Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 142 - Paralyzing Imperial College

"The people in Hall of Supreme Healing are poisoned!"

Some scholars passing by outside the hall and immediately noticed the situation inside Hall of Supreme Healing. One of them immediately rushed out and shouted loudly, "I'll go call the directorates, the rest of you go in and save them!"

The other two scholars immediately rushed into the hall and when they smelled the fragrance, they collapsed.

Not long later, Monk Fa Qing from Hall of Azure Yang brought a few monks over and barged into the hall, shouting, "Quickly save—"

Plop, plop.

The few monks collapsed one after another. Monk Fa Qing had a stronger cultivation after all so he managed to turn and leave. When he reached the entrance of the hall, he finally couldn't withstand it any longer and collapsed outside the entrance of the hall.

"Monk Fa Qing is also poisoned!"

A few scholars came forward hurriedly to save Monk Fa Qing when they suddenly smelled a fragrance and also collapsed one after another. When the scholars around saw the situation, they called for help while rushing over and before they could reach them, they all collapsed with a thud on the ground without any warning.

Meanwhile, Scholar's Residence, Divine Arts Residence, and Royalty's park had also received the news and hurried over. The directorates of the other halls also turned out to save people. In front of the mountain gate, some scholars who heard about this unforeseen had to put fighting Fozi aside and rushed up to save their fellow students.

Chancellor Ba Shan also received the news and immediately flew to the front of Hall of Supreme Healing only to see a few hundred scholars and directorates lying in front of Hall of Supreme Healing.

The fragrance of Lost Fragrance had already spread out from Hall of Supreme Healing and diffused outside the hall.

Daoist Ling Yun and the rest of the directorates were standing not far away and their expressions changed hugely. Suddenly Daoist Shou Feng from Hall of Array Element moved forward and caught the wind with both his sleeves, "This poison is extremely powerful, and it's best to disperse this poisonous gas to save people!"


Two gales burst forth from his sleeves and blew toward Hall of Supreme Healing. Chancellor Ba Shan's expression changed hugely and shouted sternly, "Don't blow!"

Before Daoist Shou Feng could react over, the heavy fragrance was blown out of the huge hall and spread out. Chancellor Ba Shan shouted again, "Hold your breath!"

However, it was already too late. The fragrance of Lost Fragrance had dispersed in all directions and scholars collapsed on the ground one after another with stiff bodies. Meanwhile, since the directorates' cultivation was dense, they only felt their limbs turning numb. Their legs turned soft, their vital qi also turned lazy, and they were unable to move.

Chancellor Ba Shan had the foresight and his cultivation was extremely high. When he took a sniff of the fragrance, he immediately used his dense vital spirit to force the fragrance out of the body. Looking around, he saw waves after waves of scholars collapsing.

"Crap, is this the end of Imperial College?"

A chilling sorrow spread across his heart and this fragrance was probably going to spread throughout the entire Imperial College. Those who couldn't be paralyzed were only a mere ten to twenty people. These people had the cultivation of Celestial Being Realm and above so they were able to force the strange fragrance out of their bodies.

Imperial College was the number one sacred ground in the whole world now and people here were all going to be knocked out by this strange fragrance, even if it wasn't the end, it was not much different from it.

"What kind of poison did these old scoundrels from Hall of Supreme Healing refine out this time?"

He didn't know that Lost Fragrance wasn't a poison and was just a kind of anesthetic. After two to four hours, the medicinal energy of the anesthetic would subside and not harm anyone.

At this moment, a bottle gourd suddenly rose into the sky and with the mouth of the bottle gourd facing downwards, a terrifying suction came from it. Sucking downwards from the top of the mountain to the bottom, the fragrance spread out was sucked into the bottle gourd along with the air.

Strong gales were raised throughout the mountain and soon the strange fragrance had vanished. Chancellor Ba Shan gave a sigh of relief, "Luckily there's Grand Chancellor and it didn't engulf the entire mountain. However, these people are probably…"

Tears welled up in his tiger eyes as he looked at the countless numbers of 'corpses' in front of Hall of Supreme Healing. Suddenly a chuckle sounded beside his ears, "Ba Shan, why are you crying when they are not dead?"

