Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 157 - Paralyzing The Golden Palace

Qin Mu suddenly came to the realization that his idea was very dangerous. That was how Cripple’s leg was lost. Even though he always wore a smile on his face, he always sighed in secret and wanted to find back his leg yet didn’t dare to.

If he sank into the maniac stealing behavior that Cripple had before he was crippled, he would probably end up like him very soon.

“This kind of taste may be refreshing but it’s best to do lesser of it.”

Qin Mu warned himself and look at all the treasures strewn on the floor. Other than the evil treasure created by Rolan’s Golden Palace, he wanted to bring everything else away but the number of things he could bring was limited.

“This sword pellet must be something good for them to place it here.”

Qin Mu picked up the sword pellet which was very heavy and reckoned there must be numerous treasure swords sealed inside.

His vital qi slowly entered the pellet and he heard a hum coming from the ‘sword pellet’ as a curved knife flew out and slowly spun half a cycle in front of him.

“It’s not a sword pellet, it’s a knife pellet!”

Qin Mu was astonished. He had once seen this kind of knife pellets from the rebel army of Barbarian Di Empire. The rebel army had used them to bombard Chancellor Ba Shan’s Heavenly Spirits Escarpment which ended up in over tens of thousands of knives stuck on Heavenly Spirits Escarpment that couldn’t be taken back. This was why Torimu was able to slay the rebel army with ease.

Qin Mu picked up a curved knife and he couldn’t use it easily, therefore, he reckoned that a special technique was needed to activate it. However, the quality of this curved knife was much better than the rebel army’s curved knives. The quality wasn’t inferior to his Pig Slaughtering Knife.

He retracted his vital qi back and the curved blade returned into the knife pellet with a clink, vanishing with a trace.

There was an extremely large amount of curved knives in the knife pellet, thus it was definitely a huge killing weapon.

Qin Mu then picked up that broken sword. He couldn’t feel any power in the broken sword which seemed powerless and light when he held it in his hand.

Qin Mu opened his Heaven’s Eyes and Green Heaven’s Eyes to size it up carefully, however, he didn’t see anything from it. Then again, for Rolan’s Golden Palace to place it in such an important treasury, there must be something extraordinary about it, thus he kept it as well.

The guqin had one end burnt which Qin Mu deduced to be the mark of a lightning strike after taking a look at it.

“Hmm, that’s not right, there’s a baleful and demonic air from this guqin!”

Qin Mu looked at it in detail and felt more and more strange. That was a baleful aura from the guqin as if there were dense blood and qi pulsing in it. Meanwhile, the demon aura was also incomparably dense.

This guqin didn’t seem like a guqin but more like an incomparably terrifying great demon.

“Could it be a tree spirit that had cultivated into a demon and got turned into a guqin by someone? Good stuff, going to take it away as well.”

Qin Mu carried the guqin on his back and picked up the bones of a hand. Just as he grabbed it, Qin Mu felt as if he was struck by thunder. His body trembled involuntarily and a loud and resounding voice exploded in his mind.

“God language!”

Qin Mu’s expression hugely changed and immediately threw the bones of the hand away. That voice had spoken the god language and when he had held it in his hand, there seemed to be a god appearing in his head. When he plucked this bones of the hand from the golden altar just now, he had thrown it away straight after. Now then he knew what a right decision it was for him to throw away these bones of the hand.

“These bones are very strange, could it be the hand of a god?”

He composed his mind and pulled out Junior Protector Sword to flick these bones up. He then took a sack from the ground and placed the bones of the hand into it.

“Thousand Streamers Pagoda of Buddhism is also good stuff, though it’s a little too big.”

Qin Mu sized Thousand Streamers Pagoda up and down. Each streamer of Thousand Streamers Pagoda was very exquisite and only three inches long, however, with a thousand streamers stabbing elaborating into the shape of a pagoda, it was very huge. Reaching the height of several yards, it would definitely be eye-catching if he was to carry it out on his back.

He picked up those few sariras and stuffed them into the sack. He then found a few jade pearls and also threw them into the sack.

When Qin Mu also threw the knife pellet into the sack, only then did he feel something was amiss. The knife pellet was very heavy, however, when it went into the sack, he couldn’t feel any weight of the knife pellet.

