Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 149 - Martial Emperor

The ability of this bull could be compared to the demon king. He was even more stable stepping on the water than stepping on land. Furthermore, he was also good at controlling wind and thunder, thus his speed was extremely fast. Going at this speed, he could totally travel a thousand miles in a day.

Chancellor Ba Shan roughly skimmed through the ancient scrolls that Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu had chosen, having a headache as he grabbed the ancient scrolls which Qin Mu had chosen. The ancient scrolls which Ling Yuxiu had chosen were divine arts of sword skills, other than that they were spells. Other than Sunset Sword Skill which Qin Mu had handed up, which was considered normal, the other two writings got him stumped.

These two writings, one was called Soul Guide, the other one was called Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command.

Any divine arts of sword skills and spells had their fundamental techniques to adhere to. This was so called to comprehend by analogy, to draw inferences about other cases from one instance. With Chancellor Ba Shan’s incomparably dense knowledge and experience, he was able to give them pointers.

Only these two ancient scrolls that Qin Mu had chosen were the unpopular ones among the unpopular ones. Normally, even if Chancellor Ba Shan entered Floor of Heavenly Records, even if he happened to see these unpopular spells, he would only take a look at them and put them aside, not bothering with reading them at all. It was really forcing him to explain it.

In the eyes of his realm, the power of the spells of Soul Guide and Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command wasn’t strong enough and nothing in them could make one’s eyes light up. He really didn’t know what’s Qin Mu’s intention to pick out these two spells.

Chancellor Ba Shan sat on the bull’s back and threw the two ancient scrolls to Qin Mu to let him study them himself. He then explained the scrolls which Ling Yuxiu had brought out from Floor of Heavenly Records.

Ling Yuxiu was a child of the imperial family, therefore, she could enter the second level in Floor of Heavenly Records. This time she brought out a profound Dao spell of Dao Sect called Azure Heaven Lightning Lure from the floor.

Just this name alone was more orthodox than Soul Lure and Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command.

It was the orthodox lightning spell of the Daoist School, thus it was naturally a fully justified reputation. Chancellor Ba Shan’s explanation was also clear and logical, many parts that were hard to understand became clear to Ling Yuxiu under his advice.

Qin Mu was also captivated from listening. Suddenly, he thought that he could reference Azure Heaven Lightning Lure and Thunderclap Eight Strikes with each other and maybe he could gain an unimaginable power.

His train of thought started to spread out and he didn’t hear what Chancellor Ba Shan was saying, sinking into his own calculations.

Ling Yuxiu consulted Chancellor Ba Shan on some parts that she didn’t understand and immediately tried them out. A series of Dharma methods were executed and suddenly a bolt came out from the blue and struck the surface of the river, exploding out a few river fishes that were three yards long!

Ling Yuxiu was surprised and delighted. She was very satisfied.

Chancellor Ba Shan shook his head and said, “Princess, your foundation is still too lacking. You didn’t practice your fundamentals properly. This power of Azure Heaven Lightning Lure is not just like this.”

He sealed his divine treasures and only left his Spirit Embryo and Five Elements Divine Treasures open, placing him in the same realm as Ling Yuxiu. He then executed Azure Heaven Lightning Lure. Putting his index finger and middle finger together, it was as if his fingers were like a thread threading through formless needles in front of his face.

Lightning flashed and thunder instantly exploded on the river surface. Lightning struck everywhere he pointed and was extremely sharp. In an instant, over a few dozens bolts of lightning struck down!

The river surface churned white and everywhere were huge fishes that were blown away.

Ling Yuxiu was completely won over by Chancellor Ba Shan. It was also Chancellor Ba Shan’s first time cultivating this Azure Heaven Lightning Lure but with one move, he already executed it extremely skillfully, making people exclaim in admiration.

Chancellor Ba Shan smiled, “The technique of your imperial family, Nine Dragons Monarch Technique is fierce and overbearing. If your foundation is solid enough, the Azure Heaven Lightning Lure that you execute will only be stronger than mine. Seventh princess, I won’t be teaching you other techniques these few days. I’ll help you strengthen your foundation.”