Chancellor Ba Shan was stunned and hurriedly went forward to test the breath of the 'corpse', which was indeed strong.

The young patriarch came to his side and looked around with a frown, "This looks like the hand of Poison King. That's it, I know who did this. This little scoundrel, getting more and more out of control!"

Chancellor Ba Shan hesitated for a moment, "Grand Chancellor, I've heard it was a few imperial physicians who had an accident while refining a medicine…"

The young patriarch sneered, "The few imperial physicians from Hall of Supreme Healing aren't able to refine out such strong anesthetic. It must be that little brat who refined medicine in the hall and caused an accident, paralyzing himself and even the scholars in the whole institution…"

Just as he had said this, his eyes suddenly opened wide as he stared at a close place with fixed eyes.

Chancellor Ba Shan was puzzled and he followed his gaze, causing his eyes to open wide as well.

They only saw a young scholar winding around Hall of Supreme Learning as he came back from the rear mountain. Both of his hands were dragging an incomparably sturdy and huge green bull. That green bull was also paralyzed and its four hooves were tied up together. With its four legs facing the sky, it got dragged along by that youth.

Meanwhile, there was also a pure white little fox that had no impurities on its fur sitting on top of the bull's hooves.

The young scholar saw the ground that was riddled with 'corpses' and was slightly stunned. When he saw Chancellor Ba Shan and the young patriarch, his face hugely changed and immediately threw away the green bull, grabbing the fox to run away.

"My little bull bull!"

Chancellor Ba Shan immediately rushed over to catch the paralyzed green bull with a sympathetic expression. He then shouted angrily, "Rascal, you knocked out my mount. I swear that I'll not let you off!"

Before Qin Mu could run far away, he felt his collar tightened as he got grabbed by the young patriarch. The scenery before his eyes rapidly changed and the next moment he had appeared in front of Hall of Supreme Healing, standing in the middle of the ground filled with 'corpses'.

Qin Mu became well behaved and lowered his head to look at the white fox beside him. The white fox was also well behaved as she looked at her own furry front paws.

The young patriarch smiled from extremely anger as he pointed at the 'corpses' on the ground, speechless for quite a while.

"Stand at the corner of the wall!" The young patriarch shouted after holding himself back for quite some time.

Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er walked over to the corner of Hall of Supreme Healing, lowering their heads as they stood.

The young patriarch had a grim expression as he walked to and fro in front of the human and the fox with his hands behind his back. He suddenly shouted, "Who planted the poison?"

Qin Mu immediately replied, "That bull was paralyzed by me, as for the scholars and chancellors, I've no idea."

The young patriarch asked with a solemn face, "How to cure it?"

Qin Mu replied honestly, "There's no need to cure them. You just need to wait for a moment and they will recover."

The young patriarch snorted coldly and raised his finger to scold, "How many days have you been here since you entered Imperial College? And you have already turned the whole Imperial College upside down! Almost all the scholars of Scholar's Residence have been beaten by you and almost all the houses in Scholar's Residence have been torn down by you! Planting heads in walls and planting humans in the ground, do you think I didn't know? You had struck Directorate Ling Yun down to the dust in front the emperor and now you sedated the mount of Chancellor Ba Shan! Not mentioning how you paralyzed Hall of Supreme Healing, you had almost paralyzed all the people in this Imperial College! What's your next step going to be? To knock out everyone in the capital city?"

Qin Mu gave it some thought and scratched his head, "How big would the pill furnace have to be to be able to refine out so much Lost Fragrance… What I mean is, the Lost Fragrance that has knocked out all these scholars and chancellors was definitely not refined by me!"

The young patriarch was speechless from anger, "Then explain yourself, why did you paralyze Chancellor Ba Shan's mount?"

Chancellor Ba Shan walked over and asked curiously, "That's right, why did you paralyze my bull?"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes innocently and said, "I was fooling around with it. I planned to… steal the vegetables from your vegetable garden. I have been eating too much oily food these few days, therefore, I would like to have a change of tastes."

