Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 163 - Pangong Tso

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's body trembled slightly.

"The things you want to do are too big and the road ahead is filled with thistles and thorns. My life is coming to an end and I can't help you anymore, you'll have to rely on yourself."

The young patriarch smiled slightly, "Go back."

Eternal Peace clasped his hands together and bowed to the ground, "Thank you Dao friend for half of a lifetime of support!"

The young patriarch returned his greeting, "Since we are walking on the same path, we naturally have to support each other."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned around to leave, with his clothes fluttering in the wind, disappearing into the boundless sea of people in the capital city.

The young patriarch rose and called Elder of Discipline over, "Let's go. It's time for the young cult master to ascend to power."

At the borders of the Great Wall, Chancellor Ba Shan's expression turned grim as he brought Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu into the frontier stockade, feeling very displeased in his heart. When that barbarian general that was on duty saw them coming, his expression changed and he went forth, "Martial Khan, the sacred ground has ordered not to let you out of the borders when we see you!"

Chancellor Ba Shan had an icy gaze as he asked coldly, "Do you want to die?"

That barbarian general felt a shiver down his spine and looked around. Chancellor Ba Shan swept his gaze at all the generals around and asked coldly, "Do you all want to die?"

That barbarian forced himself to shout, "Open the gates!"

The gates opened and Chancellor Ba Shan rode the bull out of the borders.

Qin Mu looked back and can't help crying out in surprise when he saw a barbarian youth on top of the city gate tower practicing his punches which were so vigorous that wind was formed. That barbarian youth saw someone was peeping and immediately kept his stance to look down.

"This youth is very strong and has an extremely strong foundation," Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration.

That youth turned his gaze over and light shone from his eyes as he shouted, "Martial Khan! My name is Pangong Tso, the son of the prairie king. I will definitely defeat Martial Khan in the future and become the overlord of the prairie!"

Chancellor Ba Shan turned back and sized up that barbarian youth, praising him, "Great spirit, continue to train. You're a seedling with a good foundation. Show me your series of punches again!"

Pangong Tso executed another series of punches and Chancellor Ba Shan told Qin Mu, "This child has great control over his fist skills and his power was much fiercer than other people. The aptitude of his body was very extraordinary and he will definitely become a very capable person."

Qin Mu nodded his head. The same moves, the same cultivation, yet the punches of some people would be stronger than others. This was their gifted talent that others could never get but envy.

"I'm impressed. As long as he doesn't die, he would definitely become a well-known figure on the prairie."

As they walked toward Qingmen Pass, Pangong Tso's spirits rose after receiving Chancellor Ba Shan's praise and trained even harder. Not long later, a ray of golden light flashed across the sky and a shaman king landed. With a grim face, he summoned the general on duty over and asked, " You have let the Martial Khan out?"

That general on duty braced himself and said, "Martial Khan has immeasurable power so how would I dare to block him? If we block him with force, I'm afraid there would be a disastrous amount of casualties in our border station and it would be difficult for us to defend against Eternal Peace's army."

That shaman king gave a cold snort and was about to blow up when he suddenly saw Pangong Tso who was practicing his punches on the city gate tower. He was surprised and delighted as he pointed towards Pangong Tso to ask, "Whose child is that?"

"The young son of our Barbarian Di Empire's supreme khan, Prince Pangong Tso."

That shaman king gave a smile and reached out to grab him from afar. Pangong Tso's body flew over uncontrollably and landed in front of him.

"Great aptitude, this is the extraordinary constitution that Grand Shaman is looking for!"

That shaman king sized him up and gave a satisfied expression, "The Sacred Child of Reincarnation which Grand Shaman ordered us to find has finally been found by me! Pangong Tso, follow me!"

The general on duty was startled and wanted to stop him but that shaman king had already turned into a ray of golden light and brought Pangong Tso away.

When he brought Pangong Tso back to Rolan's Golden Palace, he sent this little prince to Grand Shaman. Grand Shaman also couldn't help being surprised and delighted. He immediately brought Pangong Tso to the sacred hall and bowed, "Grandmaster, the Sacred Child of Reincarnation is found. He has the same constitution as Grandmaster. He is a rare talent that could only be found once every few hundred years on the prairie. Grandmaster can reincarnate now."

A mournful laugh came from the shrine and suddenly a bony monster flew out. With his head below and legs above, he stuck himself to Pangong Tso head to head.

A world-shaking boom sounded out in Pangong Tso's mind and his soul was obliterated.

Essences continuously surged forth from that monster's body into Pangong Tso's body. At the same time, that grandmaster's soul was also shifting and planting itself into Pangong Tso's body, "Disciple, when I reincarnate, the one that should die doesn't die and the one that should live doesn't live. This alters fate and defies the natural order so the messenger of death will be coming to capture my soul. Set up the formation properly to block the messenger of death."

Grand Shaman immediately went forward and took out the shrines to place them around Pangong Tso. On the shrines were the skeletons from the past seventeen lifetimes which were left behind by the grandmaster and refined into magical artifacts.

Suddenly, the space trembled as a chill wind blew over from another space and time. The fire in this sacred hall immediately dimmed as a small boat slowly floated over from another space and time.

That was a dark world and the only source of light seemed to be from the green lamp hanging on the bow of the small boat. The green lamp was dim and there was an elder sitting under it and folding paper boats and paper humans.

The boat slowly floated towards the sacred hall.

Grand Shaman was extremely anxious and immediately poured all of his magic powers into the shrines. In the shrines, that seventeen golden skeletons seemed to have come to life and stood in a line between the entrance of the other world and their actual world.

