Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 169 - Sacred Cult Master’s Hobby

Teleportation divine art was actually a divine art constructed by algebra. The difference in direction, place, distance, and space needed one to calculate the order and rules of the runes.

Every established teleportation point required a huge amount of mathematical operation.

Two words mathematical operation, what was the operation?

Operation meant the sequence, evolution, change, rules of the rune formation. With evolution in the sequence of the rune formation to change the rules, only then could he have a calculation.

By refining the teleportation divine art into a treasure, it was to rely on the runes and formation changes imprinted on the treasure to push the calculation, which was thousands of times more complicated than using the beads of an abacus. It could be seen as a large-scaled abacus that was strangely constructed.

If he wanted to execute this divine art by himself, he would have to be able to adjust the calculation anytime and anywhere, finding out the marvel of teleportation through the complicated runes.

With only Ten Computation Canons, it was impossible for him to deduce such a complicated operation formula.

Therefore Qin Mu felt that he needed an even more superior algebra record and only then could he completely learn the teleportation divine art.

"Profound computation should be taught in Imperial College's Hall of Array Element. Hall of Array Element teaches formation skills, therefore, they definitely have to use the operation of algebra. Maybe Dao Sect also has such a computation and might be even superior…"

Qin Mu suddenly remembered Daozi Lin Xuan. When Daozi Lin Xuan executed A Dot Threading The Vast Movements, Yin And Yang Come And Go Within Two Modes, he had used an extremely complicated algebra operation method.

Yin And Yang Come And Go Within Two Modes required an extremely large amount of algebra operation and without a strong mathematical operation ability, it was very difficult for him to calculate the changes in the moves and calculate out the exact location of Qin Mu's weakness.

"Without a profound computation, it's impossible for me to learn the teleportation divine art now. Now I only know what is done but not why it is done. I should first refine out a treasure of teleportation."

Qin Mu put his heart down and focused on refining the treasure. No matter whether he refined a teleportation flag or a teleportation clothing, he would need cloth. Now he had only one set of brocaded clothes now, he could only make do with it.

Meanwhile, using his brocaded clothes made from Six Wings Golden Natural Silk to refine out a teleportation clothing, he would need to pull out some threads. After taking out a few threads of Golden Natural Silk, he used the Golden Natural Silk to sew the formation on the clothes and used his vital qi to mark the runes.

He had learned to tailor from Granny Si since young, therefore, he had some experience with embroidery. This wasn't difficult for him.

"Say, do you think the sacred cult master can rely on his own strength to leave Saint Arrival Mountain?"

The three cult heavenly kings had yet to leave Saint Arrival Mountain to prevent Qin Mu from being trapped here. The three elders looked at Hall of Floating Light and Heavenly King Lu stroke the mountain goat-like beard on his chin, "Refining a treasure of teleportation is that simple. The teleportation method of our sacred cult could be said a divine art that causes the most headache for everyone."

Heavenly King Yu nodded his head in deep agreement, "The art of teleportation needs a high requirement for algebra and it's difficult to learn it without being proficient in algebra. The sacred cult master is still quite young and shouldn't have much attainments in algebra."

"Let him comprehend it for a few days. Without knowing the difficulty, he won't know how to progress. Knowing the difficulty and progressing is then the heart that seeks knowledge."

Heavenly King Shi was the most earnest, "The sacred cult master experienced too little setbacks and came to the position of the sacred cult master easily. Without sharpening him on the grindstone, it would be hard for him to grow. This was also Patriarch's idea.

The other two cult heavenly kings nodded their heads repeatedly, "Do we need to create some setbacks to sharpen him?"

"There's no need. The comprehension this time is enough to let him know what's a setback. Patriarch's idea was to wait until he couldn't leave this place and we will then give him a teleportation flag.

Heavenly King Shi smiled and said, "Every action from Patriarch has its in-depth meaning. Both of you definitely know how hard it was to master the teleportation divine art, so what's the point of Patriarch making him stay here to learn the teleportation divine art?"

Heavenly King Lu and Heavenly King Yu's eyes lighted up and they clapped their hands in exclamation.

Even though the teleportation divine art was in Hall of Floating Light and didn't prohibit disciples to comprehend it, there were not many people who were able to learn the teleportation divine art. Every hall master in the sacred cult had a teleportation flag, but these flags weren't made by those hall masters personally and were actually spirit weapons made by the four cult heavenly kings.

There are not many people in the entire Heavenly Devil Cult who could master the art of teleportation and refine it into a treasure. Even the previous generation saintess, Si Youyou, also couldn't master it. She didn't have very high attainments in algebra.

Patriarch's idea was to let Qin Mu go to Hall of Floating Light to learn the art of teleportation and when Qin Mu discovered that the teleportation divine arts required an extremely high attainment in algebra, it would have already been over ten days.

Then after ten days or more, Qin Mu would realize he couldn't cultivate this divine art and could only refine the treasure of teleportation. After another ten or more days, Qin Mu would then discover that he couldn't even refine out the treasure.

If this happened, the naughty and mischievous temper of this young sacred cult master could be grinded, making him know the immensity of heaven and earth. He would then learn not to perpetrate outrages and have an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.

When that time came, Qin Mu would calm his heart down and comprehend the Unity Technique of Heavenly Saint Cult. Then the three cult heavenly kings would appear and give this young cult master a teleportation flag, allowing the sacred cult master to leave Saint Arrival Mountain successful to everyone's delight and satisfaction.

This was the deep intention of why Patriarch had made Qin Mu remain on the mountain to comprehend the teleportation divine art.

Heavenly King Yu had a grave expression, "What exactly happened to Heavenly King Qian? Have any of you received any news?"

