Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1397 - Reappearance Of The Jade Pool

"Lang Xuan's talent is extremely high, not inferior to mine. It's a pity he's not my Dao friend. Sooner or later, we will meet again."

Qin Mu stood on the Jade Pavilion and looked at the Jade Sea from afar. He thought to himself, 'The aptitudes of the ten Celestial Venerables aren't bad. It's not a fluke for them to reach their current realm. If only their intelligence could be used on the righteous path, how great would that be?'

In his heart, no matter if it was Lang Xuan or Celestial Venerable Hao, they both had merit back then. The Dragon Han Revolution was led by them, and they were the ones who ended the rule of the ancient gods.

However, after overthrowing the ancient gods, they chose to become them.

They were high and mighty, doing everything they could to maintain their rule. All hope of change was wiped out by them.

For the sake of their ruling position, they could do anything, even if their children killed their parents, even if their compatriots killed each other, even if they did all kinds of evil!

The reason why they didn't destroy Eternal Peace wasn't because of their pity, but because of their ruling position!

This was an irreconcilable conflict between them and Eternal Peace. This kind of conflict would definitely erupt in the future!

Qin Mu abandoned the distracting thoughts in his heart and examined the Jade Pavilion and Jade Pool.

The layout of the Jade Pool of the ancient primordial era and the Jade Pool of the celestial heavens were similar, but there were still slight differences. Because the Jade Pool of the celestial heavens was where Celestial Empress resided, the layout of the Jade Pool had been slightly modified.

Although the Primordial Jade Pool still maintained its original layout, there was no more primordial liquid in the Jade Pool, and the primordial liquid was the greatest treasure of the Primordial Jade Pool.

Now, God Emperor Lang Xuan had laid down all kinds of formations in the Primordial Jade Pool to draw in the spirit energy of heaven and earth, using this precious land to extract the primordial liquid.

There was already quite a lot of primordial liquid in the Jade Pool, occupying a small pond that was over thirty yards in radius.

This was already quite a lot, but compared to the Jade Pool of the primordial era, this bit of primordial liquid was only equivalent to a drop of water in the sea.

The Primordial Jade Pool occupied an extremely vast area, and there were seabed beds that were exposed everywhere. The seabed had already dried up, and there were even some places that revealed the ridges at the bottom of the sea.

Qin Mu frowned. The spirit gathering formation laid down by God Emperor Lang Xuan was everywhere, and it was hard to see the original terrain.

'For the Jade Pool to be able to become a realm, there must be something special about it. It's similar to the four great heavenly gates and the Nine Hells Stage. In that case, where exactly is this place?'

He rose into the sky from the Jade Pavilion and flew over the dried sea bed, surveying his surroundings.

After some time, Qin Mu returned and flew towards the Jade Pavilion with a puzzled expression.

He didn't discover the marvel of the Jade Pool.

However, the Jade Pool Realm in the celestial palace system existed, which meant that the Jade Pool definitely contained the marvelous Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Mother Earth was able to become the spirit root of Heaven and Earth because of the Jade Pool. It was probably not only because of the primordial liquid.

Suddenly, Qin Mu was slightly stunned and stopped in the air. His clothes fluttered in the wind.

His gaze landed on the Jade Pavilion.

The form of the Primordial Jade Pavilion was almost exactly the same as the Jade Pavilion of the celestial heavens. It was obvious that the Jade Pavilion of the celestial heavens was also built according to the specifications of the Primordial Jade Pavilion. However, the Primordial Jade Pavilion was naturally formed. This Jade Pavilion was made entirely of beautiful jade, and the beautiful jade was the color of jade. There were steps, railings, and a vast platform that allowed one to look at the Jade Pool and descend into the Jade Sea.

Qin Mu counted. The jade steps of the Jade Pavilion were eight hundred steps, and there was a platform every hundred steps. If one walked up the steps, they could reach the jade platforms.

What was strange was that the side of the jade platform that faced the sea was extremely steep. It was a jade wall, and there were strange markings that connected it to the mountain range on the seabed. Those mountain ranges were actually also jade mountains.

