Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1380 - Four Great Heavenly Gates

"Even though this dragon person is very shrewd, he isn't very clever, he is very clever. I have to guard against him."

Qin Mu walked towards the Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court and thought to himself, 'He's proficient in consciousness and corporeal body power, but he's the same as the masters of creation of the primordial era. He can't refine souls, and his soul is very weak compared to his corporeal body and consciousness. If he breaks his promise, it will be his death. On the other hand, Mistress Yuanmu suddenly descended with a divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu because of the benefits behind the ancestral court. This is something I never expected.'

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu descended on the back of the ancestral court, attracting the nine Celestial Venerables over. However, there was still no battle.

If Hao, Hong, Huo, Lang, and the rest of the nine Celestial Venerables wanted to destroy the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, it wouldn't be difficult. With the nine of them working together, even an existence like Heaven Duke and Earth Count wouldn't be able to defend against it. They would definitely die.

Even though Mistress Yuanmu's divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was strong, he couldn't defend against it.

The reason why they didn't make a move was because they didn't know who Mistress Yuanmu was. Furthermore, Mistress Yuanmu had only allowed the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu to descend, and her true body didn't appear. They were also worried that after eliminating the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, Mistress Yuanmu would rely on Founding Emperor, Heaven Duke, and the rest to strengthen the enemy.

More importantly, Mistress Yuanmu didn't have any fundamental conflict with them and wasn't a mortal enemy.

In that case, why not split some benefits with Mistress Yuanmu in exchange for an ally?

Qin Mu had experienced the Nine Hells Stage, and his Dao heart was becoming more clear. His judgment of the world was also becoming clearer. In a short period of time, he had sorted out his karma and even calculated the changes in the future.

The realm of Nine Hells Stage did indeed have a miraculous effect, allowing him to see things clearly and have a more precise control over himself and the world.

'The Nine Hells Stage will definitely shine brightly among the gods in the future and become a crucial realm! However, it will also be the realm with the highest death rate. I'm afraid it won't be inferior to the death rate of the God Execution Stage, or even higher! But then again…'

Qin Mu had a weird expression. The Nine Hells Stage was ranked after the God Execution Stage and before the Jade Capital Realm. He had already cultivated to the Nine Hells Stage, but his cultivation realm had just reached the Jade Pavilion Realm.

In that case, what realm was he at now?

"This can only mean that even the system of the celestial palace's Dao Realm is still imperfect, unable to describe my realm perfectly. Even the perfect system of the celestial palace's Dao Realm is only a part of my realm."

'If I reach the end of the system of the celestial palace's path, is there still a path ahead? How should I proceed?'

He stopped and pondered quietly. After a moment, he continued to walk forward and thought to himself, 'The system of the celestial palace's Dao Realm is currently built on the foundation of the ancestral court and the Precelestial Great Daos. Other than that, there's also the opening and development of the Postcelestial Great Daos. There's still hope in the Postcelestial Great Daos. Saint Woodcutter's Postcelestial Great Daos, the path of Postcelestial defeating the path of the Precelestial is also an incomparably important path!'

'However, the ancestral court is the key to the perfect combination of the Dao Realm system and the celestial palace system. No matter what, I have to stand firmly in the ancestral court.'

He came to the Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court. Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, Wei Suifeng, Granny Si, Prince You Ming, and First Ancestor were all studying it. They planned to test the Southern Heavenly Gate and the Dao flames in detail.

Xu Shenghua and the rest came to the Dao fire of Southern Heavenly Gate to measure the Dao markings of the Dao fire. The Dao fire targeted the primordial spirit, vital qi, consciousness, and the runes of the Great Dao. As long as the primordial spirit didn't bloom, there would be no danger.

However, Qin Mu still saw Shu Jun, Wei Suifeng, Granny Si, Prince You Ming, and First Ancestor's primordial spirits leaving their bodies to train themselves in the Dao fire.

When their primordial spirits couldn't take it anymore, they immediately returned to their corporeal bodies to avoid the burning of the Dao fire.

Qin Mu clicked his tongue in wonder. He didn't expect them to use such a simple method to avoid the power of the Dao fire.

However, this action was still extremely dangerous because the pressure from the Southern Heavenly Gate didn't just come from the Dao fire. The pressure from the Southern Heavenly Gate itself was also extremely strong. If the corporeal body hadn't cultivated to the standard of a true god, it would definitely be crushed.

