Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 164 - Saintess

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration at what he saw on the way. There were already countless of divine arts practitioners in just Luo City and one could imagine just how many divine arts practitioners there were in the empire.

Now Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was unable to use these powers but once the rebel forces were eliminated or subdued, there won't be a decrease in Eternal Peace Empire's strength as a whole and there would be a great increase instead!

Finally, he came to Harmony Prefecture and it was different from Luo City. Harmony Prefecture looked to be in peace and prosperity while the citizens were living in peace and worked happily. Qin Mu passed by the fields and saw a few martial arts practitioners executing spells, turning the wind into wind blades to harvest the crops for the farmers.

Qin Mu stopped to take a look and saw those few martial arts practitioners cultivated spells from Heavenly Devil Cult. They controlled the wind to help a few families finish harvesting their crops and went to the families to settle the bill afterward.

One of the girls said, "Don't dry your rice crops today. There would be rain later in the evening."

Those few families gave their thanks repeatedly.

These few practitioners saw Qin Mu standing over at the side of the field and were feeling peculiar. That girl came forward and stopped not far away from Qin Mu before greeting, "Senior brother, what's the matter?"

Qin Mu smiled warmly and asked, "Are you from the Wind Hall?"

That girl was astonished and didn't dare to answer him. Qin Mu smiled, "I had seen the spell you had used earlier was Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground therefore I asked. Was Wind Hall Master the one that taught you this move?"

That girl hesitated for a moment and said, "It's Wind Hall Master Lei Zhengyin."

Qin Mu asked curiously, "Wind Hall Master didn't teach you this move completely?"

Other martial arts practitioners came forward and a youth shook their head, "Wind Hall Master only taught us a few moves once in a while. He would normally teach once and not anymore, therefore, we had not learned them completely."

Qin Mu circulated his vital qi and turned it into Green Dragon Vital Qi while smiling, "I just have the time, let me teach you. Take a look."

He executed his Green Dragon Vital Qi beside the field and exhibited Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground and they saw wind blades that were like curved knives slithering in the field like snakes. With a hundred wind blades close to the ground, they sprinted towards the legs of the enemies.

"This move isn't merely just to have blades sticking close to the ground. You can also do it this way."

Qin Mu suddenly tapped his feet on the ground and jumped up. The tips of his feet then landed on the rapidly whirling wind blade and rushed forward while being carried by the wind blade.

He stood on the wind blade and executed spells at the same time as he attacked. Hundred of wind blades whooshed forward and covered a radius of twenty yards as they sliced forward.

Even though Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground was an ordinary spell, its power wasn't small. On the contrary, with a move like this, the power of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures could be seen from the different ways of utilizing the move.

Qin Mu landed on the ground and dispersed the spells.

The few youths were surprised and delighted, "Wind Hall Master had never taught us this kind of move by stepping on the wind blade!"

They immediately consulted him and Qin Mu sat down beside the field to answer all their queries. He explained the marvel of the circulation of this spell and how to control the magic power finely.

"There are still some variations to this move and the wind blade doesn't necessarily need to stick close to the ground."

Qin Mu once again executed Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground and suddenly trembled his fingers. The wind blades turned vertical and attacked upwards, "The path of spells is actually interlinked with sword skills and battle techniques. Even though Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground is a spell, it can also transform into sword techniques or battle techniques."

He suddenly took out a knife pellet and gave it a gentle tremble. The curved knives flew out from the knife pellet and executed Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground as well. Even though the variation of the move couldn't be compared to spell, its power was increased several times.

Qin Mu wielded two curved knives and the knife lights suddenly expanded. His hands moved up and down and the knife lights traveled forward close to the ground. The move he had executed was actually Spring Wind Travelling Close To The Ground as well and the power was even stronger than the knife pellet by a few times!

Qin Mu retracted his knives and the curved knives came flying back into the knife pellet one after another.

Turning his head back, the few youths were stunned from the sight.

Qin Mu gave a smile and asked, "Have you understood?"

A girl muttered, "How can a spell turn into a knife skill, into a battle technique? Even Hall Master Lei can't execute it…"

Qin Mu guided patiently, "Who set the rule that spell must only be used as a spell? Why can't it be used as knife skill? And using it as a battle technique is also letting nature takes its course. When you cultivate spells, there's no need for you to keep to the old-fashioned ways and be constrained to other people's experience."

The few youths were deep in thoughts.

Qin Mu explained the essence of this skill for a few more times and when they had learned it completely, he asked, "Don't you go to school? I see you are still young so why aren't you seeking knowledge in primary school?"

A youth replied sadly, "Poor. Where do you have the money to attend school? We can only earn some money during the busy farming season. Sacred cult taught us spells, sword skills and battle techniques to let us earn a living and not starve to death."

"I see."

Qin Mu seemed to think of something when a familiar voice suddenly came over, "You taught well and they learned well."

Qin Mu immediately turned back and saw the person who was talking. He immediately greeted, "Patriarch. Elder of Discipline. When have you arrived?"

He didn't know when the young patriarch appeared in the distance and Elder of Discipline was following behind him. Elder of Discipline smiled, "We've been here for a while. We passed by here and saw you teaching them spells so we stood and listened at the side without interrupting."

The young patriarch praised, "Now I feel passing Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to you was an incomparably right choice. It's already considered remarkable for others who cultivate it to understand Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scripture. They could at most develop one or two uses from a spell yet you could think of so many different uses. Good, very good."

Qin Mu was bewildered, "Shouldn't spells be used this way?"

