Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1398 - One Qi Primordial Chaos Path Traveling Together

God Emperor Lang Xuan waited for a moment, but Qin Mu didn't say what he saw. In the end, God Emperor Lang Xuan couldn't resist asking, "What did you see?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "I saw a huge thing under your Jade Pool, seizing the life force of the Jade Pool for its own use. Even if there are eight dragon veins on your face now, they will be destroyed again in the future. If you want the Jade Pool to recover to its peak state, I will guide you on how to find that huge thing. However, the Jade Pool's production will have to be ten percent of mine."

God Emperor Lang Xuan's consciousness rippled and transformed into a vertical eye at the heart of his brows. He looked underground and sneered. "Give you ten percent? I found that huge thing and killed it. Wouldn't it be better if I didn't give you anything? Celestial Venerable Mu, you are too greedy. You extorted Celestial Venerable Gong and Heavenly Lady Yan, and now you want to extort me again! Are you planning to extort the ten Celestial Venerables? You underestimate them!"

Qin Mu was astonished. News of him making a deal with Celestial Venerable Gong and Heavenly Lady Yan to exchange for the output of their mine had actually reached God Emperor Lang Xuan's ears.

It seemed that the forces under Celestial Venerable Gong and Heavenly Lady Yan had God Emperor Lang Xuan's eyes to monitor their every move.

However, this shouldn't be a secret among the ten Celestial Venerables.

The ten Celestial Venerables didn't trust each other, so they liked to plant spies under the other Celestial Venerables. This was one of the reasons why they could work together, so they didn't expose each other.

God Emperor Lang Xuan searched around, and his expression gradually turned grim.

His consciousness eyes were incomparably powerful, but when he searched the entire underground, he couldn't find the huge thing that Qin Mu had mentioned. He couldn't even find a trace of it!

This was extremely terrifying!

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as he flew up and continued to search the eight jade mountain ranges.

Qin Mu didn't mind and rushed to the Jade Pavilion. God Emperor Lang Xuan's consciousness eyes could probably see through thirty-five voids. Other than the ultimate void Great Overarching Heaven, no other secrets could escape his consciousness eyes.

His divine eyes could be called the eyes of the void and the eyes of insight.

His consciousness was pervasive. Lang Xuan could see the deepest part of the ancestral court, and he could also see treasures hidden in space. However, his Divine Eye of Insight was still inferior to Qin Mu's vertical eye.

Qin Mu's vertical eye had received the blessing of Heaven Duke and Earth Count. In addition to the power of the divine eye itself and the Taiji Origin Stone that was too easy to shell, it wasn't an exaggeration to call it the number one in the world.

Even though Qin Mu was currently unable to unleash the power of this divine eye, he could see through everything with just the function of the divine eye.

More and more beads of sweat rolled down God Emperor Lang Xuan's forehead. He searched through all eight mines, but he still couldn't find where the so-called big thing was hiding.

'It's even more important for the Jade Pool to recover to its former glory. If I don't deal with that huge thing, the Jade Pool will become a huge pool that can condense the primordial liquid. Other than that, it won't be of much use. In that case, it's not unacceptable to give ten percent of the primordial liquid to Celestial Venerable Mu…'

He looked at Qin Mu and saw that Qin Mu was currently walking up the Jade Pavilion to comprehend the Great Dao hidden in the Jade Pool, so he didn't go forward to disturb him.

At this moment, the Jade Pavilion had become extremely sacred. It was like a sacred altar that was offering sacrifices to the heaven, earth, and universe. As Qin Mu walked on it, he looked like a sacrificial offering hosting the great sacrifice of heaven and earth. He also looked like a Dao Seeker. Every step he took was steady, and his expression was sincere.

God Emperor Lang Xuan also stepped onto the stage. He was like an emperor, and his powerful aura burst forth. He was invulnerable to all techniques and ten thousand daos.

Qin Mu carefully comprehended the baptism of the Great Dao of the Jade Pool when he ascended the stage and listened to the Dao voice. Even though he could hear the Dao voice, his comprehension wasn't as much as Qin Mu's.

