Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 154 - Destroying Wills


A female shaman with a leopard’s head and a leopard’s tail raised a mirror, pointing it toward Qin Mu, causing malevolent souls to appear in that mirror.


A flying sword suddenly appeared in front of the mirror which tried to pierce through it. However, the surface of the mirror was incomparably solid and actually managed to block this flying sword. But the next moment, the sword span and changed into Drill Sword Form to pierce through the bronze mirror. The sword light shattered the mirror and pierced through the female shaman.

“What’s so scary about shaman poison?”

Qin Mu’s clothes fluttered in the wind and he raised his hand to retrieve his sword. Another shaman grew fur, claws, and tail of a tiger and pounced forward. He raised a gale as he pounced forward, not giving Qin Mu a chance to draw his sword.

Qin Mu punched sideways and both of them moved irregularly, resulting in endless sounds of collisions. That shaman shook his head and grew out a tiger’s head, giving out a thunderous roar continuously to bombard Qin Mu’s souls and spirits.

Qin Mu used his fists as a mudra and punched out Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky. Spreading his five fingers outwards, he unleashed Heavenly Devil Freedom Mudra. His fist and palm changed repeatedly, alternating between the path of buddha and devil. The shaman’s tiger roar only managed to sound three times before his souls and spirits got smashed into pieces, collapsing on the floor.

Another great shaman of Six Directions Realm suddenly pounced out and his cultivation was even stronger than the previous ones. He could use his divine arts freely and maintain the appearance and form of a normal human.

Even though he had sealed his Six Directions Divine Treasure, the moment he executed his technique, he immediately turned into a violent ape that wielded a golden club which was as thick as a pillar. With his boundless strength, he could sweep a thousand army troops while still being extremely agile.

Qin Mu stretched his hand to pull out his bamboo cane and used his bamboo cane to face the golden club. The two of them clashed like lightning and suddenly the golden club stopped. The shaman revealed an astonished expression when his chest got tapped by the cane.

However, he was still a great shaman of Six Directions Realm and not just a shaman. He immediately unsealed his Six Directions Divine Treasure and just as he had unsealed his divine treasure, his heart got pierced by the bamboo cane, causing his corpse to collapse on the floor.

Qin Mu pulled out the bamboo cane from his heart. Great shamans of Six Direction Realm were called divine arts practitioners in Eternal Peace. However, the only difference was how they had called them, there was actually not much difference between them.

If this divine arts practitioner didn’t seal his Six Direction Divine Treasure, it would be hard for Qin Mu to kill him. However, as long as they were in the same realm as Qin Mu, he would have the ability to kill his opponent, no matter if they were of Six Directions Realm or Seven Stars Realm!


A golden strong man suddenly jumped onto the golden stage and landed heavily. On his back was a knife sheath that was over one and a half human tall. He suddenly roared at Qin Mu and knife lights swooshed out from his knife sheath and causing a sky full of knife shadows to crash towards Qin Mu.

At the same time, the golden strong man wielded knives on both hands, slashing them towards Qin Mu. The two knives were sometimes forward and sometimes backward, just like two huge pythons that were coiling him and rolling towards Qin Mu.

Qin Mu held a Pig Slaughtering Knife in a normal grip and held the other Pig Slaughtering Knife in a reverse grip while the flying swords flew out from the sword case on his back and faced the knife lights that were slashing downwards.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!

Their bodies were one big and one small as the golden strong man was half a body taller than Qin Mu. As the two of them clashed together, there were two knife lights, one vertical and one horizontal. The horizontal one was the mountain that blocked the path forward while the vertical one was the knife that split the mountain. The blood red knife lights rose into the sky as if it was a giant swinging his knives and splitting a path out from the mountain cliff. That golden strong man’s body was split into four pieces and was slain by this vertical and horizontal knife lights.

Qin Mu trembled his knife and shook off the blood on the knife. Holding both knives in a reverse grip, he sheathed them back. Suddenly he raised his hand and pointed, causing a flying sword to fly out of its sheath and penetrated through the heart of a shaman’s brows who was trying to shoot him with a bow.

“Kill him and take revenge for our senior and junior brothers!”

There were still shamans who continuously poured forward and Qin Mu evaded them, twisting his body to give a back kick. He also used knife, sword, fists, and legs to slay every single one of the shaman who came to challenge him.

After a moment, there was no more sound in the surroundings. In front of the mountain gate of Rolan’s Golden Palace, there were over forty bodies lying scattered on the golden staircase.

Qin Mu looked down the stage and below the stage were terrified faces and frightened eyes. When their gazes came into contact with his, they would avoid it and not dare to look at him.

These shamans were strong-willed, however, after Qin Mu had killed over forty people continuously, the spirit and will have unavoidably weakened. As long as it was weakened, it would continue on and grow into fear, the fear of being unable to defeat the opponent which would make them fear and respect Qin Mu!

What Qin Mu had seen along this road had made him harbored resent against Rolan’s Golden Palace. When General Torimu had ordered the soldiers to collect the souls of the rebel army in order to offer them to Rolan’s Golden Palace, he was still puzzled at that time. Now then he realized that Rolan’s Golden Palace actually used souls to cultivate.

This time he had come to take back Butcher’s lower body and not to block the gate. Since enmity between them had already been opened, he would just have to destroy the spirit and will of this sect, to crush their confidence in pieces and step on their techniques and skills. This was to let them know that their divine arts that used human souls to cultivate were worthless!

“Which of you have cultivated Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures?”

Qin Mu looked around with a cold expression and his lips slowly curled into a smile, “Come out, I would like to kill one.”

