Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1404 - The Path Of Red Dust

Celestial Empress looked at Qin Mu. Qin Mu's expression was still indifferent, as though he had long known about this and wasn't surprised.

Celestial Empress composed herself and pondered for a moment before saying, "My late husband was born prematurely and was dug out by the Grand Emperor for sacrificial offerings. Thus, he has a huge flaw in his cultivation and abilities. Dao brother has been silent here for countless billions of years, so I reckon he should have cultivated to perfection and wouldn't be in a situation like my late husband. Why are both of you so afraid of the future?"

The meaning of her words was actually to ask the ancient gods of taiji. They were hiding here and absorbing the power of the mine in peace. After such a long time, they should be able to come out perfectly, so why hadn't they come out yet?

However, she was Celestial Empress after all, so her question was more tactful.

"Logically speaking, we can indeed come into being. Such a long period of time is enough for us to absorb all the power and cultivation of the mine."

The egg man said, "However, the ancestral court restricted our birth."

Celestial Empress was puzzled, and Qin Mu couldn't help becoming curious. His body leaned forward involuntarily.

The woman in the egg said, "We have been absorbing the power of the taiji mine since the universe was created, and we have never stopped. When the masters of creation rose, they began to mine the mine, and all five of them were excavated. There was a Dao brother who was born before the masters of creation, and he left behind an empty mine, free and unfettered. When he was born, there was no disturbance in the mortal world. The Great Dao was pure, and once he was born, he transcended and became the Dao."

The man in the egg said, "After him is Dao Brother Tai Shi. Dao Brother Tai Shi has a chance of attaining the Dao after him, but unfortunately, he was only halfway through his growth before he was dug out and sacrificed to the masters of creation as a treasure. Before he was born, he was already tainted. If he wants to achieve the Dao, it's incomparably difficult. He has to sever the power of the masters of creation's sacrificial offerings on him and find all the power of the Tai Shi Mine."

"The third Dao brother is the Tai Chu. He was dug out by someone and treated as a huge treasure, worshiped by the people of the world. However, he fell into the hands of Grand Emperor Ju Yushi. After the Grand Emperor was defeated, he fell into the hands of Tai Chu again. Tai Chu was no longer in its egg state. It had a desire for power and authority. It was afraid that his perfect birth would threaten its position, so it imprisoned him."

"Tai Su is also a bitter person. She was dug out from the mine by the female master of creation, Xin Clan, and then brought to Ju Yushi. After that, she fell into the hands of North Deity Xuan Wu and was refined into the Glassy Sky Pagoda as a treasure. She searched hard for the path of transcendence, but she didn't expect to meet a bad person. She was brought to the previous universe by someone and had no choice but to come out early."

"If she wants to achieve the Dao, the karma will be huge. Not only does she want to take revenge for her daughter, the Xin Clan, the Ju Yu Clan, the treasure that was refined, she also wants to take revenge for her early birth. She also needs to settle the karma of the previous universe."

When Qin Mu heard this, he was astonished.

The person that the ancient god of taiji had mentioned was him.

He came out of the big black tree in the night and brought the Great Simplicity Egg to the moment when the previous universe was destroyed. He had no choice but to raise the Great Simplicity Egg high in an attempt to return to the world tree. It was then that the Great Simplicity Egg was born!

Tai Su being born had a lot to do with him.

"As for us, we have also been corrupted by the world."

The female voice in the egg sighed and said, "After we observed the encounters of Dao brothers, we first became vigilant and became vigilant. We were no longer purely Dao hearts. From then on, we were a step away from achieving the path."

"However, we didn't expect this at that time. We created fake mines to fool the masters of creation, while we hid the true mines. In this way, we are one step away from achieving the Dao."

The man in the egg sighed and said, "We mobilized the Great Ultimate Galaxy to kill the masters of creation and other lifeforms that entered the mine to protect ourselves. When we had the intention to kill, we were even further away from achieving the Dao. At that time, we didn't realize that we had succeeded."

