Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 151 - Inept

With Chancellor Ba Shan’s shout, a wall of light which was dozens of yards high and literally had no thickness appeared in front of them.

This escarpment gave off an orange glow and had a width of six hundred yards. There were strange markings covered all over it and in the center of every marking was a burning star. There were a total of thirty-six patterns on the entire escarpment and there were thirty-six flaming stars which looked like a star atlas.

Just as Chancellor Ba Shan executed Heavenly Spirits Escarpment, cries of slaughter suddenly came in front of them as a battlefield came shifting towards them.

Hundreds of divine arts practitioners came whizzing over as they sat on huge beasts that roared as they sped along and came face to face with this escarpment which popped out unexpectedly between the heaven and earth.

The faces of those barbarian divine art practitioners turned pale white and an old barbarian general with white hair shouted loudly, “Quick, crumble it!”

Countless divine arts surged towards the escarpment and rumbles sounded out continuously.

There were also flying swords which gave off ear-piercing screeches as they stabbed at the escarpment, however, the tips of the swords could often more than not, penetrate through this escarpment before being fixed in place in the boundless escarpment. The swords could neither go forward nor be collected back.

Hum, hum, hum. Heavenly Spirits Escarpment vibrated continuously from the attacks and there were hundreds of swords that were added to the wall. At the back, there were still divine arts bursting forth and smashing the escarpment.

Those few hundred barbarian divine arts practitioners collided onto the wall. This, plus the divine arts into the fray, made cracks begin to form continuously on this escarpment. Chancellor Ba Shan shouted as he pushed his hands forward again and a hum was heard. Another Heavenly Spirits Escarpment was created which merged with the escarpment in front which had started cracking.

The amount of pressure he was withstanding was unimaginable as he was constantly forced to retreat. Among these few hundred divine arts practitioners, there was no lack of strong practitioners of Seven Stars Realm, Celestial Being Realm and even Life and Death Realm. With all of them cooperating and putting the pressure on him, it was already extremely terrifying for Chancellor Ba Shan to be able to use Heavenly Spirits Escarpment to contend against them and not let them crush the escarpment.

“Sacrifice the knife pellets!” that old general shouted sternly.


Balls of knife pellets flew into the sky and spun in front of the escarpment. Suddenly, countless of knife lights shot towards the escarpment and the crisp clanking sounds rang incessantly. In a split second, the escarpment was completely pierced by over tens of thousands of treasure knives.

Chancellor Ba Shan’s expression changed hugely and he moved back ten steps from the pressure coming from the escarpment. His Heavenly Spirits Escarpment continued to shrink from being pressured by the terrifying power.

“Junior brother, princess, we’re going to enter the barbarian’s battlefield!”

Chancellor Ba Shan shouted, “Both of you be careful!”

Qin Mu’s heart trembled slightly and he suddenly heard the toot of a bugle horn from the depths of the prairie. Another army had managed to catch up in their chase.

That old barbarian general was helpless and shouted sternly, “Face the enemies!”

It was a huge army that had come chasing over and it was formed up of most divine arts practitioners and martial arts practitioners of the barbarian tribe. Martial arts practitioners were foot soldiers while divine arts practitioners were the cavalry that rode huge strange beasts. Other than that, there were also huge birds spreading their wings in the sky and some soldiers from Barbarian Di Empire were standing on the backs of the birds. However, they were all women that wore rainbowed colored feathers on their heads and threw spells and sharp swords downwards.

Qin Mu looked through the escarpment and saw a barbarian general that had a majestic appearance sitting on a white elephant. That white elephant was a chunk taller than the other strange beasts and was no inferior to this green bull that was under their feet.

That young barbarian general swept his gaze over here and revealed an astonished expression when he saw Heavenly Spirits Escarpment. He instantly regained his composure and shouted, “Wind!”