He picked up the sack and flipped it around several times to take a closer look. This sack was also one of the treasures sealed on the golden altar which he had no idea what material it was made from and what use it had. There was a strange beast embroidered on one side of the sack which was opening its mouth wide open. The mouth of the strange beast and precisely at the position of the sack’s opening.

He opened his sack to look inside and saw a few items that were about the size of a sesame. They were the treasures which he had thrown in earlier.

Qin Mu was stunned, He poured out the hand bones of the god, sariras, knife pellets and the rest. When these items slid out of the sack, they were still of their original sizes and there was no change.


Qin Mu opened up the sack’s opening and put his head into the sack to take a look inside. He was shocked as he saw a space that had an area of six ares and a height of six to seven yards.

He pulled back his head and stretched his hand into the sack. With an arm inside, he still couldn’t touch the bottom of the sack.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and placed the hand bones of the god, sariras, knife pellets and the rest back into the sack. He then placed the guqin into the sack, along with the Thousand Streamers Pagoda.

He then carried up that golden lower body and stuff it into the sack as well.

The youth then stood up and picked up everything that was on the floor and stuff them into the sack, abandoning those that were too big to be able to stuff into the sack.

A moment later, the sack started to bulge slightly and he could gradually feel some weight, however, it wasn’t heavy.

Qin Mu lowered his head and picked up the items which he had thrown away once more. He picked out a few pill cauldrons and one of them was a sealed cauldron which was much bigger and valuable than the one in Imperial College.

All that was left in this treasury were magical artifacts that were made by the shaman cult using human bones. Qin Mu gave a sigh of relief and hung the sack at his waist, using his clothes to cover it.

“There’s not much time left, I should go out to look for Sister Yuxiu and leave this place as soon as possible.”

The youth’s heart thumped wildly and he tried to compose himself. After some calculations, he didn’t wear back the human skin and instead, took out his Pig Slaughtering Knives and styled his hair to make him look like a disciple of the shaman cult.

Qin Mu wore Danbaro’s clothes and circulated the Heavenly God Creation Technique of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Minute changes started to happen to the color of his skins as it gave off a faint golden glow. With a look, he looked like a shaman of Rolan’s Golden Palace who had small attainments.

Qin Mu flipped open the geographic map of Rolan’s Golden Palace and kept it back.

His vital qi activated that talisman treasure, causing it to rise into the air. The runes lighted up one by one and shone toward the seals of the treasury’s door.

“Twelve, nine, six, ten, seven, six, seven, one…”

Qin Mu chanted numbers and every chant would cause the talisman treasure to spin in the air, shining one of the fourteen sides to the seal.

When he had entered this treasury, that tortoise back guard had activated this talisman treasure to unseal the seals. The transformations of the talisman treasure were extremely complicated as it had fourteen sides and on each side, there were different runes. It was very difficult for him if he wanted to memorize all these runes.

However, memorizing the order of these runes was not complicated to Qin Mu.

He had memorized the fourteen sides of the talisman treasure as fourteen numbers. He then reversed the order of the numbers when the tortoise back guard had used to enter, solving the restrictions from inside.

In front of him, the cubes appeared and moved back one after another as Qin Mu walked out. He finally walked out of the treasury without a hitch.

Qin Mu gave a sigh of relief and took out Junior Protector Sword to smash the talisman treasure into pieces. He then walked towards the warehouse of Rolan’s Golden Palace according to the directions given on the map.

Even though Rolan’s Golden Palace was currently having their gate blocked, there was still a great shaman on duty in the warehouse. Qin Mu handed over a prescription and that great shaman read out, “Two maces of mock strawberry, one tael six maces of sacred bamboo, four maces of oleander… So many herbs, are you preparing to refine out a great medicine?”

Qin Mu nodded his head and smiled honestly, “I was injured just now so I’m preparing to supplement myself.”

“You have fought that fellow blocking the gate? I have also heard about it, many people had died. Luckily that fellow has already been killed so it still isn’t that humiliating. It was really humiliating back when Martial Khan had blocked the gate.”

