Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 138 - Can The Gods Be Cut Down

Dan Yangzi stood up and looked at the battle between Daozi Lin Xuan and Qin Mu. As for the half dragon half qilin strange beast, it had lost its interest in what was happening this side and went back to sleep.

"Daozi can't withstand it any longer, and he's going to use his full power." Dan Yangzi felt an astonishment in his heart.

Qin Mu's attacks were simply too fast and too overbearing. As long as he took the initiative, he would not let his opponent have a chance to have a breather. He would hit continuously until the opponent admitted defeat or died!

Daozi Lin Xuan couldn't get hold of any advantages with his vital qi and his moves were also being suppressed by Qin Mu. By sealing his Six Directions Divine Treasure, there were many moves and divine arts he couldn't execute and the only chance he had now was to use the sect legacy sword skills of Dao Sect.

Only the sect legacy sword skills could change the current situation and turn defeat into a victory!

It was just that now even Dan Yangzi also didn't know if Daozi Lin Xuan could execute this sect legacy sword skills in the realm of Five Elements Divine Treasure.

The sect legacy sword skills of Dao Sect had an extremely high requirement for vital qi and the consumption was huge as well. From Dan Yangzi's judgement, if Daozi Lin Xuan used that sect legacy sword skills, his vital qi would be completely depleted.

Just as he thought of this, the strands in Daozi Lin Xuan's hand suddenly started to transform. This was a marvelous transformation as half of the strands turned black and the other half turned white as they spread themselves out in the air. With the black and white gradually flowing around each other, it was like a taijitu appearing in the air.

The sect legacy sword skills of Dao Sect, the first form of the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword: A Dot Threading The Vast Movements, Yin And Yang Come And Go Within Two Modes!

Daozi Lin Xuan's arms trembled as the black and white diagram came pressuring down!

Dan Yangzi gave a sigh of relief and was rather gratified. Daozi Lin Xuan was the Daozi after all. With his dense cultivation, he was still able to execute the sect legacy sword skills at Five Elements Realm.

One needed to know that there were quite a lot of practitioners cultivating the sect legacy sword skills of Dao Sect but not many of them could completely cultivate it and nearly all that had succeeded couldn't execute it in Five Elements Realm. The consumption of these sword skills was too great and not to say those of Five Elements Realm, even divine arts practitioners would find it hard to execute it.

Furthermore, there was an extremely high requirement for the aptitude and comprehension for cultivating these sword skills. Among the requirements, the biggest one was algebra.

Just the Ten Computational Canons had already caused people huge headaches and other than the canons, there were also ancient and profound algebra records like The General Dayan Computation and Jade Mirror of the Four Unknowns.

And Daozi Lin Xuan was the most outstanding talent among them who were proficient in algebra and his algebra already had extremely high attainments from a young age. With a foundation in algebra, it was much easier for him to learn Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword than everyone else.

Each writing of Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword was harder than the previous one and when it came to the fourteenth writing of Dao Sword, there was nearly no one who could succeed in cultivating it. Even the current Dao Master had also not succeeded in cultivating the fourteenth sword.

However, Dao Master had very great expectation for Daozi Lin Xuan and felt that he could be able to succeed in cultivating the fourteenth sword.

Dao Master had even lent Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Dao Sect's Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword to browse and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor mentioned about Dao Sword and the Three Swords of Son of Heaven in his sword discourse, which could totally be said that he was influenced by Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword.

Therefore one could imagine how powerful this move from Daozi Lin Xuan was!

As the black and white diagram came down, Qin Mu was astonished and the sword skill that came suppressing down from above was already no mortal sword skill. With yin and yang two modes tangling with each other, the power that burst forth already made his heart palpitating with fear before it even reached him.

His fingers flicked and the move Thunder Fingers made every finger of his burst forth huge thunder booms which were incomparably penetrating. But even first class technique like Thunderclap Eight Strikes was useless when it touched that black and white diagram. The attack was like a mud cow entering the ocean, unable to raise any waves.


Under his feet, the green dragon soared into the sky and suddenly broke apart and turned into countless of bustling sword lights which landed into his hand to transform into a long sword.

Qin Mu had a solemn expression as he faced the black and white taijitu which came pressuring down.

