Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1392 - Dao Realm Sweeping Celestial Venerable

This land of Dao fire was the birthplace of South Deity Zhu Que, also known as the South Pole Forbidden Zone. Qin Mu had been there before, and there were nine heavens of Dao fire there. It was extremely hot, and there was nothing that the Dao fire couldn't melt. When it reached the eighth heaven, even Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern couldn't hold on and would be lit up by the Dao fire.

The Dao fire in the South Pole forbidden zone was extremely powerful. It could even distort space and melt the void to close the distance!

The first layer of Dao fire could already turn the South Pole into a ring that was right in front of him. The second layer of Dao fire could distort the heavens and the stars of South Heaven into a second ring.

The third level twisted the Primordial Realm and the thousands of worlds, turning them into the third ring.

Following closely behind were Xuandu, Youdu, the Ruins of End, the celestial heavens, and the other three poles. Qin Mu didn't see the apparition of the ninth heaven's Dao fire because Celestial Venerable Huo had already absorbed a lot of the power of the Dao fire ancestral land.

However, the ninth tier of the Dao fire should be able to see the ancestral court, and it would transform into the ninth ring.

Only then could the masters of creation of the primordial era cross the vast starry sky and quickly reach the South Pole to offer sacrifices to South Deity Zhu Que.

Only then could South Deity Zhu Que become the Great Emperor of the ancient gods born from sacrifices and protect the masters of creation of the ancestral court.

The power of the Dao Fire Ancestral Land was extremely powerful. Because South Deity Zhu Que was born from a sacrifice, she couldn't unleash her full power, so she was defeated by Celestial Venerable Huo.

Celestial Venerable Huo absorbed the power of the Dao Fire Ancestral Land and the power of South Deity Zhu Que, transforming it into his own cultivation and magic power to comprehend the Great Dao of the Dao Fire Ancestral Land.

Now that his cultivation had reached the peak of the ten Celestial Venerables, no one could surpass him in terms of magic power without the Grand Emperor and the Grand Primordium!

He didn't have the restrictions of South Deity Zhu Que's Great Dao. He could cultivate other ultimate arts and learn by analogy, thus raising his cultivation and attainments in Dao fire.

Now, his attainments in the Dao fire had also reached a height that no one could reach!

Celestial Venerable Huo's Dao fire ancestral land was revealed, and Founding Emperor's thirty-fifth heaven of the sword path, the Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain, was like a ring of sword light hanging outside the nine layers of Dao fire, trying to break through the layers of Dao fire!

When he cultivated to this step, the enemy's divine arts couldn't enter his body at all. If he wanted to get close, he would have to break through the nine layers of Dao fire.

On the other hand, the nine levels of Dao fire were fiercer than the previous, and it was equivalent to passing through the nine levels of Dao Domain!

When God Emperor Lang Xuan, Ancestral God King, and the rest saw Celestial Venerable Huo making a move, the Dao fire spread out and distorted the space. They couldn't help but feel apprehensive. 'The benefits Celestial Venerable Huo received from getting rid of South Deity are simply too great! The Dao fire ancestral land of the South Pole's forbidden zone contains a power that's extremely strong and fierce, allowing Celestial Venerable Huo's cultivation and magic power to reach an unrivaled level!'

When Celestial Venerable Huo made his move this time, his cultivation formed the Dao fire ancestral land. It was as if nine domains were overlapping each other, and his power was extremely fierce. There was nothing that couldn't melt, and even the Great Dao of the heavens seemed to be able to burn and melt!

Originally, Celestial Venerable Huo was an existence in the lower reaches of the ten Celestial Venerables. The reason he was able to remain standing for a million years was because of Celestial Venerable Hao's guidance.

And now, even Celestial Venerable Hao didn't dare to say that his magic power could surpass his.

'If I beat my old father to death and inherit his power of Xuandu, transforming it into a forty-nine heavens Dao Domain…'

Ancestral God King's heart was burning with passion. Heaven Duke was an existence stronger than South Deity. He was a god born from the Heavenly Dao. If he killed Heaven Duke and refined his power and the sacred ground of the Heavenly Dao in Xuandu, how much would his abilities increase?

"At that time, not to mention Celestial Venerable Huo, even Celestial Venerable Hao can only carry my shoes for me! My grand ambition can be realized in my hands!" He revealed a smile.

