Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 156 - Dangerous Idea

“Queer restrictions.”

‘Danbaro’ looked at these fiendish tiny figurines and his heart leaped. Every single tiny figurine was refined using the souls of strong practitioners, therefore they were all extremely strong and only knew how to kill.

Meanwhile, these strange cubes formed an incomparably complicated lock. With runes shining on it, as long as the pattern of the runes were correct, could the lock be open, otherwise, they would let out these tiny figurines!

There were countless translucent figurines and every time the runes shone out by the talisman treasure hit a cube, the cube would move back automatically and disappear.

“The steps to unlocking the restrictions are so complicated. It’s hard to do so without this talisman treasure!”

The talisman treasure continued to spin and the runes shone out by all fourteen sides were also ever-changing, causing the cubes in front of them to move back one by one.

The talisman treasure floated forward and the tortoise back guard walked forward. ‘Danbaro’ quickly followed up and walked through a very long passage. Suddenly, he saw a wide clearing in front of his eyes.

It was a completely different world inside the golden palace hall. From the outside, this golden palace hall wasn’t that big but from the inside, it was minimally ten times larger. There were pillars lined up after one another which were followed by golden altars of all shapes and sizes. On each golden altar, there was a queer-shaped treasure placed on it.

The tortoise back guard brought Junior Protector Sword, smiling as he walked forward, “This kind of precious treasure must definitely be placed in the deepest and most prestigious location. My powers are not enough to seal it so we can only wait for Grand Shaman to come forward and seal it personally. Danbaro, you have done a great deed, even I’m envious of you!”

‘Danbaro’ smiled at once, “I had not only received a treasure from that person of Eternal Peace. I have also received a small jade bottle and it’s most likely a sacred medicine inside. I took a sniff and it was heavenly as if I was going to turn into an immortal…”

He took out a small jade bottle from his sleeves and the eyes of the tortoise back guard lit up when he saw it. Snatching it over, he smiled, ‘Danbaro, now that you have done a great deed, Grand Shaman will definitely reward you. Since I have brought you here in advance to choose your treasure, how can you not give presents to me? I shall take the sacred medicine in this jade bottle!”

‘Danbaro’ gave a pained expression.

The tortoise back guard saw his pained expression and smiled, “Stingy.” After he had said it, he opened up the jade bottle and gave it a sniff.

“How fra-a-a-a-grant…”

A smile remained on the face of the tortoise back guard as he collapsed stiffly.

‘Danbaro’ held his breath and immediately snatched the jade bottle over and stuff the cork back, not daring to take in a single sniff. He gave some thought and took out another jade bottle and collected all the air in the surroundings into the jade bottle before opening up the mouth of the tortoise back guard. He placed the jade bottle without a stopper into his mouth and kept it there.

‘This way he won’t be able to wake up anytime soon. Phew.”

‘Danbaro’ let out a murky breath and started to shed his skin. Another human came out from Danbaro’s skin and it was Qin Mu.

“Now I could be considered to have used the methods of the devil path.”

Qin Mu looked at the skin on the ground and shook his head. Granny Si could wear other people’s skin and change constantly, however, he was still a little traumatized by it.

Qin Mu took back Junior Protector Sword. He flipped around the tortoise back guard’s body to find that talisman treasure and stuffed it into his shirt. He then found some scattered items.

After flipping around and not finding anything useful, he could only leave it at that.

“Heaven’s Eyes, awaken! Green Heaven’s Eyes, awaken!”

Heaven’s Eyes and Green Heaven’s Eyes opened up in Qin Mu’s pupils and the densely packed runes formed two layers of heavens in his pupils. He looked around and everything here became clear in his eyes.

Every golden altar here was covered in seal which was similar to the cube he had seen earlier. In every cube, there was a tiny figurine which looked fierce and these tiny figurines had their faces all warped and twisted. They grew messy hairs, razor-sharp teeth and claws and if Qin Mu didn’t use his Heaven’s Eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to see it.

Qin Mu held up that talisman treasure and carefully sized up the runes on the fourteen sides of the cube and made some comparison before shaking his head. This talisman treasure wasn’t the key to unlock these golden altars and most probably, could only open this palace hall.

He walked forward and looked at the golden altars one after another. He needed to act quickly as Ling Yuxiu should still be blocking the gate outside. Ling Yuxiu’s ability was a level lower than him and despite learning the fusion of Chancellor Ba Shan’s battle spells, she most probably couldn’t hold on for a long period of time.

There were all kinds of treasures on the golden altars and many of them were treasures unique to Rolan’s Golden Palace that were created strangely. There were some human skins that were used as canvases for painting and runes writing. There were some treasures that used skulls to make into alms bowl, human skins to make drums, as well as White Bone Banner, Thousand Venom Souls Devouring Banner, White Bone Shrine. These were all magical artifacts used by heterodox doctrines.

Other than that, there were also quite some good items that were shining brilliantly in a golden glow. These items seemed to be treasures created by the ones on the level of the shaman king.

Qin Mu also saw some treasures that were not from the shaman cult were also placed here. There were Thousand Streamers Pagoda, sariras, which were precious treasures of Buddhism. There were also a grape sized sword pellet, a guqin which got burned at one end, and a broken sword.