Ling Yuxiu immediately agreed.

Chancellor Ba Shan himself was a cult master level existence who had vast knowledge and experience. In addition to that, he had also experienced the reform of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and stayed in the sacred ground of Imperial College to comprehend the techniques, skills, and divine arts of all big sects and cults. With such a deep knowledge and experience, he was already a top-notch expert in Eternal Peace Empire.

The green bull rushed towards the borders while Chancellor Ba Shan propagated his Dao and went through the ancient scrolls they had brought out from Floor of Heavenly Records. After two to three days, they were finally nearing Qingmen Pass.

Qingmen Pass was the common border between Eternal Peace Empire and Barbarian Di Empire. It was also the common border between Great Ruins and Barbarian Di Empire.

Over here, there were over thirty miles between Qingmen Pass and the border station of Barbarian Di Empire; however, in this middle of thirty miles of land, there was a forest that spanned over several miles. This forest had extended from Great Ruins and was part of Great Ruins’ territory. Whenever the darkness invaded at night, it would separate both of these majestic passes.

Great Ruins became the natural barrier between Barbarian Di Empire and Eternal Peace Empire. The armies on both sides wanted to secretly assault each other yet they couldn’t do so under the cover of the night. They could only attack each other in the day, therefore, the war was in a deadlock.

The officers and soldiers of both borders referred to this piece of Great Ruins as Duck’s Tongue.

Qin Mu and the rest entered Qingmen Pass and Chancellor Ba Shan handed over the customs clearance card to the frontier defense. The soldier counted the number of people when he suddenly saw Qin Mu and was slightly stunned. He immediately ran into the city.

Everyone was puzzled and Chancellor Ba Shan asked in bewilderment, “Did you cause trouble here?”

The green bull was delighted in his misfortune, “Cause any trouble? Old master, have you forgotten, your junior brother is an abandoned person of Great Ruins. The soldiers of the border station have received an oracle to kill any abandoned people of Great Ruins who dare to enter Eternal Peace. I reckon your junior brother is going to be beheaded or be sold as a slave.”

Chancellor Ba Shan frowned and a moment later, the clanking sounds of armor came from the city along with a deep and resounding voice, “Divine physician, where’s Divine Physician Qin?”

A total of a hundred soldiers escorted an old white-haired general out from the border station and sized up the bunch of people, “Which one of you is Divine Physician Qin?”

Qin Mu smiled, “I’m right here. I don’t deserve to be called divine physician. This general…”


In front of him, these soldiers all knelt down and that old general also knelt down on one knee with his both hands cupped above his head, “The medicine which Divine Physician Qin gave to us has saved countless lives of our soldiers of the border station. I received orders to guard the border station here and couldn’t have the chance to go to the capital city to thank Divine Physician Qin. Never would I expect Divine Physician Qin to come visit us personally. Please receive a bow from all of us soldiers!”

Qin Mu immediately raised his hands and said, “Get up general. Is my Pure Yang Refining Bug Pill effective?”

That General Bian stood up and his white hair swayed as he nodded, “Effective, now the shaman of Barbarian Di Empire can’t harm the soldiers of our army with their spells anymore. There’s no one in our whole Qingmen Pass who doesn’t thank the benevolence of divine physician!”

“That’s too weighty, it’s only a very slight effort.”

Qin Mu smiled, “General Bian, this here is Chancellor Ba Shan from our Imperial College, this here is the seventh princess.”

Bian Zhenyun said, “I’ve heard of Chancellor Ba Shan’s name, and now seeing him, he is indeed extraordinary. As for the seventh princess…”

His expression sank slightly and sneered, “What’s the princess doing here in our remote and desolate place? If anything happens to her, who’s going to be responsible?”

Chancellor Ba Shan smiled, “I’m the one who wanted to bring them out for an experience. May General Bian make things easy for us.”

Bian Zhenyun’s expression softened and said reluctantly, “for divine physician’s sake, I’ll make this easy for you. Chancellor is planning to bring them to our Qingmen Pass for experience?”

Chancellor Ba Shan shook his head, “It’s Barbarian Di Empire.”