Beside him, Celestial Venerable Hong noticed the smile on his face and smiled as well. His eyes flashed with an unknown light. "Heaven Duke has too many restraints. He can break free from them and be free. He can also inherit Heaven Duke's power. From now on, Heaven Duke's power is only a part of my power. There are thousands of Great Daos in the world, and I can also achieve the Dao!"

The corners of Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xu's eyes twitched. They had seen Celestial Venerable Huo fight. It was during the battle between the Grand Emperor and Celestial Venerable Hao in the Great Void. Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu had rushed over to help, but they had both suffered heavy injuries and had to return to the Great Void to recuperate.

Back then, Celestial Venerable Huo's abilities weren't as strong as they were now.

"Celestial Venerable Huo hid it well."

Celestial Venerable Hao raised his left eyebrow slightly and revealed a smile. "However, the stronger he is, the more the other Celestial Venerables won't dare to rebel against me, and the more stable my position will be. As for Founding Emperor, he bragged about the 35 realms of the Dao Realm. It sounds impressive, but it's nothing much."

The corners of Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes twitched, and her expression turned grim.

Others might not know the power of the 35th Dao Realm, but she knew it clearly. With Founding Emperor's current abilities, he could imprint his Sword Dao into the 35th void.

His Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain seemed to have burst forth from the Carefree Sword, but it was actually coming from the 35th void. Celestial Venerable Huo seemed to have distorted Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword, but in reality, he hadn't exhausted Founding Emperor's Sword Dao at all!

That was because Celestial Venerable Huo's cultivation in the Dao Realm was far inferior to Founding Emperor's. His Dao fire seemed to incinerate the void, but it had yet to touch the 35th void!

"Before I received the worship of the primordial masters of creation, I was far from Qin Ye's current level!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang frowned. "He is indeed the number one in the Dao Realm…"

Celestial Venerable Huo and Founding Emperor were old enemies, so they knew each other's divine arts very well. They used all their power in this strike without holding back!

The two of them were well aware of the shrewdness of the other party, so probing was useless. If they tried to probe the other party, the other party would seize the opportunity and directly destroy them with a devastating attack!

The battle between Celestial Venerables would either last for a long time or end in a short time!

And no matter if it was Celestial Venerable Huo's Dao fire or Founding Emperor Qin Ye's sword, they both dealt with the opponent's attack path in the shortest time possible!

When the Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain clashed with the Nine Heavens Dao Fire Ancestor's land, the power of the 35 Heavens Sword Domain was actually so astonishing.

The Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain instantly pierced through the first Dao fire, the second Dao fire, and the third Dao fire. In the next instant, it entered the ninth Dao fire.

That was the power from the thirty-fifth void. The Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain attacked from the thirty-fifth void. When it reached the ninth Dao fire, the power of the Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain finally clashed with the ninth Dao fire!

On the Jade Pool, the four deities, four heavenly teachers, and many other Emperor's Throne Realm existences that formed the second heaven of the celestial heavens immediately felt the pressure of the two great Celestial Venerables pressing down from above, causing the celestial heavens formed by their celestial palaces to sink slightly.

Next, this pressure was transmitted to the first heaven, which was the celestial palace of thirteen thousand rulers of the various worlds!

The rulers of the various worlds felt the pressure pressing down on them, and their bodies trembled. They executed their techniques and divine arts to block the pressure.

Based on their individual cultivation and strength, their abilities were far inferior to that of a Celestial Venerable. However, with their combined power, they could withstand the pressure even if all the Celestial Venerables attacked at the same time, let alone two Celestial Venerables.

The Great Dao that Founding Emperor had comprehended step by step collided with the Great Dao that Celestial Venerable Huo had seized by force through refinement. The difference was immediately obvious!

Celestial Venerable Huo's expression changed drastically. The Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain had already arrived in front of him, and he clasped his hands together. Flames swirled, and another nine layers of Dao fire burst forth!

At this moment, the Jade Pure Realm Sword Domain expanded and covered him completely. Celestial Venerable Huo looked around and saw himself in the 35th void!

This heaven and earth was as clean as jade, and the sword path flowed endlessly.

"Not good!"

His expression changed drastically, and he immediately pushed his techniques and divine arts to their limits before leaving!

Countless sword lights attacked, and along with the powerful power of the 35th void, the Dao Realm's suppression of his own power reached its limit, causing the Dao fire outside to disintegrate!

In an instant, Celestial Venerable Huo's body was riddled with holes, and the Dao fire in his body spewed out!