Chancellor Ba Shan was suspicious and asked, "After you knocked out my bull, why didn't you go steal the vegetables and instead carried it and ran? Did you fancy the vegetables in my vegetable garden or my bull?"


Qin Mu lowered his head to look at the little fox standing with him in the corner. The little fox also couldn't think of an excuse.

Ba Shan became angry, "No more excuse? How should I punish you? Grand Chancellor, he has just come up the mountain and he already dared to eat my bull and even planted poison, nearly harming all the scholars in Imperial College. This boy can't be allowed to stay…"

The young patriarch gave a cough and said softly, "Ba Shan, he is the disciple of Poison King…"

Chancellor Ba Shan jumped in shock, "Poison King? Which poison king?"

The young patriarch spoke softly, "Which poison king could it be? Of course, it's Jade Face Poison King. He's the Flower Alley Divine Physician that has cured Empress Dowager. He pretty good in curing illnesses to save people and his poison isn't much inferior to Fu Yuanqing from Imperial Preceptor's Manor."

Chancellor Ba Shan suddenly felt a bone-chilling cold and immediately moved far away from Qin Mu with a chuckle, "Since my bull is fine, I'll let the matter drop. Grand Chancellor, I'll leave this to you."

The young patriarch's head started to ache. Qin Mu was good in everything, yet he was also good in tormenting people.

Village Chief and the rest had groomed him very well and Patriarch was very pleased. It was fine he tormented Imperial College, but if by any chance he tormented Heavenly Devil Cult too when he went to Heavenly Devil Cult in the future, it would be extremely terrifying.

Suddenly the young patriarch gave a smile and looked kindly at him, "I still have two more months before I retire, please don't create any more trouble. Can you be contented with your lot for just these two months?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and argued, "I really didn't refine out the Lost Fragrance which has paralyzed Imperial College!"

The young patriarch beamed, "Who was the one who passed around the prescription?"

Qin Mu lowered his head.

The young patriarch called Chancellor Ba Shan over, "Ba Shan, come over."

Chancellor Ba Shan went forward and the young patriarch smiled, "Watch him attentively for these two months. When I retire two months later, you can relax."

"What Grand Chancellor means is to…" Chancellor Ba Shan moved forward and raised his hand to do a downwards cutting motion while giving off an enquiring expression.

The young patriarch said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "You think too much. He's a divine physician who has cured Empress Dowager's illness. Furthermore, with just an anesthetic, he could paralyze the whole mountain. If you kill him, I'll kill you."

"So it was him!"

Chancellor Ba Shan had scales fall from his eyes and said, "I've long heard about the divine physician that has come to the capital city. Never would I expect him to be this boy. It's not impossible for me to watch him, though I have a feral temper and I'm not used to staying on the mountain…"

The young patriarch smiled, "Just bring him wherever you go."

Chancellor Ba Shan understood.

The young patriarch let out a murky breath and said, "Don't just stand there, carry out the scholars who had been knocked out with the chancellor and let them breathe in fresh air."

Qin Mu and Chancellor Ba Shan immediately went into Hall of Supreme Healing and carried everyone out.

More than half of the scholars in Imperial College were knocked out and there were also quite a few directorates who had been knocked out as well. When the medicinal properties of Lost Fragrance had subsided, everyone regained consciousness one after another, though they still felt heavy in their heads and couldn't completely recover in a short while.

The few old imperial physicians from Hall of Supreme Healing apologized to everyone and were ashamed. However, their respect for Qin Mu had risen even further.

Only now did they know why Qin Mu had asked them to move back when he was collecting the drug. The medicinal energy of this Lost Fragrance was too powerful and Qin Mu was worried it might leak out, therefore he had asked them to move further away.

This resulted in them being unable to see the method Qin Mu had used to collect the drug, causing chaos.

It was lucky that it was only an anesthetic. If it was a poison that killed with a sniff, the more than half of the future elites of Eternal Peace Empire would probably have died just like that.

Right at this moment, someone suddenly cried out in astonishment, "Fozi Fo Xin and Monk Jing Ming have left!"

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