Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1396 - Entering The Dao Opportunity

Dutian Devil King executed his magic power to move the divine arts practitioners and gods that were resting in the Bottle of Flask World out. The divine arts practitioners and gods of Eternal Peace brought numerous seeds of spirit medicine and food, and they immediately flew around the black mountains to sow the seeds.

The divine arts practitioners executed creation divine arts to let the seeds grow rapidly.

A hundred thousand black mountains, even if they were filled with crops, would not be able to support hundreds of millions of people. This black wood could only support ten million people.

Besides food, they also needed livestock.

The ancestral court could tame primordial behemoths or hunt powerful behemoths, but this also required strong divine arts practitioners and gods to explore the wilderness.

On the front side of the ancestral court, there were also primordial behemoths summoned by Mother Earth to reproduce and grow stronger by the day. There were also many behemoths left behind by the dragon on the back of the ancestral court, but they didn't migrate to the beast world with them.

Primordial behemoths were extremely dangerous and terrifying. Not to mention humans who were born weak, even gods and devils would seem extremely insignificant when facing primordial behemoths, be it in terms of strength or physique.

"We still need to expand our territory and build bigger god cities."

Dutian Devil King deployed the divine arts practitioners and gods of Eternal Peace to move even more people out of the Bottle of Flask World. He said to Yan'er, "The current territory can't accommodate so many people. Furthermore, there are a few hundred god cities in Eternal Peace, and the scale is too small. It's still okay to face one huge beast, but two or three huge beasts can destroy the city."

Yan'er was constructing a bird's nest when she heard his words. She smiled and said, "Lan Yutian has many disciples of huge beasts under his command. We can ask them for help."

"Giant beast disciple?"

Dutian Devil King was stunned. It was hard for him to imagine the situation of the huge beast listening to the lecture under Lan Yutian. "The huge beast can also understand Saint Lan's lecture?"

Yan'er brought over a few dragon sparrow eggs and placed them in the bird's nest. They looked weird, and the markings on the eggshell weren't just dragon sparrow markings. There were also qilin markings.

The surface of the eggshell was rough, and from the outside, it looked like a qilin egg. The qilin egg was rougher, but the texture of the dragon sparrow egg was extremely fine.

Yan'er weaved a wreath on it and painted a few smiling faces. She said, "Young Master said that even though the heads of huge beasts are big, they aren't very smart. However, if they can cultivate with Lan Yutian and awaken their wisdom, they might be able to establish a huge beast civilization in the future. Some huge beasts have already learned to use divine arts! My husband followed the leader of the beast world, the dragon, to the beast world to prepare for the huge beast civilization. Cult Master said that the dragon is a person with no foresight and can't establish a huge beast civilization, so he got my husband to prepare."

Dutian Devil King examined the dragon sparrow eggs and saw Yan'er carrying another huge void beast egg and placing it in the center. It transformed into a huge dragon sparrow and sat on it.

"Fatty Dragon that fellow actually got married before Cult Master."

Dutian thought to himself, 'When did this fellow get married? He didn't even inform his old friend. That's right, they got pregnant before getting married and did a good deed before getting married. What kind of thing would the son of the dragon qilin and the dragon sparrow hatch? Furthermore, why would there be such a huge egg here?'

The void beast egg was a flesh egg, and the eggshell was a layer of flesh. It was different from ordinary bird eggs. He had never seen it before, so he naturally didn't know.

In Lang Xuan's fleet, there were fewer ships. Each ship landed on its own, choosing to land in fertile lands.

On the main ship, God Emperor Lang Xuan humbly sought guidance from Qin Mu, explaining all the problems that his reincarnation had encountered while seeking knowledge in Eternal Peace.

Qin Mu answered everything he knew, but he had also encountered many things he didn't understand. Every time this happened, Lang Xuan would suspect that Qin Mu was hiding something.

However, he had wrongly accused Qin Mu. Even though Qin Mu frequently returned to Eternal Peace to learn the results of the reform, Eternal Peace was changing with each passing day. All kinds of divine arts, paths, skills, and divine arts had been developed, and many new paths, skills, and divine arts had been extended to open up different directions of development. It could be said that there was a hundred schools of thought competing and a hundred flowers blooming.