He was too strong. Not only was his cultivation too strong, his mentality was also too strong. He was too strong, putting himself too high.

Qin Mu ascended the first layer of the Jade Pavilion. It was different from the four heavenly gates and the Nine Hells Stage. The four great heavenly gates and the Nine Hells Stage were used to temper one's Dao heart. No matter if it was the four great heavenly gates or the Nine Hells Stage, they were all extremely dangerous. If he couldn't cross them, he would probably die!

On the other hand, the Jade Pool nourished the Dao heart. Not only did it not test or sharpen it, it nourished the Dao heart and allowed it to grow.

A marvelous tune came to his ears, as if the Great Dao was whispering in his ears. He felt the Great Dao was like water, like a mother's body, like the true beauty of the world.

He also felt that the Great Dao was like the earth, bearing everything and nurturing everything. It made him broad-minded.

Good is like water, water benefits all things but does not compete.

When the terrain is solid, a gentleman uses virtue to carry things.

He stood on the stage and looked at the Jade Pool. It was no longer as grand as it was in the past, but when he stood there and looked at it, he felt as though he could see the Jade Pool that nourished all life rippling like dragon scales.

He turned back to look, and the Primordial Tree that had transformed into Mother Earth was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was a huge pit. He seemed to see the lush Primordial Tree protecting the ancestors of the masters of creation in the primordial era.

Mother Earth was kind and virtuous, and the Jade Pool was like water.

He sensed the 36 types of Great Dao of Virtue and the 24 types of Great Dao of goodness.

After a long time, Qin Mu walked forward. The Jade Pool was the place where the ancestors of the masters of creation of the ancient primordial era offered sacrifices to the heavens and earth. They offered sacrifices to the prehistoric times of the universe. At that time, people were ignorant and didn't know where their power came from. They didn't know that they could use the Jade Pavilion to nourish their Dao hearts.

They only had a kind of simple heart. After coming here, they felt that their state of mind was calm, as if they could come into contact with heaven and earth and connect to the Jade Sea.

They respected the land that raised them and all living things, and they respected the Jade Sea that nourished them and all things.

They were offering sacrifices to the universe to commemorate their ancestors.

At that moment, Qin Mu seemed to have become a member of the masters of creation who sacrificed themselves to heaven and earth during the primordial era. He comprehended the aura of the Great Dao here in a pious state.

He walked and stopped, and the time he spent gradually became longer. God Emperor Lang Xuan soon surpassed him and came to the eighth level of the Jade Pavilion. He looked up at the dry sea bed and sighed ruefully.

When Qin Mu came here, it was already a month later.

God Emperor Lang Xuan sensed his arrival and raised his hand to point at the dried-up seabed. He pointed at the mountains and rivers on the other side of the sea and laughed in high spirits. "This land is so magnificent. Celestial Venerable Mu, which man doesn't wish to own such a land? This is one of my ambitions to become a Celestial Venerable. I will become the ruler of the entire universe. I will make the vast lands, the thousands of worlds, the billions of stars, and the galaxy submit to me!"

His heroic spirit surged out from his chest, guiding the rivers and mountains. He was impassioned and couldn't hide his excitement.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you have extraordinary talent. If you rely on me, I will definitely give you enough space to show off. I'm not as calculative as Celestial Venerable Hao. I value you, so I will naturally put you in an important position! In the future, you will have a share of my empire!"

Qin Mu didn't reply, and the Dao runes on his body became denser. Suddenly, God Emperor Lang Xuan felt something and turned his head back. His heart couldn't help but jump. Qin Mu had actually fallen into a marvelous state and was faintly becoming one with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth in the Jade Pool Jade Pavilion!

He seemed to have merged into the Great Dao of the entire Jade Stage. Even though he was standing there and his body was right there, God Emperor Lang Xuan felt like the land of the ancestral court was as thick as the Jade Sea!

He was like the heaven and earth that God Emperor Lang Xuan was looking at just now. There was the distance between heaven and earth, the depth of the sea, and the thickness of the earth!