Silence fell in front of the mountain gate.

Behind the mountain gate, the expression of the gold like great shamans gradually turned black in Rolan’s Golden Palace. After a moment, a youth walked out and a middle-aged great shaman said in a deep voice, “Simuro, his weakness is at the second part of his left shoulder blade. This is the weakness of his technique which he couldn’t cultivate.”

That young great shaman replied solemnly, “I’ve already noticed it but I couldn’t determine its exact location. Shaman King, much thanks for pointing it out.”

Chancellor Ba Shan’s face sank and sneered, “Shaman King, as a senior, isn’t what you’re doing a little despicable?”

“Martial Khan, please!”

That middle-aged great shaman acted blur and raised his hand, “Back then I was defeated under your hands and I pondered over the painful experience, resulting in my cultivation to improve rapidly these few years. I have always wanted to erase my past shame and the heavens must have taken pity on me to finally send you back.”

Chancellor Ba Shan suddenly rose into the air and gave off a glow that was like a huge knife which was three hundred yards long and could split the sky. He moved far away and his voice came from a distance, “The cultivations of these people here are too low. I’m afraid they would die from the vibration from our clash, we shall fight on the snow mountains!”

That middle-aged great shaman looked at the grand shaman who stood up and said, “Go!”


Rays of golden light broke through the sky and chased after that knife light which sprinted straight to the snow mountains.

Among the majestic mountains and boundless white snow, golden lights suddenly broke out and melted the snow. In the golden light, there were snow white knife lights flashing by and that was the place where the world-shaking battle was going on. However, when it traveled to Rolan’s Golden Palace, only weak wave motions were left.

Under the mountain gate of the golden palace, Qin Mu turned around and looked at Simuro who was walking down from the sacred hall of the golden palace.

Chancellor Ba Shan had lured most of the experts in Rolan’s Golden Palace away which probably made it easier for him to find the lower half of Butcher’s body. However, there were still a few senior experts left in from of the sacred hall.

Simuro had a grave expression but his gaze revealed slight excitement. His body was also gold in color. When Qin Mu was exchanging blows with these shamans, he was observing from the side.

Other than trying to discover if Qin Mu had a weakness, the reason why he didn’t go forward right away was to let these shamans fight Qin Mu one after another to exhaust Qin Mu’s cultivation, giving him a greater chance of victory.

Now that he had already found Qin Mu’s weakness and Qin Mu had defeated over forty people in a row, his chance had come.

Qin Mu’s expression was like an old well that had no ripple as he sat there calmly as though he had not just experienced over forty fierce battles. Suddenly, both of their bodies moved at the same time. Vital qi burst forth under Qin Mu’s feet, giving him an extremely fast speed which brought him straight to Simuro’s face in an instant as he unleashed a punch.

Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea!

Simuro received a punch from him, however, the sounds of a huge bell burst forth from his body. Qin Mu immediately felt his fist force which was like the churning river surging into the sea hitting something like a bronze and iron wall, making not even the slightest force pass through.

It was as if Simuro’s body was crafted out from the hardest metal and the kind that was very solid.

Simuro’s body swayed and he suddenly turned into a human that grew a bird’s head and wings. The pair of wings on his back were shining brilliantly in golden light and were formed by countless of gold swords. The gold swords hummed and sliced forward!

Qin Mu evaded and retreated while the flying swords flew out from the sword case on his back to face the sword feathers that were slashing over.

Suddenly he noticed that the two wings of Simuro were different from ordinary. Between every sword-shaped feathers, there was vital qi connecting them together which made his heart shudder and he knew that it was bad instantly.


The sharp swords which formed Simuro’s wings suddenly burst apart and flew out from the wings, stabbing towards Qin Mu in all directions.

On these golden swords, there were actually pitch-black eyeballs which rolled around, making them look strange and eerie. There was a spirit trapped within every single one of these swords which had become the spirit of the sword.

Qin Mu’s gaze landed on those eyes and suddenly felt giddy. He knew it was bad and immediately closed his eyes while pulling out his knives.

Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities!

His knife lights moved fast and nimbly as they surrounded his entire body to deflect the golden swords continuously. Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities had the two words, midnight battle, which already meant that this move didn’t require one to use their eyes to see the surroundings.

Simuro’s swords were extremely peculiar and when one’s gaze landed on his swords, they would have fallen into his trap, therefore, it was the correct decision to use this move.

“Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures sure is extraordinary, it’s very demonic.”

The knives in Qin Mu’s hands clashed with the opponent’s swords and he immediately felt that the power in the opponent’s swords was inferior to his. The strong point of battle technique school lay in the weapons that one wielded which could unleash all of their strength.

Simuro’s golden swords were forced back by Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities and returned to his side, turning back into a pair of wings. With his wings swinging, he blocked down all of the sharp swords which Qin Mu had shot from his sword case.

Suddenly, both of Qin Mu’s knives left his hands as he gave a punch which was like a huge sun in the sky, shining on the yang soul. Simuro got shone by his fist skill causing his mind to waver slightly, however, his moves weren’t the least affected, although the eyes on his swords closed from the piercing sunlight and gave off miserable screams as they turned into green smoke.

Qin Mu executed Freedom Mudra with his other hand yet Simuro remained unmoved. Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures had used other people’s souls as cultivation ingredients and refined his own souls to be incomparably stable.

His body was also incomparably tough that even Thunderclap Eight Strikes can’t shake him up.

Qin Mu frowned slightly and suddenly pointed a finger out. Thirty-six swords flew out from the sword case and merged together to form Drill Sword Form as they stabbed towards Simuro!

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