Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 158 - Eloping Together

Ling Yuxiu stood up unsteadily and the green bull also swayed its heavy head. Qin Mu carried the little fox up and stuffed her into his backpack. With one hand pulling onto Ling Yuxiu and the other hand pulling onto the green bull, he rushed down the mountain.

Ling Yuxiu was still in a dazed state. She gave him a silly smile and said, “Cowherd, you’re still alive…”

Qin Mu turned a deaf ear to her and rushed all the way down the mountain. He was so fast that Ling Yuxiu and the green bull couldn’t catch up with his pace and started to float up.

When they came to the bottom of the mountain, Qin Mu looked towards the wooden boat and the goat-faced great shaman was also paralyzed with his head in the water and his butt sticking up to the sky. With half of his body left on the boat, he should have already drowned.

Qin Mu quickly got up on the boat and flipped the goat-faced great shaman’s legs over, throwing him into the water. He pushed the bamboo pole but the boat didn’t move at all.

Qin Mu pushed the bamboo pole a few times more but the boat remained motionless.

“There’s no buoyancy in the weak waters!”

Qin Mu instantly came to a realization. He poured in vital qi into the bamboo pole and strange markings appeared on the bamboo pole. Now when he pushed the weak waters, he actually felt a resistance from the water.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and immediately pushed the bamboo pole to sail towards the other side of the shore. Even though this wooden boat was pushed forward like an arrow that had left the bow, he still found it too slow.

If the shaman kings and Grand Shaman of Rolan’s Golden Palace returned to the mountain, they could probably detoxify Lost Fragrance immediately and know that these people were only paralyzed and not poisoned.

If they were to give chase now, Qin Mu and the rest would face an incomparably miserable end.

When they finally reached the other side of the shore, the green bull returned to his senses and immediately shouted, “Old master is still on the mountain!”

Qin Mu said, “Don’t worry, if we can escape, he can as well. He is much stronger than us, if we go and look for him, we’ll be his burden instead! Furthermore, when Grand Shaman and the shaman kings return to Rolan’s Golden Palace to investigate, that would give Chancellor Ba Shan a chance to escape.”

He jumped onto the shore and stretched out his hand, however, Ling Yuxiu and the green bull had already jumped over as well and didn’t need him to support.

That Crimson Pearl Fig had allowed them to completely recover. Crimson Pearl Fig was indeed the antidote for Lost Fragrance. Lost Fragrance was originally what Apothecary used to paralyze a dragon. That dragon had an extremely strong ability which was comparable to a strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm yet it was paralyzed by Apothecary.

The only bane of this anesthetic was Crimson Pearl Fig.

“Green bull!”

Qin Mu gave a shout and the green bull understood his intention. He instantly pronated on the ground and revealed his true form, turning into a huge and majestic green bull that was riding on the wind and clouds.

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu jumped on the back of the bull and said, “Green bull, run as fast as you can!”

The hooves of the green bull moved and his hooves didn’t touch the ground as he sprinted on the wind and clouds. The two people on the back of the bull felt extreme pain as the strong wind bombarded them in their faces. On Qin Mu’s back, Hu Ling’er had woken up and was almost blown away by the wind when she stuck her head out to have a look. She immediately grabbed the backpack and her body was already blown out from the backpack, the strong wind pulling her tail and body straight like a pencil.

The green bull’s hooves raised up and down and every time his hooves were a foot away from the ground, wind would surge out from his hooves and pushed his huge body upwards, making his speed extremely fast.

Qin Mu turned his head back and his hair was all messed up. His hairstyle was like shaman and had no band to tie it up. Only then did he notice Hu Ling’er who was grabbing onto the backpack with her two paws. Her body was blown straight by the wind and he immediately grabbed her so she didn’t get blown away by the wind.

Ling Yuxiu shouted, “Cowherd, let me carry her so you can tidy your hair!”

Qin Mu handed Hu Ling’er over to her and Ling Yuxiu carried Hu Ling’er in her arms. Hu Ling’er gave a humph when she felt her chest was soft and fragrant. Even though she wasn’t happy, she was very comfortable and couldn’t resist giving one or two nudges.She felt torn.

Qin Mu took out a headband and tied up his hair, taking a look back from time to time. He saw that the distance between them and Rolan’s Golden Palace was growing greater and greater. He could still faintly see the golden lights flying from the snow mountain towards Rolan’s Golden Palace at a steady pace.

