Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 153 - I, Overlord Body

When they came to the peak of the mountain, they could see the lavishness of this place. The buildings and palaces were all shining brilliant with golden light and the pillar of the main hall was so thick that it required two men to wrap their arms around it. There were even more golden statues of gods and numerous barbarians stood under the golden statues of gods.

Suddenly a golden statue moved and Qin Mu’s heart leaped. Now then he knew that these were not golden statues of gods but great shamans!

The great shamans of Rolan’s Golden Palace actually refined their bodies like pure gold, radiating off golden light!

In front of the golden palace and under the towering gate, the great shamans were like gods shining brilliantly in golden light, solemn and dignified. In the lead was an elder that had golden hair and a golden body which was tall and sturdy. He wore golden clothes and held a scepter in his hand. With a feathered crown on his head, he asked with a resounding voice, “Martial Khan, you have been free and unfettered for so many years, why have you deliver yourself to our gate now?”

“Deliver to your gate is a good word. Green bull, put down the mountain gate!”

The green bull put down the mountain gate with a crash and Chancellor Ba Shan laughed loudly, “Grand Shaman, I’ve delivered the mountain gate. Most of these golden senior brothers seem to have been beaten by me before. When I blocked the gate for a hundred days back then, I injured and killed many people. I couldn’t hold back when fighting the strong ones, therefore, I could only kill them while the weak ones had all survived in my hands. These weak ones are the ones present here.”

The moment he said that, the entire mountain immediately broke into an uproar. All the strong practitioners of the older generation in Rolan’s Golden Palace were unable to restrain their anger, saturating the air in an awful atmosphere.

Chancellor Ba Shan was sharp-tongued and instantly offended every single expert of Rolan’s Golden Palace, provoking everyone’s anger. Plus the fact that he had carried the mountain gate up the mountain, it would definitely be hard for them to leave the matter at that.

One of the great shamans had a solemn expression and sneered with his voice that was like metal striking stone, “Our injuries were long healed. Over these years, our golden palace has been honing our strength and we awfully wish to exchange blows with Martial Khan once more to erase our shame.”

Chancellor Ba Shan gave a smile, “You’ll have the chance. However, this time, I’m here to block the gate and not to beat you to death.”

He brought Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu forward and came to the gate of the golden palace. He raised his head to sized up this mountain gate and recalled the past, sighing ruefully, “Back then I had followed teacher to the bottom of this mountain gate and beat many people to death…”

The eyes of the great shamans that were shining brilliantly like gods spewed fire as they stared at them. Chancellor Ba Shan looked back and winked at Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu, “And now, I’ll leave this mountain gate to you two.”

Ling Yuxiu was slightly worried and said softly, “Teacher, the rules here seem to be different from Eternal Peace.”

Chancellor Ba Shan had a smile on his face and said with a soft voice, “Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery coming to Imperial College to block the gate is merely to compete against us and doesn’t concern life and death. After fighting, everyone is still polite and amiable. As for this place, everyone fights to the death. You can leave the opponent alive but if you meet experts of the same level, you’ll have to kill them because it would be hard for you to go easy on them. Back then I had met many experts who were on the same level as me and that’s why many people had died.”

Ling Yuxiu’s scalp turned numb.

Qin Mu also composed himself and took in a long breath. Finally, it was the rules of Great Ruins.

Great Ruins had the same rules!

Grand Shaman walked over and came to the bottom of the golden mountain gate. His gaze landed on Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu while speaking neither too fast nor to slow, “We go with the previous rule for blocking the gate, fighting regardless of life and death. Other than that, I will also have to take back the title of Martial Khan, regardless of life and death!”

Chancellor Ba Shan’s expression didn’t change and said clearly, “Everyone, their cultivation is at Five Elements Realm.”

“We understand the rules of blocking the gate.”

