Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1381 - This Is War!

There were 33,000 participants.

They should be the leaders of all worlds, and they were all members of the Heaven Alliance. The Heaven Alliance could be said to be the largest force in this world!

Even the celestial heavens was only the ruler in name. The one who truly ruled the worlds was still the Heaven Alliance!

A million years ago, when Qin Mu returned to the first year of the Dragon Han Era and suggested establishing the Heaven Alliance to Celestial Venerable Ling, his idea was to overthrow the celestial heavens. He wanted the lifeforms after the beginning, especially the human race, to have the power to survive. He didn't want a tragedy like Celestial Venerable Yu to appear, and he didn't want people to continue the miserable life of the Dragon Han Era.

The purpose of Celestial Venerable Ling, Celestial Venerable Yun, and Celestial Venerable Yue establishing the Heaven Alliance was the same.

Today's court had always been around and hadn't been overthrown, but the Heaven Alliance had already taken over the celestial heavens and become the actual ruler. However, this era wasn't much better than the Dragon Han Era.

Yet, the Heaven Alliance had evolved into a ruler that was even harder to deal with than the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens back then!

He put away the invitation. The five founding elders of the Heaven Alliance, Celestial Venerable Yun, were already dead. Celestial Venerable Yue's injuries had just healed, but she had already become a rebel. Celestial Venerable Ling had reincarnated in life and death, and Founding Emperor had become a rebel.

Only he, Celestial Venerable Mu, could still appear in the Heaven Alliance.

"Therefore, no matter what, I have to go!"

On the celestial river, huge ships sailed over from the thousands of worlds and rushed towards the celestial heavens. Ever since Celestial Venerable Mu designed the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, the celestial river hadn't been so lively for a long time.

The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was connected to the thousands of worlds in the heavens, and the various heavens, as well as the four poles, were all connected by the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. They could travel to and from the celestial heavens in the shortest amount of time, saving an unknown amount of time.

Celestial Venerable Mu had designed the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, allowing the celestial heavens to rule the various heavens to reach unprecedented heights!

In the past, every time the gods of the celestial heavens descended on the other heavens, they would cause destruction there. Their powerful divine might crushed the world barrier, causing the spirit energy of the heavens to be lost.

Now, he only needed the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to descend, and it would be even faster, making it impossible for the various heavens to betray him.

As for the various great heavens, they were even closer to each other. In just a short ten years, the trade reached a level of prosperity that was unimaginable in the past.

It could be said that in the seventeen years that Celestial Venerable Mu had been in the celestial heavens, the total amount of commerce in the various heavens had reached a hundred thousand years ago.

This time, the ruler of the thousands of worlds took a ship from the celestial river to the celestial heavens. He didn't directly take the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge because he wanted to show off his status.

After all, those who were qualified to attend the meeting of the Heaven Alliance were the rulers of the heavens, so it was naturally bustling.

However, it was also because of the frequent trade and commerce that the currency was concentrated. Especially in recent years, the wealth of resources had started to gather in the hands of the divine families that were in charge of trade.

The wealth of all the worlds started to gather towards the Primordial Realm.

In the celestial heavens, in the Jade Pool, there were sacred grounds everywhere. Boats were coming and going, and all kinds of sacred beings were chatting and laughing. All kinds of delicacies were served like flowing water, and everyone was toasting each other. Beautiful women were everywhere.

Every Heaven Alliance Meeting was held on the Jade Pool, and the Heaven Alliance Hall was also on the island of the Jade Sea.

It was rumored that the Heaven Alliance was established there. It was said that after Celestial Venerable Ling bade farewell to Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Qin, she met Celestial Venerable Yue and Celestial Venerable Yun at the Jade Pool. They established the original Heaven Alliance there and drafted the oldest rules of the Heaven Alliance.

At that moment, in the side hall of the Heaven Alliance Hall, the second heavenly master, Meng Yungui, was flipping through the dossiers sent by the various great heavens.

Below him were tens of thousands of Daoists from the celestial heavens' Dao Sect. The dossiers beside each of them were piled up like a mountain. Every heaven had two to three Daoists who were proficient in algebra to calculate the trade information that had been sent over for close to ten years. They sorted out the statistics and gave the compiled data to Meng Yungui to check.

The dossiers beside Meng Yungui had already piled up and drowned him out. This heavenly master suddenly split into eight bodies and shook his body. Each clone grew three heads and six arms, four heads and eight arms. His palms flipped up and down as his eyes read rapidly.

Tens of thousands of Daoists of the celestial heavens' Dao Sect and Meng Yungui locked themselves in a side chamber. They spent over ten days to check the information regarding trade that had been sent over from the thousands of worlds.

Meng Yungui clapped his hands and said solemnly, "Thank you for your hard work, fellow comrades. Go and rest."

The Daoists bowed to him and left in a line. Only the old Dao Master of the celestial heavens' Dao Sect and Meng Yungui were left in the hall.

