Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 150 - Heaven Emperor Beyond The Great Wall

“Martial Emperor? Senior Brother Ba Shan actually had such a resounding reputation in Barbarian Di Empire!” Qin Mu was secretly speechless.

Ling Yuxiu immediately said, “Teacher, you’re an expert of the battle techniques school?”

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded his head and gave a smiled, “Back then I followed my teacher to cultivate knife skills. However, after teacher had gone missing, it had been a long time since my knife skills had any improvement. It was then Imperial Preceptor had pushed for a reform, therefore, I came to Eternal Peace to learn spells and sword skills, trying to take advice from him to break my bottleneck. However, as a matter of fact, my strongest skill is battle spell, not battle technique.”

Ling Yuxiu’s heart shook slightly. Along this journey, Chancellor Ba Shan had taught them paths, skills, and divine arts, explaining the ancient scrolls one by one to them. This made her think that Chancellor Ba Shan was most proficient in spells and sword skills. Never did she expect he was actually a disciple of battle techniques school. How unexpected!

What was even more unexpected was that Chancellor Ba Shan actually had the title of Martial Emperor in Barbarian Di Empire and was greatly respected.

This was something of the highest honor for a foreign tribe in Barbarian Di Empire!

That barbarian general led everyone into the pass and asked, “Why did Martial Emperor come back to our empire? Ever since you gave yourself up to Eternal Peace Empire, all the heroes in our prairie have despised you and have wanted to take back the title of Martial Emperor.”

Chancellor Ba Shan smiled, “The scholars of our Imperial College want to walk down the path I had taken back then and meet the young heroes of the shaman cult.”

That barbarian general trembled slightly and sneered as he looked at Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu, “Them? Seriously ?”

Ling Yuxiu was excited and shot a glance at Qin Mu, snickering, “We’re going to meet the young heroes of the shaman cult.”

Chancellor Ba Shan said, “Just them. Coming here this time, I plan to visit the sacred ground of the prairie, Rolan’s Golden Palace, to block the gate of Rolan’s Golden Palace by sitting there. Back then, I had blocked the gate of Rolan’s Golden Palace, which was how I had gotten the title of Martial Emperor.”

The muscles at corners of the barbarian general’s eyes twitched furiously as he sneered, “Back then Heaven Khan was around. That was why you could succeed in blocking the gate. How’s your ability compared to Heaven Khan now?”

“Even though I’m not as good as him, there isn’t much difference between us now.”

The expression of that barbarian general sank and shouted to a soldier, “Release the hawk-eagle wolf to inform Rolan’s Golden Palace, Martial Khan is here to block the gate!”

That barbarian general immediately shouted and a moment later, a huge wolf with wings rose into the sky and flapped its wings into the deeper parts of the prairie.

That barbarian general looked at Chancellor Ba Shan and bowed, “Martial Khan, it’s a bumpy road ahead, please!”

Chancellor Ba Shan laughed loudly and brought Qin Mu and the rest into the prairie.

Ling Yuxiu said, “Teacher Ba Shan, who is the Heaven Khan that barbarian mentioned?”

“My teacher, Heaven Knife.”

Chancellor Ba Shan looked up to the sky and said calmly, “Back then he brought me to Rolan’s Golden Palace to block the gate and was honored as Heaven Emperor beyond the Great Wall.”

“Grandpa Butcher was actually so impressive in the past.” Qin Mu was shocked.

Butcher had a short fuse and always looked angry. When he went to Grandma Temple to sell meat, he looked like a fierce looking fiend with the two kitchen knives in his hands and scared many of the young maidens in Great Ruins to tears.

He actually had the title of Heaven Khan in the past?

Heaven Khan meant Heaven Emperor and how awe-inspiring was the title of Heaven Emperor? How could it only be used to scare young maidens to tears?

Qin Mu simply couldn’t imagine how domineering Butcher was in the past.

Hu Ling’er muttered, “Martial Emperor beyond the Great Wall, Heaven Emperor beyond the Great Wall, how impressive…”

The prairie was vast but sparsely populated. Sometimes they walked half a day and couldn’t even see a village. They looked up at the cloudless sky. The greenness of the prairie merged together with the blue color of the sky. The beautiful scenery made them feel fresh.

