Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 160 - Wrinkle A Pool Of Spring Water

Qin Mu knew the ability of Blind's god mind's eyes very well, therefore, he was long used to it. Even though Blind's eyes can't see, what he can 'see' was much more than the others.

He stood up and looked into the distance. There were still rays of golden light surrounding that mountain as they revolved around it.

The green bull sprinted with all his might and got closer and closer to that mountain. Not long later, the rays of light became thicker and thicker as they floated to and fro around the mountain like streamers surrounding the mountain.

When they got even closer, they could see numerous things in the golden lights. Those were the divine arts of the shaman kings and there were curved knives hidden within the golden lights. In some golden lights, there were golden humans and in others, there were golden dragons rolling inside.

The power of the shaman kings was astonishing and only shamans who had cultivated to Celestial Being Realm could be known as shaman kings. However, Rolan's Golden Palace was the sacred ground of the Great Wall after all. Those shaman kings that had given chase were mostly of Life and Death Realm and there was even a cult master level existence that was on Divine Bridge Realm.

The green bull sprinted forward and was only three miles away from that mountain. Qin Mu took another look and saw that there was a shaman king in each of the eight directions around the mountain.

The bird head human body shaman king on the east was holding onto a circular mirror. That mirror was strange and had twelve snow white bones growing out from the mirror. With the mirror in his hand, a ray of golden light shone from the mirror.

The leopard head human body shaman king on the west had a scepter in his hand. On the top of the scepter, there was something like a tail wrapping around the scepter which was currently moving. It was as long as the scepter. Meanwhile, on the tip of the scepter, there was a golden skull that was shooting out golden lights from its eyes.

On the south side, there was a three-headed golden man. He had three wolf's heads.

On the north side, the shaman king had a human head and two wings on his back. Golden swords continued to grow out from both of the wings and turned into sword currents which attacked towards the center of the mountain.

Meanwhile, the shaman kings on the southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest were also of all shapes and sizes. There were some that grew a beast head and eight arms, some that grew six legs, some that grew wings, some that grew more eyes and even had eyes on their palms.

Even though Qin Mu had seen Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures, he couldn't help exclaiming in admiration at the weirdness and power of this technique as he looked at such a scene.

At the middle of the mountain, knife light slashed vertically and horizontally to block the divine arts that were coming in all directions.

Huge rocks came falling down time to time from the top of the mountain. The rocks were as big as courtyard houses. In this situation, people couldn't recognize them clearly from far away. They could roughly see items like dust falling down and only when they came close could they only know how huge those clouds of dust were.

The mountain was already shaved into a bare pillar by the divine arts of Chancellor Ba Shan and the eight shaman kings. Only the top of the mountain where Chancellor Ba Shan was standing on still had some greenery left.

Butcher took a look and gave a sigh of relief before smiling, "Bigmouth still isn't dead. Let us return."

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The green bull rushed forward with even more vigor.

Before they had yet to reach the bottom of the mountain, Butcher suddenly rose into the air and a knife light split the sky with an incomparable brightness. Qin Mu raised his head to take a look and felt that it turned darker after the light disappeared. It was as if the light was too bright and left a knife mark in their eyes, yet it also looked like it was too sharp and had sliced open the sky.

He couldn't determine which one it was.

"Heaven Khan!"

An astonished cry sounded out as a human head fell from the sky. There was also a headless shaman king still flapping his bird wings in the sky, shining his golden light everywhere. It was human head bird body shaman king on the north.

Among all of the shaman kings present, only he was the cult master level existence of Divine Bridge Realm yet he was assassinated by Butcher when he closed in on him and killed him with a knife.

Butcher was from the battle techniques school and one could well imagine what would happen if he closed in on someone.

Butcher landed steadily on the back of the green bull and ordered it, "Your old master is fine now, he'll just have to suffer a little more injuries and he will be able to slaughter his way out. Green bull, bring us to Rolan's Golden Palace."

The green bull hesitated and asked, "Aren't old old master going to rescue old master? Old master always talked about how good you were."

"Why should I rescue him? For him to annoy me?"

Butcher shook his head, "It was very peaceful for me when I stayed in the village for the past few years. When I think of getting nagged by this guy, my headache would act up. You should go as I ordered. If you continue to be long-winded, we'll have beef tonight. Do you know what's my job in the village?"

The green bull shuddered in fear and dared not to say a word. This bull was very clever and had long realized he was a butcher that slaughtered pigs and cows.


Chancellor Ba Shan's voice came from the mountaintop and it was obvious he was injured since his breath was inadequate. He cried out in surprise, "Master, it is you! I knew you didn't die. You had left me behind in Eternal Peace for so many years and ran away yourself to live a carefree life. How are you going to make up to me? I have a lot of things to tell you…"

"Quickly run," Butcher said.

The green bull immediately ran towards the direction of Rolan's Golden Palace. Chancellor Ba Shan was about to rush out of that mountain when he got suppressed by the other seven shaman kings, making him have no choice but to go back to the mountain.

The seven shaman kings now felt they were holding a wolf by the ears. The eight of them had worked together to suppress Chancellor Ba Shan and had decided to refine him to death. Never did they expect that Heaven Khan who was rumored to have died many years ago to resurface and killed the strongest shaman king among them with a knife.

They had originally thought that Heaven Khan would make a move on them and Chancellor Ba Shan's spirits were raised as he used his strongest attacks to delay them, making them unable to run, scaring them out of their wits.

And now, Heaven Khan had actually left Chancellor Ba Shan here and escaped on a bull.

