Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 145 - Repairing Scholar’s Residence

Qin Mu was slightly shocked. Imperial academician was the solution to the problem of being difficult to teach in line with the students' abilities!

If Chancellor Ba Shan and the young patriarch could really solve it, they wouldn't need to rely on the power of Heavenly Devil Cult anymore when they faced the problem like Daozi and Fozi blocking the gate again,

This time they had relied on the power of Heavenly Devil Cult to repel Daozi of Dao Sect and Fozi of Great Thunderclap Monastery. Qin Mu was the young cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult while Si Yunxiang was most likely Granny Si, who was the saintess and cult mistress of the previous generation. It could be said that Imperial College had suffered a crushing defeat.

Chen Wanyun heard the conversation between them and felt very much awkward in his heart. Every time he mustered his courage to try to inquire about the doubts in his heart, he couldn't say it out.

Finally, he couldn't resist it any longer and asked, "Teacher Ba Shan, what's going on with you calling him junior brother?"

"Oh, you're talking about this?"

Chancellor Ba Shan replied with a casual air, "He and I are from the same master so he's my junior brother. You need to call him senior uncle."

"Senior uncle…"

Chen Wanyun was silent and asked after a while, "If my cultivation is stronger than him, do I still need to call him senior uncle?"

Chancellor Ba Shan burst into laughter, "What are you thinking? You aren't his match. His ability is a level higher than yours. Do you know what's the meaning of a level higher? It means he's a chopstick higher than you. A fine line higher means a strand of hair higher, now do you know how many dozen times is a level higher than a fine line higher? Furthermore, you won't be able to defeat him, but even if you're able to defeat him, you'll still have to call him senior uncle."

Chen Wanyun gave a groan and mumbled, "How would we know if we don't have a fight…"

"Don't fight, you'll lose."

Chancellor Ba Shan smiled, "His ability is on the level of Daozi and Fozi…"

Qin Mu tugged the corner of his shirt and Chancellor Ba Shan immediately shut his mouth.

He was the famous loudmouth in Imperial College and he could keep no secrets. Any incidents were all blurted out along with his fast speech. He revealed the position of the weakness in Qin Mu's technique just now and now he almost said out that it was Qin Mu who had defeated Daozi Lin Xuan.

Chancellor Ba Shan looked at Qin Mu and stood up, "Grand Chancellor wants me to stick to you like a shadow but he also has the wish for you to follow me as well. However, since you're my junior brother, you won't have to call me teacher. The lesson I'm giving is simple, to bring them out for an experience. However, I can't bring too many people out as it would be too eye-catching and it would be hard for me to take care all of them. When I went out the last time, I had only brought Chen Wanyun with me. Since that I have to bring you out this time, I can at most bring another scholar."

Chen Wanyun looked at him with an expectant look on his face.

Chancellor Ba Shan knew what he was thinking and stood up to walk outside. He shook his head and said, "I can't bring you this time. I need to choose a few scholars with good aptitude and foundation to bring along with me to learn and cultivate. This is to validate if the academician proposed by Grand Chancellor works or not. These few people would become the current choices for being imperial academicians. Junior brother, go to Floor of Heavenly Records to choose a few volumes of classics to bring on the journey. I'll teach you on the way."

He left the courtyard to probably look for scholars with outstanding aptitudes.

Qin Mu looked at Chen Wanyun and smiled, "Disciple Nephew Chen…"

Chen Wanyun's face sank slightly and stood up, "Until the day I lose to you, I won't call you senior uncle!" After he said this, he walked out of Qin Mu's courtyard.

Qin Mu didn't mind it. He took a look at the little fox and the green bull and told them, "Both of you help me pack my luggage. I'm going to Floor of Heavenly Records to choose a few divine arts."

These two fellows were so drunk that they were shouting at each other to become sworn siblings, so he didn't know if they had heard him or not.

Qin Mu grabbed his book tablet and walked out of the courtyard. Outside there were a few odd-job men who had come over and were planning to rebuild his courtyard and door.

When he walked out from his courtyard, he walked towards the outside of Scholar's Residence. At this moment, the doors to the courtyards suddenly opened and scholars started to walk out of their houses one after another. They all stood in the middle of the road and looked at him silently.

Qin Mu looked backward and saw the doors of the courtyards behind him had also opened. There were also scholars walking out from their own courtyards and stood in the middle of the road.

These scholars were mostly the people who had been beaten by him before. Some of them placed their sword cases beside their feet while some were already carrying them.

Other than them, there were also some people whom he had never fought with before. Among them was Qin Yu who had attended the examination with him and some of the younger generations from a few other reputable families. In the entire Scholar's Residence, only Wei Yong, Si Yunxiang and five to six other people who did not walk out.

"You still want to fight once more?"

Qin Mu broke into laughter and walked forward. A scholar behind him sneered, "Abandoned person, you don't dare to start from the back of the alley? Could it be that you're scared?"

Qin Mu stopped and turned back to look at that scholar. He seemed to be the only scholar who got beaten thrice by him while the other scholars were only beaten twice by him. Only this scholar who had a lot to say and kept calling him abandoned person was carried by him to use his face as a brush before planting him into the ground, which could be considered to be beating him three times.

It was hard for the scholar to hide his expression of excitement, "Abandoned person, your weakness has already been pointed out by Chancellor Ba Shan. This time we'll make you lose from the back of the alley to the front!"

Qin Mu turned around and asked him seriously, "This senior brother, what's your name? So I would know whom I have lost to after I'm defeated."

A smile gradually broke out on the scholar's face, "Well I'll tell you so you'll know. My surname is Yan and my first name is Qinghe."