After Qin Mu returned to Eternal Peace, the time he could learn was too short. Usually, he would choose the results that were beneficial to him to learn. As for the other results, no matter how good they were, he had to give them up.

The most cutting-edge results of Eternal Peace's reform were concentrated in the academy, while the most cutting-edge ones were concentrated in the Dao Comprehension Academy. Just learning the results of these few places would take a long time, let alone having new results at all times.

God Emperor Lang Xuan said, "Emperor Yanxiu gathered all the gods in the world that are proficient in the path of primordial spirit and creation to research the art of creation of the celestial palace. She planned to let the celestial palace recover quickly after being destroyed. Emperor Yanxiu and the gods of Eternal Peace created the Three Laws and Twelve Scrolls, which are called the Heavenly Palace Creation section. I'm a little puzzled about the Heavenly Gate Creation section."

Qin Mu had never heard of the Heavenly Palace Creation section before. "Show me the Heavenly Palace Creation section."

God Emperor Lang Xuan hesitated for a moment, and the two horns on his forehead turned slightly red. He took out the Heavenly Palace Creation Writings. There were three to twelve scrolls, and they were astonishingly thick.

The ten Celestial Venerables had suppressed Eternal Peace's reform in name, but they had long sneaked into Eternal Peace and secretly learned the results of the reform. They even copied the techniques and ultimate arts that Eternal Peace had created.

Even though Lang Xuan's skin was very thick, he was still slightly ashamed to take out Eternal Peace's technique in front of one of the three heroes of reform.

After all, he was also one of the Celestial Venerables that suppressed the reform back then. During the Eternal Peace Calamity, his power invaded Eternal Peace and caused great casualties.

Qin Mu flipped through the Heaven Gate Creation section in detail and pondered hard. Lang Xuan couldn't help becoming suspicious. The guilt in his heart was completely gone, and the horn on his forehead returned to its normal color. 'Does this fellow really not know how to do it or is he pretending not to know how to do it? His appearance doesn't look like I'm asking him for guidance. Instead, he looks like he's secretly learning Eternal Peace's reform from me…'

When he was ashamed, his face wasn't red, but his horns were red.

Qin Mu tried to answer, and God Emperor Lang Xuan quickly found a few flaws. The two of them stared at each other, and Qin Mu was slightly embarrassed.

After a moment, God Emperor Lang Xuan sighed and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you and I should share our comprehensions and interact with each other."

Qin Mu immediately nodded his head, and his face turned slightly red. He explained, "My technique and divine arts can also allow the celestial palace to recover quickly after being destroyed, but my technique is different from the writings of creation of the celestial palace. However, we can still communicate through analogy."

God Emperor Lang Xuan said expressionlessly, "That's right, that's right. The divine art establishing Celestial Venerable Mu is naturally very powerful."

The two of them shared their comprehensions and communicated with each other. Qin Mu's brain was quick, and Lang Xuan was, after all, a Celestial Venerable. He was also one of the few intelligent people in the world. To be able to become one of the ten Celestial Venerables and experience the trials and eliminations of time, his wisdom was naturally extraordinary.

They cooperated and soon solved the problem in the Heavenly Palace Creation section.

The more they talked, the more excited they became. They learned from the analogy and actually discovered the deficiencies in the Heavenly Palace Creation section. The discussion became more intense.

The main ship had already reached the Jade Pool and landed.

The divine general guarding the ship hurriedly came to report. He saw God Emperor Lang Xuan and Qin Mu discussing the Dao, and the two Celestial Venerables were excited. They spoke one after another and even made a move to evolve all kinds of runes. It was very intense.

That divine general didn't dare to disturb him and hurriedly retreated, bewildered. 'Master always calls Celestial Venerable Mu Calamity Qin. He said more than once that this fellow came to the celestial heavens and destroyed his divine palace, killing countless disciples. He even forced his most valued disciple, Big Senior Brother Chang Xiting, to escape from the celestial heavens. Why is Master so in sync with him now?'

God Emperor Lang Xuan discussed with Qin Mu for two to three days and finally understood the contents of the Heavenly Palace Creation section. He even developed several hundred different divine arts on the foundation of the Heavenly Palace Creation section. The power of each divine art was extraordinary.