Heavenly King Shi and Heavenly King Yu shook their heads. Heavenly King Shi said, "Senior Brother Qian has most likely come to misfortune already. He is always the most enthusiastic yet he is still yet here, I reckon the enemies must have made a move on him to find out the location of our headquarters, to investigate who is the new cult master. With his temper, he will definitely not say it out…"

Heavenly King Lu's heart leaped, "Senior Brother Qian has such a high cultivation…"

"No matter how high his cultivation is, there's always someone higher than him."

Heavenly King Shi said solemnly, "The first ranking high officials of the imperial courts are all cult master level existences. Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery have no lack of such top practitioners. Other sects and families also have hidden experts that are fixing their gaze on our Heavenly Saint Cult. Many of them had thought our Heavenly Saint Cult had declined after forty years so who doesn't want to take this opportunity to take a bite out of us? The crucial point is, who's the enemy?"

Everyone fell silent.

After a moment, Heavenly King Yu said, "This time the cult master had ordered the left and right guardian to establish the three hundred and sixtieth hall, School Hall. This is a big matter. The capability of this cult master is a level higher than Cult Master Li. This kind of vision and boldness doesn't seem like what a kid just over ten years old should have. He seems to have more experience than an old man that had lived for over a few hundred years…"

"It's most likely Patriarch guiding him."

"It's possible… eh, the sacred cult master is out!"

The three heavenly kings looked towards Hall of Floating Light and saw Qin Mu walking out. Opening wide the brocaded gown which he wore on the outside, this young sacred cult master suddenly covered the brocaded gown over his body and vanished with a poof!

The heavenly kings were stunned and only heard a loud crash. Half of the Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival had collapsed!
"Not good!"

The three heavenly king's hearts leaped, and they immediately looked towards Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival. Under the debris of the half-collapsed Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival, a youth stood up and looked around. He felt no one had seen him and immediately raised his clothes over his body, disappearing once again.

"Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival is where the sixth generation cult master received the phoenix. For a phoenix to descend on our Saint Arrival Mountain, how glorious was that…"

Heavenly King Yu's calves and stomach trembled as he muttered, "Now it's half collapsed, how are we going to answer to our ancestors and our disciples?"

Heavenly King Shi also had a change in expression as he muttered to himself irresolutely, "There is only one Records of the Phoenix Resting on the Parasol Tree written by the sixth generation cult master. It's only a biography and not a technique. I had long memorized Records of the Phoenix Resting on the Parasol Tree by heart. Let's repair the Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival and find the Book Hall Master to imitate the handwriting of the sixth generation cult master and fill in the rest of the writing. I'll assure no one will be able to see a thing!"

"The sacred cult master seemed to have refined a teleportation clothing, although he's not familiar with controlling it."

Heavenly King Lu was astonished, "He actually managed to create a treasure of teleportation, how is that possible?"

At this moment, there was another loud boom and the three heavenly king immediately looked towards the source of the voice, their faces turning black.

The roof of Hall of Three Kings had collapsed. Their young cult master had yet controlled the teleportation clothing and had teleported above Hall of Three Kings, crashing through its roof and creating a huge hole.

Hall of Three Kings was a great hall constructed to commemorate three sacred cult masters. These three sacred cult masters had lived in the same generation, and at that time, the fights between sects were very bitter. Dao Sect had gathered all the righteous sects in the world, as their leader, to attack Heavenly Devil Cult. Back then, the old cult master died in a battle and handed the cult over to Heavenly King Qing of the four cult heavenly kings before he died. Heavenly King Qing then imparted Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to the saintess back then before leading everyone to battle, fighting to the death in Jade Ripple Pool.

After the saintess had inherited the cult master's position, she once again went out to battle and slaughtered Dao Sect until they couldn't withstand it anymore, having no choice but to retreat. When the saintess returned to Saint Arrival Mountain, she imparted the techniques before allowing her injuries to break out, dying in a seated posture.

Therefore, the next sacred cult master constructed Hall of Three Kings to commemorate them.

When Qin Mu had failed his teleportation earlier and destroyed Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival, it was still fine but now he had smashed Hall of Three Kings, that was a little overboard!

Suddenly another whoosh was heard as Qin Mu covered himself with his clothes and vanished. The three heavenly kings jumped in shock and immediately chased over, "Sacred Cult Master, Little Devil! You can't tear down anymore!"

The three heavenly king's cultivations were dense and had also cultivated the art of teleportation. Heavenly King Shi's treasure of teleportation was a flag which teleported him away with a unfurl of a flag. Heavenly King Lu had cultivated a mirror which would teleport him away when he pointed it at himself.

Heavenly King Yu had created a jade pendant which he wore on his waist. With a gently pat, the jade pendant's glow would burst forth and bring him away.

The three of them had dabbled into the art of teleportation for a long time and even though they were unable to cultivate teleportation divine art, it was much easier and nimble for them to control their treasures of teleportation than this newbie.

The three heavenly kings were proficient in their technique and could see where Qin Mu was about to teleport to, so they immediately headed there to intercept. Yet they were still an instant slower and pounced into empty air, falling into Fish Observation Pond together.

The few fish dragons in the pond were ferocious and when Qin Mu had just fallen into Fish Observation Pond, these fish dragons opened up their huge mouths yet in vain. Then the three heavenly kings teleported in just right as appetizers.

The bodies of the three heavenly kings vanished once again to make the few huge fish bite into the empty air, shooting out sparks from their razor-sharp teeth colliding with each other.

The few huge fish shook their heads and swam away resentfully.

The bodies of the three heavenly kings appeared in mid-air and they stretched their hands to grab Qin Mu who was raising his brocaded clothes. Just as the three hands grabbed tightly, Qin Mu was one step faster than them and they could only grab his afterimage.

"Before Patriarch left, he had warned us about the young cult master's strange hobby of tearing things down, if we couldn't catch him…"

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