Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 139 - The Green Bull In The Vegetable Garden

Dan Yangzi and Daozi Lin Xuan walked in a line and steadily moved out from the capital city. When they were thirty miles outside the capital city, they saw the torrential river as well as a young monk and an old monk traveling down on the water.

Dan Yangzi and Daozi Lin Xuan stopped and stood at the shore to bow to the two monks, "Senior brothers."

The two monks also quickly stopped on the river surface and put their palms together to return the greeting, "Senior brothers."

The old monk's white eyebrows were drooping lowly as he said, "Did senior brothers return from Imperial College? Did you stay for three full days?"

Dan Yangzi shook his head, "We didn't stay three full days."

The old monk's eyebrows twitched which was evident his inner heart was rather disturbed, "Imperial College actually has such capability to face Daozi? I'll be going over with Fozi and I wonder how would our circumstances be."

Dan Yangzi bowed to bid farewell and the old monk also bowed as they parted their ways.

Dan Yangzi and Daozi Lin Xuan's departure made the uppermost chancellors to the lowermost scholars of Imperial College let off a long sigh of relief. As for who had defeated Daozi Lin Xuan, no one could determine it.

Defeating Daozi Lin Xuan was supposed to be a good deed, but it was very weird that the expert didn't jump out to claim that it was him or her who had defeated Daozi Lin Xuan.

Everyone started guessing and some said that a prince must have secretly made his move and caused Daozi Lin Xuan to back out after being defeated. However, due to the fighting openly and maneuvering covertly among the princes, this prince must have been worried of showing off his abilities, therefore, he had concealed it so as to prevent other princes from assassinating him.

There were also some who said that it was Sword Maniac Xiao Yin who had made a move. Xiao Yin was a sword maniac who indulged himself in the path of sword and had nothing else in his mind, holding no importance for fame.

There were even some who said that it was those senior brothers who had graduated from Imperial College who had heard about this matter and rushed back to defeat Daozi Lin Xuan before rushing back to the frontlines. Many of the scholars who had graduated from Imperial College had already become generals in the frontlines, leading the soldiers into battle.

Some also guessed that it was Imperial Preceptor's disciples who had entered Imperial College on command to become imperial scholars and defeated Lin Xuan. They then quit school right after.

There were all kinds of explanations.

In Scholar's Residence, many scholars were unusually lively as they gathered in Chen Wanyun's courtyard, having a lively discussion with everyone talking at once, "Big brother, now the whole mountain is guessing who has defeat Daozi of Dao Sect, could it be you?"

Chen Wanyun gave a yawn and tried to hold back his sleepiness, "It's not me. Even though I had the heart to stand out for Imperial College, however, I had gone too fierce with my training and fell asleep in the courtyard unknowingly. If not for your commotion, I wouldn't have woken up. I also have no idea who has defeated Daozi Lin Xuan."

Everyone was skeptical and Qu Ting smiled, "Could it be that big brother plans to modest about your fame and reputation?"

Chen Wanyun was between laughter and tears as he said, "I haven't slept and took a break for two days straight to comprehend the three sword skills that Imperial Preceptor had taught us, thus I had overused my brain and damaged my vitality. With me unable to even unleash eighty percent of my power, how could it be me? If I was the one who had defeated Daozi Lin Xuan, would I have concealed it from all of you?"

Suddenly Monk Yun Que's spirit slightly stirred and asked, "It couldn't be that abandoned person right?"

Yue Qinghong's heart also slightly stirred. Even though she was embarrassed after getting smacked by Qin Mu into the copper pillar, she still extremely admired Qin Mu's abilities, "That abandoned person has consummate skills and no matter if they are battle techniques, spells, or sword skills, they are all not weak. Could it be him?"

Chen Wanyun hesitated for a moment and shook his head, "Truth to be told, I saw him training diligently and not sleeping, that's why I had motivated to train hard as well so as to defeat Daozi Lin Xuan. His training time wasn't shorter than mine so he must still be deep asleep right now and missed the chance to fight Daozi Lin Xuan."

A scholar said angrily, "This guy, making big brother go astray as well! When Imperial Preceptor was imparting his skills, he had made a commotion about refining vital qi thread. Since he had just refined vital qi thread, how could he have defeated Daozi of Dao Sect?"

All the scholars nodded their heads in agreement and laughed, "He had made a fool out of himself in front of Hall of Supreme Learning and it made us feel good. Even the injuries from being beaten up by him don't hurt that much!"

At this moment, a commotion came from below the mountain and someone could be heard shouting, "There an old monk that has come to the bottom of the mountain and he brought along a young monk with him. They have then sat down in front of the mountain gate!"

All the scholars looked at each other and Chen Wanyun's gaze flickered as he said solemnly, "The experts from Dao Sect have just left and the monks from Great Thunderclap Monastery have come! The younger one of these two monks must be the Fozi of Great Thunderclap Monastery! I couldn't fight Daozi Lin Xuan so I must definitely meet Fozi of Great Thunderclap Monastery! Junior brothers and sisters, I'll have to rest for half a day to preserve and nurture my spirit."

All the scholars bid farewell and left.

Chen Wanyun laid down with his clothes on and slept soon after.

When the next day came, Chen Wanyun woke up and felt refreshed. He cleaned up, filled his stomach and immediately went down the mountain. When he was down the mountain, only did he know that Fozi of Great Thunderclap Monastery had defeated many experts of Imperial College.

This Fozi had Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, diamond body and was proficient in the victorious strife techniques of Buddhism. When he executed his spells, his body would expand several times and gain extraordinary strength. There was Buddha's aura flowing around his body which would occasionally transform into a huge bell and occasionally turned into a pagoda used for suppression. Holding on to the gold alms bowl with one hand, he could suck people into the bowl and with the other hand, Mount Meru would come crashing down.

