Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1407 - Violating Celestial Empress

Celestial Empress faced the flood of primordial qi that came from all directions and hurriedly retreated. Qin Mu's Primordial Chaos Dao Travel divine art was extremely fast, and he soon caught up to her!

Celestial Empress continued to retreat, and a vertical abyss suddenly opened up behind her. She retreated into the abyss, and it closed up. Celestial Empress' figure instantly vanished.

In the next moment, the power of Primordial Chaos came crushing over, and the abyss of the Ruins of End in the depths of the space was instantly rolled over. Celestial Empress, who was hiding in the divine art of the Ruins of End, was caught off guard. She saw Qin Mu's strike crushing the Ruins of End and surging towards her.

"Since you can't dodge it, then fight it head on! I don't believe that your God Execution Stage cultivation can contend with my ancient god magic power!"

Celestial Empress raised her hand to block it, and her magic power completely burst forth. The moment they collided, she felt her magic power and her own Great Dao being assimilated by this divine art, transforming into the Great Dao of Absolute Beginning, increasing the power of this strike!

Celestial Empress was astonished and hurriedly retracted her palm. She took out a hairpin from her hair. The hairpin was forged from the iron of the Ruins of End. She poured her magic power into it and shot it out with a shake of her hand!

The hairpin broke through the waves in the wind and broke through Qin Mu's attack, slicing apart the power of this attack and heading straight for Qin Mu.

The hairpin's speed was extremely fast, but even the Abyss Iron of the Ruins of End was continuously worn down by Qin Mu's strike, transforming into the qi of primal chaos. When it came in front of Qin Mu, the Abyss Iron was already worn down until there was only an iron needle left. It flashed past the heart of Qin Mu's brows and stabbed into his brain.


A loud explosion rang out, and that iron needle exploded in Qin Mu's head, transforming into a abyss of the Ruins of End that instantly swallowed and refined Qin Mu's head.

Qin Mu's headless body swayed, but he didn't fall to the ground. Instead, his neck shook, and three heads grew out. Four arms popped out from under his armpits, and he had three heads and six arms.

At this moment, the power of the Primordial Chaos Dao Travelling Together was exhausted, and Celestial Empress walked out from the primordial qi. Her clothes were tattered, revealing her fair skin, and her naked body was faintly discernible.

Celestial Empress had a green aura on her face and a murderous aura. She walked towards Qin Mu and sneered. "Celestial Venerable Mu, this great divine art exhausted your cultivation, right? How much magic power do you have left?"

Divine light rushed into the sky above Qin Mu's head and transformed into a huge celestial heavens. The three heads laughed in unison. "I have plenty of magic power, please take a look, Goddess!"

Celestial Empress' pupils contracted. In the celestial palaces of the celestial heavens, Qin Mu's primordial spirit actually left the God Execution Stage and took a step forward, crossing to the next realm.

What she couldn't understand was why Qin Mu could cross the Jade Pool to enter the God Execution Stage Realm in such a short time, and why he could cross the realm of God Execution Stage to enter the next realm!

However, what she couldn't understand was Qin Mu's next realm. It was actually not the Jade Capital Realm. Logically speaking, the next realm after God Execution Stage should be the Jade Capital Realm, and Qin Mu's celestial palace actually had a huge heavenly prison between God Execution Stage and Jade Capital Realm!

Heavenly Prison was a place where prisoners of great crimes were imprisoned in the celestial heavens. Thorns grew everywhere, and anyone who entered would find it hard to escape. The prisoners there were death row prisoners that had committed the most heinous crimes. Killing their heads on the God Execution Stage was already letting them off easy, so they had to be imprisoned in Heavenly Prison to suffer endless torment.

Heavenly Prison wasn't considered a realm in the system of the celestial palaces. When the primordial spirit of a god came here, it didn't improve their cultivation or abilities at all. In the history of the Dragon Han Era, after the system of the celestial palaces was spread out, countless gods had tried to test the system of the celestial palaces, but it was useless.

When it came to Qin Mu, after his primordial spirit stepped into the heavenly prison, his cultivation and abilities immediately grew frantically!

It was obvious that she had opened up a realm in Sky Prison.

What made it even more difficult for her to understand was that even though Qin Mu had nineteen celestial palaces and even though his Celestial Prison Realm was equivalent to the Jade Capital Realm, there was still an extremely huge distance between them. No matter if it was his primordial spirit, corporeal body, or magic power, they were all far inferior and couldn't be described as heavenly moat.

