Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1406 - Peerless Divine Power

At that moment, Heavenly Lady Yan was rushing to the Great Ultimate Space Zone to enter the Black Sand Desert. Heavenly Lady Qiang and the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu followed Jue Wuchen to the depths of the desert.

Heavenly Lady Qiang and the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu were both existences at the Celestial Venerable level, so even Jue Wuchen couldn't detect them. She saw Jue Wuchen walking into a magnificent mine that was ever-changing, making the two Celestial Venerables click their tongues in wonder.

They walked into the mine and saw that the mine was filled with the magnificence of the Dao of Tai Chi. Yin and Yang were born and grew endlessly.

The Dao of Taiji could transform the living things in heaven and earth, like primordial behemoths, flowers, insects, plants, insects, humans, gods, monsters, and even ancient gods.

It could also transform into lifeless objects in the universe, like rivers, mountains, oceans, thunderclouds, lightning, sun, moon, and stars. It was truly a miraculous creation.

Even Heavenly Lady Qiang and Shi Qiluo, who controlled the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, were dazzled. They exclaimed in admiration of the power of the ancient gods of Tai Chi and the wonders of the tai Chi mine.

It was just that they didn't know for a moment that this was only a fake mine that was used to block their eyes.

Among the ancient gods born from eggs, the ancient gods of Tai Chi were the most ever-changing. When they faked, even Celestial Venerables would find it hard to detect the marvel within.

However, Heavenly Lady Qiang and the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu had followed Jue Wuchen for so long, yet they hadn't come to the depths of the mine. They couldn't help feeling anxious and suspicious.

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was about to test the power of this mine when Jue Wuchen's clear and refreshing voice suddenly rang out. "Empress of the Ruins of End, I'm here to pay my respects to Dao Brother. Please show yourself!"

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu instantly restrained himself, and he saw the changes in the mine gradually returning to normal. A passageway appeared under Jue Wuchen's feet.

Jue Wuchen walked towards the depths of the mine.

The two Celestial Venerables continued to follow her, and they walked for a long time. Just as they were about to lose their patience, light suddenly shone in the darkness. In front of them, an incomparably beautiful and natural sacrificial altar appeared. On it were eight pieces of Taiji Origin Stone that were guarding a divine egg.

The two Celestial Venerables restrained themselves and watched as Jue Wuchen bowed to the divine egg and sat down.

Jue Wuchen first exchanged pleasantries with the divine egg. Just as the two Celestial Venerables were about to show themselves, they suddenly changed the topic and talked about the general trend of the world. The divine egg blew its way and caused the sky and earth to darken, causing the two Celestial Venerables to restrain themselves.

At this moment, the two Celestial Venerables suddenly felt a considerable divine art fluctuation coming from each of them, and they were astonished. Even the taiji mine trembled slightly from the fluctuation, as though a painting scroll had been blown by the wind.

"That's not right! The real Taiji Mine was born at the birth of the universe. Not to mention the collision of this divine art, even a Celestial Venerable wouldn't be able to shake it!"

The two Celestial Venerables were alarmed, but at this moment, a second wave came. The power of this wave was even stronger, as if an existence at the Celestial Venerable level was attacking with all his might!

Celestial Venerable Yu, the divine weapon, gave a long roar, and all of his power burst forth without reservation. Instantly, the mine area shattered into pieces, and the mountains collapsed. The sun and moon crumbled, and countless huge beasts and gods transformed into strands of yin and yang qi that dispersed into the air!

"He is indeed fooling me!"

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu rose and saw the black sand surging over. Soon, the countless black sand became incomparably huge in his eyes, transforming into planets in an instant. Meanwhile, the black sand desert transformed into an incomparably magnificent galaxy with billions of stars!

He was actually in a vast star field. There were planets dancing in front of his eyes, blocking his vision completely!

Heavenly Lady Qiang also realized that she had fallen into a star system that was like a mess. Looking around, she couldn't see any traces of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu and Jue Wuchen.

"What a great ancient god of taiji, his eyes and hands reach the sky!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang couldn't help exclaiming, "To be able to toy with a Celestial Venerable even before you are born, how powerful would you be if you were to be born? This kind of method can't trap a Celestial Venerable. You should die in the eggshell so that you won't be born like the Grand Primordium and bring disaster to the world!"

She took a step forward and swept her powerful consciousness around, pushing away the stars. If there were too many stars, she would step into the void. No matter how strong the ancient god of taiji was, he couldn't touch the void.