Suddenly, Qin Mu stopped and couldn’t move his feet away. There was a stone tablet erected on this golden altar and on the stone tablet was the incomplete diagram of a circulation technique. He knew it was the circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique with one look; however, it wasn’t the circulation diagram of Six Directions Realm. In his hurry, he couldn’t determine which realm it was.

“Go, go, I have to find the legs!”

Qin Mu hurried and sprinted to the deepest end of this treasury. After a moment, he had explored the entire treasury once and stopped before a golden altar. He had already seen this golden altar once, however, he had still chosen to return here.

There was a lower body of a person placed on this golden altar. It was the portion of the body that was below the waist, however, it was still standing steadily.

However, Qin Mu was sure that it wasn’t the lower body of Butcher.

This lower body was shining brilliantly in a golden glow and even its blood seemed to be a golden liquid, as well as the golden bones.

This body gave off a terrifying aura which was even stronger than the shaman kings.

“The body of Grand Shaman?”

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and gestured around his waist before thinking back about Butcher’s body. It seemed like Butcher’s body could be completely placed on top of this lower body.

“Grand Shaman exterminated that sect that had snatched Grandpa Butcher’s lower body and seized his lower body. Grand Shaman then severed the lower half of his body and placed it here while Grandpa Butcher’s lower body which should be here had disappeared…”

The corner of Qin Mu’s eyes twitched and he thought of a frightening possibility.

Grand Shaman had severed his lower body and attached Butcher’s lower body to his body!

“With my medical expertise, I’m completely able to do this. Grand Shaman should be able to do this too!”

His scalp can’t help turning numb. Severing one’s own lower body to attach someone else’s lower body, what’s the intention of Grand Shaman?

“Maybe he thought that Grandpa Butcher’s body was more powerful than his body of gold, which was something he could never attain in his entire lifetime, therefore he had swapped the lower half of his body. However, there could be another possibility, that is Grand Shaman had used Grandpa Butcher’s lower body to refine it into a spirit weapon with two legs…”

Qin Mu had a queer expression. The possibility of the latter was very small but it’s not impossible. He can’t help revealing a distressed expression. The lower body on the golden altar also had seals and if he stretched his hand over, his hand would definitely be eaten clean by those tiny figurines in the cubes.

If Chancellor Ba Shan was here, he could just destroy these seals with his brute force but Qin Mu didn’t have this kind of ability.

“Grandpa Cripple had taught me Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hands but I never used it before. Could I pass through this seals and grab that lower body?”

His heart became worried and he suddenly started sprinting in this treasury, executing Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs that Cripple had imparted to him. His speed was like a flickering shadow, so fast that even naked eyes can’t catch it!

Qin Mu sprinted and executed Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hands, causing his hands to move faster and faster like lightning. Cripple’s effort was all spent on his hands and legs. His legs running fast was to escape for his life after being discovered stealing. His hands were fast because he could steal stuff.

Qin Mu had always been cultivating Heaven Pilfering Leg Skill diligently however, he had practiced Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hands much lesser. Now that he was making a last-minute effort, he hoped he could comprehend more marvel of it.

When he executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs and Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hands at the same time, Qin Mu instantly noticed something wonderful and couldn’t help crying out in surprise, stopping immediately.

By executing two different skills at the same time, he actually felt that these two kinds of skills were actually one. It was just that Cripple had taught him this skill by splitting them into two parts.

Originally, he had already felt extremely smooth and unhindered when he cultivated Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs whereas now that he had executed both of them now, the speed of his vital qi circulation had increased several times!

That the speed of vital qi circulation increased several times meant that the speed he moved his hands and legs could be increased by several times!

Qin Mu composed himself and looked forward. The interior of the golden palace hall’s treasury was very spacious, having enough space for him to sprint. He suddenly exerted the strength in his legs and sprinted forward as if he was flying!

The air in the palace hall gave off a tearing whistle and suddenly a bang was heard. Qin Mu had mercilessly crashed into the wall of the palace hall which was three hundred yards away from his starting point. He then collapsed backward stiffly.

Around his body, a ring of white gas rose and dispersed.

After a moment, Qin Mu stood up and shook his head. He exerted his strength again and another bang was created as a ring of white gas dispersed around his body. However, this time, he didn’t bang into the wall and had run up the wall and then up across the ceiling with a whoosh.

The tearing sound whooshed endlessly and Qin Mu stepped on the air in this treasury and whooshed over before whooshing back in a blink of an eye.

Suddenly during his frantic sprinting, he stretched his hand out and plucked. A golden altar became empty and on Qin Mu’s hand, there was an alms bowl made from the top of a skull.


The alms bowl landed on the ground and Qin Mu laughed out loudly. He let loose and sprinted as he stretched his hands only like a shooting light towards the golden altars beside his body. The golden altars got emptied out one by one and the treasures were strewn all over the floor.

After a moment, all the golden altars were swept clean by him and Qin Mu hugged a pair of legs as he passed by a golden altar.

His body suddenly halted and he placed the golden lower body down.

“No wonder Grandpa Cripple likes to steal stuff, so as it turns out, stealing is actually so refreshing!”

The youth of Disabled Elderly Village let out a murky breath and look at the treasures strewn all over on the floor, exclaiming in a refreshed tone, “Even if one leg was cut down, it’s still worth it!

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