Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 146 - From The Back Of The Alley To The Front

"Grandmaster my ass!"

Yue Qinghong stepped on wolf slave's shoulder and sneered. Wolf slave took big strides as he rushed towards Qin Mu and grabbed his magic knives with his both hands, swinging them up and down. Meanwhile, Yue Qinghong's body trembled and dozens of swords came flying out from the sword case on her back, "Meeting face to face on a narrow path, the braver one will win. On this narrow path, the combination of wolf slave and I will be invincible! Junior Brother Qin, now that your weakness is exposed, it's best for you to go back to Great Ruins!"

With one up and one down, the two magic knives of wolf slave were like a black gale coming straight for him. Meanwhile, the thirty-one swords behind Yue Qinghong had their tips pointing towards Qin Mu. At the very front was one sword which was followed by two swords, then four, eight and sixteen, which formed a huge Drill Sword Form!

As all the swords starting spinning, they stabbed down at Qin Mu.

"Senior Sister Yue, you have cultivated your sword skills pretty well!"

Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration and smiled, "However, I have already cultivated refining qi into thread so you aren't my match!"

"Refining qi into thread?"

Yue Qinghong went into a fury, "Are you trying to insult me?"

Qin Mu pointed at her and the vital qi threads on his fingertip burst forth. The hundreds of vital qi threads had the shape of sharp swords which had their heads and tails joined together. It was similar to Drill Sword Form but much thicker. The sword pillar was as thick as a water cauldron. With the front being the tip of a sword, it grew thicker and thicker in the back as it stabbed at wolf slave!

The magic knives on wolf slave's hands were like black lightning crossing each other, clashing with Qin Mu's Drill Sword Form. In an instant, sparks flew off in all directions inside the alley. Even though wolf slave had extraordinary strength, his arms were turning numb from the vibration, causing him to be unable to control his magic knives and split his shirt open.

Yue Qinghong was shocked and used Drill Sword Form to stab at Qin Mu's shoulder. She attached Qin Mu to save wolf slave, solving his predicament.

Qin Mu gave a soft laugh and his fingertip gently flicked upwards, turning it into Flick Sword Form. The Drill Sword Form which was stabbing towards wolf slave suddenly changed and the countless of sword lights transformed from Drill Sword Form into Spiral Sword Form. However, what he was executing was still Flick Sword Form.

These two sword moves had actually been merged perfectly together by him without any bit of obstruction.

His countless vital qi threads coiled around Yue Qinghong's Drill Sword Form and non-stop clanging could be heard. That Drill Sword Form which was constructed by the flying swords were instantly destroyed. In a split second, all thirty-one swords were pierced through by countless of vital qi threads, turning them into broken sieves that were filled with small holes.

Yue Qinghong gave a shout and wolf slave who was under her legs immediately threw away both of his knives, jumping up to kick Qin Mu. Qin Mu kicked back and a loud rumble sounded out as wolf slave's huge body flew backward. Meanwhile, Yue Qinghong who was on wolf slave's back took the chance to leap up and stabbed at Qin Mu's shoulder while using her finger as a sword.

Vital qi burst forth from her finger and turned into a sword qi which was about to stab into Qin Mu's shoulder. Suddenly a devil voice sounded out, "Sa mo ye!"

Yue Qinghong's mind was shaken and she lost control of her mind. Next, she heard music starting to play which made her disperse her sword qi and started to dance in front of Qin Mu while chuckling.

Yue Qinghong's cultivation was still strong after all which made her regain her consciousness soon afterward. She immediately strengthened her mind. She then moved back and felt a warmth on her back. She thought to herself, "Crap."


Qin Mu had leaned on her back and suddenly exerted his force to lean backward, smashing her into the wall at the side.

Behind that wall was the residence of Monk Yun Que and when the wall suddenly collapsed, the aura around Monk Yun Que's body shone brilliantly, knocking Yue Qinghong who was in the wall away. He laughed loudly, "Senior Sister Yue, let me show you how to defeat him!"

Yue Qinghong who was flying through the air, warned angrily, "Monk, you're no good. You're only going up for a beating!"