The Grand Primordium was ranked before Taiji. The Dao of Grand Primordium was split into consciousness and the Dao of Connate. The consciousness was good at entering the void. As the reincarnation of the Grand Emperor, Heavenly Lady Qiang was good at consciousness. The danger of Taiji Star Domain was useless to her.

Only when the ancient gods of Taiji were born and entered the Dao, entering the 35 heavens of the Dao Realm, would they be able to threaten the Grand Emperor. However, they wouldn't be able to threaten his Dao fruit.

Only by achieving the Dao and imprinting the ultimate void would the ancient gods of Taiji pose a fatal threat to the Grand Emperor.

Just as the ancient gods of Tai Chi had said, they were too far away from the path now. They needed to come into being and experience the mortal world to achieve the path. Otherwise, even if they were egg-born ancient gods, there were still many existences in this world that could threaten their lives.

Heavenly Lady Qiang quickly moved through the star field, searching for the real mine. On the other side, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was swallowed by the abyss of the Ruins of End. However, a huge crack in the star field was moving rapidly, and everywhere it passed, stars were swallowed.

As the eleventh Celestial Venerable, Mistress Yuanmu's Ruins of End divine art was truly powerful. Even the Great Ultimate Galaxy couldn't stop her.

The two Celestial Venerables suddenly discovered something. In front of them was a mountain range that stretched across star fields and suppressed countless planets!

This mountain range was incomparably astonishing, and the shock it gave people was also unimaginable!

The fluctuation of Celestial Venerable's divine art came from there, and this time, the fluctuation was even clearer. The two Celestial Venerables immediately realized that this fluctuation was Heavenly Lady Yan's divine art!

'Could Heavenly Lady Yan be trying to get rid of the ancient god of taiji?'

The two of them were astonished at the same time, and they hurriedly rushed towards that mountain range. When they reached the top of that immeasurably high mountain range and looked around, the vast star field suddenly became a desert again. However, countless stars had vanished, leaving only rolling sand.

The strange thing was, on one side was the black sand desert, and on the other was the white sand desert.

The terrain of this mountain range was complicated, and the terrain was constantly changing. Even the two Celestial Venerables couldn't find Heavenly Lady Yan's whereabouts.

Right at this moment, a small divine art fluctuation suddenly came over. The two Celestial Venerables hurriedly looked over and saw white sand dancing in the sky. Two figures were running and fighting in the white sand desert!

Behind the two of them, celestial palaces sat down, and divine light shone brightly. Even though the sandstorm was tight, it couldn't block the light from their celestial palaces.

"Celestial Empress!"

"Sister, that little slut!"

The two Celestial Venerables immediately saw that one of them was Celestial Empress, and the one who was fighting with her surprised them. It was Qin Mu, Celestial Venerable Mu!

At this moment, Qin Mu was rapidly traversing through the White Sand Great Desert. In front and behind him were the abysses of the Ruins of End. They were like holes that could swallow everything, swallowing everything.

That was Celestial Empress' divine art!

Under his feet was the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm. It spread out and moved with his movements.

In front of him, Celestial Empress was also rushing through a distance of three hundred yards. All kinds of divine arts were unleashed between her fingers and palms.

Suddenly, the eighteen primordial spirits of Qin Mu's nineteen celestial palaces flew up and danced around the primordial spirits of the main celestial palace. Their postures were all different, and their battle intent overflowed into the sky. It was as if eighteen great emperors were surrounding Celestial Emperor. Meanwhile, the ancient gods of the heavens appeared from the thousands of worlds in the heavens, fighting and killing. Their bodies were fierce, and they displayed a picture of a god of war!

However, the Dragon Han fought!

From this divine art, Mistress Yuanmu and the Grand Emperor saw the magnificent and bloody side of the battle between the three great celestial heavens during the Dragon Han Era. They saw the shadow of Yun Lingyue's scheme to kill the Grand Emperor. They saw the shadow of the Postcelestial Holy One and the half-gods killing Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. They saw the images of the emperors of the Dragon Han Era. They saw the great armies of the three great celestial heavens attacking and fighting a bloody battle!

This divine art was the seventeenth heaven of Qin Mu's Dao Realm, vividly displaying the bloody battles of the Dragon Han Era!

