Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 17 - Spirit Embryo Wall Break

Xian Qing’er’s face twisted in anger and became extremely hideous. Her small, girlish form began to bulge and swell as a rattling sound emanated from the lower half of her body. Bony legs pierced through her dress from the inside, extending down to the floor and struggling find purchase.

Armored plates of bone rose from within her body, breaking through the skin of her back and making her bend in strange ways. The bones of her arms and hands broke through her skin to reveal extremely sharp claws instead of finger bones!

Bone spurs that resembled deer antlers protruded from the back of her head, her face distorting into a visage of unspeakable terror.

Her body elongated and grew thicker until it resembled a giant centipede made of bone!

"Get in here right now!" she shouted, her earsplitting voice resembling countless women screaming their hearts out.

Qin Mu looked up at this bone centipede, amazement plastered on his face, before shaking his head and saying, "No."

The monstrous insect bellowed in rage, its myriad legs skittering against the floor as it moved in circles and attempted to dive through the entrance to the temple. However, every time the monster tried, the entire island would tremble as the chains wrapped around the Buddha shook and rattled.

Qin Mu immediately looked over at the chains that led down to the river. They ran from the shore of the island all the way to the temple and wrapped around the gigantic golden Buddha statue. The other end of the chains were then secured to the monster’s body.

The chains were connected to golden shackles that adorned the monster’s body. Every time it tried to dive through the entrance to the temple, the chains would pull it back.

No matter how much the monster bared its fangs and brandished its claws, it wasn’t able to take even half a step out of the temple.

Remaining calm in the midst of this chaos, Qin Mu sat facing away from the temple and cultivated the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to recover his stamina.

After a while, the commotion behind him settled down. Unable to break free of the chains, the monster turned around to shout at the golden Buddha. "You goddamn baldy monk! You’re the one keeping me here! Are you going to starve me to death? This child didn’t even offer any incense, so why won’t you let me eat him?"

The monster circled the Buddha statue in frustration, knocking down the countless white bones that sat behind it. In spite of this, the statue remained motionless.

Qin Mu silently snuck a glance behind him, then quickly turned back in shock. All of those bones were human bones! It was impossible to tell how many people had died in this rundown temple.

Soon enough, the monster in the temple calmed down, picked up all of the bones, and put them back in their hiding place behind the golden Buddha statue. Then it went back to the entrance of the temple and stared at Qin Mu with bloodshot eyes.

"Baldy monk, this is meat at our doorstep, you understand? Meat at our doorstep…" it said, staring at the back of Qin Mu’s head as saliva streamed from its mouth.

Sometime later, it changed back to the form of the little girl, Xian Qing’er. With one strap of her dress sliding from her shoulder, she giggled. "Come on, young man. Let’s do shameful things together—!"

Qin Mu had a very strong will, so he managed to turn a deaf ear to her seduction. When his stamina and vital qi finally recovered, he felt that today’s cultivation had resulted in significant improvement.

Qin Mu’s heart stirred slightly, and he figured he might as well gather his vital qi and use the devil chant to try breaking the Spirit Embryo Wall once more.

"Qi ke duo, sa mo ye, bo re bo re sa mo ye, qi ke duo bo re sa mo ye…"

Just as Qin Mu’s vital qi began rushing towards his Spirit Embryo Wall, a dull rumbling came from inside of the ancient temple. Rays of bloody light ran through the strange markings on the copper enamel of the Buddha's golden leaves. These rays covered the leaves, making them release a brilliant golden glow!


In the midst of the violent vibrations, the golden Buddha statue covered in gilded leaves opened its eyes and radiated an overwhelming aura. An astonishing shout suddenly boomed in Qin Mu’s ears.

"The heretical path of the devils! How dare you be so insolent in front of yours truly and chant the devil incantation! You really are undisciplined and unruly! I shall use my buddha incantation to subdue you!"

The expression of frustration on the monster girl’s face transformed into one of utter disbelief. The golden buddha grabbed onto the chains and pulled the helpless monster back to him.


The monster fell to its knees in front of the Buddha statue, unable to move, and began groveling in the face of the buddha’s imposing pressure.

The golden Buddha opened its mouth and recited a series of unknown words reminiscent of an actual Buddha chanting a mantra.

"Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum…"

Upon hearing the buddha voice, the monster felt as if an invisible force were crushing its soul, causing it to whimper in pain.

