeng was around, he might be able to tell Qin Mu about his encounters in the heavenly prison.

"If the Nine Hells Stage is a realm, which two realms should this realm be placed between the seven realms of the celestial palace? Is it lower or higher than the Jade Pavilion Realm?"

He felt it in detail and wanted to find the Dao Realm contained in the Nine Hells Stage. However, other than the pain, he couldn't feel any logic in the Dao Realm.

He jumped into the third stage of the Nine Hells Stage. At this moment, he saw numerous twisted corpses.

Those were some giants that should be masters of creation. They must have been in intense pain, causing their bones to deform. Qin Mu even saw the head of a master of creation deform. It must have been painful when this person was alive!

With Qin Mu's cultivation and abilities, he would be an overlord of an area even in the primordial era. He could still tolerate coming to the third stage, so he didn't mind and continued on.

He jumped to the fourth stage of the Sky Prison, but he still didn't feel any improvement to his Dao. The piercing pain affected his primordial spirit, and the pain caused his celestial palaces to transform!


He continued to go deeper and came to the fifth stage. Here, the Great Dao was locked, and his paths, skills, and divine arts couldn't be mobilized!

'However, I can still use the Dao of Tai Yi, Tai Chu, Tai Su, and Taiji. As long as I can use these four Great Daos, this place won't be able to trap me.'

He came to the sixth stage, and his primordial spirit was already locked up. A powerful seal locked him in his celestial palaces, and Qin Mu's head was slightly dizzy. He felt all kinds of messy thoughts flooding into his mind.

"This place can disrupt the Dao heart, it's like the devil nature of Youdu."

He came to the seventh stage. At this point, his consciousness seemed to be locked up, and his thoughts seemed to stop circulating. Qin Mu restrained his thoughts and gathered them in the ancestral court of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, borrowing the power of the five great mines to protect his consciousness.

When he reached the eighth stage, his vital qi was completely silent, and he couldn't sense any aura of the Great Dao in his body. It was as if even his blood was stiffening, leaving only incomparably intense pain!

The eighth stage of the Sky Prison was littered with corpses, and they were so twisted that they couldn't be seen!

He even saw the ancient gods!

The dragon didn't lie to him. Many ancient gods were thrown here, but they couldn't even crawl out. In the end, they died in this terrifying heavenly prison.

Qin Mu's mind was blown. It was as if there were billions of devils in his heart, making it hard for him to maintain his normal Dao heart.

His eyes were blood red, and everything his eyes saw was a distorted form. The entire world was distorted, and the sky, the ground, and himself were all distorted forms!

'Crap, it's the heavenly prison that's locking my Dao heart! If my Dao heart collapses, I'm afraid I'll be like the skeletons here. I'll only wail and never be able to walk out!'

He hurriedly closed his eyes. The Great Dao of Prison Lock was much more terrifying and dangerous than he had imagined!

The vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up and looked around. The feeling of the entire world twisting instantly vanished.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you have come to a strange place." Tai Shi's voice came from his divine treasures.

Tai Shi had been focused on refining the Tai Shi Origin Stone and rarely came out. Qin Mu's arrival had finally alarmed him.

"This place is like an incomparably dangerous place in the ancestral court. You can't come here. It's not too late to retreat."

In the egg, Tai Shi used the vertical eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows to survey his surroundings. His heart leaped, and he said solemnly, "There are a few places in the ancestral court that even I can't explore. This is one of them. Other than that, I can also sense a few other places, and one of them is your big black wood."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. "In that case, Dao brother, which level did you sense?"

"The lowest level."

Qin Mu came to the edge of the eighth stage and looked down. The Grand Prime in the egg hurriedly shouted, "Don't look!"

At this moment, Qin Mu had already seen the ninth stage of Heavenly Prison. There was only a white light there, like a well reflecting the moonlight.

There were no ripples in the well water, and it reflected Qin Mu's face.

The ninth level of the Sky Prison wasn't big, only twenty feet square.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "There's nothing here, what's there to make a fuss about?"

Tai Shi sighed and said, "You are already on the ninth stage."

Qin Mu was stunned. Only then did he realize that he wasn't looking down at the ninth stage, but at the sky!

At this moment, he was already on the ninth stage of the Heavenly Prison Nine Hells Stage. He was currently looking up at the sky that was like a well!

Even he didn't know when he had come down!

"You're finished. Your Dao heart is locked."

Tai Shi sighed and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, your Dao heart is locked, your divine arts are locked, your Great Dao is locked, your vital qi is locked, and the power of your corporeal body is also locked. All you have left is the consciousness hidden in the ancestral court."

Qin Mu's primordial spirit was stiff, and his vital qi froze. The Great Dao runes in the celestial palace stopped transforming, and the celestial stars in his divine treasures, the ancient gods' imprints in his corporeal body, and his hundred orifices were all locked up!

In the eye at the heart of his brows, there was still yin and yang qi circulating, but Qin Mu couldn't mobilize the power of this eye!

He was now a completely ordinary person without any divine arts!

"Dao Brother Tai Shi, what do we do now?" Cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

Tai Shi said coldly, "In the past, you wouldn't even ask me what to do! You always had all kinds of strange ideas to get through the difficult times, but now you're starting to have no ideas. You asked me, has your Dao heart completely vanished?"

Divine Treasure Ancestral Court, in the mining area covered by the five mines, Qin Mu's consciousness was in disorder, and he couldn't come up with any ideas.

The final prison of the Nine Hells of the Sky Prison Platform, which locked the Dao heart, was the biggest and most terrifying cage!

Tai Shi sighed and said, "This Nine Hells Platform isn't something you can enter at your current realm. If I'm not wrong, the Nine Hells of Heavenly Prison Platform should be ranked after the God Execution Stage and before the Jade Capital City. With your current abilities, you probably don't even have the ability to ascend the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court. You can forget about going to the Nine Hells Platform."

Fear filled Qin Mu's heart, and he sat down on the ground. At this moment, he felt incomparably intense pain coming from all parts of his body. His body was twisted and deformed from the pain.

Tai Shi said, "After you pass the God Execution Stage, the God Execution Stage should have another function. Not only will it sever the primordial spirit, but it will also sever the Dao Attainment and the Dao Heart. Only after you pass it will you be qualified to enter the Nine Hells Stage. Your only chance of survival is to hide your consciousness in the five mines. This is your last hope… Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Tai Shi shouted, "Pull yourself together! You have to pull yourself together and regather your Dao heart! Otherwise, like all the masters of creation and ancient gods in the Heavenly Prison, you will die here!"

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