Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 155 - Unsealing The Talisman Treasure

Simuro’s wings swung up and down in front of his body and the swords that formed his wings continuously changed their positions, trying to block Qin Mu’s attacks. However, the next moment, Drill Sword Form had broken through the defense of his wings.

Simuro was startled and felt a pain in his chest. His golden body was actually unable to block Drill Sword Form. He immediately flapped his wings and rose into the sky while raising a gale.


Just as the gale brewed, Qin Mu immediately stepped on the wind and moved. Simuro gave an alarmed expression. The speed of Qin Mu sprinting in the sky was actually even faster than him flapping his wings to fly!

Cripple’s Heaven Pilfering Leg Skills had matchless speed in the world. If he didn’t flap his wings to raise a gale, it would be hard for Qin Mu to catch up to him in the sky but with the gale together, the air was like a flat ground to Qin Mu!


Simuro shouted and the golden swords flew out from the wings on his back, stabbing towards Qin Mu and trying to prevent him from closing up on him. His wings were emptied out in an instant and only two golden fleshy wings were left.

His figure immediately crashed towards the ground. At this moment, the knife lights were like waterfall colliding with the golden swords that rapidly stabbing over. A piercing sound sounded out when a golden sword broke through Qin Mu’s waterfall and stabbed on his left shoulder, which was precisely at the second part of his shoulder blade.

Meanwhile, Qin Mu’s body had also come to the front of Simuro and passed by him, smearing a snow-bright knife light across Simuro’s neck.

That knife light was very thin and it seemed like it had cut through Simuro’s neck before coming out from the back. However, it also seemed like it didn’t give him any injuries at all.

Simuro landed on the ground and the golden swords came clattering back, forming two wings on his back.

Those two golden wings spread open and shot off golden rays in every direction.

“Well done, Senior Brother Simuro!” A voice cried out in surprise and delight.

The morale of the other shamans was boosted and they all shouted, “Senior Brother Simuro, screw this slave of Eternal Peace!”

“The people of Eternal Peace are all two-legged goats, they’re only worth to be used for cultivation and are unworthy to live in this world!”

Qin Mu landed on the ground and the flying swords flew back one by one into his sword case.

The youth pulled out the golden sword from his shoulder and threw it on the ground. The clothes on his body were still perfectly fine. When this sword had come stabbing over, it was blocked by this embroidered clothes, however, the sword had stabbed into his shoulder blade along with his clothes.

What was called impervious to swords and spears actually couldn’t block swords and spears completely. Even though his clothes made from Six Wings Golden Natural Silk had managed to block the golden sword, he was still injured.

Under the golden stage, cheers erupted. Meanwhile, Simuro was still spreading his wings opened majestically as if he was enjoying the cheers of everyone.

Qin Mu walked forward and the cheers gradually softened. Qin Mu raised his hands and sheathed both his knives and came to Simuro’s side. However, Simuro didn’t move at all and continued to spread his golden wings without putting up any guard.

Qin Mu raised his hand and grabbed his hair, pulling it up gently. Plucking his head off his neck, he threw it down the stage.

The cheers below the golden stage grew softer and softer. Only the shamans that were far away that couldn’t see this scene were still cheering, sounding several times piercing to the ears. When the head rolled down from the stage and to the shamans’ feet, the cheers were gone.

Simuro who had cultivated the Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures also died. Right when victory was at hand, his head was severed by Qin Mu.

Ling Yuxiu hurried forward and wanted to bind up his wound. Qin Mu shook his hand and said, “It’s fine. I said I have to crush their will so I must do it. You can be at ease.”

Ling Yuxiu frowned slightly and felt that Qin Mu was slightly overconfident.

“Cowherd, your shoulder is injured, the weakness on your shoulder would only grow bigger. If another great shaman who cultivates Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures appears…”

Just as she had said so, another young great shaman suddenly walked out from the sacred hall of Rolan’s Golden Palace. Giving a smile on his face, he said, “Junior Brother Simuro is still too inexperienced and not calm enough, that’s why he has died. I, Danbaro of Six Directions Realm, will seal my Six Directions Divine Treasure.”

Qin Mu’s expression turned solemn and his body floated backward. His feet tapped rapidly and leaped onto the roof of the golden palace hall.

Danbaro laughed loudly and chased him like a shadow. He wielded a big hammer and the head of the hammer was a giant skull. The skull had a dark gold color and there were actually seven bone spikes growing out from the skull. On each of the bone spikes, there was a small skull that was the size of the fist.

In the eye sockets of these eight heads, there were actually eyes inside that made them very terrifying.

Even though the head of the hammer was huge, the handle was very short and could barely fit in his hand.

Danbaro gently swung his hammer and the seven smaller skulls immediately opened up their eyes. The eyeballs rolled around inside the sockets and they suddenly opened up their mouths to spew out black smoke from the mouths of skulls. Seven trails of smoke traveled back and forth, rushing like black dragons toward Qin Mu who was on top of the golden palace hall.

Sharp swords flew out from Qin Mu’s sword case. With the flick of his swords, he severed the heads of the black dragons. However, he lost control of his flying sword in the next moment and they dropped to the floor with a clank.

The seven flying swords landed on top of the golden palace hall and clanked as they bounced, In the sword, there was black qi shuttling back and forth.

Qin Mu instantly felt his vital qi getting tainted and he was startled. Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures seemed to be as all-embracing as Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures as it had not only one kind of techniques. For example, what Simuro had cultivated was one type, taking the path of sword skill divine arts.

Meanwhile, Danbaro had cultivated another type, taking the path of spell divine arts. Even though both of them had cultivated Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures, the paths they took were different.