Chen Wanyun went forward to fight and had fought a dozen rounds, breaking his diamond body with Drill Sword Form, hurting the Fozi Fo Xin. However, Fo Xin still had strong abilities after all and defeated him.

Many scholars of Divine Arts Residence and Royalty's Park sat up and took notice of him. The scholars of Scholar's Residence were mostly Five Elements Realm and had a lower cultivation. For Chen Wanyun to actually clash with Fozi of Great Thunderclap Monastery a dozen times before losing, this accomplishment was considered a first-class experts in Divine Arts Residence and Royalty's Park, being able to get into top ten.

There were immediately princes and princesses of Royalty's Park going forward with intention to rope him in. Chen Wanyun neither accepted nor rejected so as not to offend them too much. He thought to himself, "It seems like my accomplishment is pretty good otherwise there wouldn't be people coming to rope me in. I wonder what would be the result if Junior Brother Qin exchange hands with this monk? How many moves can he withstand from Fozi?"

"I've seen the green bull that young master mentioned a few times."

In Imperial College, Hu Ling'er brought Qin Mu to the rear mountain and said, "There's a vegetable garden in the rear mountain. I was going for a walk and thinking of finding some spirit mushroom or immortal corolla. When I passed by that place, I saw a few spirit herbs in the vegetable garden and met this bull which shouted at me a few times. I saw it guarding those spirit herbs so I was in a very bad mood and wanted to eat it a long ago."

Qin Mu was astonished, "In the vegetable garden? Must be a wild bull, otherwise who would place it in a vegetable garden to eat the vegetables?"

"That's true. Young master, how come the dragon qilin in front of the gate wants to eat this bull?"

"I've no idea. I reckon that this bull might have offended the dragon qilin. Probably it pilfers vegetables from the vegetable garden so the dragon qilin isn't happy." Qin Mu guessed.

Hu Ling'er brought him to the rear mountain and there were lesser people at the rear mountain. Very little scholars came by here other than those couples coming on a date.

On the rear mountain, there were a few courtyards which were said to be the residences of directorates who liked the shade. Other than the directorate's courtyards, the only residence left belonged to the mountain guarding elder.

There were a few vegetable gardens opened up on the rear mountain. Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er followed the craggy pathway down the mountain and after walking for a while, they saw a red-tiled courtyard and the left area in front of the courtyard had been flattened, which was about a third of a hectare. It was fenced up and many vegetables were planted.

At this moment a green bull was standing in the vegetable garden and eating the vegetables inside while swatting the mosquito leisurely with its tail.

Qin Mu gave it a look and gave an uncontrollable shiver.

This bull was really a green bull and Qin Mu was also sure that there would only be one such bull even on the entire mountain. However, he might not be able to defeat this bull!

The green bull had a body full of sinewed flesh and was incomparably majestic. It stood up on two legs like a human and was leaning on a pillar. Its front hooves which had already become hard keratin palms grabbed a handful of lush green vegetables. He was eating the vegetables leisurely.

Qin Mu measured with his gaze and estimated that this green bull was two to three times his height and nearly had no extra meat on the bones. It was all muscles bulging and the jade color of its green cowskin could actually reflect light, gleaming brightly like a beautiful jade that was polished for over ten years.

What's most terrifying was when this green bull breathed in and out, its breath was like two white lights moving in and out. On top of that, with the dragon scales growing on its neck, Qin Mu dared to confirm that this green bull had been cultivating on the mountain for many years, breathing in the qi of the nine dragons. It caused the bull to be dragonised and grow dragon's scales.

"Who is peeking at me?"

Suddenly the green bull let out a human voice and stuffed a handful of tree peonies into its mouth. It sucked the white light at its nose back into its body, and its gaze was like lightning as it looked towards Qin Mu before walking over. As it walked over, the bulging muscles bounced vivaciously.

Qin Mu let out a mouthful of murky breath and told Hu Ling'er, "Isn't it just a bull? I had herded cows since young so how can't I handle it? Ling'er, fall back first. If I ask you to run later, you quickly run. Understood?"

Hu Ling'er nodded her head and fell back.

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and walked towards the green bull with a smile, "This Brother Bull…"

That green bull had an explosive temper and rushed forward to beat him without any explanation while sneering, "Rascal with a crooked smile, you're definitely not a good guy! Don't call me your bull brother!"

Hu Ling'er quickly retreated up the mountain and suddenly heard an astonishing rumble coming from the vegetable garden which was followed by endless tremors. After a while, Qin Mu frantically ran up like a wisp of smoke and shouted, "Ling'er, quickly run!"

Hu Ling'er immediately lifted her legs and ran, glancing back secretly. She only saw Qin Mu's eye sockets had swollen up and his nose was badly bruised. It was evident that within a short while, the cowherd boy of Disabled Elderly Village had been badly beaten by this green bull.

Hu Ling'er secretly clicked her tongue in wonder as she thought to herself, "Young master is always brilliant, beating this and that after coming to Imperial College. How come he is getting beaten by a bull now?"

Rumblings of hooves came from behind them and it was obvious that the bull was chasing them aggressively, not letting them off.

Qin Mu quickly picked Hu Ling'er up and placed her on his shoulders, running desperately up the mountain.

After a while, that green bull couldn't catch up them and turn back while cursing.

When the green bull had come back to the vegetable garden, Chancellor Ba Shan's sleepy voice sounded from the red-tiled courtyard, "Why is it so noisy outside?"

"Old master, there's someone bullying your bull bull!"

That green bull immediately bent over and smiled to the courtyard, "He even wanted to steal old master's vegetable and got chased off by me."

"Something like that actually happened?"

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