He and the Great Dao of the Jade Pool Jade Pavilion corresponded to each other. The Dao runes that had been severed while comprehending with God Emperor Lang Xuan earlier were now connected again!

This time, he actually didn't need to connect with the Dao runes when Lang Xuan was comprehending the Dao. He could enter the state of Dao entering!

God Emperor Lang Xuan revealed a look of disbelief, and this expression became the killing intent and jealousy of the divine treasures in his eyes. Qin Mu's aptitude was similar to his. The last time, the two of them had comprehended and discussed the Dao together. As long as their vital qi was connected, they could enter the Dao at the same time and comprehend the secrets of the Grand Primordium Dao, entering the realm of the Grand Primordium Dao.

However, at that time, both Lang Xuan and Qin Mu were apprehensive. They remembered that they were still enemies and couldn't even be considered friends, let alone Dao friends.

Therefore, they took the initiative to cut off their path of entering the path, not allowing the other party to succeed.

And now, God Emperor Lang Xuan couldn't enter the path himself, but Qin Mu had already joined up the opportunity to enter the path, entering the realm of the path!

'Why is he the one who received this opportunity and not me?'

The killing intent in his eyes grew stronger, but he suppressed it by force. He suddenly took a step forward, walked out of the Jade Pavilion, and flew to the broken section of the eight dragon veins.

Those slave miners and supervisors were resting during this period of time, and it was rare for them to have a month of peace.

When everyone saw God Emperor Lang Xuan, they hurriedly kowtowed.

God Emperor Lang Xuan waved his sleeves and sneered. "Break off the eight dragon veins!"

Those supervisors and slave miners didn't understand what he meant and just stood there with blank expressions.

The eight dragon veins were finally connected, allowing the Jade Pool to regain its life force. The Jade Pool then gave birth to the primordial liquid and became one of the best treasures in the ancestral court. Why was it that Celestial Venerable Mu, the infamous Demolisher Qin, didn't destroy the Jade Pool and instead, God Emperor Lang Xuan, the landowner, wanted to destroy his treasure?

God Emperor Lang Xuan was furious, and his killing intent surged. He shouted sternly, "Are you all deaf? Why aren't you all rolling over to work?"

Only then did the supervisors come to a realization. They all executed their divine whips and whipped the miners without any explanation. They shouted sternly, "Work! Work! Strip those jade stones!"

Numerous miners immediately took action and pulled out the jade stones that were connected. God Emperor Lang Xuan still felt that it was too slow, so he gave the supervisors a beating and let them work as well.

Finally, the eight dragon veins were severed, and the aura of the Great Dao in the Jade Pool of the ancestral court instantly vanished. The eight dragon veins also immediately stopped spraying Primordial Violet Vapor.

God Emperor Lang Xuan let out a sigh of relief and looked back at the Jade Pavilion. He saw that the Great Dao aura of the Jade Pavilion was also rapidly dissipating.

"You are the alliance master of the Heaven Alliance. I can't kill you directly, but I can cut off your path of entering the path, preventing you from entering the path."

His gaze flickered. "You can forget about getting what I can't get! Celestial Venerable Mu, don't blame me for being ruthless…"

Just as he thought until here, his pupils suddenly contracted. Even though the Great Dao aura on the Jade Pavilion had dissipated, the Dao runes coming from there were becoming stronger!

God Emperor Lang Xuan's heart thumped wildly. Qin Mu was actually unable to be interrupted when he entered the path!

"Kill him! My Finger of Divine Essence is the strongest divine art among Celestial Venerables. I just need one finger to kill him!"

He wanted to crush Qin Mu with a finger, but if he killed him here, the other Celestial Venerables would have a hold on him. When the world eradicated the ancient gods, this would be the best excuse to get rid of him!

However, he was unwilling to kill Qin Mu!

Right at this moment, the Dao runes coming from the Jade Pavilion were dense to the extreme. However, a beam of light spewed out from there and lifted a figure up into the sky. With a long cry, he said, "Divine Consciousness pilgrims to the heaven and earth, a Primordial Chaos Dao traveling together!"

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