Qin Mu evaded and the golden tiles of the golden palace hall exploded as the black dragons tunneled in and out of the golden palace halls as they attacked him.

The two figures leaped up like a rabbit and soared down like a falcon, sprinting on top of the golden palace hall. Even the walls were like flat ground to them.

Suddenly Qin Mu’s body sank and he fell into that golden palace hall. Danbaro sneered and swung his big hammer to break open the golden palace hall to rush in.


A human figure rushed into the sky and waved his hand to stab backward with his flying swords. Meanwhile, Danbaro followed closely after him as he stepped on a trail of black smoke. The black smoke continuously surged forward as he slaughtered towards Qin Mu.

Qin Mu crashed through the golden palace hall with a bang and entered another palace hall to avoid Danbaro’s attacks. Danbaro followed behind aggressively, making the shamans and great shamans of Rolan’s Golden Palace blew off steam and swept away their depressed moods.

The two of them sprinted of the golden palace halls and attacked each other mercilessly, moving further and further away from the mountain gate.

Danbaro’s confidence grew stronger and stronger, causing his attacks to become more and more fierce. When Qin Mu had landed into a golden palace hall, he rushed into it straight away only to face magnificent mountains and rivers coming towards him.

Sword Treading Mountains And Rivers.

Danbaro felt as if he was rapidly growing smaller as he landed into that piece of mountains and rivers, making him flustered.

In front of the mountain gate, everyone looked nervously at the golden palace hall which both of them had landed in. After a moment, a golden figure suddenly leaped out from the golden palace hall and stood on the roof while holding a bone hammer. In his other hand, he raised a head high up in the sky.

Everyone in Rolan’s Golden Palace erupted into deafening cheers while Ling Yuxiu’s face turned ghastly white, seemingly out of her wits. The green bull also stared blanky along with Hu Ling’er.

“The one that herds the cow is dead…” Ling Yuxiu’s mind was completely blank.

In front of the sacred hall, those few shaman kings gave a rare smile and looked at one another before nodding their heads gently.

“Danbaro is not bad, ruthless and steady, he’s a great talent that surpasses normal talent.”

An old shaman king asked in astonishment, “Why isn’t he going back to the sacred hall?”

‘Danbaro’ brought that head and jumped back into the golden palace, not returning to the mountain gate. Another shaman king smiled, “He’s most likely injured. Danbaro has a careful nature and would definitely recuperate himself once he is injured so as not to leave any hidden danger. This is also why we have high hopes for him. Now it’s only this young girl left who would soon die as well. I wonder how’s the situation in the mountains?”

The few shaman kings had the desire to check out the situation of the battle but they were ordered to stay here to guard the sacred hall and not to leave.

In that golden hall, ‘Danbaro’ threw away that head and took out a scroll, opening it up gently to take a careful look.

“Rolan’s Golden Palace’s treasury is right beside this main hall. I have not come to the wrong place.”

He closed the geographic map of Rolan’s Golden Palace and stood up to leave. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder and hurriedly took out a jade bottle. Taking a look, he put it back into his sleeves, “Almost taken out Lost Fragrance…”

He took out another jade bottle and carefully pour some dragon’s saliva out to smear it on the wound on his shoulder, which was quickly healed without causing any more pain.

‘Danbaro’ put back his jade bottle and thought for a while. He took Junior Protector Sword in his hand and walked out of this golden palace hall and came to another great hall in a few steps.

In front of that great hall, a tortoise back golden man was wielding an axe to guard the place. He had a frog’s mouth and a golden tortoise shell on his back, looking courageous and strong. When he saw him walking over, he asked in astonishment, “Danbaro, what are you doing here?”

The golden color on his body was even denser than ‘Danbaro’ but it was still fainter than those shaman kings. His position and ability should be inferior to a shaman king.

“Disciple killed the hoodlum that came to block our gate and received a treasured sword. I don’t dare to keep it for myself and decide to offer it up to the sacred cult.”

‘Danbaro’ offered up Junior Protector Sword with both his hands and smiled, “I don’t cultivate sword so even though this sword is good, it’s useless to me, therefore I would like to use this treasure to swap for another treasure.”

That tortoise back guard took over Junior Protector Sword and pulled it out with a shwang, squinting his eyes from the cold reflection as he cried out in astonishment, “Superb sword! There aren’t many treasures in Rolan’s Golden Palace which could be equivalent to this sword! You actually received such a remarkable treasure, Grand Shaman will definitely reward you!”

He pulled open the door to the hall and ‘Danbaro’ immediately asked, “Can disciple go in to choose a treasure?”

The tortoise back guard gave some thought and smiled, “It may not be a bad idea. You have done a great deed and offered up such a treasure, Grand Shaman will definitely reward you well. However, when you come in, you can only see the treasures kept in our Rolan’s Golden Palace and can’t take it away. When Grand Shaman rewards you and unseals the seal, only then can you take it.”

‘Danbaro’ was elated and immediately followed him into this golden palace hall.

The tortoise back guard stood in the middle of the hall and carefully opened up a few restrictions. He then walked two steps forwards and removed some seals before walking another few steps forward. He took out a talisman treasure. This was a squarish paper treasure with fourteen sides and twenty-four corners which was formed by overlapping runes. When vital qi entered it, the talisman treasure would float up and gradually light up.

When that talisman treasure lighted up, it started to spin continuously and shone out the runes on each side into the air.

‘Danbaro’ instantly saw that in front of them, the transparent air gradually started to change and became numerous translucent squares. Inside each cube, there was a person who was as big as a fist, looking very fiendish. The people paced around inside the cubes agitatedly as if they wanted to jump out and eat humans.

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