Those golden lights may not look fast but they were actually extremely fast, reaching Rolan’s Golden Palace in just a breath’s time.

After a moment, the few golden lights flew out from Rolan’s Golden Palace towards their directions.

Qin Mu’s heart sank. Those few golden lights should be the shaman kings of Rolan’s Golden Palace who had discovered their trials and was currently chasing over. Even though the green bull’s speed was extremely fast, his cultivation couldn’t be compared to the shaman kings.

However, at this moment, a bright light rose up and intercepted those few golden lights. The few rays of light collided in the sky and separated before colliding again.

From the distance where Qin Mu was at, the speed of the few rays wasn’t fast but if one looked at them from a close distance, they would be so fast that no one could see them clearly.

Those few rays collided a few times with the white light and suddenly a ball of light exploded, following up with a trail of black smoke appearing in the sky which formed a skull. The skull spewed out few trails of black smoke from its mouth and each trail of black smoke turned into a skull. With this happening thrice in a row, the entire sky was filled with skulls.

The shapes of the skulls could be seen from so far, they must be incomparably gigantic if he saw them up close. They must be as astonishing as mountains.

Then, Qin Mu saw a knife cutting across the vast sky and a ray of golden light suddenly broke among the few golden lights.

The green bull ran faster and faster, soon Qin Mu couldn’t see the battle clearly anymore.

When the green bull had sprinted by another few mountains, he totally couldn’t see anything.

As the sun set in the west, the sky gradually darkened. The green bull ran for half a day and panted with exhaustion as his mouth started to foam. Seeing a pond on the prairie ahead, he immediately ran over and gulped down the water.

Not long later, half of the water in the pond had disappeared.

The green color backs of the fish could be seen at the shallow parts of the pond as a few foot long fish squirmed their bodies in the mud, trying to crawl to the places with more water.

Qin Mu saw him being unbearably tired and jumped down from the bull’s back, “Green bull, stop running and rest for a while.”

The green bull hasn’t drunk to his content and at this moment, an elderly voice sounded out, “That bull, stop drinking! If you drink some more, you’ll drink all of the water for our village!”

The green bull raised his head and an elderly herder passed by here and abandoned his flock of sheep in a hurry to rush over. He tried to swing his whip to chase the green bull away but when he saw the green bull being terrifyingly huge, he didn’t dare to get close and swung his whip from afar, “Shoo, shoo.”

Qin Mu patted on the bull’s hoof as this green bull had revealed his true form which was incomparably tall and sturdy. Qin Mu was only as tall as his ankle so he could only pat the bull’s hoof.

The green bull immediately stopped drinking while Ling Yuxiu hurriedly jumped down from the back of the bull. Hu Ling’er also squirmed out from her embrace and jumped on Qin Mu’s backpack.

That elder dared not come forward and the green bull squirmed his body to shrink his body size. Standing up like a human, he was also two to three person’s tall. Swinging his tail, he swatted a few gadflies to death.

Qin Mu greeted from afar and said, “Elder, we are passing by and the sky is about to turn dark therefore we had stopped for a rest. This journey has really been tiring and we’re really thirsty so my bull has drunk slightly more, I do beg your pardon.”

That elder went forward and raised his head to look at the green bull while letting out a sigh of exclamation. He was still slightly afraid, “Your bull sure is well fed, growing to be so sturdy. How come this bull is green in color?”

Qin Mu smiled, “He’s a mixed dragon breed, therefore, it’s green in colour.”

That elder wanted to touch yet was afraid to touch. Mustering his courage, he came to the bull’s side and gave it a touch. He felt that his skin was like satin while his muscles were like iron and exclaimed, “His muscles sure are sturdy. We also have a few cows in our village, can he be used for breeding?”

The green bull was unhappy and said, “Elder, I’m not a breeding cattle so I won’t breed. My heart is already taken.”

That elder jumped in shock and muttered, “Demon?”

Qin Mu immediately said, “He’s not a demon.”

Hu Ling’er stuck her head out, “I’m a demon.”

That elder suddenly saw the light and smiled at Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu, “I know, you must have escaped from a rich family, am I right? Only rich family can afford to raise a strange beast and a fox immortal. The sky is turning dark, how about coming to our village to take a rest.”