With the sword in his hand, it was like the most exquisite brush on a painter's hand, the heaviest step of a traveler, the vocals of a singer, the dance of a dancer. He executed the sword skill that Village Chief had taught him.

Sword Treading Mountains And Rivers.

Can the gods be cut down?

Say: can!

Under his sword, the sword light flashed. Light and dark, light and heavy, fast and slow were perfectly combined and in that instant, the fourteen basic sword moves transformed into vast rivers and mountains in his hands!

Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword from Dao Sect wasn't sword skill from the secular world, so was Sword Picture that Village Chief had imparted to him!

This was a sword skill to cut down god?

Could the gods be cut down?

People who used this sword must have no god, devil, and buddha in his heart and must have the heart to disrespect god, devil and buddha and the heart to cut down gods!

The corners of Dan Yangzi's eyes twitched and he quickly stood up. At the same time, the half dragon half qilin strange beast also woke up from its sleep and suddenly raised its head to look around!

In the sky, the two kinds of sword skill collided and the surroundings turned snow bright. That black and white taijitu crumbled under the gradually expanding rivers and mountains, causing Daozi Lin Xuan to suffer dozens of slashes in an instant, staining his body with blood!

Suddenly his eyes lit up, "There a weakness!"

Qin Mu noticed his gaze and was astonished. This youth's gaze had landed on his left shoulder and this place was coincidentally where the weakness of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was located!

"Qi ke duo!"

Qin Mu raised his hand to form a mudra, Devil God Mighty Force Mudra!

This mudra was used to defend this left shoulder while the sword light greatly expanded in his other hand as he stabbed at Daozi Lin Xuan!


Daozi Lin Xuan stabbed through his palm and the tip of the sword hit his left shoulder; however, it was blocked by the brocade clothes on Qin Mu's body and didn't pierce into his flesh. But the sword glow had stabbed in, cause a sharp pain in Qin Mu's shoulder.

And the same time, Daozi Lin Xuan's body trembled greatly and swayed as dozens of bloody holes appeared on his body in an instant before collapsing on the ground!

Qin Mu dispersed the sharp sword which was formed by vital qi and bowed as a greeting, "Daozi, you let me win."

Daozi Lin Xuan struggled to get up but the bloody holes in his body were still bleeding endlessly. Dan Yangzi quickly went forward and was about to feed him medicine but Daozi Lin Xuan raised his hand to stop him and tidied his clothes. He returned the greeting, "Many thanks for the teachings." and then he consumed the medicine pills.

Dan Yangzi immediately applied ointment on him to prevent him from bleeding. After that, the young and the old Daoists rose and bowed to Qin Mu. Qin Mu bowed to return the greeting and saw both of them putting on their bamboo hats, turning to leave.

Qin Mu sent them off and his face suddenly changed as he grabbed onto his left shoulder, sucking in deep, cold breaths, "Oww! The pain is killing me! That Elder Dan Yangzi is so stingy, didn't even give me a portion of the ointment."

The pain from his left hand and shoulder had reached his soul as his bones were injured by that stab from Daozi Lin Xuan. Qin Mu took in quick, cold breaths and was about to go up the mountain when he stumbled and immediately raised his hand to grabbed onto the half dragon half qilin strange beast that was chained up for support.

He had consumed too much vital qi. Using Sword Treadings Mountains And Rivers consumed a lot of vital qi, making him very weak.

Qin Mu walked past the mountain gate multiple times but he had never noticed this strange beast and always thought it was a statue of dragon qilin or some sort. Never did he expect the strange beast to feel soft to touch and he jumped in shock.

That strange beast dragon qilin raised its eyes and swept a look at him. It then stuck out its tongue to lick his shoulder.

Qin Mu felt his shoulder gradually turning cooler and the pain slowly faded. He immediately lowered his head to look into the collar and saw the small sword wounds caused by the sword glow was shrinking. There were a dozen sword wounds and they were all healing now.

Qin Mu was astonished, "This is… dragon's saliva? Or is it qilin's saliva? No matter what it is, this is a good medicinal ingredient!"

He immediately raised his palm and the strange beast licked his palm too.

