Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 159 - Blind’s Eyes

Those two rays were visions and the owner of these visions was flying in the sky and surveying the prairie. The two visions shone downwards, lighting up the prairie in a golden glow. The visions swept past this small village at the foot of the mountain before leaving in the distance.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and opened the door to look up to the sky. He saw the two stars shining pillars of light along their way, which covered a radius of two to three miles as they went further and further away.

“I wonder how is Senior Brother Ba Shan doing…”

He was indeed a little worried.

The people who had just passed by should be the strong practitioners of Rolan’s Golden Palace on the level of the shaman kings. As they searched their way over, this shaman king didn’t discover this village because the green bull did not leave any trails and there were no lamps lighted up in this hidden in the forest village. People here were all elderly people and they all went to bed very early.

However, for this shaman king to be able to come search for them, it meant that Chancellor Ba Shan couldn’t stop him, which could most likely be either Chancellor Ba Shan was injured or he was being surrounded.

“Let’s go to sleep!”

Qin Mu threw a small jade bottle to Ling Yuxiu and said, “Sister, dragon’s saliva is surprisingly effective to the wounds on your body. You should smear some on your body first before turning in to bed. We’ll leave immediately in the morning!”

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head and went into the room. After a moment, this girl opened the door and popped her head out. With her beautiful black hair hanging down in the front of her chest, she revealed half of her smooth shoulder with the rest of her body hidden behind the door. She said shyly, “Cowherd, there are some places which I can’t see so it’s inconvenient for me to smear…”

“I’ll help you!”

Hu Ling’er rushed over excitedly and smiled, “I’ll help you smear, there’s no need to bother young master!”

It was a night without words.

The next day before daybreak, Qin Mu got up to do some stretching. The elderly in the village got up too and the sound of feeding chickens could be heard. There were also sounds of people chasing the sheep out of the sheep’s pen, sounds of elderly greeting each other. For a moment, Qin Mu thought he had returned to Disabled Elderly Village in Great Ruins.

“Little couple, have you woken up? Breakfast is ready, you can come to my house to eat!” The old granny’s voice came from outside.

Qin Mu acknowledged and proceeded to wake up Ling Yuxiu and the green bull before carrying Hu Ling’er out from the bed to walk out of this dilapidated house.

At this moment, a voice came from outside the village, “There’s a village here, let us ask for directions.”

“Ask for what directions? It’s impossible for me to be lost!”

A voice which was brimming with anger sneered, “I’ve been there before and blocked the gate for a hundred days, how could I be lost?”

Qin Mu was stunned and gave an unbelievable look as he rushed to the village’s entrance at once.

“There’s no harm in asking. You said you remembered the way yet we ended up walking round and round the prairie for such a long time, I’m not like Cripple that wretch who can run so fast…”

Qin Mu came to the village’s entrance with quick steps and saw a blind man walking over with a bamboo cane. Beside him was a half body old man with a stubbly beard, carrying two Pig Slaughtering Knives on his back, making him look fiendish.

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. He hurriedly ran over and tightly hugged the half body old man up without explanation. He then threw the half body old man aside and tightly hugged the dry and thin old man.

“Butcher, haven’t I said we went the wrong way?”

That blind man immediately turned his head away to avoid Qin Mu. He struggled and looked at the stupefied Butcher who was thrown in one corner, “You brought me to the region beyond the Great Wall and look what happened? You brought me back to Great Ruins, we’re back at our village! Mu’er, let go, I’m going to suffocate! Where’s Village Chief? Is granny back as well? Apothecary, Apothecary, stop hiding, I saw you!”

After a moment, Blind and Butcher greeted the elderly people in the village. When the elderly in the village saw that they were even older than them and disabled, they all admired endlessly and secretly exclaimed they were old yet strong.

Ling Yuxiu came out from her room after she finished washing her hair and jumped in shock when she saw the two elders. She immediately ran back into her room with her heart thumping wildly, “They are those two elders that scared me and Little General Qin on Surging River that day!”

Qin Mu avoided all the elderly in the village and took out the sack on his waist. Pushing up the bottom of the sack, he reached in to rummage the items inside, pulling out two legs before tugging out the remaining half of the body and said, “Grandpa Butcher, is this golden lower body the one you’ve lost?”

“No. This isn’t my body.”

Butcher took a careful look at this golden lower body and used his knife to give a slice after a moment. Touching the golden blood that was flowing out, he said suspiciously, “This body seems to be Grand Shaman’s. I had fought with this old brat once and I’m very familiar with his blood. This lower body is already more or less dead, making it useless.”

Qin Mu also went forward to touch the golden blood which had already half solidified. However, there was still a fire property hidden within it and a drop of blood was even squirming on his fingertip, trying to enter his body.

Qin Mu immediately executed his vital qi and turned it into Vermillion Bird Vital Qi to burn it continuously. He spent quite a great effort before he could evaporate this drop of blood, “Since it’s the lower body of Grand Shaman, in that case, Grandpa Butcher’s lower body should be on Grand Shaman.”

“That old brat actually admires me to that extent?”

Butcher rubbed his beard, pleased with himself, “In that case, are the sons he gave birth his sons or my sons?”

The beard stubble on his face was like iron spikes, giving off scratching sounds as his hand went over them.

The more he thought, the more he became pleased with himself and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Blind said neither too fast nor too slow, “If he really gave birth to a son, or even a bunch of sons, are you going to acknowledge them?”

Butcher was stumped and his face turned bitter straightaway. The pleased look he had earlier had totally vanished.