That great shaman prepared the herbs and Qin Mu handed Danbaro’s coin pouch over to him, “Is there fresh figs formed by Crimson Pearl Grass? Give me four figs.”

“This item is very expensive so how can we have fresh ones? Do you want dried ones?”

“Dried ones are fine too.”

That great shaman brought over dried figs and Qin Mu took one to put into his mouth. That great shaman saw that he was simple and honest so he secretly took out a few more coins from his coin pouch and was secretly gleeful.

Qin Mu’s expression changed and shouted, “You overcharged me!”

That great shaman’s expression changed and retorted angrily, “I didn’t do that! You’re slandering me!”

Qin Mu pulled into his coin pouch and said, “I know how much money I have in my coin pouch, I would know if you have overcharged me. I’m going to report this to the shaman king!”

That great shaman immediately pulled back the coin pouch and when they were both tugging on it, a jade bottle accidentally fell into the warehouse and smashed into pieces.

“Don’t report it to the shaman…”

Before the great shaman could finish saying his words, he suddenly collapsed. A fragrant scent spread out in the warehouse and the other few shamans in the warehouse who were coming over after they heard the commotion collapsed onto the floor before they could even get near.

Qin Mu threw the coin pouch into the warehouse which landed on the body of that great shaman. He then carefully looked into the sack hanging on his waist and picked out a cauldron. It was that sealed cauldron which he had found in the treasury.

“I have added ten times the amount to Lost Fragrance this time, I don’t believe I can’t paralyze the entire Rolan’s Golden Palace!”

He placed the herbs into the cauldron and his vital qi burst forth to circle around this cauldron rapidly. His hand techniques were ever-changing and dazzling to the eyes. After a while, he had finished refining Lost Fragrance in the cauldron. However, the vital qi on Qin Mu’s palm still continued to burst forth with blazing flames. He didn’t use Black Tortoise Vital Qi to cool it down like he did previously and instead, burned more and more furiously.

After a moment, Qin Mu stopped and opened the cauldron’s lid. Pink smoke started to surge out from the furnace and spread in all directions. If not for the Crimson Pearl Fig in his mouth which could negate the medicinal effects of Lost Fragrance, he would have felt his limbs vanishing.

He immediately held his breath and saw the smoke continuing to surge out from the cauldron. Qin Mu’s vital qi transformed into Green Dragon Vital Qi and he executed the wind calling spells in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to disperse the smoke.

Soon, the gust had spread Lost Fragrance throughout the entire mountain.

He immediately rushed to a golden palace hall and carried his backpack. Securing his knives, iron hammer, he threw his sword case aside as he rushed to the direction of the mountain gate.

His vital qi transformed into Black Tortoise Vital Qi and formed a ball of water vapor which then turned into a ball of water.

Qin Mu placed the remaining three Crimson Pearl Figs into the balls of water and sprinted. With one hand holding up the three balls of water, his other hand moved like a phantom. With his fingers moving up and down in different hand techniques, he tapped on the balls of water to hasten the medicinal energy of the Crimson Pearl Figs.

That three figs absorbed the water and soon became plump, with their medicinal energy aroused by him.

Qin Mu left out a sigh of relief and suddenly, golden lights rose into the sky and hurriedly flew away. They should be the few shaman kings who were guarding in front of the sacred hall panicking and escaping Rolan’s Golden Palace after they had seen the disciples on the entire mountain ‘dying from being poisoned’.

“Dead, they’re all dead!” A loud and resounding voice carried terror and panic as disappeared in the distance.

Qin Mu pushed his speed to the maximum and sprinted down the mountain. He saw the green bull, Hu Ling’er and Ling Yuxiu all lying on the ground. There were wounds all over Ling Yuxiu’s body and she was stained with blood.

He immediately stuffed a Crimson Pearl Fig into each of their mouths and they slowly woke up. However, they still felt slightly numb, along with their souls and spirit embryos that were also slightly sore. They had no idea what had just happened.

“Lost Fragrance can scare the shaman kings away but it can’t knock them out.”

Qin Mu spoke quickly, “I’m afraid there are a few existences that are comparable to Chancellor Ba Shan in Rolan’s Golden Palace who would rush here immediately after receiving the news. We need to leave immediately!”

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