Grand Shaman’s expression remained impervious to emotions and knocked his scepter, “Listen up, disciples of the golden palace, compete with them on Five Elements Realm and fight regardless of life and death. Whoever dares to go pass Five Elements Realm, I’ll take your life!”

His voice wasn’t loud but it had spread throughout the entire mountain.

Once Grand Shaman had said it, he immediately looked at Chancellor Ba Shan and gave a smile, “Martial Khan, back then Heaven Khan had brought you forward to our golden palace to block our gate. Heaven Khan’s remarkable abilities were boundless and naturally commanded respect. However, you’re not Heaven Khan.”

Chancellor Ba Shan’s expression turned grim as he walked through the mountain gate, and his voice penetrated through Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu’s mind, “Junior brother, princess, don’t worry. As long as they don’t kill me, they will still challenge you according to the rules. If I’m killed by them, then you two will be in danger.”

The hearts of Ling Yuxiu and Qin Mu shivered.

Their safety depended on the life of Chancellor Ba Shan. If Chancellor Ba Shan was stripped of the title of Martial Khan and was gotten rid of and Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu were killed, no one would leak any news. This way, there would be no harm to Rolan’s Golden Palace’s reputation and the outside world wouldn’t know about this challenge.

The strong practitioner of the prairie were all under the rule of Rolan’s Golden Palace and as long as Rolan’s Golden Palace gave the order, they would definitely not say anything out.

If they let Chancellor Ba Shan leave Rolan’s Golden Palace alive, this matter would definitely be spread out by Ba Shan this loud mouth, not only would the entire prairie know about it, even the whole world would know about it.

Chancellor Ba Shan definitely had this ability.

When that time came, Rolan’s Golden Palace’s reputation would be totally lost.

Therefore, before Chancellor Ba Shan dies, Rolan’s Golden Palace would definitely not gang up on Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu, but settle this matter according to the rules.

“Old master, don’t get beaten to death,” the green bull said loudly.

Chancellor Ba Shan stumbled and turned his back in anger, “We’ll be having beef after we go back!”

The green bull immediately shrank back his head.

“Two youths with daring guts. Do you know you’re blocking the gate of a sacred ground?”

Suddenly a voice came behind Qin Mu. Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu stood up and looked down the mountain only to see numerous weird-looking shamans walking up to block the path that was leading up.

One of the shamans took a stride forward and his body gave off a faint golden glow. He grew horns on his head, wings on his back and a beak on his mouth. This kind of cultivation method which transformed one into a non-human was indeed rarely seen.

“Senior brother,” Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu greeted.

Yet that shaman of the golden palace didn’t return their greetings and said with a resounding voice, “Etiquette is something that belongs to your Eternal Peace Empire. Our Rolan’s Golden Palace doesn’t have that many rules. After killing both of you, I’ll absorb your souls to cultivate my divine arts. People like you are much stronger than those slaves and your souls are also incomparably tenacious. It couldn’t be better to use them to cultivate my divine arts!”

Qin Mu’s gaze wavered and said, “Sister, let me go first, I’ll test their techniques and divine arts.”

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head. Even though her abilities had rapid improvement along the journey, there was still some gap between her and Qin Mu. Not knowing the ins and outs of a shaman could make them easily be at a disadvantage fighting them.

Qin Mu let out a murky breath and said solemnly, “Green bull, bring my backpack over!”

The green bull came forward and took down the backpack on his back. Qin Mu first placed the knife sheaths on his back, crisscrossing the two Pig Slaughtering Knives. He then put on his sword case behind the knife sheaths, hang his big iron hammer, stuck in a bamboo cane and wore Junior Protector Sword on his waist.

The green bull leaked murderous intent and asked, “I’ve heard you had herd cows in the past. If you can’t even beat me, can you beat them?”

Qin Mu stretched his body and his body crackled while saying indifferently, “I’m an Overlord Body.”

The green bull shouted, “My old master has never been defeated under this golden palace!”

Qin Mu had a nonchalant expression, “I’m a natural born Overlord Body. In the whole world, no one can win me in the same realm.”