In Celestial Venerable Huo's vision, he landed in the 35th void. However, in the eyes of others, he was still at the Jade Pool, standing on the second heaven.

Founding Emperor wielded his sword and broke through his nine layers of fire ancestral land. Sword light flowed and pierced through his corporeal body.

Carefree Sword's speed was extremely fast, and the sword light left several hundred wounds on his body.

"This is the power of the 35 heavens of the Dao Realm."

Killing intent exploded in Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes. The Grand Emperor's limit back then was to imprint his consciousness into the 35th void. However, he relied on his strong consciousness, so his comprehension in the Dao Realm wasn't as thorough as Founding Emperor's.

'If I let him enter the thirty-sixth heaven, even my Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven can't compare to him!'

Heavenly Lady Qiang's killing intent was uncontrollable. 'I can't let Qin Ye live. Otherwise, when he reaches the 36th heaven, he will definitely destroy my Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven and destroy my Dao Fruit!'

Celestial Venerable Huo's celestial palaces leaped out from the back of his head and transformed into the Great Celestial Heavens. He finally stopped hiding and revealed all of his celestial palaces, including his Great Celestial Heavens technique!

There were as many as thirty-three celestial palaces, which allowed his cultivation to increase once again. In terms of magic power, his current magic power had already surpassed Celestial Venerable Hao!

Celestial Venerable Hao raised his eyebrows. "Your cultivation isn't slow either. I thought you were hiding one or two percent of your abilities, but I didn't expect you to hide so much. What are you trying to do by hiding so much power?"

Although Celestial Venerable Huo was strong, he didn't put him in his eyes. Celestial Venerable Huo's abilities were still far from his peak.

When the other Celestial Venerables saw Celestial Venerable Huo's celestial palace, they raised their eyebrows and smiled.

Celestial Venerable Huo's cultivation increased drastically as he fought against the thirty-fifth heaven of the sword realm. However, Founding Emperor's Jade Pure Realm sword realm was indestructible, and new sword wounds kept appearing on his body!

Even his Great Celestial Heavens was swept clean by the sword lights that suddenly came.

He walked through the thirty-fifth void at an extremely fast speed. He moved as fast as lightning and covered ten thousand miles in a breath. However, no matter where he went, he couldn't leave this sword realm.

When one reached the 35th tier of the Dao Realm, it was already hard to understand. Even a Celestial Venerable like him couldn't comprehend the marvel and mystery within.

In just a short moment, he had already crossed tens of millions of miles. However, the sword path seemed to be everywhere, causing him to continuously fight back and get injured. Yet in the eyes of others, Celestial Venerable Huo was continuously flying on the spot and unleashing all kinds of divine arts, but he couldn't defend against Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword. The wounds on his body kept increasing!

"We can't let him stay any longer!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang finally couldn't take it anymore. She leaped towards Founding Emperor, and the moment she moved, Ancestral God King, God Emperor Lang Xuan, and Celestial Venerable Xu attacked Founding Emperor Qin Ye at the same time!

Founding Emperor laughed loudly, and his aura suddenly trembled. With a whoosh, thirty-five heavens were spread out. However, above the second heaven of the Jade Pool, Supreme Emperor Heaven Sword Domain and Supreme Brightness Heaven Sword Domain opened up one after another, and in the blink of an eye, they reached the Grand Pure Land Sword Domain, the Jade Pure Land Sword Domain!

A heavy sword had a first heaven of the Dao, and Founding Emperor lived on the thirty-fifth heaven. He only had one celestial palace, the Sword Celestial Palace, but one celestial palace had thirty-five heavens of the Dao Realm. It displayed a completely different cultivation system from the celestial palaces and celestial heavens.

The thirty-five heavens were like thirty-five celestial palaces, yet their arrangement was completely different. One couldn't help but marvel at his talent!

The four great Celestial Venerables invaded the 35 heavens at the same time. Peng, peng, peng. They were like a hot knife cutting through butter. They broke through the first heaven and the sword realms, rushing up from the bottom to the 35th heaven!

The four great Celestial Venerables broke through the Sword Domain and descended upon the Jade Pure Realm's Sword Domain. The celestial palaces of the four great Celestial Venerables burst forth, pressing down on the thirty-five sword domains until they almost overlapped, rumbling as one heaven suppressed another!

Their cultivation and power were too strong. Even though Founding Emperor had some achievements, he couldn't withstand the crushing power of the four Celestial Venerables.