The woman in the egg said, "We hid ourselves and lived in constant fear. We were always worried that the Grand Emperor and Tai Chu would notice us. Only when Tai Chu led the other ancient gods to seal the ancestral court did we feel at ease. We felt that we could absorb the taiji mine to achieve the Dao."

The man in the egg sighed. "Only then did we realize that we had long been tainted by the mortal world. Even though we no longer have the disturbance of the mortal world, we are getting further away from achieving the path. Not only that, we also discovered another terrifying thing."

The male and female voices fell silent.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he had a terrifying guess. He opened his mouth to ask, but he held himself back.

Celestial Empress was calmer than him and was still waiting quietly.

After a moment, the male and female voices in the egg overlapped and said in unison, "Even though the ancestral court is sealed, we discovered that we aren't the only ones in the ancestral court. There are others!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he thought to himself, 'It's indeed as I guessed!'

"The ancestral court was sealed, but it couldn't seal that Dao brother who had come out in advance. He was elusive and unfathomable, but the others in the ancestral court weren't him."

"The others came from underground, but they didn't come from underground. Instead, they came from the remnants of the previous universe era. They came from the previous universe era."

"They had already made preparations and laid down layers of traps in the ancestral court. They even plotted against our Tai Chi mine."

"When you guys sealed the ancestral court and left it, we felt a terrifying prehistoric ruin driving into our mining area, locking down our absorption of the power and Great Dao of the mine, slowing our advancement over the years."

There was some fear in the voice of the ancient god of taiji in the egg. "We have developed a heart of fear, and we are one step away from achieving the path. Therefore, when uninvited guests come to the mining area, we will borrow the Taiji Origin Stone. This is because we have been unable to absorb much power from the Origin Stone for the past million years. We are unable to absorb much power from the mining area, so it's fine to lend it to him for a period of time."

Qin Mu immediately opened up the vertical eye in the heart of his brows and looked at the underground of the mine. His divine eye was unmatched, and he could even see through the pieces of the Great Overarching Heaven under the Jade Pool. He could immediately see through the underground of the Great Ultimate Mine.

Below the vast and boundless Great Ultimate Star Domain, an ancient piece of the Great Overarching Heaven was devouring the Star Domain and the Great Ultimate Mine Area. There was a mysterious ruin there, and it was right below the Great Ultimate Mine Area. There were strange buildings on the ruins that were forged with the best divine metal. Even though they were covered in mottled rust, one could still see the ripples of the Great Dao flowing on the surface.

That should be the ruins left behind by a highly developed civilization. They had used supreme divine metal to build a god city in an attempt to survive the Great Destruction of the universe and survive it to come to a new universe.

However, Qin Mu didn't see any living beings there. It was as if their lives had been destroyed. However, since it was a fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven, it shouldn't be that simple.

Celestial Empress couldn't see this sight and didn't understand the fear of the ancient god of taiji. She said, "Dao brother, since you guys are locked up and can't raise your cultivation here, you guys shouldn't be able to come into being perfectly. You guys have stopped growing, so how are you going to help me?"

She said indifferently, "Please forgive me for being blunt. Benefits are above all else. If I don't have enough benefits, why should I cooperate with you guys? If you guys can't help me, forming an alliance with you guys and working together to fight against the future calamity is just a joke."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "In that case, Dao brothers are planning to come out early?"

Celestial Empress' heart trembled slightly. After his reminder, she instantly thought of the crucial point.

The reason why the ancient god of taiji had called her over was probably because he wanted to be born early!

If the ancient god of taiji was born and left the mine, he could indeed become her assistant!

The ancient god in the egg praised, "Celestial Venerable Mu is indeed smart. You know what I mean. It's a pity that you aren't strong enough. Otherwise, we would definitely have chosen you as an ally instead of Celestial Empress. You guessed correctly, we have the intention to come into being."

The woman in the egg said, "We are trapped here. We have the mine but we can't absorb the power to comprehend the Great Dao. Our Dao hearts have also been destroyed by the mortal world. Instead of guarding the taiji mine, we might as well come out in advance and walk around the mortal world."