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and looked at Ling Yuxiu. Ling Yuxiu said softly, “The green bull is exhausted and can’t run anymore.”

Qin Mu frowned, “If Rolan’s Golden Palace was to catch up, I’m afraid we would implicate them.

Ling Yuxiu said softly, “The green bull has always traveled on the wind and clouds, not leaving any traces so it would be hard for them to find us. How about this, if their village is quite hidden, we can stay there for the night. If it’s very eye-catching, we’ll be on our way.”

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, “Elder, in that case, we’ll have to bother you for tonight. We will continue on our way the next morning.”

The elder smiled, “It’s not a problem if you want to stay for a few more days. There aren’t many people in our village as well, they are all old folks who come closer to death with every passing day. Your body is pretty sturdy, help me herd the sheep.”

Qin Mu went forward and his body technique was extremely fast. He soon chased the flock of sheep together and the elder’s eyes lighted up, “Young lady, you have great eyesight, this young man is sturdy and capable.”

Ling Yuxiu’s face turned red, “Elder, it’s not what you think it is.”

That elder laughed loudly and brought them along to chase the flock of sheep. Walking around a col, they came to a small village in the forest. This village wasn’t huge and there were only twenty buildings. However, most of them were empty as there were only over ten elderly people staying there. The forest was very secluded and the trees were tall and huge as no one was able to trim them, resulting in the trees covering the small village.

“Why are there so few people here?” Qin Mu put his heart at ease and asked puzzledly.

“The few khans fight every day, with you killing me and I killing you. You grab some able-bodied men, I grab some able-bodied men, as they grab and grab, the people get lesser.”

That elder sighed and said, “Those capable ones in the village have all moved out and only us elderly are left. We can’t move even if we want to. Where can we move to? It’s lucky they did not touch us old bones when grabbing away the able-bodied men during these few years. Darling, there are visitors.”

An old granny who was mending clothes stood up shakily and smiled, “There are visitors? I’ll prepare some food!”

Qin Mu immediately said, “Let me do it. I have frequently prepared meals when I was back at the village.”

That old granny couldn’t win him and could only watch him cook up dishes along with the elder. Ling Yuxiu hurriedly went forward to invite the two old people to sit down.

“Where are they from?” The old granny beamed.

That elder blinked his eyes and stuck his two thumbs to do a kissing action, “Ran away from a rich family, a young couple eloping.”

Ling Yuxiu’s face turned red from embarrassment and protested softly, “It’s not like that, we’re innocent…”

“We’ve all been through that so we understand, the young lady is thin-skinned.”

The old granny sized her up and revealed a few loose teeth as she smiled, “The young lady is good, sturdy body with big bosoms and buttocks. This young man has quite a blessing.”

The elder smiled, “The young man is good as well, pretty sturdy too. He is also very honest and not overbearing. When he saw the old and frail me, he was also very polite.”

The old granny continued, “You two should return home after eloping for a year or two. Give birth to a baby and bring the baby back, even if your family doesn’t approve, they would have no choice.”

Ling Yuxiu kept nodding her head and her heart was restless as she didn’t know how to continue the conversation. She thought to herself, “If I was to give birth to a baby with cowherd, won’t my father die from anger… Bah, bah, father won’t die from anger but he will definitely behead him! Touchwood, touchwood!”

After a moment, the fragrance of the dishes floated out and Ling Yuxiu hurried forward to help serve the dishes. When they finished their meals, the sky had turned completely dark. There were only old folks in the entire village so they only lighted oil lamps before turning in for bed. Qin Mu help this two elderly wash their cutleries and that elder said, “There are many empty houses in the village, you can just choose one to live in.”

Qin Mu gave his thanks and walked into an empty residence. Hu Ling’er helped to tidy up three rooms and calculated to herself, “Green bull will take one room, plump bosom vixen will take one room, me and young master will take one room. Three rooms, no problem.”

Suddenly Qin Mu had a feeling and raised his head up to look at the sky. He saw two stars moving from the west in the sky and hurriedly said, “Everyone, get in!”

Ling Yuxiu, the green bull, and Hu Ling’er hurriedly entered the house and just as they entered, they heard a hum as two thick light pillars came landing down, lighting up the entire village as if it was in the day.

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