Chancellor Ba Shan was also at a total loss. Suddenly, he came to the realization and started to curse the old man.

It took the green bull almost half a day to bring them back to the weak waters.

Butcher look at Blind and said, "Blind, you and Mu'er shall accompany me up the mountain. Now that my lower body is missing, I can't win that old fellow."


Blind jumped down from the back of the bull. Qin Mu made Ling Yuxiu, Hu Ling'er and the green bull stay and said, "We'll be right back."

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head, "Be careful."

Butcher came to the front of the weak waters lake and shook his head, "Ba Shan this brat still hasn't improved after all these years. He couldn't even move this lake away."

He took in a deep breath and the trio behind him couldn't help becoming dumbstruck. They saw the surroundings surging like a gathering storm towards this elder in front of them who only had the upper half of his body. Even the clouds in the sky were swept over by the surging gale!

The prairie had a high elevation and the clouds were much lower. Even so, they were also ten thousand feet above them and this elder was so overpowered that he actually managed to suck all the white clouds in the sky into his stomach in one breath!

"This is, this is… the legendary strongest practitioner of the battle techniques school!"

Ling Yuxiu's mind shuddered. Ever since Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gathered all the strong practitioners of battle techniques school to discuss Dao, the strong practitioners of the battle techniques had either died or escaped, and there were also some who went into seclusion.

However, after that discourse, there were no more strong practitioners standing at the pinnacle of battle techniques.

The flesh body was what battle techniques school was strong in. There was a similar trait in all of the top battle techniques practitioners, which was one part of their bodies had already become a god!

He had no need to deliberately execute divine art as every motion they did was a divine art.

It was obvious that this elder who only had his upper body was such an existence.

Butcher took in a deep breath and completely sucked in all the clouds in the surroundings before giving out a blow.

Whoosh! The weak waters lake in front of them was suddenly lifted up and the waves grew higher and higher as though a sea had become vertical.

The vertical sea rapidly retreated and was literally blown into the snow mountains in an instant, filling up all the valleys in the snow mountains.

In front of them, the lake was dried and even the bones in the lake were blown away. Even though the bottom of the lake was still slightly wet, there was no mud as the mud was scraped off cleanly.

Qin Mu opened his heaven's eyes to have a look and he saw that the veil covering lake had also vanished without a trace left from Butcher's breath.

The top experts of the battle techniques school didn't know the spell divine arts to change the land but with such an incomparably strong body which could change the land and weather, why do they need spell divine arts?

"If one could have the body of the battle techniques school, the sword mastery of sword control school and the divine arts of spells school, won't they be invincible?"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and followed after Butcher. What he cultivated was Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and this technique was good in everything. It was just that this technique had no divine arts, no body refinement techniques, and no sword skills.

It was also because he was cultivating Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, Butcher didn't impart his body refinement technique to him so as not to hold back his advancement in cultivation.

Actually, everyone in the village had his own unique technique but none of them had taught it to him.

Rolan's Golden Palace broke into a commotion when they saw Butcher blowing away the weak waters lake in front of Rolan's Golden Palace in a breath. How could such an unimaginably exceptional divine art not make the hearts of the shaman kings tremble?

In front of the sacred hall, Grand Shaman stood there with his scepter. Two rays of golden light shone out from his eyes and landed on the three people who were walking on the bottom of the lake, causing his eyes to twitch.

He was the cult leader of the golden palace. Because he envied Butcher's strong body, after he knew Butcher got cut down by raising his knife towards the heavens, he infiltrated Eternal Peace and exterminated that small sect which had snatched Butcher's lower body.

He knew very well that Butcher's body surpassed his body, therefore, he had cut off his own lower body without hesitation and attached Butcher's to his body.

And now, his nightmare had turned into a reality.

That Heaven Khan had not yet died. He had lived on and now he was coming for his lower body.

The corners of Grand Shaman's eyes twitched furiously and he turned to walk back into the sacred hall. In the hall, there were golden skeletons sitting on the shrines. There were human shaped bones and there were also beast shaped bones. There were a total of eighteen shrines and seventeen of them had golden skeletons in them. On the eighteenth shrine, there was a skin and bones elder with a messy appearance sitting on it as if he was dead.

"Grandmaster, Heaven Khan is here," Grand Shaman leaned on his scepter and knelt down on one knee while lowering his head.

That elder who was as thin as a match opened up his sharp eyes and his voice was like an owl, "Where's the Sacred Child of Reincarnation which I asked you to find?"

Golden sweats built up on Grand Shaman's golden forehead as he said tartly, "I haven't found him yet…"

That messy elder shouted with a sharp voice, "Without the Sacred Child of Reincarnation, won't my reincarnation for the past seventeen lifetimes be all for naught? I am only half a step from becoming god, half a step!"

Grand Shaman lowered his head deeply and didn't dare to say a word.

That messy elder said sternly, "With me around, Heaven Knife won't dare to make things difficult for you but I won't easily exhaust my life to help you. Return his lower body to him and immediately find the Sacred Child of Reincarnation for me!"

Grand Shaman was startled and suddenly, a flash passed his waist. It was too late for him to defend against.

Grand Shaman kept silent for a moment before opening his mouth again, "Junior Brother Gyatso, come in."

A shaman king heard him and immediately came into the sacred hall before bowing, "Grand Shaman, what's the matter?"

Grand Shaman picked up the scepter and poked through his head. He then severed his lower body and attached it to his own body. Without a ripple on his expression, he bowed and said, "Grandmaster, disciple ask to be excused."

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