Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1401 - Breaking Through Calamity

Qin Mu's heart tightened. The strong practitioners of the previous universe had thrown out the greatest temptation!

God Emperor Lang Xuan's dream was to become the leader of the ten Celestial Venerables, an existence that had achieved the Dao. The Dao Fruit of the strong practitioners in the coffin had thrown out something even more valuable than his dream, and that was to live until the next universe!

As long as Lang Xuan followed him, not only could he become the leader of the ten Celestial Venerables, he could also become a Celestial Emperor. His Great Dao would be imprinted in the Ultimate Void, and he could entrust his consciousness to it. Even if the universe was destroyed, he could not die and live another year in the universe!

How great was this temptation?

Qin Mu was really worried that God Emperor Lang Xuan would accept this temptation and become the lackey of the strong practitioners of the previous era.

Qin Mu suddenly said, "Divine Emperor, since we are in the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment of the prehistoric era, why don't we walk around?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan's gaze flickered as he looked at Qin Mu.

God Emperor Lang Xuan nodded his head as if he was possessed. He smiled and said, "That's right, the Great Overarching Heaven is the place we have always dreamed of going. Although this place isn't the real Great Overarching Heaven and is only a fragment, it's good to be able to experience it."

The two of them left the huge coffin and walked side by side. Qin Mu carefully observed the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment and used his hand to touch the void. With a slight press of his palm, a palm print actually appeared in the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment, and it slowly vanished after a moment.

He then executed his vital qi and tried to imprint a few runes of the Great Dao onto the Great Overarching Heaven. However, not long later, his imprint vanished.

However, when his Great Dao runes were imprinted on it, he actually felt that his Dao heart was compatible with this Great Overarching Heaven. It was as if the heaven's heart was his heart!

Not only that, he had an even stranger feeling.

The runes of the Great Dao were imprinted on it, making him feel that his Dao was eternal and that he lived as long as the universe!

The heaven's heart is my heart, my Dao is eternal. This is the wondrous use of the Great Overarching Heaven.

It was a pity that when he wanted to comprehend it in detail, he felt that his Dao heart had become incomparably filthy and turbid. He was unable to sense the secrets of the Great Overarching Heaven, and the feeling of the Heart of Heart and My Dao existing for eternity quickly vanished along with the imprint.

Qin Mu tried to imprint it with his consciousness, and he could imprint it as well. However, it would also disappear very quickly.

An incomparably strange feeling rose in his heart. The Great Overarching Heaven was like a mudra that could recover on its own, and it could be molded into different forms.

However, this was only a fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven. What was the true Great Overarching Heaven? Could it be imprinted like this?

God Emperor Lang Xuan was also trying to explore the marvel of the Great Overarching Heaven, but even someone as strong as him couldn't imprint his Great Dao here forever.

His Dao heart was even worse, and his realm of Dao was even shallower. However, his power was too strong, and the time it took to imprint was longer than Qin Mu's.

'Ultimate Void Great Overarching True Heaven is truly marvelous. When I feel my Great Dao imprinted here, I will never be extinguished. Even if I'm killed, my corporeal body, consciousness, primordial spirit, and even everything about me is destroyed, I will still not die.'

God Emperor Lang Xuan was full of emotions as he said, "The Grand Emperor was able to die without dying because of his Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven. Founding Emperor Qin Ye is still remarkable. Even though the Grand Emperor obtained his Dao, he didn't know the reason. Only Founding Emperor opened up the method of the Dao Realm and could benefit the descendants."

Qin Mu smiled. "The divine emperor is envious of reform? Envious of Founding Emperor?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan shook his head and hesitated for a moment before nodding again.

His expression was quite conceited as he said, "Founding Emperor opened up the Dao Realm and patched up the deficiencies of the celestial palace system. However, he started from the path, but that doesn't mean the celestial palace system is wrong."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He looked at him and asked humbly, "Why does God Emperor say that?"