Old Dao Master had a kind expression and smiled. "What did Heavenly Teacher Meng discover?"

Meng Yungui rubbed his scarlet eyes and stretched his back. With a grave expression, he said, "A huge disaster."

Old Dao Master was astonished, and he said with a smile, "Now that the Great Void has been quelled, Carefree Village and the masters of creation are suppressed in the Paramita Void at the end of the Void Bridge. There's no possibility of a comeback. The situation is great, so why did Heavenly Teacher Meng make such a sorrowful speech?"

Meng Yungui took a glance at him and said seriously, "Teacher, you are my initiate teacher and your algebra is extraordinary. If I could see it, how could you not?"

With a flick of his sleeves, countless scrolls flew into the sky and unfolded.

Old Dao Master of the celestial heavens looked at the dossiers and saw the marks that Meng Yungui had drawn with his red brush.

He took a closer look and saw that the places marked by Meng Yungui were all the flow of celestial coins in the various heavens.

Heaven coins were the currency of the celestial heavens, and they were distributed by the celestial heavens' supply palaces. Every celestial coin had a unique mark of the celestial heavens, and no one could imitate it.

The total amount of celestial coins wasn't fixed, especially in recent years, when all the great heavens were trading. Reproduction celestial palaces would issue even more celestial coins and buy all kinds of divine materials, divine metals, divine medicines, divine weapons, ships, and even slaves.

The trade between the various heavens also used celestial coins.

"Teacher, did you see anything?" Meng Yungui asked.

Old Dao Master of the celestial heavens smiled and shook his head.

"The movement of the celestial coins in the heavens and tens of thousands of worlds has the same phenomenon, which is the flow of the celestial coins."

Meng Yungui said solemnly, "In the past, there were also signs of major celestial coins flowing out. That was because the celestial heavens forged too many celestial coins, and the various heavens earned too many celestial coins from the celestial heavens, causing the value of the celestial coins in the various heavens to fall."

Old Dao Master of the celestial heavens said with a smile, "Thus, we pushed up the prices of the land and houses in the celestial heavens, raising them continuously to attract the celestial coins of the various great heavens, allowing the gods and devils of the various heavens to purchase them with celestial coins. This way, the celestial coins of the various great heavens would decrease. When wealth is gathered in the hands of the celestial heavens, the celestial coins of the various great heavens would become valuable once more."

Meng Yungui nodded and said, "When the celestial heavens gather the celestial coins, a portion of the celestial heavens' celestial palaces will be destroyed. The amount of celestial coins circulating will decrease, and the prices of the celestial heavens' houses will naturally fall. In this way, the value of these houses and lands will fall rapidly, and the wealth accumulated by the various heavens over the hundreds and thousands of years will become nothing."

Old Dao Master of the celestial heavens said with a smile, "The various great heavens became poor again, and the Reproductive Heaven Palace forged even more celestial coins. We bought divine materials, divine metals, divine medicines, divine weapons, ships, ships, and ships from the various great heavens. We even bought the mines, lands, and people of the various great heavens! Thus, the various great heavens had to work hard for the celestial heavens' celestial coins again. We only need to use this method to plunder the wealth accumulated by the various great heavens once every thousand years, and we can make them work continuously for the celestial heavens."

"And the celestial heavens doesn't need to pay anything. At most, they can create celestial coins and destroy them."

Meng Yungui sighed and said, "But now, this method won't work."

He waved his hand, and the rows of words on the scrolls of the various great heavens became brighter. "Teacher, please take a look. These scrolls are the numbers that the wealth of the various great heavens flows into the Primordial Realm's Eternal Peace Empire every year. These numbers are the heavenly coins that flow out from the Primordial Realm's Eternal Peace Empire."

Old Dao Master of the celestial heavens focused his gaze, and after a moment, he said with a smile, "The Primordial Realm's Eternal Peace Empire is earning money from the various great heavens. They are purchasing raw materials from the various great heavens and selling the refined spirit weapons of the day to these heavens. They have earned quite a lot."

Meng Yungui took out another batch of scrolls and said, "These are the celestial coins that Eternal Peace Empire earned from the celestial heavens."

Old Dao Master focused his gaze and took a closer look. He muttered to himself, "Eternal Peace also earns quite a lot of celestial coins from the celestial heavens every year. However, it's not difficult to solve it. Heavenly Teacher Meng only needs to follow the same method and absorb the celestial coins from Eternal Peace, then you can plunder the wealth of Eternal Peace."

"This is the hardest part."

Meng Yungui sighed. "The bumpkins of Eternal Peace don't even buy the land and houses of my celestial heavens!"

He was so excited that his face turned red. "In the past ten years, they only bought a house once, and that was to buy property for the country bumpkin, Celestial Venerable Mu! This is a war, a war against the celestial heavens! These country bumpkins want to use the celestial coins to defeat the celestial heavens!"

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