"Grand Emperor…"

Qin Mu stood up excitedly and clenched his fists nervously. He couldn't take his eyes off this scene. The third eye at the heart of his brows opened up and muttered, "Another Grand Emperor…"

When the other Celestial Venerables heard this, their hearts trembled.

Celestial Venerable Yue chuckled and suddenly rose up, floating towards Founding Emperor Qin Ye. "Celestial Venerable Qin, I was already crippled when you were born, and we have yet to work together. Today, you will be facing the five great Celestial Venerables, so why don't you and I, the alliance masters of the Heaven Alliance, join forces to fight. Let's see how the juniors of the so-called ten Celestial Venerables are compared to us!"

She cut into the Jade Pure Realm's sword realm, and her zither notes rang out. In an instant, the five Celestial Venerables—Fire, Qiang, Zu, Lang, and Xu—felt the world spinning. The space they were in became abnormal. They were both far and near Founding Emperor, and they were in different time and space!

Celestial Venerable Yue waved her sleeves, and the space around them changed unpredictably. Heavenly Lady Qiang was the first to arrive in front of Founding Emperor. Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword moved, and Heavenly Lady Qiang's scalp turned numb. She only had thirty celestial palaces, not as many as Celestial Venerable Huo.

Without the Grand Emperor's corporeal body, it was hard for her to suppress Founding Emperor!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

In an instant, Heavenly Lady Qiang's blood splattered, and her body was riddled with holes!

On the other side, the other four Celestial Venerables flew over and broke through layers of space. Soon, they got close. Celestial Venerable Yue couldn't control the four Celestial Venerables completely, so she hurriedly executed her guqin. The sound of the guqin rang out and sent the other three Celestial Venerables away, leaving only Ancestral God King behind.

Ancestral God King's forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures merged together to refine a supreme treasure. The supreme treasure was ever-changing as it attacked Founding Emperor.

His treasure of the Heavenly Dao had already shattered in the battle with the Grand Emperor, yet he had used the divine mines of the ancestral court to refine the treasure of the Heavenly Dao again. Its power was even greater than before!

In the next moment, the treasure in the sword light was split into forty-nine pieces.

Ancestral God King left after being injured!

"Finger of Divine Essence!"

God Emperor Lang Xuan attacked, and his consciousness merged with his innate nature, transforming into a finger of divine essence that collided with Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword. Two terrifying powers burst forth, and the light was extremely dazzling, shining through the celestial heavens!

Founding Emperor stumbled back, and Carefree Sword was also covered in cracks. He couldn't help exclaiming in admiration, "So powerful! Among the ten Celestial Venerables, Lang Xuan, you are the strongest!"

His sword moves changed, and he executed Qin Mu's Raising Calamity Sword. In terms of sword path, he was number one, and there was no doubt. However, in terms of sword skills, Qin Mu's sword skills were number one!

He couldn't help but execute Qin Mu's sword skill to fight God Emperor Lang Xuan, the 'number one of the ten Celestial Venerables'. This was also a form of respect for Lang Xuan!

God Emperor Lang Xuan saw the exquisiteness of this sword and couldn't help becoming flustered. He pointed again and shouted, "Finger of Divine Essence!"

"You only know this move?" Founding Emperor was suspicious and avoided this finger.

Chi, chi, chi. Hundreds of sword wounds covered God Emperor Lang Xuan's body as he retreated while bleeding.

"Finger of Divine Essence!"

As God Emperor Lang Xuan retreated, a finger flew out, and Founding Emperor hurriedly dodged. However, he realized that it was a feint from Lang Xuan, and he didn't really use his divine essence finger.

At this moment, Celestial Venerable Xu had already rushed over from the other side. Founding Emperor snorted. "Lang Xuan, a dignified Celestial Venerable also knows how to lie!"

Celestial Venerable Xu rushed to the front of Founding Emperor and immediately knew that something was wrong. He immediately waved his long whip and tried to send Founding Emperor into Youdu. However, when the long whip hit Founding Emperor, it broke apart inch by inch, making it hard for him to get close.

'If I don't get rid of Celestial Venerable Yue, it will be hard to get rid of Founding Emperor!' she thought to herself.

Just as she thought that, Celestial Venerable Gong suddenly stood up and walked towards Celestial Venerable Yue. Powerful consciousness burst forth, and all kinds of illusions flooded over and shrouded Celestial Venerable Yue.

Qin Mu frowned and sighed. After all, their paths were different.

His consciousness burst forth and rushed towards Celestial Venerable Gong.

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