Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 168 - Old Men

Great Ruins, Disabled Elderly Village.

Village Chief was still sitting on the recliner along with Apothecary as usual, drinking their tea slowly. Suddenly Apothecary turned his body and asked, "Village Chief, haven't you sat here for quite some time? It seems like you have been paralyzed here for the past two days and didn't even move when the darkness invaded. You didn't return to your room to sleep? When I woke up this morning, I've already seen you lying here."

Village Chief squinted his eyes lazily and said, "Apothecary, your heart is in disorder. After Mu'er left, your heart fell into disorder."

Apothecary laughed grimly, "My heart is in disorder? It's clearly your heart that's in disorder! Look at me washing up and grooming myself every day, unlike you with your messy appearance. The only difference is that you have yet died on the recliner."

Village Chief said, "It was clearly you who had moved me to the village entrance yesterday morning and forget to bring me back in when night fell, isn't that because your heart in disorder? To suddenly forget something you did every day?"

Apothecary smiled from extreme anger, "If I had forgotten to bring you back in, can't you walk back by yourself? Don't you know how to fly back? What's the use of your exceptionally talented cultivation for?"

Village Chief fell silent for a moment before saying sadly, "You know that I have no legs, nor arms…"

Apothecary was almost driven mad, this damned old man actually didn't die from the curse and monsters in the darkness after being left out yesterday night and he actually still had the face to say he had no legs.

He was about to argue strongly for what was right when he suddenly raised his head. Village Chief also perked up and smiled energetically, "Friends from afar, isn't that a joy? Dao friend, you are relaxed."

An old and a young man came up from Surging River's downstream and came walking towards the village.

Village Chief looked at Apothecary and immediately said, "Where's your comb? Stop hiding it. I know you always have a comb on you, it's in your chest! Quickly take it out. I haven't washed up for two days, how can I meet the guests like this?"

Apothecary gave a sneer and remained unmoved.

Village Chief laughed, "I'm the one who was lazy to move for the past two days, it's my fault."

Apothecary passed the comb to him and Village Chief used his vital qi to control the comb, combing his hair and tidying himself up.

The young patriarch and Elder of Discipline walked over and stopped in to greet. Village Chief smiled, "Disabled person is unable to return your greeting, please forgive me. Please take a seat. Apothecary, watch the tea."

The young patriarch sat down and gave a smile as he looked at Elder of Discipline who was standing beside him, "I'm no longer the patriarch of the sacred cult, there's no need for so many rules, sit together."

Elder of Discipline also sat down and placed the bamboo basket on his back at one side.

Apothecary brought over the teaset and boiled a new pot of water. Putting in the tea leaves, he let it simmer for a moment before pouring tea for both people.

"Apothecary has the southern way of drinking tea," the young patriarch smiled.

Apothecary smiled, "I was born in the south, therefore, I'm used to the southern way of drinking. The northern tea is used to seeing the tea leaves bobbing up and down while the southern tea reflects the heart of people with its clear bottom, both have their own good points."

The young patriarch smiled, "No wonder the both of you oftenly sit here. Village Chief, I've come to impose for a few days, are you okay with that?"

Before Village Chief could say anything, Apothecary clapped his hands and smiled, "Great, simply great! After Mu'er left, this old man has almost bored me to death, sitting here like a paralyzed every day, not moving or talking."

Village Chief gave him a stare and said to the young patriarch, "Now that you're at your leisure, it's also pleasant to stay here for a few days to clear your mind."

The young patriarch said, "I admire Dao brother very much. For the sacred cult master to be groomed by all of you, he is really outstanding and extraordinary, therefore I came to consult. The sacred cult master was a natural born Overlord Body and cultivates Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, resulting in a body of extraordinary abilities. My knowledge is lacking and didn't know that such a thing called Overlord Body in this world, it just so happens that I can consult Dao brother during these few days…"

Overlord Body!"

Village Chief and Apothecary looked at each other in the eyes and suddenly burst out into laughter. The two old men weren't young anymore and they laughed with their mouths wide open and tears streaming down their faces, gasping for their breaths.

"Overlord Body… Puahahaha!"

Village Chief rolled off from the recliner from laughing while Apothecary dropped to the ground and smacked his fists on the ground, unable to get up.

The young patriarch and Elder of Discipline were befuddled by their laughter and Elder of Discipline grew apprehensive as he thought to himself, "How bored are these two people usually? There was clearly nothing to laugh about yet they are gasping for their breaths from laughing. Will Patriarch and I become crazy like them if we stay here for long?"

Village Chief paused for a moment and laid on the ground to catch his breath. Apothecary pointed at the young patriarch and laughed, "We even fooled the devil cult's patriarch! Hahahaha!

Village Chief broke out into a crazy laughter again while Apothecary smacked the ground again.

After some time, Village Chief floated back onto the recliner while his vital qi combed his messy hair. Apothecary walked slightly further and smacked the dust off his body before going to wash his face. He then took out another comb from his chest and tidied himself up before coming up to sit down properly to apologize, "Dao brothers, there are only the two of us left in the village and we are almost bored to death. Even the hen dragon has gone out to fool around with a male and gave birth to a coop of small hen dragons. It's rare for someone to tell us a joke, therefore, we lost our composure."

The young patriarch looked behind them and saw a hen dragon that was as tall as a human bringing a bunch of small hen dragons strolling around in the village. That hen dragon raised a gale as she flapped her wings.