However, Qin Mu's corporeal body, primordial spirit, and magic power were not much inferior to hers. She couldn't understand where Qin Mu's power came from.

However, she could still see some clues from Qin Mu. The other divine arts practitioners and gods cultivated the seven great divine treasures. Even the divine arts practitioners and gods of Eternal Peace cultivated the seven divine treasures. They had only changed the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure into the Celestial River Divine Treasure that was more logical and suitable for the Great Dao of the universe.

However, he couldn't find these divine treasures on Qin Mu's body.

Even though his divine treasure was called Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, it was completely different from the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of other divine arts practitioners.

Qin Mu only had a single divine treasure, and in this divine treasure, there was actually Xuandu, Youdu, Yuandu, the four poles, as well as the ancient gods of the heavens, the vast stars, the resplendent galaxy, and the layout of the universe.

Even the abyss of the Ruins of End had it!

The most crucial thing was the ancestral court. The center of his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was an ancestral court.

What was even more terrifying was that his ancestral court actually had a reverse side!

Compared to the other divine arts practitioners and gods, his foundation was like heaven and earth!

If the rest of the divine treasures were put together in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, it would be a drop in the ocean. That was because Qin Mu's celestial palace was built on top of the ancestral court and only occupied a small corner of it.

"Celestial Venerable Mu and we are the same kind of people. He hid his secrets and didn't spread his cultivation system to Eternal Peace."

Celestial Empress gave a cold laugh and thought to herself, 'No matter how righteous and noble you make yourself out to be, you are still a self-interested person, just more exquisite. Hypocrite!'

However, she didn't know that it wasn't because Qin Mu didn't want to spread his cultivation system. The reason why his cultivation system was successful was because after he dug out his soul and eyes and handed them to Qin Fengqing, he used the Facing Calamity Sword to forcefully destroy his celestial palace and divine treasures, turning them into chaos!

In the face of the danger that even the Undying God Consciousness was going to be completely destroyed, he took the chance to open up the primordial chaos and reenact the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, using it to revive his soul.

His soul and spirit embryo were equivalent to the ancient gods in his body.

To do what he had done required an extremely great opportunity. Other people couldn't imitate it, so forcefully cultivating his cultivation system would only result in death. There was absolutely no possibility of success.

Contrary to his path of cultivation, the path that Lan Yutian was walking now was safer and easier to walk. As long as Lan Yutian opened up his path and spread it out, other people wouldn't have to walk the dangerous path of Qin Mu. They could also cultivate to the ancestral court.

Even though this cultivation path wasn't as powerful as Qin Mu's, it was still extraordinary. If one could cultivate to the extreme, they would surpass the Celestial Venerables of today.

The only problem was that the requirement for comprehension was extremely high, and only a few could cultivate to the extreme.

Qin Mu's cultivation realm rose to the level of Nine Hells Stage, and his cultivation rose again. Celestial Empress instantly felt troubled. Suddenly, she relaxed again.

Because at that moment, she sensed the aura of the Ruins of End.

The ancient god of taiji finally made a move and pulled the space infinitely closer, allowing the distance between the Ruins of End and the Great Ultimate Galaxy to get closer!

Celestial Empress was an ancient god born from the Dao, but she was the same as the ancient gods born from the sacrificial offerings. The closer she got to the birthplace, the stronger she became. The other ancient gods born from the Dao were the same as her. For example, Earth Count and Heaven Duke were the strongest in Youdu and Xuandu.

Now that the Ruins of End was nearing, Celestial Empress' battle prowess was also increasing continuously!

At the same time, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu's heart stirred slightly. He could also sense the arrival of the Ruins of End, and he couldn't help being delighted. He could also feel his power rising!

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was controlled by Mistress Yuanmu with her primordial spirit. Like Celestial Empress, her primordial spirit came from the Ruins of End and came from the same source.

As the Ruins of End neared, her strength would naturally increase continuously!

Heavenly Lady Qiang also sensed the aura of the Ruins of End, and her expression changed. She hurriedly looked up and saw a long and narrow abyss above the Great Ultimate Galaxy. It was black and unfathomable.

This abyss was extremely far at first, and from afar, it looked like a half-closed eye.

However, the abyss was gradually becoming bigger. It wasn't the abyss becoming bigger, but the distance from the abyss was closing in!