With one sentence from Blind, Butcher became dazed. Blind then asked Qin Mu, “Mu’er, why are you here?”

Qin Mu told them about the entire story and Blind cried out, “You actually went to block the gate of Rolan’s Golden Palace? Pretty big guts. The reason I have accompanied Butcher out is also to go to Rolan’s Golden Palace. We have found out that Butcher’s lower body was snatched away by Rolan’s Golden Palace. Butcher said even if we find it, he doesn’t know if it could be reattached.”

Qin Mu smiled, “If the lower body is dead, it’s definitely impossible. But since Grandpa Butcher’s lower body is on Grand Shaman’s body, he definitely attached it to his body when it was still alive. As long as we find Grand Shaman and sever his lower body, I can help Grandpa Butcher reattach his body!”

Blind gave a smiled and said, “That’s a small matter. Butcher this wretch can finally be complete. He didn’t even have a bird in the past.”

Butcher flew into a fury, “I can transform my vital qi into my body, what do you mean I have no bird? I can pee and shit just fine!”

The two of them started to quarrel again, giving Qin Mu a headache.

Qin Mu immediately said, “Senior Brother Ba Shan is still trapped in Rolan’s Golden Palace and his situation is unknown. Grandpas…”

Butcher shook his head, “No need to care about that rascal, he lacks a door on his mouth and blurt out anything and everything without ever stopping. I had met him in Eternal Peace and he still hadn’t died from saying the wrong things. I dislike his nagging and was afraid of being annoyed by him, therefore, I had left.”

Even though he had said it that way, he had wanted to leave for Rolan’s Golden Palace immediately. He was still worried about the safety of Chancellor Ba Shan after all.

Hu Ling’er and Ling Yuxiu had already finished packing up and Ling Yuxiu went to that old granny and elder’s house to leave a few gold ingots. Even though they had only stayed for a night, they had received their hospitality. Furthermore, the elders in the village were all very old and have no young people in the village. Leaving some money for them would help them get through their later years.

Butcher looked at Ling Yuxiu, clearly forgetting this seventh princess as he smiled, “Rascal has good eyesight, this girl ain’t half bad.”

Ling Yuxiu mustered her courage and went forward to greet him and Blind, “The green bull had run out in the morning to graze, he’s not yet back.”

“Let us go and find him.”

Everyone left the village and saw a huge green bull grazing on the grass of the prairie. As he grazed, his tears streamed down like rain while muttering, “Ever since I followed old master, I’ve always been eating vegetables and never grass. Old master even built dozens ares of vegetable field to plant flowers for me…”

Hu Ling’er scampered forward and said, “Bull Two, stop crying. Your old master’s old master is here, there’s hope for your old master!”

The face of the green bull twitched when he saw Blind and Butcher who was only left with his upper body, doubting their abilities.

Everyone got on the back of the bull and Qin Mu said, “Don’t worry, green bull, they are very powerful. Let us go to Rolan’s Golden Palace as soon as possible to save Senior Brother Ba Shan.”

The green bull could only sprint back on the way he came from. Ling Yuxiu looked back and the small village which was hidden in the forest already couldn’t be seen.

“Those few elders had said that the few khans beyond the Great Wall are currently fighting each other. This means that the people beyond the Great Wall also feel threatened by the rise of Eternal Peace Empire.”

Ling Yuxiu composed herself and said, “They are also thinking of building a unified empire to gather all the strength to face Eternal Peace Empire. This khan of Barbarian Di Empire should be a great leader with a great ambition. If he was to unify the Great Wall, I’m afraid there would be trouble for our Eternal Peace Empire. Especially now that our Eternal Peace is frequently having civil unrest…”

Qin Mu nodded his head, “This must be the intention of Rolan’s Golden Palace. Rolan’s Golden Palace is the sacred ground after all. If they support the khan of Barbarian Di Empire, it’s not hard for them to unify the Great Wall. I reckon Rolan’s Golden Palace is also hesitant as they are scared of grooming another Eternal Peace Empire, making them lose control over the region beyond Great Wall. This is why Barbarian Di Empire has yet to unify the region beyond Great Wall until now.”

Ling Yuxiu gave it some thoughts and it was indeed reasonable.

However, the three biggest sacred grounds in Eternal Peace Empire, Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery, Heavenly Devil Cult did not support Eternal Peace Empire. Not only did they not support, there were still sects creating troubles for them.

If Barbarian Di Empire was to receive the full support from Rolan’s Golden Palace, they would probably have the power to invade Eternal Peace Empire.

The green bull sprinted for almost half a day when Blind suddenly said, “Halt.”

The green bull immediately halted. Blind pointed in the southwest direction and said, “Go over there. I can see people fighting over there.”

The green bull was bewildered. Blind saw people fighting over there? How did he see them?

However, it was not good for him to question Blind, so he could only change his direction and sprinted southwest.

Ling Yuxiu was also slightly puzzled and she looked at Qin Mu. Qin Mu explained, “Grandpa Blind has the best eyesight in our village.”

Blind was proud of himself. Ling Yuxiu looked at his ‘eyes’ and saw his eye sockets being completely empty and had nothing inside, making her thought to herself, “Why is Blind the one with the best eyesight? What the logic in this…”

Not long after the green bull had changed his direction, they suddenly saw a knife light cutting across a mountain, however, due to the long distance, they could only see weak rays. Only then did they admire Blind endlessly.

Ling Yuxiu was between bewildered, “He really is blind?”

Butcher also exclaimed, “Blind’s eyesight is really good.”

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