Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 148 - Paralyzed

Not long later, Qin Mu chose his second ancient scroll. This ancient scroll was called Soul Guide which was able to hook a dead person’s soul out from the netherworld and could also allow the person casting the spell to enter the netherworld.

The reason he chose Soul Guide was mainly because the spells involved with this field in Floor of Heavenly Records were too few.

Qin Mu thought if he developed it furtherly, could he be able to hook back the soul of someone who had just died and revive him?

After that, he also chose Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command of Great Mountain Sect. The spells of Great Mountain Sect were also very unusual, to be able to use runes to borrow the power of ghost and gods. This made him feel that it was connected with the path of painting.

He only chose three ancient scrolls and there were no benefits in choosing more. There was already quite a number of techniques he had to cultivate and in addition to the fact that the techniques and skills in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures were as many as the hair of the ox. He needed to spend a lot of time to comprehend them, therefore, he didn’t need to choose too many.

Qin Mu brought the three ancient scrolls to meet that secretary and the secretary recorded down the ancient scrolls and his book tablet before allowing him to leave Floor of Heavenly Records.

Two days later, the imperial edict came down from the emperor to appoint Qin Mu as an imperial academician of Imperial College, conferring him as an official of upper sixth-ranking and also allowing him to access up to the third level of Floor of Heavenly Records without being controlled by Imperial College.

In front of the mountain gate of Imperial College, Chancellor Ba Shan was standing there to wait. After a while, Second Prince Ling Yushu hurried over, dragging the unwilling Ling Yuxiu.

“Seventh sister, following Chancellor Ba Shan to cultivate would definitely be much better than staying in Imperial College.”

Ling Yushu smiled and said, “Chancellor Ba Shan, that’s a cult master level existence who far surpasses all the other directorates. Even I’m envious of you and hope more than anything to be chancellor’s disciple. So don’t hesitate! You’re my dear sister, we came out from the same womb so why would I harm you?”

Beside the mountain gate, a huge and sturdy green bull stood up like a human and was teasing the dragon qilin that was guarding the mountain gate. Sometimes he pulled on a strand of dragon beard and sometimes he touched the dragon qilin’s tail.

“I say sister, when are you going out to play with brother?”

The green bull leaned in front of the mountain gate with a tree peony in his mouth as he chuckled, “Sister, what’s the joy in guarding here every day? Let me bring you out, the world of sensual pleasure is bound to make you happy! Do you see this pretty flower of mine? I’ll give it to you to eat…”

Dragon qilin held back his anger as he glanced at Chancellor Ba Shan and immediately suppressed his thoughts to become hostile and eat this green bull.

“Chancellor Ba Shan, when are you leaving?” Ling Yushu asked.

Chancellor Ba Shan raised his head and looked up the mountain, “We need to wait for one more person. He should be coming down.”

Ling Yushu looked at his sister beside him and was somewhat proud of himself, “Luckily I was quick-witted otherwise seventh sister won’t stop herself from fooling around with that abandoned person from Great Ruins if she stays on the mountain. Now that they’re separated far away from each other, he won’t have the chance anymore.”

Ling Yuxiu was his full sister born from the same father and mother, therefore, he naturally looked after her in every possible way. In his eyes, all the other princes and princesses were competitors to him and only Ling Yuxiu was his dearest sister, therefore, he couldn’t let the bad guys have any chance.

Just as Ling Yushu was thinking about it, he raised his head and saw a youth walking down the mountain while carrying loads of stuff. There were things like an axe, Pig Slaughtering Knife, bamboo cane and he also carried a huge backpack with a white fox squatting on top of it.

“This guy looks like he’s running for his life. Is he planning to flee down the mountain?” Ling Yushu thought to himself.

Chancellor Ba Shan saw Qin Mu and finally let out a sigh and smiled, “Everyone’s here!”

Ling Yushu couldn’t help quivering and looked at Chancellor Ba Shan, stuttering, “The person teacher is waiting for is him?”

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded his head and shattered the tiniest bit of delusion he had in his heart.

On the other hand, Ling Yuxiu was overjoyed and looked at her dazed brother proudly. Her brother’s petty intention naturally couldn’t be hidden from her.

Ling Yuxiu hesitated in his heart and wanted to ask Chancellor Ba Shan if she could withdraw but it wasn’t good for him to say it out.

“Teacher Ba Shan, can I cultivate along with you?” Ling Yushu still didn’t give up and immediately asked.

Chancellor Ba Shan shook his head, “Second prince, your cultivation is too high and you have already reached Seven Stars Realm. You’re already old and your path is determined therefore I’m unable to teach you. Don’t worry, seventh princess won’t suffer with me, you can go back.”

Ling Yushu didn’t bear to go back and stood there to glare at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu was bewildered. He didn’t know how had he offended this prince.

Chancellor Ba Shan announced with a deep voice, “Since everyone’s here, let us be off!”

Qin Mu immediately said, “Teacher, wait a moment!”

Chancellor Ba Shan halted and turned back to have a look. Qin Mu walked to the front of the dragon qilin and the incomparably sturdy green bull immediately backed off and looked at him cautiously.

Qin Mu didn’t mind him and held his breath as he took out a jade bottle. He unscrewed the cap of the jade bottle and placed it under the dragon qilin’s nose. This dragon qilin was instantly paralyzed on the ground by him.

The big green bull immediately jumped far away and looked at him in terror.

Qin Mu quickly screwed back the bottle cap and the little fox swept up a gale to disperse the strange fragrance that had leaked out, only then did Qin Mu gasp for breath. Hu Ling’er then took out another bottle from the backpack and handed it over to Qin Mu. Qin Mu opened up the bottle and a choking sour smell was let out. He then poured the liquid into the bottle into the dragon qilin’s mouth.