Chancellor Ba Shan looked boorish, tall and extremely sturdy, slightly similar to the man on the prairie. If they passed a village, the herdsmen would come forward to propose a toast. They were all very warm-hearted.”

“Eternal Peace Empire has three big sects. The number one sect of the righteous path, Dao Sect. The number one sect of Buddhism, Great Thunderclap Monastery. The number one cult of the devil path, Heavenly Devil Cult.”

When night fell, they came to a village to settle down. Chancellor Ba Shan sat beside a bonfire and said, “However, on the prairie, the number one sacred ground is Rolan’s Golden Palace, the biggest shaman cult. Grand Shaman of Rolan’s Golden Palace has an extremely high position on the prairie and the Khans on the prairie were all conferred monarchical power by Grand Shaman of Rolan’s Golden Palace. If the old Khan is dead and his son wants to succeed him, the son will have to go to Rolan’s Golden Palace to request Grand Shaman to confer monarchical power to him.”

Ling Yuxiu said, “Our Eternal Peace Empire was also like this in the past. My father mentioned before that Eternal Peace Empire was only ten percent of what it is now and was a vassal state of Longevity Sect. Back then my Ling Family wasn’t the imperial family as well. It was then the sect master of Longevity Sect got tired of the emperor and deposed him, choosing my ancestor as the emperor and changing the dynasty directly. After that, my Ling Family made great efforts to build a strong empire and secretly expanded ourselves, finally getting rid of Longevity Sect. That’s how we grew greater.”

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He didn’t know that Eternal Peace Empire had such a past.

Chancellor Ba Shan drank his wine and put down his wine gourd, “There were over thirty small countries in the past on the current national land of Eternal Peace Empire. Every country had their emperor and was controlled by a sect. These sects were supported by these countries. The emperors had to present tribute every year to these sects. Now the sects have become vassals of the empire. It’s natural for these sects to be unhappy therefore they would rebel when they have the chance. There are also quite a lot sects beyond the Great Wall but the biggest and stronger power is Rolan’s Golden Palace. The Khans of all the countries acknowledge allegiance to the golden palace and there is completely no way for the other sects to contend against the golden palace.”

Qin Mu said, “Senior brother, how’s the power of Rolan’s Golden Palace compared to the three big sects?”

Chancellor Ba Shan said calmly, “They’re about the same.”

Qin Mu’s eyes lighted up. Blocking the gate of Rolan’s Golden Palace was equivalent to blocking the mountain gate of Dao Sect and the mountain gate of Great Thunderclap Monastery, one could well imagine the difficulty!

“However, this time going to Rolan’s Golden Palace isn’t to block the gate but to steal something.”

Chancellor Ba Shan chuckled, “Junior brother, princess, you two will block the gate while I go into the palace to steal something. When I get my hands on it, we’ll leave immediately. Princess, I will increase the training on your fundamentals these few days. This is to allow you to unleash the power of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique to its maximum!”

Ling Yuxiu was slightly worried.

The next day, they continued on their journey but this time Chancellor Ba Shan made them travel on feet. As they walked, he made Ling Yuxiu execute the technique she had learned.

Chancellor Ba Shan had a sharp eye and he could know Ling Yuxiu’s inadequacies just with one look. He then instructed Ling Yuxiu to correct herself and practiced it over and over again.

It was the first time for Ling Yuxiu to suffer so much. Even though she was astute and capable in the past, that was the result of the imperial family’s education. Yet in regards to martial arts and divine arts, she wasn’t as hardworking.

This time Chancellor Ba Shan brought her to polish up her fundamentals and made her train assiduously so that she was able to unleash the power of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique.

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was the best technique of the imperial family. After the improvements from the imperial court and occupying the location where the nine dragons gathered, the qi of the nine dragons lingering in the imperial city had a miraculous effect which allowed the children of the imperial family like Ling Yuxiu to cultivate this technique twice as fast.

Ling Yuxiu’s vital qi cultivation wasn’t low, it’s only her fundamentals that were not solid.

Over ten days later, she was polished by Chancellor Ba Shan into a totally different person with her abilities improving rapidly.

“Nine Dragons Monarch Technique itself is a technique for the spell divine arts and the strongest point of spell divine arts lies in explosive strength, for example, flame divine art.”