Outside the temple, the Buddha's incantation blew Qin Mu away and he started to panic. However, at this moment, his vital qi had just reached the Spirit Embryo Wall. At the same time, the god voice descended from the nine heavens as if a god were chanting its own incantation.

The god voice and the buddha voice swept through Qin Mu at the same time, resonating loudly as both clashed with each other, greatly reducing the pressure on Qin Mu’s vital qi.

"What a great opportunity!" he thought.

Reacting instantly, Qin Mu yelled the devil chant.

"Qi ke duo sa mo ye, bo re bo re sa mo ye, qi ke duo bo re sa mo ye! Qi ke duo sa mo ye, bo re bo re sa mo ye, qi ke duo bo re sa mo ye!"

The buddha voice reverberated from the temple, increasing its volume. "Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum!"

At the same time, the god voice from the nine heavens above reverberated from the center of Qin Mu’s brow, also growing even louder. "Guan ming duan jing wu si jiang you! Tian shi dui xi wei ling nu!"

As the three voices mixed together, the force inhibiting his vital qi from striking his Spirit Embryo Wall suddenly vanished!

In a burst of energy, Qin Mu used his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, gathered all of his vital qi, and directed it towards his Spirit Embryo Wall!


Like enormous waves of water from a raging river pounding against the shore, an enormous crash resounded from Qin Mu’s Spirit Embryo Wall. It collapsed with a loud rumble, and his vital qi majestically flooded into his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

Immediately after that, frenzied vital qi gushed from his Spirit Embryo Divine treasure and instantly spread throughout his entire body. Surging vital qi even filled his hair and skin, cause every strand of hair on his body to stand on end!

The Spirit Embryo Wall had been completely obliterated!

Wall Break success!

This result left Qin Mu dumbfounded and he stopped reciting the devil chant. The god voice unexpectedly disappeared, and without an opponent, the buddha voice from the golden Buddha inside the temple also came to a halt. The Buddha statue returned to its normal, unmoving state. That left the monster laying prone in front of the statue.

The invisible wall at the center of Qin Mu’s eyebrows that had prevented him from awakening his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure had finally been destroyed. Nothing obstructed him from seeing it!

"I actually managed to break the Wall?"

Qin Mu couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart and released a cry of joy in front of the temple.

He had drunk an immeasurable amount of blood of the four spirits which, even up to this point, hadn’t helped him awaken his Overlord Body. Now, however, he actually managed to break the Wall by having the god, devil, and buddha voices clash. This filled his small chest with a great sense of accomplishment.

After some time, Qin Mu finally calmed down and thought to himself.

"Spirit Embryo Wall... Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Since it’s a divine treasure, the gods must have left something precious for me…"

Closing his eyes, Qin Mu could see the brilliant golden rays in the space at the center of his eyebrows. As his consciousness carefully entered the mysterious divine treasure, he saw that the interior of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was actually a bizarre space filled with brilliant golden rays. It looked like an extremely ancient paradise.

The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure resembled a magical land made of a sea of light. As his consciousness delved further into the divine treasure, the light nourished it and made it feel extremely comfortable.

However, despite having his consciousness fly throughout this sea of golden light for a long time, he didn’t discover anything.

"Isn’t this my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure? Why isn’t there anything in here? Did the gods take my treasure away?"

Qin Mu was extremely confused. Now that the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure had been opened, where was the divine treasure?

Then, out of nowhere, a towering stone statue came into view. It stood in the middle of the sea of light, isolated.

"Why is there a stone statue in my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure? Could this be my divine treasure?"

This sudden development confounded Qin Mu. Only when his consciousness fluttered around the stone statue, sizing it up, did he noticed a strange phenomenon. He had mistakenly thought that the statue was made of stone when, in reality, it wasn’t.

This "stone statue" looked like it was sculpted from stone, yet it wasn’t. It resembled jade, yet it wasn’t made from jade either. The stature sparkled and appeared translucent, yet it radiated a soft aura.

The most puzzling part of the statue was that it bore a remarkable resemblance to him.

However, it actually resembled Qin Mu when he was a toddler around two to three years of age!

"There a sculpture of me in my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure? Could it be that the gods knew what I would look like, sculpted a statue of me, and hid it inside of my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure?"

The idea astounded Qin Mu.

Then, as his consciousness gently came into contact with the statue, he lost all control over it.

His consciousness entered the statue!

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