The elder sitting on the boat was surrounded by boundless darkness and looking from his angle, other than his lamp which was lighted up in his world, the only other light was from the entrance to the other world and that entrance was currently blocked by seventeen skeletons.

He raised his hand and the paper humans and paper horses seemed to come alive as the paper humans rode on the paper horses which sprinted towards the entrance blocked by the golden skeletons. Meanwhile, the paper humans on the horsebacks were swinging their paper knives and paper swords. They opened their mouths and seemed to be shouting ferociously but no sound came out.

The seventeen skeletons moved together at once and engaged in a scuffle with the paper humans and paper horses which had come rushing over.

These seventeen golden skeletons formed a formation which had immense power and allowed the formation to unleash a might that rivaled the gods, however, the power from the other world was abnormally terrifying. When the paper knives and paper swords came slashing down, even the golden skeletons of the grandmaster couldn't defend against them. A knife could easily sever a bone and a sword could easily stab through their skulls.

Grand Shaman controlled the seventeen golden skeletons and held on desperately to hold off the attacks of the paper humans and paper horses. Meanwhile, the grandmaster sped up his reincarnation yet he saw the small boat from the other world getting closer and closer. The elder on the boat had already picked up the lantern and stood up.

Sweat broke out across Grand Shaman's forehead as he saw the small boat had already floated at the way over and was about to cross over from the other world to their actual world. Meanwhile, the elder holding the lamp had stretched his hand out as though he wanted to stretch his hand out from the other world to pull the reincarnating grandmaster to that world!

Suddenly, Grandmaster's body turned stiff and he dropped down from mid-air without a breath remaining while Pangong Tso opened up his sparkling black eyes.

Just as his eyes opened up, the connection between the two worlds crumbled. The paper humans and paper horses incinerated by themselves and turned into ashes in an instant. Meanwhile, the hand that had stretched out from the other world had gradually pulled back and vanished.

In the sacred hall, the fire suddenly brightened again and the dimness earlier had disappeared without a trace.

Pangong Tso let out a sigh of relief and smiled, "I've finally succeeded."

"Congratulations Grandmaster!" Grand Shaman bowed.

Pangong Tso waved his hand and Grand Shaman retreated. Closing the door to the hall, he let out a sigh, "If not for Grandmaster's old age and weak body, how would he let Heaven Knife slaughter his way up? Now that Grandmaster had reincarnated, he could finally live through another lifetime. This way, there would be no need to worry about Eternal Peace Empire and Heaven Knife wouldn't be a problem as well."

In Qingmen Pass, Qin Mu threw two jade bottles to Chancellor Ba Shan before going off to buy some spirit herbs to refine pills.

"Young master, Patriarch is looking for young master."

Qin Mu finished grabbing his herbs and that shop assistant of the medical store said, "Young master please leave the pass as soon as possible and head towards Harmony Prefecture."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and nodded his head.

He returned to the inn and refined out a cauldron of spirit pills to heal injuries for Chancellor Ba Shan. He called Hu Ling'er over and left the border without a word, heading towards Harmony Prefecture.

Ling Yuxiu was currently bathing and when she was done, Qin Mu had disappeared without a trace. She couldn't help being surprised and immediately went to ask Chancellor Ba Shan. Chancellor Ba Shan also didn't know when Qin Mu had left and told her after some thinking, "Princess, there's no need to worry. The fox isn't here as well so this means that junior brother wasn't kidnapped and has left with the fox."

Ling Yuxiu was slightly disappointed. Qin Mu did not tell her a thing and left quietly this time.

Was there a need to be so mysterious?

What could he not say?"

Chancellor Ba Shan consumed the spirit pills and rose, "Princess, let us return to Imperial College. Calculating the time we have been out, Grand Chancellor should be resigning soon. The new Grand Chancellor should be assuming position soon too. Let us return earlier. Grand Chancellor has always been looking after me, I must see him off at least."

Ling Yuxiu understood.

Meanwhile, at this moment, Qin Mu had brought Hu Ling'er forward and they got closer to Harmony Prefecture. On their journey, there were turmoil and chaos of war everywhere. There would be sects announcing the emperor had gone down the wrong path and mistakenly allowed the treacherous Imperial Preceptor to bring a great turmoil to the whole world. Therefore, the sects revolted and wanted to purge the wrong in the name of justice.

When he came to Luo City which was beside Harmony Prefecture, there were battles everywhere in Luo City. The people had no way to make a living and the armies were quelling the rebellions everywhere. However, it was like they were trying to stop water from boiling, having not much use.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had let this flames burned too furiously. Most of the officials that formed Eternal Peace Empire's council were experts from numerous sects and now that these sects had rebelled, these officials had rebelled together. The foundation of the empire had shaken and it was already very difficult to suppress the revolt.

"What method does Imperial Preceptor have to pacify the chaos in the world?"

Qin Mu was bewildered, "If it continues this way, I'm afraid all of the sects in this world will revolt. When that time comes, even if Eternal Peace Empire is able to pacify the rebellion, it would suffer a huge loss in power."

This was something Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would definitely not be willing to see.

If Eternal Peace Empire suffered a huge loss in power, how could he pacify the other countries around Eternal Peace Empire and how could he occupy Great Ruins to attain an achievement of a lifetime?

In the border of Luo City, Qin Mu was just a passerby and he met over ten groups of bandits attacking him. Some of the bandits were unsettled divine arts practitioners while some were the officials of Luo City who had turned into bandits to occupy the hills to act as lords.

He relied on his fast speed and executed Cripple's Heavenly Pilfering Leg Skill when he couldn't defeat them, therefore, he was pretty safe.

"If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is able to pacify this rebellion and subdue or eliminate all of the empire's opposing forces, Eternal Peace Empire would be fully united and that would be extremely terrifying!"

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