"He used his Dao to achieve the Dao and used his Dao heart to continuously improve himself. In the end, he imprinted the Ultimate Void and cultivated the Great Overarching Sword Dao."

God Emperor Lang Xuan said calmly, "I tried to imprint the Great Overarching Heaven with my own power just now. Even though I didn't succeed, I saw the hope of achieving the Dao. The celestial heavens system of the celestial palaces focuses on power. When one cultivates to the realm of the Great Celestial Heavens, one can use power to achieve the Dao!"

He was full of heroism as he said loudly, "There's no need to comprehend the bullshit heaven's heart, no need to sense the existence of my Dao! After I cultivated the Great Celestial Heavens, my power was incomparably strong, and I imprinted my power on the Great Overarching Heaven Net. Who cares if the Great Overarching Heaven Net is happy or not!"

Qin Mu was dumbfounded. After a moment, he praised, "God Emperor is a great talent."

God Emperor Lang Xuan smiled and said, "Founding Emperor is also a great talent, not weaker than me."

Qin Mu laughed loudly.

God Emperor Lang Xuan also knew that this phrase was no weaker than his mantra, so he said it.

Qin Mu laughed for a long time. Suddenly, his laughter stopped, and his tone changed. He asked indifferently, "When will God Emperor kill me as a sacrifice?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan smiled. "Why would Celestial Venerable Mu say such a thing? Since when did I have to kill you as a sacrifice to please the old monsters of the previous universe era? I'm one of the ten Celestial Venerables, and I can see the possibility of using force to achieve the Dao. Why would I kill you as a sacrifice?"

'My Dao heart is clear. Anyone who stands beside me and makes the slightest move to kill me will react in my Dao heart.'

Qin Mu said with a straight face, "Just now in front of that coffin, the prehistoric existence said his suggestion, and you were prepared to make a move on me. My Dao heart reflected your killing intent."

God Emperor Lang Xuan asked curiously, "The Dao Realm actually has such an effect? Truly marvelous. Founding Emperor is remarkable."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Founding Emperor has the Enlightened Sword Heart. Even though his sword heart is strong, he might not be able to do what I did."

God Emperor Lang Xuan's heart trembled slightly. "In that case, you invited me to take a look at the mysteries of the Great Overarching Heaven just now to use it to discover the secrets of the Great Overarching Heaven and make me dispel the killing intent in my heart?"

Qin Mu nodded.

God Emperor Lang Xuan sighed. "To be able to reach this step in the Dao Realm, it seems like cultivating the celestial palace by force isn't enough. If you want to improve further, you will need the assistance of the Dao Realm. Celestial Venerable Mu, guess what method I will use to kill you?"

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and said, "It's very difficult to kill me with ordinary methods. Even though my abilities aren't as good as God Emperor's, I have many life-saving methods. Especially the unchanging divine art. When God Emperor kills me, you have to be on guard against me pulling you into the great strangeness of the unchanging substance. Therefore, the easiest way for God Emperor to destroy me is to throw me into the past as a sacrifice."

God Emperor Lang Xuan clapped his hands and praised, "It's indeed a good idea! The prehistoric universe was destroyed, and there was no substance left. If you were thrown in, you would be obliterated into a ball of energy and cease to exist! Even if there was someone like you who could summon a soul forging spell, they wouldn't be able to summon the black sand of your soul. This is indeed the best way to get rid of you completely, and it's very easy to throw you into the prehistoric times. The other end of this piece of the Great Overarching Heaven is in the great destruction of the prehistoric universe. I just need to give you a slight push and you will fall in."

Qin Mu was silent.

"But I won't kill you. At least not now."

God Emperor Lang Xuan laughed loudly and turned to walk towards the coffin on the sacrificial altar. He leisurely said, "Your Dao heart is still unable to reflect the thoughts of a Celestial Venerable. Celestial Venerable Mu, you think too highly of yourself. I have already comprehended the path of using force to achieve the Dao. There's no need for me to borrow the guidance of the prehistoric existence, and there's no need for me to kneel and worship him!"

