Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1377 - Nine Hells Locking The Heart

The cultivation that Qin Mu could use gradually grew stronger, and his walking speed also gradually increased. The secrets of the realm of Nine Hells Stage were also slowly uncovered by him.

In his celestial palace, the Nine Hells Stage gradually appeared. With his own understanding of the Nine Hells Stage's Dao heart, he reconstructed the celestial heavens' heavenly prison and transformed it into a realm.

With his own intelligence and wisdom, it would definitely be difficult for him to develop all the secrets of this realm. He still needed the hard work of the other gods and countless people of the later generations to turn this realm into a mature realm.

However, he could confirm this realm first.

Furthermore, he had personally experienced the Nine Hells Stage and personally unsealed it, surpassing countless gods in the future.

The Nine Hells Stage was simply too dangerous. Very few people could enter the Nine Hells Stage to reassemble their Dao heart and not die. The future path would be for Qin Mu to develop this realm and impart how to open the Nine Hells Stage so that the people of the world could open up this realm.

Basically, all gods continued to develop the marvels of the Nine Hells Stage on his foundation, so in terms of comprehension, it was inferior to directly entering the Nine Hells Stage.

Of course, if one had the ability to enter the true Nine Hells Stage, they could also comprehend it like him and use it to train themselves. Their achievements wouldn't be lower than his.

However, there were very few people who could do that. Even among the ten Celestial Venerables, there were probably less than five who could enter the Nine Hells Platform and obtain its marvel.

It was even more likely that the Nine Hells Platform couldn't lock up the ten Celestial Venerables. They had entered this place and left without obtaining anything.

The Nine Hells Stage had too high a requirement for one's Dao heart. If one was careless, one could very well sink into the prison forever.

To walk out of the Nine Hells Stage alive, one had to have extremely high attainments in the Dao Realm. At the very least, one had to reach the twenty-four heavens of the Dao Realm!

However, the twenty-four heavens of the Dao Realm wasn't enough to guarantee that he would be able to walk out alive. When Qin Mu could walk out, it was because of his encounters that others might not have such encounters.

The current gods all had the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. The gods and devils only focused on power, and their attainments in the Dao Realm weren't high. Thus, if they fell into the prison, only death awaited them.

As time passed, more seals were undone by Qin Mu. In his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the ancestral court had completely recovered its vitality, and the Great Dao was flourishing.

The nineteen celestial palaces also recovered, and their primordial spirits stood upright in the celestial palaces. They had remarkable abilities.

Meanwhile, the divine treasures, Xuandu, Youdu, Yuandu, and the rest of the worlds were also slowly unsealing.

Qin Mu's cultivation became purer, and the circulation of his Dao heart became clearer and brighter.

He fell into a marvelous realm, and the Dao profundity of the Nine Hells Stage transformed into Dao voice and Dao runes. The Dao voice and Dao runes then broke through the seal step by step with his vital qi and Great Dao, transforming into strange Dao markings that formed the Nine Hells of Heavenly Prison Stage in his various celestial palaces.

Not only that, Qin Mu even mobilized his newly added cultivation to prepare to open up the Nine Hells Stage in addition to the celestial palace, but also the back of his ancestral court!

His ambition didn't stop there. He wanted to establish four heavenly gates in his ancestral court, manage the Jade Pavilion and Jade Pool, and forge his own God Execution Stage, Jade Capital City!

In the tiny space, his cultivation became more vigorous, and his walking speed became faster!

In his eyes, a square inch of land was like an endless journey to sharpen his Dao heart. Cracking sounds came from his body as his sealed consciousness and Great Dao broke through continuously.

His qi and blood surged out from the Ninth Hell like a violent tide, filling the Eighth, Seventh, and Sixth Hell!

After a moment, the sound of surging tides came from Nine Hells Stage. Each sound was louder than the last, and each wave was louder than the last. Amidst the world-shaking explosions, a sea of qi and blood surged out, filling up the entire sky prison and transforming it into a sea of qi and blood!

