Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 167 - Sending Patriarch Off

The young patriarch's gaze wavered and he shook his head, "You had turned yourself into a heart devil and planted yourself in her Dao heart. You should know that if she refined you, you will just be paving the way for her."

"No matter if she refines me or if I take over her, we'll both become one."

Cult Master Li's voice traveled out, "No matter if it's good or bad, it's my choice. When I decided to marry her, I had deeply known that she was the devil in my heart and I had no choice but to get rid of her. By getting rid of her, only then can I put my mind down to seek the path and make further progress. I request teacher to help me achieve it."

Qin Mu's heart leaped and he looked towards the young patriarch.

He had long known that there was a great devil in Granny Si's heart and this devil was extremely powerful, even the khakkhara staff of Great Thunderclap Monastery couldn't purify him.

Only now did he know that the heart devil was the previous cult master, Li Tianxing."

Granny Si killed Li Tianxing yet he turned into a heart devil and planted himself into Granny Si's Dao heart, fighting with her over one body.

In his heart, he naturally wanted to help Granny Si refine Li Tianxing, however, the young patriarch was obviously impartial and would not have the same thoughts.

No matter whether Granny Si refined Li Tianxing or Li Tianxing took over Granny Si's body, either was fine for the young patriarch, therefore, there was no need for him to interfere.

After a while, Granny Si got back to normal and looked cheerful as usual as if nothing had happened.

Qin Mu could see that most of the hall masters and elders in Heavenly Devil Cult didn't like Granny Si. It was probably because Granny Si had killed Li Tianxing and made the sacred cult have no cult master to lead them for the past forty years. With all of them scattered like sands, they had missed numerous opportunities, therefore, they kind of hated Granny Si.

The main reason Granny Si had come forth to attend the ceremony of the cult master's ascension was Qin Mu.

She was afraid that the people of the cult would bully him therefore even if she was to face their hatred, she still had to come and support him. Imparting the Unity Technique or not, she didn't care at all. All she cared was Qin Mu.

The young patriarch gave a sigh. Femme fatale referred to a woman like Granny Si. Just because she was too beautiful, even if she didn't commit evil, people would still commit evil for her.

It was hard for this world to contain such a beauty.

Li Tianxing was worldly, the young patriarch was also worldly and the others couldn't be exempted from being worldly as well.

If she wanted to survive in this worldly world, she could only be Granny Si and could never reveal her true appearance, not even her voice.

After the ascension ceremony, the young patriarch called Qin Mu over and walked side by side with him to introduce the scenery of Saint Arrival Mountain to him. This place was Terrace of Forgotten Love, that place was Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival, the other place was Floor under Heaven and another place was Fish Observation Pond.

He said a lot of stuff and briefed him about the history of Heavenly Devil Cult. Some pages of the history of Heavenly Devil Cult were very ancient and if he didn't say it out, there won't be anyone that would know it after he died.

"Patriarch, why do we Heavenly Saint Cult use the word ascension for taking over the new cult master's position?"

Qin Mu asked, "Isn't ascension just used for the emperor?"

The young patriarch looked at him and shook his head, "When our Heavenly Saint Cult was at its most glorious state, we had six empires under us and the emperors of the six empires were all followers of our Heavenly Saint Cult. The sacred cult master using the term ascension, which was also used for the emperors, was actually showing respect for the emperors. Things changed with the passage of time and now the empire is the biggest sect. It's hard for a sect to make all the people become disciples of the sect, but an empire can make all the people in its borders the people of this empire."

Qin Mu was deep in thought.

The young patriarch led him up the mountain and said, "Saint Arrival Mountain is the headquarters of our cult and it's still a difficult task for you to enter the headquarters. This time you were sent into it by the three hundred and sixty hall masters activating their teleportation flags but as the sacred cult master, how can you not have your own ability to enter the headquarters personally?"

Qin Mu followed him and saw the young patriarch leading him into a great hall. The shape of the great hall could only be considered normal and wasn't the slightest luxurious like Rolan's Golden Palace. It was only constructed out of green bricks and red tiles.

When they came to the inside of the hall, Qin Mu found that the decorations were also very simple. There was only a sculpture of the saint placed inside.

The young patriarch came to the saint's sculpture and offered a few incenses. Qin Mu also followed him and paid respect to the saint's sculpture. The young patriarch said, "Most of the elders, heavenly kings are proficient in the art of teleportation and can return to Saint Arrival Mountain. The art of teleportation is carved on the wall of this hall and you can take your time to comprehend it."

Qin Mu looked at the wall of the palace hall and saw there was a treasure refining method on it. It was the refining method of the teleportation flags as well as the divine arts and formation runes needed to create the teleportation flags.

The young patriarch said, "There are different technique carved on each and every one of our sacred cult's great halls. There's no restriction for our disciples to learn and cultivate. There's no need to treasure a shabby broom. It's up to their abilities to master them after we impart them the techniques. You need to have magnanimity and the broad-mindedness.

Qin Mu understood.

The young patriarch then said, "The things in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures could be imparted out and there's no need to keep it to yourself. How much they can comprehend is up to themselves. As for the matters of the cult, the small matters will be handled by the hall masters while the big matters will be handled by the elders. As for the bigger ones, the heavenly kings will handle them. There are also supervisors to supervise all the halls and Elder of Discipline to enforce the law, Elder of Techniques to impart techniques, therefore, there isn't much stuff that you have to do personally. What you have to do is to control the general direction of our Heavenly Saint Cult."

He looked at Qin Mu and asked, "So what's the first thing you are going to do now after being the sacred cult master?"