Not only that, the two of them also sorted out five different creation techniques. Even though the foundation of these techniques was slightly inferior to the Emperor's Throne technique, if they followed the direction of these five techniques and continuously studied them to improve their foundation, they might even give birth to five Emperor's Throne techniques in the future!

The two of them still couldn't stop talking. Lang Xuan threw out all his doubts and discussed with Qin Mu.

It had been a long time since he was so excited. He had a feeling that his potential had been triggered, as if he had returned to the first year of the Dragon Han Era. There were all kinds of unknowns that he had to explore and develop on his own.

They went deeper into their discussion. After dozens of days, they were still in a heated discussion. Even though they were mentally exhausted, they were still excited.

The content of their discussion was no longer limited to the content of Eternal Peace's reform. They had already discussed the path of consciousness and Xiantian One.

Qin Mu's research on consciousness and Xiantian First was extremely profound, while God Emperor Lang Xuan was the son of Grand Primordium and Palace. He had an extremely deep comprehension of these two Great Daos and had comprehended them for over a million years, so his realm was naturally profound.

The discussion this time lasted even longer as they developed all kinds of principles, divine arts, and usage.

After an unknown period of time, when the two of them talked until they were in high spirits, they each had their own comprehensions. A strange Dao rune was emitted from their bodies. This was a sign that they were about to comprehend the Dao!

Suddenly, both of them quietened down and looked at each other warily, forcefully suppressing the trend of entering the path.

Only at this moment did they suddenly remember that they weren't Dao friends, but enemies!

Outside, the divine general walked in quietly again, planning to see if the two of them were still discussing the Dao. However, he saw the two of them standing there and staring at each other's every move. The Dao runes on their bodies became denser.

Each of them had Xiantian One coiled around their bodies, and their consciousnesses were surging. They were at the edge of entering the path.

However, the accumulation of each and every one of them wasn't enough for them to enter the path. If they could add in the comprehension of the other party, they could enter the realm of entering the path.

However, what was strange was that even though the Dao runes they revealed could enter the state of entering the Dao at the same time, they stopped.

"Han Feng, how long have Celestial Venerable Mu and I been here?" Lang Xuan suddenly asked.

The divine general hurriedly said, "Master and Celestial Venerable Mu have been discussing the Dao here for three months."

"Three months?"

The corners of God Emperor Lang Xuan's eyes twitched. "It's actually been so long? I rarely discuss the Dao with others for so long, and this is the first time. Celestial Venerable Mu, you are indeed a Celestial Venerable. I have never discussed the Dao with other Celestial Venerables so deeply. You are very remarkable."

Qin Mu nodded. "You too."

"But we aren't friends, much less Dao friends," God Emperor Lang Xuan said.

Qin Mu nodded his head. "When the path is different, don't scheme."

God Emperor Lang Xuan nodded. "I won't scheme against you, and you don't have to scheme against me."

The Dao runes in their bodies slowly dissipated, and the Dao runes became weaker before finally vanishing completely.

They walked out at the same time, and God Emperor Lang Xuan said, "Since we are already at the Jade Pool, I will keep my promise. You can comprehend at the Jade Pool."

"Many thanks," Qin Mu said stiffly and walked down the ship.

God Emperor Lang Xuan stood on the ship and looked at his back. He sighed ruefully and suddenly said, "Celestial Venerable Mu."

Qin Mu turned back to look at him and smiled. "Divine Emperor, what's the matter?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan paused for a moment and shook his head with a smile. "It's nothing. It's just that I suddenly had a fantasy. I fantasized about having a friend, but when I suddenly thought of reality, this fantasy was extinguished. Go and comprehend it."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with a smile, "I once had a moment of fantasy. If you and I could comprehend it wholeheartedly, how high could we deduce the paths, skills, and divine arts? Could we deduce the true path of the Grand Primordium and how many kinds of Grand Primordium divine arts we could deduce? However, after thinking about it carefully, I still feel that it's impossible."

God Emperor Lang Xuan squeezed out a fake smile. "It's indeed impossible. Face reality."

"It's indeed impossible."

Qin Mu turned around and walked into the Jade Pool.

God Emperor Lang Xuan clasped his hands behind his back and looked at his back. He smiled faintly and said, "I don't need Dao friend…"

He paused for a moment and seemed to deepen his belief as he said proudly, "That's right! There's no one in this world that's trustworthy, so I don't need Dao friend!"

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