Bian Zhenyun jumped in shock and cried out, “You are trying to enter Barbarian Di Empire? Are you trying to die? Now that the two countries are warring, you will definitely be killed if you barge over now! Furthermore, the princess is with you. If anything happens to her, the entire Imperial College would be executed!”

Chancellor Ba Shan smiled, “With me around, nothing will happen. I have my own eyes and ears in Barbarian Di Empire as well.”

Bian Zhenyun sneered, “Why do I care so much? That’s your Imperial College’s matter, even if something happens your Imperial College would have to take responsibility. Divine Physician Qin, please enter.”

Ling Yuxiu was worried. Chancellor Ba Shan had told them that it was a training beyond the Great Wall and she had originally thought they were going to the borders. Never did she expect that Chancellor Ba Shan was actually wanting to go to Barbarian Di Empire!

However, she was always daring and had even followed Qin Feiyue to Great Ruins. Now hearing that they were going to go to Barbarian Di Empire, she was slightly worried but her excitement was greater.

When the night came, there was a banquet held in General’s Manor as Bain Zhenyun led his troops to invite Qin Mu to the banquet. Chancellor Ba Shan and the rest were also invited but they were just to accompany him.

In the next morning, Bian Zhenyun sent them off and offered Qin Mu a tray of gold ingots, “Barbarian Di Empire don’t acknowledge Great Abundance Coin and only acknowledge gold ingots, divine physician, take them as your travel expenses.”

Qin Mu gave his thanks.

Everyone got up on the back of the bull and the green bull walked out of the pass.

They passed through Duck’s Tongue of Great Ruins and went beyond the Great Wall. They could see dust from all around and within the dust, there were a few weird beasts with bone spikes growing on their heads sprinting over. There were tall and study generals of a different tribe riding on the weird beasts and they shouted loudly, “Yisuo!”

Chancellor Ba Shan raised his feet and stood on top of the green bull’s huge head. With both of his feet stepping on the bull’s horns, he immediately pulled open his sable’s fur overcoat.

The generals of the different tribe saw the tattoos on his chest and immediately shouted to halt the strange beasts under their hips. They then sat on the backs of the beasts to salute him before turning the beasts around and whooshing away.

Chancellor Ba Shan covered his chest and came down from the bull’s head. Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu were slightly puzzled and didn’t know why these barbarians would salute him when they saw him.

When they came to the border station of Barbarian Di Empire, there was also a tall and huge city with tight security measures. Chancellor Ba Shan brought everyone to the bottom of the pass and the city gate opened up. Numerous barbarian soldiers lined up in two rows and welcomed them into the pass respectfully.

The two of them became even more puzzled.

At this time, a general guarding the border station of Barbarian Di Empire walked over and laughed out loud, “The matchless Martial Khan in the whole world, the king of our prairie, it has been a long time since I saw you. Ever since your distinguished self became an official of Eternal Peace Empire, the reputation of Martial Khan has already borne an unbearable stink!”

Chancellor Ba Shan laughed out loudly, “I myself wasn’t a person of the prairie. I had merely defeated your warriors on the prairie and got honored as Martial Khan.”

“Martial Khan?”

Qin Mu and the rest looked at one another and Hu Ling’er asked in bewilderment, “Chancellor, what’s the tattoo on your chest? Why did they have to salute you instead when they saw you?”

Chancellor Ba Shan opened up his shirt and smiled, “Take a look.”

Qin Mu looked over and saw a queer skull that was fully covered in bone spikes tattooed on his chest.

“This is the tattoo of Barbarian Di Empire’s Khans. It has been blessed by the grand shaman of Barbarian Di Empire’s sacred ground and not everyone has it.”

Chancellor Ba Shan covered his chest and said, “I’m originally a Khan of Barbarian Di Empire. Back then I had followed teacher to travel around and we came to Barbarian Di Empire. We had heard that Barbarian Di Empire revered military skills, therefore, I had battle the strong practitioners on the prairie, winning all hundred battles without being defeated, thus I was honored as Martial Khan. Martial Khan means Martial Emperor in Eternal Peace Empire’s terms.”

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