That bird wing shaman took out two golden pestles and his eyes sparkled as he laughed, “What bullshit is an Overlord Body, I’ve never heard it before.”

Qin Mu moved his vital qi with Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, causing his vital qi to circulate in an explosive speed, spreading throughout his entire body in a split second.

“I, Overlord Body!”

He raised his foot and a deep footprint was indented on the golden floor under his foot. Boom! His entire body rushed towards that bird wing shaman at such a fast speed that others could only see a series of afterimages.

“The matchless Overlord Body!”

The expression of the bird wing shaman changed hugely and he hurriedly flapped his wings. However, before he could even rise to the sky, he saw Qin Mu’s fist smashing over. With the roars of a dragon, his pupils suddenly contracted as he saw a fierce looking dragon’s head instead of a fist!

The next instant, he saw two dragon’s heads, followed by three then four!

His wings flapped as he wanted to avoid them but it was already too late. In a hurry, he could only use the golden pestles to block his front.

The two golden pestles suddenly bent and the force of Qin Mu’s punch actually smashed these two spirit weapons into a thin paper, as they were made of mud.


That bird wing shaman rose into the sky and turned into a blood fog as he exploded with a bang. From the blood fog came roars of dragons and the blood fog turned into forty-five fierce looking dragons. It was as if it was these forty-five blood dragons and not Qin Mu’s fist that had blown this bird wing shaman into pieces!

Meanwhile, on the golden stage in front of the mountain gate, Qin Mu suddenly calmed down from an incomparably intense movement. His violent vital qi had also suddenly quietened down and his face turned serene.

“Green bull, your old master need a hundred days to defeat Rolan’s Golden Palace.”

Qin Mu turned around and looked at the shamans below the golden stage with a cold gaze, “And I, only need a day.”

He stood under the gate and his voice was like the rumbling of thunder, resounding throughout the entire Rolan’s Golden Palace, “I just need one day and I can crush the spirit of all the disciples of Rolan’s Golden Palace, crumble all their pride and step their dignity under my feet!”


A shaman erupted into anger and sprinted frantically towards Qin Mu. As he ran, his body underwent a complete transformation. His scalp and skin scattered in all directions and he grew an elephant’s head. His body grew taller and more muscular, shredding the shirt on his body into pieces while his limbs grew as thick as an elephant’s legs.

Golden glow emanated out from his elephant head and his human body as if he was like a god who had revived with sacrifice, possessing boundless strength!

His cultivation and ability were obviously much stronger than the bird wing shaman. That bird wing shaman’s body had not turned golden yet while this shaman’s body was like it was made of gold!


A huge cauldron like fist smashed towards Qin Mu and his fist vibrated the air, caused thunderclaps to burst forth. The pure white air rings burst forth in all directions!

Behind Qin Mu, Hu Ling’er’s snow white fur fluttered backward from the gust of wind, along with Ling Yuxiu’s beautiful hair.

“Die!” that elephant head shaman bellowed.

Qin Mu leaped and avoided this incomparably overbearing punch from the side. Carrying his knives on both hands, he rushed to the front of the elephant head shaman with his knife lights lighting up.

Raising The Knife From Forbidden!

Qin Mu rosed into the sky and somersaulted backward. When he landed, he sheathed both his knives back. Meanwhile, that elephant head shaman’s huge body split into halves and rolled down the mountain, staining the golden staircase red.

A shaman’s eyes turned red with fury and suddenly pulled out a black banner to rush at Qin Mu, shouting sternly, “I’m going to refine your soul, die!”

Qin Mu used Heavenly Devil Nature Technique to seal his souls and spirits. Raising his hand and one finger, the sword case on his back opened up and a flying sword gave a piercing screech as it pierced through the heart of the shaman’s brows.

Qin Mu’s finger flicked up and the flying sword whooshed back, returning to his sword case with a trail of blood light.

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