A troop immediately came forward and took down the huge bottle gourds on their backs. Slamming them down heavily, they opened the mouths of the bottle gourds that were in front of them and black air immediately rushed out from the huge bottle gourds. The black air turned into tornadoes which grew larger and larger as if it was a dragon with its head in the sky and its tail on the ground, wreaking havoc wherever they swept across.

Meanwhile, those officers who had released the wind immediately leaped into the sky and stepped on the wind direction to rush towards the old general’s army, sweeping countless of divine arts practitioners into midair.

When the soldiers of this barbarian tribe got swept into the sky, those officers made their moves on them and slashed at them with their knives, slaughtering the barbarian soldiers one by one.

That general on the white elephant shouted deeply, “Rain!”

Another troop rushed forward and placed down the earthen jars they were carrying on their backs. When they opened the lids, clouds of mist flew out from the jar. These barbarian officers rose into the air by stepping on the mist and heavy rain came pouring down.

These officers cast spells in the clouds, turning the raindrops into rain swords and stabbed them downwards. The barbarian soldiers below had no time to dodge and their heads got pierced through by the raindrops, turning them into sieves!

That young general shouted again, “Thunder!”

The female barbarians on the backs of the huge birds started to beat their drums which gave off rumblings of thunder. The thunder pounded down from above and causing the barbarian soldiers who were defending against the wind and rain to space out from the vibrations. This caused their defenses to subconsciously slack off and more of them got swept into the wind and rain, dying on the spot.

With the wind, rain and thunder three troops casting their spells, there were not many barbarian soldiers that were left alive. Those that were left alive were all strong practitioners that could hardly be hurt by normal spells.

That old barbarian general knew he wasn’t a match for them and couldn’t escape thus he hurriedly kneeled on the floor and stated loudly, “General Torimu, I surrender, surrender! I beg General Torimu to let me survive!”

Upon seeing this, the other twenty plus strong practitioners of the barbarian tribe also knelt down even though they were unwilling to do so. Surviving was more important to them, “We’re willing to surrender!”

A cold light flashed across the eyes of General Torimu as he sneered, “You, the Tiermu Tribe tried to start a rebellion and you still want to live? Khan has ordered not to accept any surrender!”

The expression of that old general changed hugely and was about to turn violent when that General Torimu stretched out his arm and pointed. A sword pillar that was as thick as a thumb stabbed through the air and even though the two of them were three hundred yards apart, that sword pillar arrived in a flash and absolutely didn’t give that old general time to dodge it, penetrating through his skull directly.

That sword pillar nailed itself onto the wall of light formed by Heavenly Spirit Escarpment and penetrated a tiny hole in this divine art of Chancellor Ba Shan.

Chancellor Ba Shan raised his eyebrows and dispersed Heavenly Spirits Escarpment. They only saw the army of General Torimu slaughtering their way over as they slaughtered every single barbarian of the rebel army, leaving not even one alive.

Most of the barbarian officers cut off the heads and hung them around their waists while cheering endlessly.

There were still some that snatched the human heads and arguing who was the one that had killed them.

Qin Mu frowned. Even if it was in Great Ruins, there was no social custom of snatching human heads.

“Collect all their souls and offer them to the golden palace!”

That General Torimu rode his white elephant forward and greeted Chancellor Ba Shan, “Could that be Martial Khan?”

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded his head.

The eyes of General Torimu twinkled and was eager to give it a try, “Martial Khan blocked eight hundred divine arts practitioners with the power of one man, your ability sure is extraordinary. However, you aren’t as powerful as they have mentioned in the legends. It seems like your title of Martial Khan can’t be maintained anymore.”

Chancellor Ba Shan chuckled as he stood steadily on the bull.

Radiance shot out from General Torimu’s eyes as he suddenly stood up on the back of the elephant. The sword glow in his hand expanded sharply and his sword qi broke through the air as it stabbed towards Chancellor Ba Shan, covering the entire sky with sword lights in a split second!