Of course, the corporeal bodies of these people were extremely strong, especially Shu Jun's. His corporeal body had reached the level of Emperor's Throne.

Qin Mu walked forward, and when Wei Suifeng saw him, he immediately ejected his primordial spirit and walked in the Dao fire, looking very pleased.

Qin Mu smiled and didn't mind.

If Wei Suifeng and the rest could pass through Southern Heavenly Gate safely, he would be happy for them.

'However, it's very difficult,' Qin Mu thought to himself with a smile.

Shu Jun told him the location of the other three great heavenly gates. Qin Mu asked Wei Suifeng for Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern and left with it.

Among the other three heavenly gates, the Northern Heavenly Gate was located at the back of the ancestral court, facing the Southern Heavenly Gate.

The East Heaven Gate and West Heaven Gate were located at the front of the ancestral court.

After two days, he came to the Northern Heavenly Gate and saw that the surroundings were covered in ice and snow. The cold wind was chilly, and the sky was covered in dark clouds. Thunder and lightning were like rain as they continuously struck towards the Northern Heavenly Gate!

This Northern Heavenly Gate was covered in bloodstains, and there were thunderbolts rolling around inside. There should have been a large-scale battle in the primordial era, and many people had died.

Qin Mu came to Heaven Gate and placed his corporeal body in the center of Heaven Gate. Only then did his primordial spirit leave his body to comprehend the logic hidden in Heaven Gate.

Over a dozen days later, he comprehended the logic hidden in the Northern Heavenly Gate.

The Great Dao contained in the Northern Heavenly Gate was something he rarely came into contact with in the past, and it was very mysterious. Qin Mu used a few more days to comprehend the logic hidden in the Northern Heavenly Gate before leaving and returning to the front of the ancestral court.

He found East Heaven Gate, and it was blazing with purple qi. This Heaven Gate was extremely strange. A purple sun swirled around the top of the Heaven Gate, and a beam of purple qi shot out from the sun and poured into the gate.

In the center of the Heaven Gate and the two mountains, the purple gas formed a purple eye. As Qin Mu walked through the door, the purple eye shot out a chain of purple gas into his primordial spirit.

Qin Mu had also stayed in this Heaven Gate for over twenty days. He felt that his comprehension of the Dao Realm was even deeper, but he still couldn't let his own Dao Realm take another step forward.

He carried the lantern and went to West Heaven Gate.

Near West Heaven Gate, there were golden mountains of divine metal that were filled with golden qi. The layout of the mountain peaks was like a huge formation, and tens of thousands of golden lights shot into West Heaven Gate from the peaks of these mountains, forming a strange sight of thousands of golden lights crisscrossing inside.

Qin Mu had also comprehended for over twenty days in this Heaven Gate. Only after comprehending it completely did he walk out.

Among his nineteen celestial palaces, the four great heavenly gates were reconstructed, and four great heavenly gates were erected in the ancestral court. His cultivation was even more vigorous.

Not only that, but he also felt that his understanding of the Dao Realm had improved a step further. He felt that his understanding of the twenty-sixth heaven of the Dao Realm had improved a step further, but he still lacked something when he wanted to enter the Dao again.

"Are the four great heavenly gates naturally formed, or are they remnants from the last era?"

Qin Mu pondered for a moment, shook his head, and returned to the hundred thousand black mountains of the ancestral court. He had just arrived at the hundred thousand black mountains when an envoy came forward and presented an invitation. He bowed and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, the ten Celestial Venerables have jointly invited the alliance master of the Heaven Alliance, Celestial Venerable Mu, to head to the Heaven Alliance Hall of the celestial heavens to host the meeting!"

Qin Mu opened the invitation and indeed saw the signatures of ten Celestial Venerables. However, Celestial Venerable Xiao should be their disciple waiting to sign.

"And how many people are there in the alliance today?" Qin Mu closed the invitation and asked.

"There are 33,000 participants."

That envoy said, "Other than Celestial Venerables, there are also the emperors and the leaders of the various worlds in the heavens and myriad worlds."

Qin Mu's body trembled slightly. The Heaven Alliance that he had founded had now become a behemoth that ruled over the worlds!

Now, he wanted to overthrow this colossus!

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