Qin Mu thought for a moment and said, "To set up primary schools in each and every hall, forming the three hundred and sixtieth hall, the school hall. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's reform established primary schools and college, which created a new profession in this world. Therefore our sacred cult will need to have one more hall. Since the sacred cult has three hundred and sixty halls, I would like to build three hundred and sixty primary schools to teach the cult disciples the path of cultivation."

The young patriarch nodded and said, "For this matter, you can call the left and right guardians and entrust this matter to them. They will discuss it with all of the hall masters to pick out talents to form the school hall. This is how you control the general direction and delegate power to your subordinates to handle the matter. If you have to do everything personally, you do not have such a huge amount of energy and it would hold back your advancement in cultivation."

Qin Mu gasped in admiration.

He suddenly had a queer thought, Heavenly Devil Cult didn't seem like a cult but more like an empire!

If Eternal Peace Empire was a sect disguised as an empire, in that case, Heavenly Devil Cult was an empire disguised as a sect!

Heavenly Devil Cult was too similar to an empire.

Three hundred and sixty halls of all professions and the disciples of every hall made their own livings. There was also supervisors supervising all of the halls while the cult protector elders and cult heavenly kings formed the army which defended them against their enemies. The left and right guardian were the continued tradition of Heavenly Devil Cult.

With millions of Heavenly Devil Cult's followers, they could completely match a small country.

Of course, the followers of Heavenly Devil Cult referred to themselves as Heavenly Saint Cult and not Heavenly Devil Cult.

"There's one more thing."

The young patriarch sincerely instructed him with a grave expression, "I know you like to tear things down and had made Chancellor Ba Shan watch over you, yet he ended up letting you tear down Scholar's Residence once more. You can tear down Scholar's Residence but you absolutely cannot tear down our Saint Arrival Mountain. Every hall on Saint Arrival Mountain is historical site and there are numerous wonderful techniques carved inside the halls."

Qin Mu's face turned slightly red as he muttered, "I don't tear things down frequently."

"I understand. After coming to Imperial College for not more than eight days, you had only torn things down twice or thrice before going beyond the Great Wall to tear things down."

The young patriarch walked out of the hall and Elder of Discipline was carrying their luggage while waiting outside. The young patriarch waved his hand to Qin Mu, "I'm leaving. Cult Master, there's no need to send me off. This farewell might just be the last, no matter how far you send me off, we will still have to part ways."

Qin Mu shook his head and insisted, "Even though it might be the last farewell, what I'm giving you is my token of appreciation."

The young patriarch nodded his head and walked down the mountain.

Qin Mu imitated step for step and followed beside them.

He had lesser interaction with the young patriarch and he wasn't like the other elders who had seen him grow up. Even though he had only spent a short time with the young patriarch, he saw something on him that was different from the villagers.

Qin Mu learned a lot.

In Disabled Elderly Village, he was always a child, a child that never grew up in the eyes of Village Chief and Granny Si.

Meanwhile, at Patriarch's side, he had learned to grow up.

He had now become an adult.

Although he escorted him a thousand miles, yet they must part in the end. There weren't a thousand miles from the top to the bottom of the mountain and they had finally walked to the end.

The young patriarch turned around and bowed, "Sacred cult master, no need to see me out."

Qin Mu stopped and couldn't suppress sorrow in his heart as he bowed, "Farewell, Patriarch!"

The young patriarch jumped up and leaped off the mountain. Elder of Discipline also followed him down and both of them disappeared into the vast sky.

Qin Mu remained bowing for quite some time. After some time, he finally straightened up and looked at the sky above. He knew he would never see this young old man again.

When Elder of Discipline came back, he would probably be bringing the ashes of this young patriarch.

Death was nothing to fear?

Entrusting your body to the mountain for all eternity.

Perhaps the young patriarch's final wish was to become something like this Saint Arrival Mountain.

He could be considered to have accomplished that doctrine of Heavenly Devil, carrying out it in his entire life.

Suddenly on top of Saint Arrival Mountain, the huge flags unfurled and the three hundred and sixty hall masters left one after another. Qin Mu called Hu Ling'er over and returned to that cypress pine. There were still a few cult protector elders staying there and they all greeted with smiles when they saw him walking over, "Sacred cult master."

Qin Mu returned the greetings. There was no one left here other than these old men and women. Granny Si had also left, probably to send the young patriarch off.

Qin Mu found the left and right guardians and brought up the matter regarding starting up the school hall. The left and right guardians were two middle-aged men with one in black and one in white. Looking at each other in the eyes, the left guardian asked, "What does Sacred Cult Master plan to let the school hall teach?"

Qin Mu said, "All the techniques and divine arts in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures can be taught. Also other than the school hall, we will also have to set up a Floor of Heavenly Records on Saint Arrival Mountain. This is to gather the studies of all the sects to store them in the floor, making it easy for the disciples to browse. The simplest method is to copy all the scrolls in Imperial College's Floor of Heavenly Records and send them to the Floor of Heavenly Record of our sacred cult."

The left and right guardians noted it down.

Qin Mu said again, "Are there any brothers of the cult who are officials in the imperial courts? Ask them to copy down the techniques of the imperial courts as well and send them to Floor of Heavenly Records."

"We've received the decree."

The left and right guardians asked for the detail and immediately rose. The men in white and black raised their white and black gowns over their upper bodies and they disappeared along with their gowns. They should have teleported out from Saint Arrival Mountain.

"Our sacred cult's teleportation method sure is powerful."

Qin Mu exclaimed endlessly and quickly brought Hu Ling'er to the great hall to learn the art of teleportation. Without learning the art of teleportation, it was absolutely impossible for him to leave here!

As the sacred cult master, he can't be so thick-skinned to pester others to bring him out right?

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