"I'm no good?"

Monk Yun Que blew up and his moves were fierce and overbearing. They were like dragons and elephants sprinting and attacking Qin Mu, causing the shattered rocks beneath his feet flying in all directions as the limestone tiles got shattered into pieces by his berserk strength!

"Senior sister, don't you ever say that Monk is no good again. Monk is good!"

A dull and astonishing boom sounded out from the four palms of Qin Mu and Yun Que which had clashed. Yun Que laughed and said, "The one with the surname Qin, you didn't expect this right? I have already cultivated Imperial Preceptor's sword skills into the force of my palms. My Mighty Force Five Stage Mudra…"

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt a strength that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas crushing towards him. The strength was incomparably violent and crumbled his vital qi easily, defeating his Mighty Force Five Stage Mudra.

Monk Yun Que gave a dull groan and fell back. He then executed Dragon Elephant Subduing Devil Mudra and only heard a loud rumble. Yun Que's clothes split into pieces and fluttered upwards like white butterflies dancing in the sky.

His body was now bare and he had no clothing to cover his body, less for the white short pants which were tattered.

Monk Yun Que saw Qin Mu throwing another punch over and this punch actually broke through the air, giving off a world-shaking thunderclap. There were sparks that accompanied the punch, making it look like lightning. When the punch came rumbling over, balls of white fog burst forth around the fist and spread out in all directions.


There was only this thought left in his mind as he took Qin Mu's punch head on. As he had expected, the white short pants on the lower half of his body split into pieces and turned into butterflies flying away. He was completely bare now.

Monk Yun Que flew backward from this matchless strength; however, this monk's cultivation was still dense so he could turn his body in midair to make himself face the wall.


He smacked face first into the wall, exposing his butt outside.

"Luckily it wasn't my back facing the wall…" Yun Que comforted himself and fainted happily.

Qin Mu shook his clothes out and removed all the dust on his body. At this moment, a timid trembling voice was sounded behind him, "Brother Qin…"

Qin Mu looked back and saw Wei Yong walking over from the back of the alley while trembling. He carried a sword case and his legs were still shaking.

"Brother Wei, what's wrong?" Qin Mu was bewildered.

Wei Yong opened up his sword case and said with a sobbing voice, "You have been against the tide so I will have to enforce justice on behalf of heaven and exchange blows with you, to let you know the immensity of heaven and earth… This sentence is too ruthless, I don't dare to say it…"

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Brother Wei, you want to exchange blows with me? It's normal for senior brother and junior brother to exchange blows, much less to say that we've been through life and death together? How about this, you and I will take care not to overdo it."

Only then did Wei Yong feel at ease. With his flying swords flying out from his case, he composed himself and said, "Brother Qin, just don't beat me as hard as you beat that monk."

His sword started to spiral and he executed the spiral sword technique which Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had taught. Ever since Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had given the lecture, there were many scholars who were practicing the three basic sword forms during this period. It was evident that Wei Yong also had some understanding of it.

The scholars of Imperial College weren't dumb and they all could comprehend some marvel of it. Wei Yong may be slightly plump but his comprehension and aptitude not low and had a deep understanding of the three sword forms.

He had a solid foundation of profound learning inherited by the family and his own ability wasn't weak as well, not losing to Qin Yu. Qin Mu also wanted to see how his abilities were, therefore, he didn't attack mercilessly like he did Qin Yu and had instead used Spiral Sword Form to cross swords with him.

Both their sword skills winded around each other and they each had their own transformations as they executed the intricate sword techniques they had comprehended respectively. When the scholars not far away saw this, they couldn't care less about the injuries on their bodies as all their gazes landed on the sword skills of both of them.

Wei Yong's sword skills were already extremely remarkable. Coming from River Tomb's Wei Family, there was a great expert in Wei Family who was a current first ranking high official, Duke Wei.

Duke Wei was a cult master level existence and had outstanding military service. He had once exterminated a human country in one battle, exterminate Heaven Remnant Country in the northern borders. The entire Heaven Remnant Country was brought into the territory of Eternal Peace. That was why he was conferred as a duke.