The instant he turned to leave, Qin Mu also secretly let out a sigh of relief.

In Qin Mu's Dao heart, God Emperor Lang Xuan's killing intent towards him finally vanished completely!

From him inviting God Emperor Lang Xuan to explore this Great Overarching Heaven, to him asking when Lang Xuan would kill him, his every action and every word was to completely dispel Lang Xuan's killing intent towards him!

That was because when the existence in the Dao Fruit had said those words to Lang Xuan, Lang Xuan had indeed wanted to kill Qin Mu!

Extremely intense killing intent!

At that time, Lang Xuan had indeed wanted to kneel and worship the existence in the Dao Fruit. He had indeed wanted to learn his method to become a god and become the ruler of the current universe. He had indeed wanted to live until the next universe!

Only just now did Lang Xuan's killing intent completely disappear.

'If I hadn't been to Nine Hells Stage, I would probably be dead by now.'

Qin Mu smiled and followed after Lang Xuan. He was no longer in danger of losing his life.

The two of them came to the front of the huge coffin. The coffin still hadn't closed, and divine light was dense inside. Around the Dao Tree in the divine light, there seemed to be a galaxy floating around it, coiling around the withered Dao Tree.

God Emperor Lang Xuan bowed and said with a smile, "Senior of prehistory, your suggestion was very good. I've already thought it through."

An obscure and ancient consciousness came from the Dao Fruit. "Very good, a wise man submits to circumstances. Your universe is too outdated, and your paths, skills, and divine arts are too low-end. The ultimate arts I impart to you will make you the strongest existence in the world in one go…"

God Emperor Lang Xuan straightened his back and interrupted him with a smile. "Senior, I'll give you two choices now. The first is to scram back to your universe and obediently die. The second is to hand over all your comprehension to me and scram back to your universe to die obediently. Senior, do you want to take that path?"


The voice in the Dao Fruit was furious. "Lowly ant, how dare you treat me so rudely. You should know…"

"Looks like you've chosen the first path."

God Emperor Lang Xuan laughed loudly. In the celestial heavens behind his head, his primordial spirit suddenly made a move. He tapped his divine essence into the huge coffin. "However, Senior, I still want you to walk the second path! You can scram back and accept your death, but your Dao Fruit must remain because I, Lang Xuan, have taken a fancy to your Dao Fruit!"

An incomparably terrifying throbbing came from the huge coffin. The prehistoric existence's Dao Tree swayed its branches, and the stars shone resplendently. The incomparably terrifying power in the Dao Fruit exploded, and it actually blocked Lang Xuan's divine essence finger.

God Emperor Lang Xuan shouted, and his primordial spirit pointed out again. He tapped repeatedly, and each time, he pointed with his divine essence.

His divine art of entering the path only had this move. If it was anyone else, they would definitely dodge in all directions. However, the huge coffin was on the wooden sacrificial altar. Half of it had entered the ancestral court while the other half was still in the prehistoric universe era. Facing the calamity of the great apocalypse, there was no way to avoid it!

God Emperor Lang Xuan struck out countless times, and suddenly, the huge coffin shone brightly. An earth-shattering boom came from the coffin, and the Dao fruit on the tree was finally struck down by his divine essence finger!

Lang Xuan laughed loudly and stretched out his hand to grab the Dao Fruit. He then flew up and landed on the top of the coffin. He exerted force with his feet and shouted, "Go back and accept your death!"

The huge coffin and the wooden sacrificial altar trembled and were pushed back into the prehistoric universe years. Because there was no Dao fruit in the coffin, the sacrificial altar and the huge coffin turned into powder in the apocalypse and vanished without a trace!

God Emperor Lang Xuan landed on the ground, raised his Dao Fruit, and laughed loudly. "Celestial Venerable Mu, other Celestial Venerables, the day you submit to me is almost here!"

Qin Mu stood at the side and smiled. "Congratulations, God Emperor."

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