Chancellor Ba Shan stretched out his hand to pull out his knife and gave a slash. The sword lights suddenly vanished and only a knife was left slashing horizontally across the heaven and earth. A loud rumble sounded out and the knife light vanished, along with that General Torimu who was on the back of the elephant.

There were still other barbarian generals standing on the white elephant and they were all shocked. They could only hear a long “ah” coming from behind them and they hurriedly turned their heads back to see General Torimu flying further and further away.

“His ability is not bad. However, his discernment is lacking.”

Chancellor Ba Shan sheathed his knife and after a moment, General Torimu returned. The armor on his body had been split into two halves and his gaze had new found respect when he looked toward Chancellor Ba Shan.

“Martial Khan, your fame for fighting prowess has been passed down in the prairie until today.”

Torimu knelt down on one knee and placed his palm on his chest, “Is Martial Khan going to the golden palace? Grand Shaman has already given the order for us to treat Martial Khan generously.”

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded his head, “I understand, stand up. Back then Grand Shaman had conferred me the title of Martial Khan. From the looks of it now, since he was the one who had conferred it, he naturally has to take it back personally. There should be more heroes appearing on your prairie otherwise why would Grand Shaman look forward to me going forth to Rolan’s Golden Palace?”

Torimu stood up and said, “The heroes we have on our prairie are as many as the stars in the sky, therefore we naturally have people who could defeat Martial Khan.”

Hu Ling’er giggled, “This general, I like how you shoot the bull.”

“Shoot the bull? Who dares to shoot me?”

The green bull sneered and he suddenly saw that white elephant. He immediately moved closer to her and nudged the elephant’s body while laughing mischievously, “White elephant, are you male or female?”

That white elephant swang her trunk at it. The green bull ended it with his nose bloodied.

“It’s a female.” Hu Ling’er prone beside the green cow’s ear and whispered.

The green cow raised his spirits and chuckled at the white elephant, “Your skin is so white, I like you, do you eat tree peony? I have some here, they’re so tender you can squeeze water out from them…”

Torimu led the army to escort them to Rolan’s Golden Palace. Qin Mu sized up this army and was slightly curious.

The military strategy that this army had used to eliminate the rebel army was very unusual. It was very similar to Eternal Peace Empire’s military strategy, therefore, he didn’t know if it was Eternal Peace Empire who had learned the tactics of the barbarians or if it was the barbarians who had learned the tactics of Eternal Peace Empire.

After one battle, Torimu respected them deeply and offered food and drinks on their journey, being extremely deferential to them.

Chancellor Ba Shan didn’t avoid him when he taught Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu the fusion of battle techniques and spells, however, when he taught them to the crucial parts, he would have to transmit his voice.

Six to seven days later, they had come to the deepest part of the prairie and they were not far from Rolan’s Golden Palace. Torimu didn’t escort them anymore and had instead led his army to return to their own tribe.

Chancellor Ba Shan frowned and let out a murky breath, “It seems like Grand Shaman is pretty meticulous about my arrival. This time he will definitely take back the title of Martial Khan. I’m afraid when I reach the golden palace, I’m the one who would be challenged. If that’s the case, I would be too busy to steal back teacher’s lower body.”

Qin Mu became eager to try and said, “Senior brother, I had learned before the methods of stealing.”

Chancellor Ba Shan shot a glance at him and shook his head, “Rolan’s Golden Palace is the sacred grounds on the prairie which is equivalent to the sacred grounds like Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery. There are countless of mechanism and all sorts of seals inside. Your methods of stealing are completely useless. You can’t’ break or solve the seals and mechanism inside.”

“The person who taught me to steal is very powerful.”

Qin Mu said seriously, “He’s Grandpa Cripple of our village, even though he had lost a leg, however…”

Chancellor Ba Shan shook his hand and raised his spirits, “His leg was even chopped off by other people, this only means he is inept. You don’t have to think about how to steal back teacher’s lower body, I’ll settle this matter. Both of you just have to keep your minds on blocking the mountain gate of Rolan’s Golden Palace! Leave the rest to me.”

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