Wei Yong didn't have a high position in Wei Family but he had been hard working ever since he was young. The family teachings of Wei Family were profound and his ability was considered outstanding among the younger generations of Wei Family.

Meanwhile, the same Spiral Sword Form, there were much more transformations in Qin Mu's sword skill. It wasn't only sword technique but also had the marvel of fist skill mixed into it.

When Qin Mu exchanged blows with him, it looked more like a senior brother guiding a junior brother, giving him pointers to comprehend the profundity of the sword skill. When Wei Yong had pretty much comprehended it, he would move on to the next move.

Not long later, they exchanged three moves and Wei Yong let out a sigh of relief. His confidence had grown tremendously and he smiled, "Brother Qin, you can use your full strength. I would like to see how big the difference is between us!"

Qin Mu gave a slight smile and suddenly changed his move. As his sword skill stabbed out, he used the move, Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky to attack Wei Yong and boomed him out of his mind, causing him to have to immediately stabilize his mind.

Qin Mu turned his hand over and used another Heavenly Devil Freedom Mudra which instantly caused Wei Yong to lose guard of his soul and get put down by Qin Mu with one sword.

Qin Mu dispersed his vital qi and helped him up with a smile, "Brother Wei, excuse me."

Wei Yong climbed up and looked around. He saw that half of the scholars in Scholar's Residence were defeated while the other half was afraid to go forward. He smiled, "Compared to the others, my circumstance is considered good. That's right, I've heard other people saying that your shoulder has a weakness. How come when they know your weakness, they still can't hurt you?"

"Knowing my weakness is one thing while being able to break it is another."

Qin Mu said, "If it was a fight on the same realm, there would be only two to three people in the entire Imperial College, including the directorates, who could find the chance to hit my weakness."

Wei Yong was speechless.

Qin Mu looked around and saw that Scholar's Residence was in a state of complete destruction once again. Those few odd-job men stared at him with resentment.

He immediately apologized to those few odd-job men and said, "Brother Wei, I still need to go to Floor of Heavenly Records. Fellow senior brothers and senior sisters, I can't continue to accompany all of you, farewell." After he said this, he walked out.

No one in Scholar's Residence dared to block him now.

Yue Qinghong stood up from the debris and looked at Qin Mu walking out of Scholar's Residence while sighing softly, "He's then the big brother of our Scholar's Residence…"


A wall suddenly collapsed and dust permeated the air. Among the clouds of dust, Monk Yun Que immediately scrambled away with one hand covering the front of his body and the other hand covering his butt. He sprinted back into his courtyard and rushed into the central room before slamming the door shut.

Many scholars wanted to laugh but they didn't dare. After a moment, Monk Yun Que's voice sounded out, "Erm, the senior brothers outside, poor monk doesn't have any remaining clothes here. The only set was taken by the fox and she didn't want to return it to me. Does anyone have spare clothing to give one to poor monk? I'll shed tears of gratitude."

Wei Yong smiled, "Senior Brother Yun, please wait a moment. I have a few spare sets of clothing however they are slightly big."

Yun Que replied, "Not a problem, the clothes of a monk are also mere worldly possessions."

Chancellor Ba Shan walked out from Wei Yong's room and calculated to himself, "Chen Wanyun is considered one, Junior Brother Qin is one, in addition, Qin Yu of Qin Family and the little fatty are both not bad. Yue Qinghong and Yun Que are also experts in their own ways. In this way, there will be six people chosen for being imperial academicians. It shouldn't be hard for me to guide them in their cultivations. However, other than Scholar's Residence, there are also scholars of Five Elements Realm in Royalty's Park. I can't favor one and discriminate against the other, so I will have to choose a few scholars from Royalty's Park as well, so as to not let the emperor find trouble with me."

The ones he had chosen to teach were all scholars who had yet cultivated to Six Directions Realm. If they had cultivated to Six Directions Realm, they would be divine arts practitioners and their paths were basically set in place, that way he couldn't be able to teach them in line with their abilities anymore.

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