Qin Mu said firmly, "I wish Senior Brother Yan be the first one to defeat me. Senior Brother Yan, please favor me with your instructions."

Yan Qinghe was greatly delighted and smiled, "You may be from a barbaric land but you still have a sense of propriety. That also good. I won't make you lose too miserably. Show your sword!"


Qin Mu raised his leg and took a stride forward. His strong body actually caused the air in front of him to compress into a wall formed from the air. In the next instant, the wall of air exploded into pieces. With a punch from Qin Mu bursting forth, his fist broke through the air and caused circular and white streams of air scattered in all directions.

"Why are you not showing your sword…"

Yan Qinghe had no time to bother to use qi to manipulate sword. He hurriedly raised both of his arms and blocked this punch with his forearms as he absolutely had no time to use qi to manipulate sword. If he still wanted to make his sword fly out of his sheath, he would probably have died from this punch before his sword had even come out from its sheath!


The sound of a heavy object breaking through the air sounded out and the scholars that were behind Yan Qinghe looked pale and hurriedly dodged. They could only see Yan Qinghe's figure flying backward and reached the back of the alley in an instant.

At the back of the alley, Wei Yong was about to open his door when a shadow passed quickly by, followed by a loud crashing sound. A human smacked into the wall of the back alley with his limbs spreading out widely. His body was deeply embedded in the wall and the wall around his body had caved in, and the shattered rocks were fully covered with spider web lines.

Wei Yong jumped in shock and hurriedly popped his head out to take a look. He shot a glance at the situation in the alley of Scholar's Residence and beamed with joy, "Senior brothers, don't misunderstand, I didn't see anything and I won't say anything out!"

He was about to fall back into his room when a figure suddenly appeared behind him. Wei Yong turned around at once and saw Chancellor Ba Shan standing behind him.

"Don't say anything."

Chancellor Ba Shan said in a low voice, "Let him fight."

Wei Yong was bewildered and asked, "Chancellor, what are you planning to do?"

Chancellor Ba Shan shot him a glance and said, "I planned to pick out a few scholars that are worth teaching from Scholar's Residence and personally teach them divine arts, paths, and skills."

Wei Yong was still slightly puzzled. Chancellor Ba Shan was immensely proud of himself, "I deliberately blurted out the weakness on Scholar Qin's shoulder to instigate these scholars to make a move on Scholar Qin. Because once they know Scholar Qin's weakness, they would definitely make a move on Scholar Qin and he will defeat them. This way, I would know how strong these scholars are. If they can only take Qin's one or two moves, they are definitely not suitable. In any case, they must at least be able to take three to five moves from Scholar Qin, only then they deserve to be personally taught by me."

Wei Yong exclaimed in admiration, "What a brilliant idea! Chancellor sure is intelligent. That's right Chancellor, how do you think I…"

Chancellor Ba Shan sized him up and asked, "How many moves can you take from Scholar Qin?"

Wei Yong's head started to ache, "I also have to go and exchange a few blows with Scholar Qin?"

Chancellor Ba Shan gave a kind smile.

Wei Yong's scalp turned numb.


A loud bang sounded from outside and a scholar was slapped onto the ground by Qin Mu, shattering dozens of bricks on the ground!

The few odd-job men who were fixing the door and wall for Qin Mu were also shocked. Their brows frowning. An odd-job man said calmly, "Young masters, please minimize your activities, save us from repairing your residences daily."

Qin Mu bowed, "Sorry to trouble all of you."

He lifted his foot and started to walk out of the alley. When he passed a scholar, the corners of the scholar's eyes twitched but he remained motionless.

He continued to walk forward and a scholar was about to raise his hand to unsheathe his sword when a loud rumble was heard. That scholar was directly smashed into the ground by him with one palm and only a head was left outside.

"Minimize the damage!" That old odd-job man couldn't resist shouting loudly.

Qin Mu immediately turned around and carefully bowed in apology before continuing to walk out.

There was another scholar who couldn't resist making a move and a few booms sounded out that were similar to the vibration of a bowstring. This scholar flew into the air and got hung on top of the wall, meanwhile the strong wind flicked out by Qin Mu's fingers punched a few holes in the wall.

The old odd-job man was about to blow up when Qin Mu immediately turned around to apologize.


A scholar flew up into the air and flailed his limbs as he dropped down. He crashed through the roof headfirst and half of his body was stuck outside.

Rumble. Another vibration traveled out as another scholar got smashed into the wall by Qin Mu. The few odd-job men saw what happened and gave off helpless sighs. They had given up on asking them to minimize their movements.

"Let me do it!"

Qin Mu suddenly felt a fierce wind coming directly from his back and hurriedly turned around. He saw sword lights that were like swimming dragons coming head on and the dozens of dragons flew up and down around him.

"Swim Sword Form?"

Qin Mu was astonished. There were really not many scholars who could cultivate Swim Sword Form to such degree and to integrate the dragon's thought into the sword. He should be Qin Yu that had such profound attainments.

Qin Mu put his fingers together and he used his vital qi as a sword. With his fingers throbbing, he executed all the basic sword forms and sliced through the middle of all the swimming dragons that were sword lights. The glow of the swimming dragons dispersed and they turned into sharp swords which nailed into the walls with a hum.

Qin Yu's sword case was already emptied out and he revealed a panic expression. His body movement was like a dragon and was about to fall back when Qin Mu gave a few flicks of his fingers. Five explosions sounded out as the thunder fingers flicked Qin Yu away.

"Your ability isn't bad. I would like to see that young dragon's sword technique." Qin Mu praised and asked Qin Yu.

That few odd-job men who were repairing the wall cheered when they saw Qin Mu's sword skills, "Little brother, you have the bearing of a great master!"

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