Chancellor Ba Shan stretched out his hand and pointed, shooting out a fireball which flew over three hundred miles. That fireball was only the size of a fist but it suddenly exploded and the blazing flames expanded a few thousand times and the prairie within a radius of dozens of yards was destroyed by the explosion. The ground was burnt black and there were even signs of rocks melting in the heart of the explosion.

“Nine Dragons Monarch Technique has an extremely deep attainment in the path of spells. Some people said that spells school and battle technique school are two extreme schools but actually there isn’t much extremity between spells and battle techniques, instead, they could be interoperated.”

Chancellor Ba Shan borrowed the big iron hammer from Ling Yuxiu and said, “Princess, look carefully. Junior brother, come and face me.”

Qin Mu’s vital qi burst forth and his Junior Protector Sword flew out of its sheath, stabbing towards Chancellor Ba Shan.

Chancellor Ba Shan swang the hammer which was the big hammer Qin Mu gave to Ling Yuxiu. At this moment, blazing flames actually sprouted out from the head of the hammer and collided with Junior Protector Sword.


A violent explosion burst forth from the head of the hammer, blowing Junior Protector Sword away.

Flames raged around Chancellor Ba Shan and only the patch of grass which he was standing on was still green.

Ling Yuxiu was shocked and immediately saw the crucial points. Chancellor Ba Shan had hidden the flame divine art inside the big hammer and when Junior Protector Sword got into contact with it, the flame divine art burst forth and blew away Junior Protector Sword.

Qin Mu used his vital qi thread to sweep back his Junior Protector Sword. With the sword light flashing, he attacked Chancellor Ba Shan.

The distance between the two of them was slightly far and Chancellor Ba Shan swang the iron hammer up and down, with every blow perfectly blocking Junior Protector Sword. Rumbling explosions followed after every strike and the heat waves surged forth astonishingly.

Ling Yuxiu’s heart was thumping wildly. Chancellor Ba Shan was showing her a way of battling that she had never thought of before, to perfectly merge battle techniques and spells together and becoming incomparably overbearing!

Qin Mu’s Junior Protector Sword was blown away time and time again as he admired him endlessly. Chancellor Ba Shan first learned from Butcher the Heaven Knife before going into Eternal Peace Empire to learn spells. That finally brought him down a path of his own!

By executing spells and battle techniques in this way, Chancellor Ba Shan had also pointed out a path for Qin Mu!

The title of Martial Emperor was well deserved!

Merging two different kinds of cultivation methods into one, even Chancellor Ba Shan’s abilities were inferior to Butcher, he could already be considered as a master of this generation!

Chancellor Ba Shan pulled back his hammer skills and returned the red-hot hammer to Ling Yuxiu and said, “I couldn’t reach the extreme realm by cultivating knife like my teacher, therefore, I could only take an alternate path. Teacher’s knife could split the heaven and earth. He can cut down the heavens, and destroy all divine arts with one knife but I can’t do it. That’s why I had taken the chance to enter Imperial College during Imperial Preceptor’s reform to learn spells divine arts, trying to make a breakthrough. Princess Yuxiu, you have the foundation of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, it’s the best for you to take my path.”

Ling Yuxiu had completely accepted it willingly and consulted seriously. She had no more complaint even when Chancellor Ba Shan made her practice her fundamentals diligently.

Qin Mu also couldn’t resist the temptation and consulted Chancellor Ba Shan. Chancellor Ba Shan naturally said everything that he knew and there was no end to his talking. Even Hu Ling’er and the green cow had got quite some benefits.

As they went deeper into the prairie, they practiced the fusion between battle technique and spells. Ling Yuxiu had already preliminary grasped the technique of fusing battle techniques and spells. Qin Mu and her fought fiercely and their entire bodies broke out in sweat.

When it was time to rest, Qin Mu took out his handkerchief to wipe his sweat and Ling Yuxiu smiled, “Imperial academician, let me help you wipe.”After she said this, she snatched the handkerchief over and dabbed it on his forehead.

Qin Mu also saw sweats on her forehead, “You’re also sweating. Let me help you wipe as well.”

Ling Yuxiu handed the handkerchief over to him. Suddenly Chancellor Ba Shan’s expression changed hugely and he raised his hands to push forward while shouting, “Heavenly Spirits Escarpment!”

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