The young patriarch smiled, "They should be. It's just that the previous cult masters were too dumb and didn't think of these kinds of usages. Let us go."

Qin Mu acknowledged and brought Hu Ling'er to follow them to Harmony Prefecture City.

"Aiya, I've forgotten to ask who was he!" A girl suddenly cried out.

Those few youths looked at Qin Mu and the rest walking further and further away. A youth muttered, "Just now he called one young patriarch and the old man Elder of Discipline, so who could he be…"

"His knowledge is even higher than Hall Master Lei. He must be an important figure in our sacred cult!"

On the way, Qin Mu saw some more Heavenly Devil Cult's disciples using spells to dig canals and there are also some who were using spells to plow the ground, using spells to fly up the tree to pluck fruits.

However, these disciples were not proficient in their spells and most of them had not learned the spells completely.

This time Qin Mu didn't stop to impart the complete spells to these Heavenly Devil Cult's disciples. There were too many Heavenly Devil Cult's disciples spread throughout the whole world. It was completely impossible for him to teach them all by himself which would take him god knows how many years.

"There are more disciples of our sacred cult in Harmony Prefecture."

The young patriarch smiled and asked, "What opinion do you have looking at this situation."

"Patriarch assisted Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to found Imperial College, colleges, and primary schools yet our sacred cult's disciples have no place to learn. Patriarch placed the world in your mind yet you forgot about out sacred cult."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Patriarch should establish primary schools, colleges and Imperial College in our cult so that the disciples of our cult will not fall behind the times."

The young patriarch smiled, "This is what the sacred cult master has to do and not what the patriarch has to do. Young Cult Master, this will be your responsibility from now on."

Qin Mu stared blankly and asked, "Why didn't Cult Master Li do it forty years ago?"

"Cult Master Li lost himself to female charms and was attracted by Cult Mistress so how would his eyes still have the people of the world?"

Qin Mu was speechless. Granny Si was dragged into this again. Back then Li Tianxing was charmed head of heels for Granny Si and missed the reform which received worldwide attention.

As a comparison, it wasn't good for Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery to conform to his reform. Even though they were the sacred grounds of the righteous path and buddhism path, their method was that each master took in a few disciples and the master could only teach these few disciples.

Whereas it was different for Heavenly Devil Cult. Heavenly Devil Cult's method was hall master responsibilities system. Even though the hall masters were strong practitioners, they weren't in charge of taking in disciples and only impart their techniques and divine arts once in a while.

Heavenly Devil Cult could totally set up a few primary schools and colleges within the cult and as for Imperial College…

"For Imperial College, we can just send them to learn from Imperial College."

Qin Mu calculated, "Pick out outstanding disciples from our cult and let them attend Imperial College's examination and let Imperial College help us groom our disciples. In this way, Heavenly Saint Cul would prosper even if we don't want to."

The young patriarch took a look at him and sighed, "Why couldn't you be born forty years earlier."

He brought Qin Mu into the city and the citizens busied to and fro like threads weaving by each other. Qin Mu couldn't help being bewildered, "Could the headquarters of our Heavenly Saint Cult be situated in the city? Isn't this too eye-catching?"

The young patriarch took him to the city lord's manor and when they got there, they didn't even inform anyone and just entered the manor. In the manor, there were already many higher-ups of Heavenly Devil Cult gathered. There were the hall masters, cult protector elders, supervisors, guardians, and cult heavenly kings.

When people saw the young patriarch and Qin Mu, they all stood up to greet.

Qin Mu returned their greeting and the young patriarch gently nodded his head before asking, "Is everyone here?"

A cult protector elder said, "Cult Mistress and Saintess aren't here yet. Heavenly King Qian of the cult heavenly kings isn't here yet as well."

The young patriarch nodded his head, "In that case, let us wait a while more."

Not long after, a sweet and alluring voice sounded out, "Are Mu'er and Patriarch here?"

When Qin Mu heard this voice, he felt his blood rushing to his head. All the other hall masters, elders had their faces turned red with anticipation as if they had seen their perfect dream partner when they heard the voice.

The young patriarch's heart also turned slightly frisky and his expression changed. He shouted, "Si Youyou, be a little solemn!"

Granny Si's voice then came from outside, "How boring."

The young patriarch flew out of the door and rushed out. His voice sounded out, "Who let you reveal your true appearance? If you reveal your true appearance, you'll turn the whole ceremony into a great mess… Of course you will have to come in your ugly state… The child you raise is becoming the cult master, do you want him to be charmed by you… That's better. Go in."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief along with everyone in the city lord's manor. Cold sweat broke out on the foreheads of the few white-haired elders and cult heavenly kings as they composed themselves.

Outside the door, the young patriarch and Granny Si walked in. The old woman was still slightly unhappy and looked around. When she saw Qin Mu, she gave off a smile.


Qin Mu immediately went forward and pulled onto Granny Si's hand. He snickered softly, "Granny, I know you were in Imperial College, you didn't even change your name…"

Granny Si was bewildered, "I haven't gone to Imperial College. I have only observed you from afar. Furthermore, there was Patriarch in Imperial College so I wasn't worried about your safety at all."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Granny is still going to act? You have already been seen through by me, you're Imperial College's Si…"

"Saintess has arrived!" A resounding voice suddenly sounded out.

Qin Mu was about to say Si Yuxiang's name when he suddenly saw Si Yunxiang walking in from the door. Granny Si's voice then sounded beside his ear, "Saintess is even the classmate of Cult Master, you two entered Imperial College at the same time."

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