Qin Mu and Celestial Empress clashed, unleashing the power of this divine art to its maximum. However, the moment he touched Celestial Empress' mark, Qin Mu fell back, almost sticking to the ground as he stepped on the desert to quickly retreat, removing Celestial Empress' power.

In the next moment, a huge abyss suddenly appeared behind him, and Celestial Empress walked out from it. Her long sleeves fluttered in the wind, and her sleeves transformed into a huge abyss that went straight for his head!

Before Qin Mu could stop retreating, the eighteen primordial spirits suddenly returned to their positions and sat on the God Execution Stage of their respective celestial palaces. The baleful qi of the God Execution Stage swirled around it, but it couldn't hurt his primordial spirit at all.

Unknowingly, he had already crossed the Jade Pool and advanced to the realm of God Execution Stage!

All the celestial palaces suddenly retracted and flew into the heart of his brows.

Qin Mu's corporeal body instantly became incomparably bright. Within the hundred orifices of his corporeal body, the power of the ancient gods' imprints was activated, raising his corporeal body's power to the extreme!

At this moment, in the celestial heavens in the heart of his brows, the positions of the celestial palaces changed. They became the main body of the creation celestial palace, with the other celestial palaces supporting it.

In an instant, his strength united!

His corporeal body grew exponentially, and his muscles became ferocious. His strength instantly rose to an incomparable height!

Crimson Light Divine Body!

His body that was almost sticking to the desert immediately bounced up. There was no meaning in letting Celestial Empress appear behind him with the divine treasure realm. Qin Mu punched into Celestial Empress' sleeve and smashed into her. No matter how the abyss of the Ruins of End tried to kill him, it couldn't destroy the power of his punch!

Crimson Light Divine Body was the eighteenth heaven of his Dao Realm, and it wasn't only his Dao of Creation that was unified. There were also his martial arts and battle techniques. The ancient gods were known for their strong corporeal bodies, and they naturally grasped the Great Dao. However, martial arts was an ultimate art that specialized in close combat!

He was like a great emperor of the martial path, fighting dragons and phoenixes in close combat. His Overlord Body overflowed into the sky, and at the same time, he had the indestructible body and primordial spirit of Red Deity Ming!

In Celestial Empress' sleeves, her palm flew out like a spirit snake and collided with his fist. The incomparably powerful corporeal body of the ancient gods was fully displayed!

Her true body had died early and was assassinated by Mistress Yuanmu during the mid-stages of the Dragon Han Era. She had been suppressed on the ghost ship, but after obtaining her corporeal body from Qin Mu, she used her cultivation to raise the power of her true body. This was no small matter!

However, when she clashed with Qin Mu head-on, she couldn't gain any advantage. Qin Mu's corporeal body and primordial spirit were highly unified, his consciousness and vital qi condensed into one, and his corporeal body was tight. All kinds of ancient god imprints transformed into the power of his corporeal body.

The instant they collided, the ancient god imprints in his corporeal body shone brightly, transforming into two thousand ancient gods that circled around him and roared before entering his body.

Every time he circulated his energy, the Dao voice in his body would rumble and vibrate. Even the howling of the sand in the White Sand Desert could not block the resonant Dao voice.

Celestial Empress' gaze was cold. Her body was like a dance, and her long sleeves fluttered in the wind like a spirit snake. Her sleeves were like huge abysses, and her slender jade-like hands would sometimes flick out her sleeves. Every strike was extremely beautiful, but her killing intent was hidden deep within.

The two of them clashed again and retreated.

Nineteen celestial palaces flew out from the back of Qin Mu's head and transformed into a huge celestial heavens. He raised his hands forward and bowed.

Celestial Empress' expression changed slightly, and she hurriedly flew up to dodge his attack.

When Qin Mu bowed down, the countless white sand in front of him was instantly annihilated, turning into trails of primordial qi.

However, the instant Celestial Empress dodged, she realized that no matter where she hid, Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm made her face him.

With Qin Mu as the center, all the white sand in the surroundings returned to chaos from the violent tremors, transforming into surging primordial qi!

Heavenly Lady Qiang and the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, who were standing on the taiji mine, couldn't help being moved when they saw this move. "Great divine art!"

'A divine art that can't be avoided is much stronger than God Emperor Lang Xuan's divine essence finger that only has one move!'

This divine art was the twenty-sixth heaven of the Dao Realm.

One of the primordial chaos and Dao traveling together was Qin Mu's strongest divine art!

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