A celestial palace leaped out from the sea of qi and blood of Nine Hells Platform and sat on the sea surface. Ten thousand rays of light shot out from the celestial palace in all directions.

At the same time, more celestial palaces leaped out and suppressed the sea of qi and blood, forming a celestial heavens with thousands of palaces and halls!

Qin Mu's figure slowly rose from the sea of qi and blood. His body was imposing, and his figure was strong and steady as he slowly walked out of the sea of qi and blood.

In his body, close to two thousand ancient gods imprinted themselves in the apertures of his corporeal body. They were clear and bright, and the Great Dao was as pure as one!

This was something he had never experienced before.

His understanding of the Great Dao of the ancient gods mainly came from the records of the Guardian Pavilion, as well as the analysis of microscopic algebra and the Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness.

Because of this, he had refined close to two thousand ancient god imprints and hid them in the apertures of his corporeal body to increase the power of his corporeal body. However, these imprints were incomplete and the Great Dao wasn't pure.

It was especially so for the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness. He hadn't received the Grand Emperor's teachings and had instead refined the Grand Emperor's consciousness to seize his memories. Furthermore, he hadn't seen the ancient gods that had vanished in history, so he couldn't refine his corporeal body to the level of the Grand Emperor.

After the prison's Dao heart was reconstructed, the Great Dao contained in the ancient gods' imprints was also baptized. All kinds of comprehensions were deeper and purer.

Even though his corporeal body still couldn't be compared to the Grand Emperor at his peak, he had the potential to be on par with the Grand Emperor!

His primordial spirit rose up, and it was vast and boundless. It guarded the celestial heavens, and the subordinate primordial spirits flew out and landed in their celestial palaces.

The main primordial spirit controlled all the subsidiary primordial spirits like a great emperor that controlled heaven and earth, commanding the emperor that guarded all kinds of Great Dao and all kinds of heaven and earth!

The sea of qi and blood boiled and gradually rose, fusing into his corporeal body.

Qin Mu lowered his head to look at the Nine Hells Stage and saw that there was nothing in the Ninth Hell. However, in his eyes, he saw his Dao heart that had been locked in the past.

The Ninth Hell was under his feet, but in the Ninth Hell in his heart, he was walking forward diligently. His footsteps were heavy as he measured his heart step by step.

He had some understanding in his heart. Even though he had jumped out of the Nine Hells Stage, his Dao heart was still in the prison, and it was continuously being tempered.

"The world of the living is a huge cage. Everyone is in the prison, and they have to grind their way forward. The thorns in the Nine Hells Stage are the cornerstones of life, and they are the sharp thorns. They pierce their corporeal bodies into thousands of holes, and their Dao hearts into thousands of holes."

"The weak are in pain and wailing, but the strong work hard to move forward and never retreat. The weak curl up in the prison and don't move forward, while the strong try to escape."

His buddha path celestial palace suddenly became complete, and the primordial spirit of his buddha path looked solemn. He was dressed in white and barefoot, and he had a smile on his face after experiencing countless hardships.

Buddha didn't have any techniques. Brahma didn't impart any techniques to him, and Old Ma also didn't impart any of them to him.

Buddha was a kind of learning of the heart. Once comprehended, the buddha path and celestial palace would naturally be cultivated.

He looked at the Nine Hells Stage. Even though he had jumped out, his heart was still in the prison.

Even though he had jumped out of the Nine Hells Stage, wasn't the human world another Nine Hells Stage?

He gave a long laugh as his Dao heart was trained. In the state of Dao comprehension, he couldn't help but execute the twenty-fifth heaven of Dao Realm that he had comprehended.

The Nine Hells Locking Dao Heart!

He stepped on the Nine Hells, and countless High Mountain Dao Spikes appeared on the Nine Hells Platform. They swirled furiously, and the spikes of all sizes locked down the enemy's Dao heart!

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