The mountain range went straight to the center of the seabed. The eight mountain ranges were connected to the eight jade platforms, while the eight jade mountain ranges merged into one at the bottom of the sea.

The Jade Pavilion faced the sea, and every layer of the Jade Pavilion was huge. Even the top layer of the Jade Pavilion was several hundred miles long.

This should be the place where the ancient masters of creation sacrificed themselves to the sea. The bodies of the ancient masters of creation were huge, and this place could hold hundreds of thousands of masters of creation!

Qin Mu looked at the center of the Jade Sea where the eight jade mountain ranges were connected. He then looked at the Jade Pavilion and revealed a puzzled expression.

'The Jade Pavilion and the Jade Sea should be one. In the ancient primordial era, there must have been a natural Great Dao appearing here, turning this place into a natural sacred ground. That's why the masters of creation sacrificed here. What exactly happened to cause the Great Dao of the Jade Pool and the Jade Sea to vanish?'

He examined it carefully and was suddenly stunned.

He saw that the eight jade mountains were all broken!

Qin Mu flew forward and saw that the eight mountain ranges were all broken in the same place.

The eight mountain ranges were like dragons. The dragon's tail was in the center of the Jade Sea, and the dragon's head was under the Jade Pavilion. The branches were like four limbs, and each leg had five dragon claws.

The place where it had been severed was the waist of the dragon's vein. It had been severed at the waist, and it was even.

Other than the broken parts, there were also gods under God Emperor Lang Xuan who were mining the jade mountain and collecting beautiful jade.

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The gods under God Emperor Lang Xuan didn't think about how to repair the jade mountain. Instead, they wanted to take advantage of the broken mountain to mine the jade mine!

He flew over and saw that the broken surface of the jade mountain was even. However, what was strange was that the power that had severed the jade mountain didn't come from the outside world, but from underground. It was as if some kind of power in the jade mountain had exploded and broken him!

When the gods that were mining the jade mine saw him, they immediately stopped and looked at him.

The clothes of these gods were ragged, and they had shackles on their feet. There were chains on their shackles, and they should be prisoners. Because they had committed a grave mistake, they had been reduced to slaves.

"It's Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Some of the supervisors recognized Qin Mu, and their faces turned ashen. They cried out bitterly to themselves, "This is bad, why is this devil here? The last time he came to Lang Xuan Divine Palace, he took out a Primordial Tree and smashed the divine palace into flat ground, completely demolishing it! He almost killed all of the divine emperor disciples in the palace and even scared away Chang Xiting, an existence on the Emperor's Throne Realm! Is he here to tear down the Jade Pool of the ancestral court?"

"How can the Jade Pool withstand his torment? Come to think of it, why didn't God Emperor's treasure kill this fellow?"

They were trembling in fear, and their faces were ashen. However, they didn't dare to make a move on Qin Mu. Someone wanted to send a message, but Qin Mu's gaze suddenly swept over, and that person instantly went limp and didn't dare to move.

Qin Mu waved his hand, and the supervisors looked like they had lost their parents, but they didn't dare to go forward.

Qin Mu's face sank, and he waved his hand again.

The group of supervisors moved their feet with difficulty as if they were going up to the God Execution Stage to kill him.

Qin Mu's expression was gentle, and he tried his best to put on a kind expression. He smiled and said, "How many jade mines have you guys mined? Take them all out…"

Thud, thud.

Suddenly, a group of supervisors knelt on the ground, and one of them shouted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, we aren't afraid of death! However, we have elders and children, so please spare our lives! Quick, quick! Bring out all the jade mines for Celestial Venerable! Celestial Venerable, take the divine mines and leave quickly. We will immediately roll up and flee for our lives!"

Qin Mu was stunned and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He said, "Lay out these jade mines and connect these mountain ranges."