"What's Overlord Body all about?"

The young patriarch consulted humbly, "May I request both of you to be generous in your teachings. My scope is indeed a little shallow…"

"Say no more."

Village Chief held back his laughter, "I'll tell you."

After a moment, the young patriarch and Elder of Discipline were flabbergasted when they knew the truth. It was like they got struck by the thunder from the heavens a hundred times before getting stampeded a hundred times by a herd of reckless bulls, unable to return to their senses for quite a long time.

The strongest Overlord Body was actually the body of an ordinary person and the strongest Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was actually Daoyin Technique that the most ordinary of the ordinary people used to strengthen their bodies!

Yet Qin Mu had actually managed to cultivate this technique and thought that he was the Overlord Body.

This was yet the crucial point, the most crucial point was that Qin Mu who had absolutely believed it had used an ordinary body and Daoyin Technique to beat up all the other talents and geniuses and made them pissed their pants in terror, which was remarkably alike a true Overlord Body!

Village Chief and Apothecary were very pleased with themselves as they looked at each other. Village Chief whispered, "Look at their expressions, exactly like what I have expected."

The young patriarch let out a murky breath and had a queer expression, "So I see, so I see… However, there are indeed some problems with Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, it's very extraordinary."

"Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique may be the Daoyin Technique which could be commonly seen but it indeed has some issues. However, for people who can cultivate this technique to Mu'er's extent is rare among rare, I can absolutely say that there's only Mu'er."

Village Chief said with a resolute expression, "At least I have not seen any before. I suspect that this technique is a technique before Great Ruins, which should be not bad, and it was passed down and became the most ordinary Daoyin Technique. But I'm not sure about it. Who would have thought that this technique would be cultivated by someone one day."

The young patriarch's gaze flickered, "Or we can say that before Great Ruins turned into Great Ruins, ordinary people could also cultivate and this Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was the cultivation method of those ordinary people. However, because of a great unforeseen event, it resulted in ordinary people unable to cultivate. The Four Great Spirit Bodies appeared after that and become the mainstream now."

Apothecary's heart moved slightly and asked, "If ordinary people can't cultivate, how was Mu'er able to cultivate? We can't just say that it was through his hard work. There are definitely people who are more hardworking in this world than him. It also can't be justified that it was because he had used up a hundred more times of resources compared to other ordinary people. There might be people who are willing to spend a huge amount of resources to awaken a mortal body. In that case, there must be something he has different from other normal people."

Village Chief's heart leaped and said, "Maybe he was an ordinary people before the Great Ruins turned into Great Ruins."

The three of them looked at each other in the eyes and every one of them agreed to this idea. The young patriarch asked, "In that case, where did he, this ordinary person before the calamity, come from?"

Village Chief and Apothecary replied in unison, "Carefree Village!" When they had said it, they both looked at each other in the eyes with their hearts shaking.

Only Elder of Discipline's brain did not react as fast as theirs and was still puzzled, unable to take part in the conversation.

"I feel that my thoughts can't catch up to theirs…" Elder of Discipline had a feeling of being left out.

"Carefree Village?"

The young patriarch's heart moved slightly and asked, "May I ask where is this Carefree Village?"

Village Chief gave a smiled, "No idea. But if Dao friend is interested, we can go out of the village tonight to search for it."

"Out of the village?"

The young patriarch turned his head and looked at the vast Great Ruins. His heart suddenly felt a little tense and also had a little anticipation.

He had come to the correct place.

He thought to himself secretly.

It had been a while since he had felt such an excitement. The old scoundrels of Disabled Elderly Village had once again made him feel the adventure and impulse he had during his youth period.

Two old men and each had one foot in the grave, along with another old man, and an old and yet not old apothecary shall explore the depths of the mysterious Great Ruins, at night, made him excited just thinking of it.

Saint Arrival Mountain. Qin Mu instructed, "Ling'er, even though this mountain is the sacred ground of our Heavenly Saint Cult, it's also my first time here, therefore I have no idea which areas are dangerous. Don't run around and wait for me to succeed in cultivating this teleportation method on the wall then I'll bring you out."

Hu Ling'er acknowledged and turned around to run out of this palace hall.

Qin Mu sat down in front of the wall and carefully studied the teleportation method on the wall.

The teleportation method on this wall was a way to refine treasure and the runes, formations, divine arts within were all unable to be used on their own. They must be used to create the treasure and only then could it activate the teleportation effect.

This was the reason why most of the higher-ups had created teleportation flags and teleportation clothing.

When the teleportation flag was unfurled, everything that the teleportation flag covered could be teleported away, being able to bring along many people. Whereas when teleportation clothing covered one's body, one could be brought away.

Qin Mu carefully comprehended the marvel of the teleportation method. After one day, he finally comprehended the teleportation method on the wall, yet he started to calculate in his heart.

Heavenly Devil Cult's teleportation method relied on runes to activate the formation and the formation to activate the divine art. Because it was too complicated, it was very difficult for divine arts to execute out directly, therefore they had to refine it into a treasure to be used for teleportation.

If he could directly execute the divine art, he could also achieve the result of teleportation, which would definitely be more nimble than using teleportation flags or teleportation clothing.

Furthermore, after Qin Mu had comprehended for so long, he had discovered that the teleportation method actually required a more superior calculation technique. Only with higher cultivation in the method of calculation, could he master the teleportation divine art even faster.

" I need an even superior algebra record!"

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