Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1375 - Reuniting The Dao Heart

Even though Qin Mu heard his words, he couldn't condense his consciousness, much less his Dao heart.

Just like what Tai Shi had said, the Nine Hells Stage wasn't a place he could come to. This natural heavenly prison should have been ranked after the God Execution Stage.

However, in the first year of the Dragon Han Era, when the gods built the celestial heavens, the celestial heavens didn't refine the heavenly prison according to the Nine Hells Platform.

The Heavenly Prison of the celestial heavens was different from the Nine Hells Stage. It didn't contain the Great Dao of the Nine Hells Stage, so everyone knew nothing about this realm.

For millions of years, no one had researched the Nine Hells Stage.

Qin Mu's current realm had yet to reach the Jade Pool Realm. Facing the test of the Nine Hells Stage, he had no one's experience to learn from.

He could only fight Nine Hells Stage alone. When his Dao heart was sealed, he seemed to have become a baby that was floating on Surging River.

The surroundings were dark, and in the basket, only the jade pendant on his chest was still giving off a faint glow.

The darkness around Surging River was filled with starved ghosts and devil gods. The monsters sprinted on the river surface, appearing and disappearing unpredictably as they peeped at him.

"In the past, you had no Dao heart at all! You cultivated your Dao heart step by step!"

Tai Shi's voice came from the egg, sounding incomparably distant. "You need to use your own will to overcome it and reconstruct your Dao heart! You can survive…"

His voice became further away, becoming fainter until it was no longer audible.

Intense pain surrounded Qin Mu, and fear drowned him out.

He was like a lonely baby floating on the Surging River, and all he could see was darkness.

What if Granny Si didn't hear his cries from the basket, didn't walk into the darkness, and didn't pick him up from the basket?

Would he still be the him now?

Was he still Celestial Venerable Mu?

The Nine Hells of the Sky Prison Platform crushed his Dao heart and made it return to its most primitive state. It crushed his fighting spirit and turned him into a weak baby.

The darkness would eventually invade and swallow him whole.

Qin Mu's eyes gradually dimmed. In the end, everything was swallowed by the darkness.

The Tai Shi egg that had been trying its best to summon Qin Mu also calmed down.

It was already over. Qin Mu's Dao heart was locked, and his fighting spirit had completely vanished. He couldn't awaken his Dao heart again, and he couldn't become Celestial Venerable Mu again.

The Nine Hells Platform was silent.

In fact, there were no wails of billions of people that Qin Mu had heard, nor were there any seals on the Great Dao, consciousness, vital qi, and primordial spirit.

Ever since he stepped into this place, his Dao heart had been locked.

Locking the Great Dao, the corporeal body, the vital qi, and the consciousness were all superficial appearances.

It was precisely because his Dao heart thought it was locked that he saw his corporeal body, vital qi, primordial spirit, Great Dao, and consciousness all locked up.

Village Chief's legend of Overlord Body made people think they were capable and omnipotent!

And the Nine Hells Platform locked one's Dao heart, making people think that they couldn't and couldn't achieve anything.

Qin Mu laid in the center of Nine Hells Stage. He hadn't moved for a long time, at most twitching and twisting from time to time.

"In this world, even the existence with the strongest Dao heart can't resist the Nine Hells Stage. I should be trapped in his body until the day he dies."

Tai Shi thought to himself, 'Maybe I can only escape when his corpse decomposes. Celestial Venerable Mu, are you really unable to break through Hell Locking Dao Heart?'

Qin Mu curled up his body weakly. His surroundings were completely dark without any light.

"Listen, there's a child crying outside!"

"I feel that Mu'er should have another kind of constitution, an Overlord Body that combines the four great constitutions!"

"As long as there's faith, the Mortal Body is the Overlord Body!"

"It's hard to break a god, and even harder to break a god in one's heart!"

"The path of the saint is no different from the everyday use of the common people. Anything else is a heresy!"

"To act straightforwardly, to be free from nature, that is the Dao."

"The reason why Imperial Preceptor and I are pushing for reform is to change the situation where the sects control the lifeline of the people. Not only do I want to reform, I also wish to reform the lives of these sects and of my own!"

"The reform of Founding Emperor follows the heavens and conforms to the people."

"What's the use of this sword? What's the use? This sword can't be polished anymore!"

"Carefree Village doesn't exist in this world!"

"If we become the new Ancient Gods in the future, there will be future generations that will overthrow us. There's no need to think so much."

"Take care! I'll leave the future in your hands!"

"Cult Master, you are right."

After a long time, Qin Mu opened his eyes. His Dao heart was still locked, and he was still like a mortal. However, hope ignited in him.

"Tai Yi is right. I didn't have a Dao heart in the past, and my Dao heart was tempered. I wasn't a divine arts practitioner or a god in the past, I cultivated step by step."

"In the past, I wasn't Cult Master Qin, Human Emperor Qin, or Celestial Venerable Mu. I fought for it step by step!"

"In the past, I didn't have my own soul or corporeal body, but I had my own consciousness!"

"In the past, I didn't have my own Dao friend, but now I had many friends!"

"In the past, I was an orphan with no family, but I had Disabled Elderly Village and Eternal Peace!"

"In the past, I didn't have my own path! But now…"

He gritted his teeth and withstood the bone-piercing pain. He stood up shakily and tried his best to control his consciousness to maintain clarity.

"But now, I have my own path!"

The pain caused his consciousness to distort, but he still desperately mobilized his consciousness to forcefully execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

He walked forward, and it was as if he had returned to Disabled Elderly Village, returning to the bitter days of running while cultivating.

It was just that this time, his footsteps were incomparably superficial. His body was distorted and swaying as he walked with difficulty in the lowest level of the Nine Hells of the Sky Prison Platform.

His consciousness mobilized the frozen vital qi and let it circulate along with his consciousness. He executed his technique with all his might and felt that wherever his consciousness and vital qi passed by, it was as painful as scraping bones.

He trembled, and every step he took hurt like hell.

The egg of Tai Shi still didn't say anything. He was observing this scene, observing how a lowly creature that had fallen into a hopeless situation had walked out of it, and what was supporting him to continue walking.

He had always been prejudiced against Postcelestial lifeforms, and he didn't have a good impression of the ancient gods. It was the masters of creation of Postcelestial lifeforms that dug him out of the Tai Shi mine, and it was the ancient Celestial Emperor Tai Chu who imprisoned him.

Yet now, from Qin Mu's body, he could see the unimaginable vitality that the lifeforms of this world possessed!

Qin Mu's incomparably tenacious and stubborn will impressed him.

It would take him an hour to walk in a space of twenty feet.

The dragon qilin and the dragon stood at an extremely high place and looked down. They could only see a square inch of land, and a tiny figure was moving extremely slowly.

"Can Cult Master walk out from inside?" The dragon qilin couldn't help feeling worried as he looked at the dragon.

There were huge beasts picking spirit herbs from outside, and before they could even reach here, their bodies were already twisted from the pain, and every step was difficult.

The dragon qilin immediately went forward to take the spirit medicine. His Dao heart was much more brilliant than these huge beasts.

"If Celestial Venerable Mu really comes out from the Nine Hells Stage, do I really have to work together with him?" the dragon asked in a low voice as he looked at the square inch area.

The dragon qilin was slightly stunned and couldn't help asking in delight, "Cult Master can walk out from there?"

The dragon stared at the ninth stage and said softly, "His speed is gradually increasing. I've never seen anyone walking on the ninth stage of the Nine Hells Stage. I've also never seen anyone who could regather their Dao heart when their Dao heart was locked. Yet, he did it."

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