The abyss was surrounded by mountains formed from the iron of the Ruins of End, and there were dead stars floating around it. Some of the stars were tattered, and they were being pulled by the abyss that had suddenly appeared.

In the abyss, two huge flowers were slowly emerging from the darkness.

"Crap, these two little bitches actually summoned the Ruins of End!"

Even Heavenly Lady Qiang's expression changed. She was troubled. She didn't expect Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu to summon the Ruins of End. Instead, the ancient god of taiji used his own power to close the space!

Qin Mu also sensed the aura of the Ruins of End, and his expression changed.

He had forcefully raised his cultivation in order to test his own strength and whether he could contend with a Celestial Venerable. He wasn't here to die.

The abyss of the Ruins of End was a place that even Heaven Duke was fearful of, and he felt that it was a place where ten thousand paths would be obliterated. With the appearance of this abyss, Celestial Empress' abilities would definitely increase exponentially. The closer she got, the stronger she would become.

He had to test his own abilities before Celestial Empress' abilities were raised to the extreme. He didn't want to kill Celestial Empress, nor did he have the ability to do so. He just wanted to fight with Celestial Venerable!

He let out a long roar and his body rose up. At this moment, all of his power burst forth!

He took a step forward, and his hands held up the sky and covered the earth. Each of them formed a kind of mudra skill that transformed into the first heaven of Dao Realm, the four mudras of heaven and earth!

The four imprints of heaven and earth formed a circular realm around him, and four faces of gods and devils appeared, looking in all directions.

Qin Mu took a second step, and a Black Gate of Heaven and Earth appeared behind him. The gate connected heaven and earth, and above it was Xuandu. Below it was Youdu, borrowing the power of heaven and earth.

This was the second heaven of the Dao Realm.

He took his third step, and the celestial river flowed majestically. The four poles of heaven appeared and surrounded the Black Heaven Earth Sect and the four seals of heaven and earth.

He took his fourth step, and the Great Overarching Heaven was formed. The Great Overarching Heaven was like a canopy above his head.

When he took the fifth step, the purple flowers flew out. One for two, two for four, four for eight. In an instant, the sky was painted.

The sixth step, Youdu chasing after the wandering souls, the seventh step, Primordial Jade Pavilion establishing Xuandu…

Qin Mu took twenty-six steps in an instant, and when the twenty-six layers of Heavenly Dao Realm overlapped, his aura became incomparable. He was as fast as lightning, leaving behind a series of thunderclaps as he sprinted through the white desert. He brought with him an overwhelming power and arrived in front of Celestial Empress!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you are truly reckless!"

Celestial Empress was unable to restrain her anger. Her clothes were already tattered from Qin Mu's Primordial Chaos Dao Travelling Together, and it was hard for her to cover her jade-like body. Now that Qin Mu had crossed into an unfathomable realm, he actually dared to make a move when the Ruins of End came. He was truly courting death!

"If you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Celestial Empress' aura rose frantically, and the speed of the Ruins of End's arrival increased drastically as she faced Qin Mu's attack!

At that moment, Mistress Yuanmu was controlling the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu to sprint through the taiji mine. She could already sense Heavenly Lady Yan's location. At the same time, Heavenly Lady Qiang couldn't care less about the battle between Qin Mu and Celestial Empress as she chased after the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu.

At this moment, an earth-shattering tremor traveled over, and the two Celestial Venerables couldn't help but look sideways. Celestial Empress vomited blood and flew backward. Her jade body pressed down on the white desert and slid backward rapidly!

The gazes of the two Celestial Venerables couldn't help becoming blank. They saw Qin Mu leaning forward and sliding down diagonally. His speed was as fast as flowing light, and in an instant, twenty-six great divine arts shot out like arrows, bombarding Celestial Empress' body!

Celestial Empress glided a few hundred miles in a short while, and Qin Mu executed his great divine art to its last strike. He cupped his hands and bowed!

Celestial Empress raised her jade body horizontally and flew into the air. The space around her suddenly exploded and transformed into a lump of primordial qi. Surging waves of primordial qi swirled and exploded, creating a huge hole in the Great Ultimate Star Domain!


Celestial Empress' furious voice rang out as she slaughtered her way out from the chaotic qi waves. Her clothes were almost gone, and she raised her head to look. She saw Qin Mu leaping up, and the Paramita Ark appeared under his feet, carrying him away.

Celestial Empress slaughtered her way over in anger, but where could she find that little thief?

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