The man in the egg said, "The trifles of the mortal world have destroyed our Dao hearts. We have the heart of ingenuity, the heart of fear, the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, joy, greed, worry, murder, power, greed, craftiness, craftiness, and other negative emotions that are holding us back from achieving our Dao. Since the mortal world has given it to us, we have to walk through the mortal world."

The woman in the egg said, "Only by walking through the mortal world can we see through greed, worry, power, and interests. Only then can we get rid of the heart of trickery and fear, allowing our Dao hearts to return to the simplicity before the appearance of all living beings. From there, we can achieve the Dao and free ourselves."

The words of the ancient god of taiji gave Qin Mu and Celestial Empress different emotions. They had different comprehensions in their hearts.

Celestial Empress remembered that when she was born, it was the Dao of the Ruins of End that gave her consciousness. At that time, her consciousness was incomparably pure, and it was most compatible with the Dao of the Ruins of End.

Dao heart is my heart.

She was born in the lotus flowers in the abyss of the Ruins of End, serene and beautiful.

But when did all of this start to change?

Had it started when the masters of creation discovered that she was an ancient god and felt her fertility power, so they worshiped her and prayed for her protection, allowing their race to have more children and be blessed?

Did it start when the masters of creation tried to use her power to get rid of their enemies?

Did it start when they met each other in the beginning and fell in love?

Or had it started when he felt the worship of the masters of creation, the worship of all living things, and enjoyed the desire for power?

It was just that she didn't have the awareness of the ancient gods of taiji, so she didn't realize this point and sank into the mortal world.

Qin Mu thought of something else.

He felt that it was indeed a feasible path for the ancient gods of Taiji to temper their Dao hearts in the mortal world. After all, he had also been through trials and tribulations in the human world, growing bit by bit. His Dao heart had also grown continuously along the way, and his Dao Realm had also slowly improved.

He thought of another matter, which was Lan Yutian.

In the past, Celestial Venerable Yu was disturbed by the mundane affairs of the mortal world, so his Dao heart wasn't as pure as Lan Yutian's. Now, even though Lan Yutian was walking in the mortal world, he was more like an egg that was born before all life was born. He didn't have the heart of utilitarianism, nor did he have the desire for power, nor did he have those thoughts of turmoil. All that was left was an incomparably pure Dao heart.

Compared to the other egg-born ancient gods other than Tai Yi, he was more like an egg-born ancient god, quietly absorbing nutrients in the huge mine known as Red Dust to improve himself.

He was the one closest to achieving the Dao.

In Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the Tai Shi in the egg also had his own comprehension. He had unknowingly stopped absorbing the power of the Tai Shi Origin Stone and the mine, quietly thinking about his future path.

"Even though the formation of the ancient gods of Taiji is after me, their understanding of the Dao is already above mine."

He couldn't help but sigh ruefully, feeling that he had benefited greatly. 'Celestial Empress seized my Tai Shi Mine. Even if I can borrow Celestial Venerable Mu's hands to take it back and completely absorb the power of the mine, I can't reach perfection. I can't achieve the path, I can't transcend. I also need to be like the ancient gods of Tai Chi, walking around the world to sharpen my Dao heart to reach the level of Dao Brother Tai Yi.'

They each had their own gains and comprehensions, but the things they comprehended were different.

The Taiji Ancient God in the egg said, "This time, we invited Goddess over because our power isn't enough to break the divine egg. Please help us."

Celestial Empress stood up and said seriously, "You should help."

Qin Mu also stood up and said seriously, "Dao brothers in the egg, how will you treat me after you are born? I want to know your standpoint."

Celestial Empress looked at him, and a hint of killing intent flashed through her beautiful eyes. "Celestial Venerable Mu, you and the ten Celestial Venerables of today are in the same boat. You should recognize your own weight and straighten out your position. Don't think too much, or you will only invite a fatal disaster. The Ruins of End is one of the few places in the world that can obliterate you. The Great Dao of the Ruins of End is also one of the few Great Dao that can solve the unchanging substance divine art!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and his killing intent surged. "If Dao brothers want to be my enemies in the future, I will fight to the death today! Dao brothers, think about it!"

He turned around. "Celestial Empress, if you think the divine art of the Ruins of End can destroy me, you can try!"

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