That was the juice squeezed out from a lemon. The dragon qilin might be paralyzed and couldn’t move but his tongue would still uncontrollably secrete out saliva when in contact with the sour taste of lemon.

Hu Ling’er hurriedly took out jade bottles from her backpack and Qin Mu took them and placed them under the corner of the dragon qilin’s mouth to collect the saliva. After ten bottles, the saliva of this dragon qilin was finally depleted and no more saliva flew out.

Qin Mu stood up and smiled, “Teacher, Sister Yuxiu, we can be off now.”

Chancellor Ba Shan glanced at the paralyzed dragon qilin and asked curiously, “What are you collecting dragon’s saliva for?”

Qin Mu explained, “This is a miraculous medicine for curing external injuries. If you had knife or sword wounds, applying it to the wounds could help regenerate the flesh and shed the dead skin. There will inevitably be injuries from this outdoor experience so there’s no harm in preparing more.”

Chancellor Ba Shan’s heart was slightly moved. Qin Mu probably did this not just for the possible injuries on the journey but also for reconnecting Butcher’s lower half of his body and letting Butcher recover completely.

Qin Mu then said, “Teacher, can you lend me your green bull?”

The green bull was alarmed, “Don’t you dare mess around! Ling’er and I have already become sworn brother and sister. If you dare to eat me, my elder sister will fight it out with you! Am I right, Sister Ling’er?”

Hu Ling’er was proud of herself, “He got too drunk and became my sworn younger brother.”

Qin Mu smiled, “I’m only asking you to help me carry my luggage, look at you, so nervous. By the way, I checked it just now, that dragon qilin is a male.”

The green bull seemed to get struck thirty times by the rolling thunder, turning numb and dazed on the spot. He suddenly cried out loudly and Hu Ling’er went up to comfort him, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Male and female are all the same, he didn’t like you anyway. Furthermore, if he really liked you, it would then be bad for you.”

Chancellor Ba Shan shook his head and brought them out of Imperial College, walking out of the capital city.

The green bull suddenly crawled on the ground and gave off a dull howl. The body under his bull skin suddenly gave off loud bangs as his bones rapidly grew. His muscles also bulged outwards and his fur grew frantically.

He was originally two to three human tall when he stood up. Now he revealed his true form, he was even much bigger than he originally was. His body was over ten times larger and his two hands became bull hooves. Smoke spewed out from his nostrils and wind was raised under his feet.

Chancellor Ba Shan made Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu board bull’s back and placed their backpacks on the bull’s back.

“Second prince, there’s no need to send us off. Go back!”

Chancellor Ba Shan looked at Ling Yushu who had sent them all the way out of the capital city and smiled, “They’ll be fine. You can go back!”

Ling Yushu had a bitter face as he waved towards Ling Yuxiu. Ling Yuxiu was currently talking to Qin Mu and he didn’t know what joke Qin Mu that impetuous boy had said which made Ling Yuxiu chuckle and gave the youth a punch to his chest.

Ling Yushu felt that he got punched heavily in his chest and sulked.

The four feet of the green bull took strides forward and the wind was raised under his feet. He sprinted towards the distance and left Ling Yushu in the dust.

Hu Ling’er sat on the bull’s curved horns and her pure white fur fluttered backward in the wind that was blowing in her face. That pair of bull’s horns curved into two circles, allowing her to sit inside easily without getting blown away.

The little fox asked curiously, “Bull Two, you actually know how to control wind.”

The green bull smiled, “What’s so hard about controlling wind? I’m a species of dragon and controlling the tempest is my innate ability. You’ll know when you look at my skin. Aren’t my green skin and hair similar to the green dragon? My ancestor is the green dragon. It’s not something you little demons could be compared to!”

He was very arrogant. His bloodline made him much different from the other strange beasts. If he met other strange beasts, he could just use his dragon’s might to intimidate the opponent and turn them docile.

Hu Ling’er stroke his scalp and his cowskin was glossy and extremely thick. His skin had astonishing defense and the dragon’s scales on his neck were also dazzling to the eyes. She exclaimed in admiration, “Bull Two, your skin must be worth a lot of money.”

The green bull stumbled and immediately shut its mouth, thinking to himself, “My sworn sister is also a ruthless character. Her master wants to eat me, she wants to strip my skin to exchange it for money. Savage, their savageness has become second by nature! I, bull bull, is simple and honest, it’s best for me to have lesser contact with these bad guys. It’s just that I got intoxicated by her and made her my sworn elder sister, falling into her evil scheme…”

Ling Yuxiu turned her head around and asked Chancellor Ba Shan, “Teacher, where are we going for experience?”

“Beyond the Great Wall.”

Chancellor Ba Shan was currently going through the ancient scrolls Qin Mu and she handed up and didn’t even raise his head to reply, “Barbarian Di Empire.”

Ling Yuxiu jumped in shock, “Barbarian Di Empire?”

She had long heard about the bitter situation on Barbarian Di’s battlefield which had exceeded their imagination.

Qin Mu’s heart slightly stirred and looked towards Chancellor Ba Shan, “Senior brother, you have found the lower half body of Grandpa Butcher?”

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded his head, “The lower half body of master was snatched away by a small sect. This small sect was exterminated by the shaman cult of Barbarian Di Empire, Rolan’s Golden Palace. Master’s lower half body should have landed in the hands of Rolan’s Golden Palace.”

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. No wonder Chancellor Ba Shan chose to go to Barbarian Di Empire.

He was still slightly bewildered. Why did Rolan’s Golden Palace exterminate that small sect to snatch away Butcher’s lower half body?

The green bull traveled all the way to the west and they came to the bank of Mud River. The green bull stepped on the water and sprinted upstream.

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