The supervisors didn't seem to hear him clearly. The supervisors even shouted, "…We will never reveal that it was Celestial Venerable Mu who robbed us. We lost the divine mine, and the god emperor wanted to execute us, so we escaped…"

Qin Mu could only repeat himself, and only then did they hear him clearly. The supervisor said happily, "Celestial Venerable, you aren't here to rob? Heaven has eyes, Celestial Venerable has changed your temper, you won't rob…"

Qin Mu's face sank, and he shouted, "I was invited by your God Emperor Lang Xuan. Stop wasting time, hurry up and do it!"

The supervisors hurriedly ran over and ordered the slaves to make a move together. They placed the divine jade they had mined in between the eight mines, and Qin Mu said solemnly, "Don't just stand around, hurry up and help."

Those supervisors smiled apologetically. "Celestial Venerable, you might not know, but these mine slaves are very crafty. They need to be whipped before they can work. Without anyone to whip them, they will have to slack off!"

Qin Mu snatched the whip and whipped several supervisors. When the other slaves saw this, they all cheered.

The group of supervisors were bleeding profusely from the whipping and hurriedly got to work.

Qin Mu waited quietly, and the mountain ranges gradually closed up. After a long time, the last mountain range was finally connected.


As the last piece of jade fell, the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth suddenly rumbled, and the Great Dao light in the sky descended with a hum. It was like the aurora of the polar region, moving along the mountain range like a dragon!

Not only that, there was also a Great Dao light emerging from the ground of the eight mountain ranges, which was connected to the Great Dao light in the sky.

The sound of the Dao vibrated and rumbled like a huge bell, the rhythm of a zither, the flute, the flute, and the drum. The sound of the Great Dao mixed and resonated.

When the supervisors and numerous slaves saw this scene, they couldn't help being stunned.

A supervisor muttered, "The sun is rising from the west. Celestial Venerable Mu isn't here to tear down the Jade Pool, he's here to rebuild it… Is the world really going to change?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan and the gods on the main ship were also alarmed. They flew up from the ship and looked into the distance.

Suddenly, an even more astonishing sight occurred. Where the eight mountain ranges were close to the Jade Pavilion, the dragon head actually spewed out streams of purple qi which surged towards the Jade Pavilion!

The entire Jade Pavilion was actually filled with an indescribable aura of the Great Dao. All kinds of natural runes lit up on the Jade Pavilion, causing the entire Jade Pavilion to be filled with strange Dao runes. The Dao rhythm was long and melodious as it rang out from the Jade Pavilion!

What was even stranger was that there was actually primordial liquid dripping down from the jade platform, drop by drop, into the Jade Sea!

God Emperor Lang Xuan looked at this scene in shock. He was the landowner of this place, yet he didn't know that there was such a change in the Jade Pool!

Qin Mu had only just arrived, yet he had already created such a shocking sight!

"Jade Pool, this is the real Jade Pool, my Jade Pool…"

He muttered to himself and couldn't help walking towards the Jade Pavilion. "This is the primordial liquid. It's even faster than the primordial liquid produced by the formation I laid down. This will be a treasure land for me to cultivate to the supreme being realm…"

His gaze suddenly landed on Qin Mu, and a hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes. He had a killing intent towards Qin Mu.

He had occupied this place for so long, yet he hadn't discovered the secret of the Jade Pool. Now that Qin Mu had just come here, the ancient Jade Pool had once again returned to its former glory. He couldn't help but feel murderous!

'Celestial Venerable Mu is a great threat!'

He couldn't help coming to Qin Mu's side. He saw that Qin Mu didn't go to the Jade Pavilion to collect the primordial liquid or comprehend the Great Dao. Instead, he looked down with interest.

God Emperor Lang Xuan stood beside him and looked down. He asked curiously, "What is Celestial Venerable Mu looking at?"

The vertical eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows had already opened. He looked at the ground and said with a smile, "I'm looking at what exactly destroyed these eight mountain ranges and severed the life force of the Jade Pool."

God Emperor Lang Xuan couldn't resist asking, "Then did you see it?"

"I saw it." Qin Mu nodded.

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