Qin Mu looked at the flesh on his palm which was slowly growing back and the flesh of the sword wound was like a sapling sprouting out which quickly made the wound recover. The injuries on the bones seemed to have also healed and his skin had also healed quickly.

"Senior brother, do you like to eat sour apricot?"

Qin Mu squatted down and took out a jade bottle and placed it under the strange beast's mouth with a smile, "It's the sour sour kind, so sour that your teeth would fall off. Don't you like it? Then how about yellow plums? Also the super sour kind, the kind when you think of you will drool… you also don't like it? Let me treat you lemons…"

The strange beast rolled its eyes at him and kept quiet, ignoring him. It sat there motionlessly and there was no saliva like dragon's saliva that was drooling out.

"Then what do you like to eat?" Qin Mu asked.

"There's a big green cow on the mountain and I've been eyeing it for a long time."

That dragon qilin strange beast suddenly opened his mouth to say while continuing to look forward motionlessly, "Can you get it over?"

Qin Mu pat his chest and smiled, "I'll definitely make friends with such a loyal brother like you. Don't worry, I'll get it over very soon!"

That dragon qilin was elated and the saliva at the corner of its mouth was about to fall out before it sucked it back in.

Qin Mu could only return to the mountain and thought to himself, "It seems that the only way to trick the dragon's saliva out of it is to bring it the big green cow. I seem to have seen this big green cow somewhere before, staying in a courtyard and eating grass… Hmm, I'll have to go ask Ling'er. She's more familiar with this mountain after running here and there."

He went up the mountain and at this timing, there were people waking up in Scholar's Residence and Royalty's Park one after another. They walked down the mountains in their groups and passed by Qin Mu. One of the princes said, "After Imperial Preceptor's guidance, I feel that my cultivation has greatly improved. I should be able to fight three hundred rounds with that Daozi!"

Second Prince Ling Yushu shook his head, "Sixth brother, don't underestimate the enemy. I fought with Daozi Lin Xuan and I feel that there are still some skills of him he hasn't used yet. However, Imperial Preceptor sure is extraordinary. The three sword forms he taught could actually merge with the other sword skills I have learned before, making the sword skills I have learned before even more perfect, in any case, I would still have the power to fight him. However, if I want to win him, it might be difficult."

Ling Yushu stopped and looked at Qin Mu who was walking by and frowned before retracting his gaze.

"What's wrong, second brother?" That sixth prince asked.

"Seventh sister is very close to him."

Ling Yushu shook his head and said, "Actually this person Qin Mu is good in everything, having great abilities and the reputation of a divine physician, saving Empress Dowager. However, he's still an abandoned person of Great Ruins after all and it's not good for seventh sister to be in contact with him. Let's not talk about this. let's go meet Daozi Lin Xuan again!"

When they came down the mountain, they only heard commotions coming from the front of them and immediately went forward. Someone shouted, "The two Daoists are gone!"

Ling Yushu couldn't help being stunned. He squeezed into the crowd and looked forward. Dan Yangzi and Daozi Lin Xuan had indeed vanished without a trace.

"Could they had sounded out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat?" someone muttered.

Ling Yushu frowned and gave a sarcastic laugh. Dan Yangzi and Daozi Lin Xuan were here to block the gate and humiliate them, how would they automatically admit defeat by backing out of an awkward situation? It was obvious someone had defeated Daozi Lin Xuan and they had left after admitting defeat!

"The one that defeated Daozi Lin Xuan is among us and had come down the mountain one step earlier than us!"

Ling Yushu's gaze flickered as he looked towards the crowd, "Who could it be? In the Divine Arts Residence, there are three to five strongest individuals. Sword Maniac Xiao Yin, Mad Demon Tian Feng, and Mountain Carrier Strong Man Yue Qiu all have strong abilities and higher aptitude than others. There are also a few in Royalty's Residence other than me. Seventh sister loves to play around and not hardworking, even though her comprehension is great, there's no improvement if she doesn't put in any effort. Then there's also Crown Prince Min Yue… As for Scholar's Residence, I've heard Chen Wanyun's abilities ain't bad as well. For sitting in the position of the big brother all along, he is also possible."

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