Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 170 - Techniques United

The three of them activated their treasures of teleportation once again and heard three thuds as everything turned black before their eyes. Their bodies were tightly restrained and they immediately realized something was wrong. They hurried to tremble their vital qi and shattered the thing that was surrounding them and realized that they had teleported themselves into the trunks of the trees while following Qin Mu.

"Where's the sacred cult master?" Heavenly King Shi asked.

Just as he said it, they found Qin Mu's head popping out from a huge tree which could only be hugged with two people. His body was stuck in the trunk of the tree and he couldn't get himself free.

That tree was a sago palm and its quality was even harder than metal.

Heavenly King Lu had a bad temper and shouted, "Cult Master, why aren't you running anymore?"

"Three heavenly kings, all of you are still here?"

Qin Mu replied shamefully, "My vital qi is depleted and I'm trapped in this sago palm, unable to lift my clothing. Three heavenly kings, please help me."

The three heavenly king didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Heavenly King Shi chopped down the sago palm and rescued Qin Mu out, "Cult Master, you are the sacred cult master of our sacred cult and have a high position after all. You can't fool around on this Saint Arrival Mountain. The constructions on Saint Arrival Mountain are all places of historic interest and have their own meanings."

Heavenly King Lu said, "Cult Master, you aren't a child…"

When he said so, he felt something wasn't right. Isn't this sacred cult master just a child?

Qin Mu was not yet fifteen years old and several times younger than them.

Heavenly King Lu muttered, "When I was Sacred Cult Master's age, I played all day in mud… No, I already helped with the rice harvest. However, Sacred Cult Master, the art of teleportation is very dangerous and if you aren't careful, you can teleport into a restricted area and when that happens, even gods can't save you! There are still quite some restricted areas on our Saint Arrival Mountain!"

Qin Mu felt a bone-chilling cold. If he was to teleport to a restricted area, he would have died miserably!

"Cult Master, the treasure of teleportation requires you to determine the position, and the crucial point is how to confirm the location of the transfer."

The three heavenly kings looked at one another in the eyes and suppressed the astonishment in their hearts, "Cult Master, you have refined the teleportation clothing and yet master how to determine the teleport location. This is very dangerous. For teleportation, you must first determine where you are and determine where you want to go. When you're about to reach the place, you must retract your vital qi back immediately or else you will crash into something. When you try it for the first time, don't teleport too far and try somewhere nearer. Teleporting nearer makes it more convenient for you to stop as and when you like."

Qin Mu's eyes lighted up, "Let me try again!"

Anxious expressions immediately spread throughout the three heavenly kings' faces.

Heavenly King Yu hurriedly said, "Cult Master, your vital qi is depleted and there's no need to for you be impatient. Furthermore, the reason why Patriarch left you here was not to let you study the teleportation divine art. He wanted to calm your heart down to comprehend Unity Technique. Saint Arrival Mountain is very serene and there are no noises from the outside world, if you leave here, you would probably take one to two years to completely comprehend Unity Technique."

Qin Mu's heart was enlightened.

There was indeed a meaning to why Patriarch had left him behind.

He had been thinking of refining a teleportation clothing for the past two days to leave this place and had yet thought of Patriarch's intention.

"I was too impatient to succeed."

Qin Mu expressed his thanks calmly, "Thank you, heavenly kings, for showing me the right path."

"We don't deserve it!"

The three heavenly kings immediately returned his greeting solemnly.

Heavenly King Shi said, "Cult Master has outstanding wisdom and will definitely have a great gain by staying here for a few more days.

Qin Mu calmed his heart down and walked towards the pine cypress. He sat on the rock and diligently comprehended the scriptures the woodcutter had passed on to him.

The tree heavenly kings let out sighs of relief and Heavenly King Shi muttered, "Patriarch left Cult Master on Saint Arrival Mountain wanting to grind his temperament. Cult Master's temper is indeed naughty and mischievous and Patriarch must not have expected Cult Master to cultivate the teleportation method to such an extent with such a fast speed, am I right?"

The other two heavenly kings had a weird expression. The young patriarch's idea may be good but who would have thought that straight after he had left, Qin Mu had realized that it was impossible for him to cultivate the teleportation divine art now and had to be proficient in algebra.

And what was more, Qin Mu realized immediately that he could refine a treasure of teleportation first.

It was only the second day and he had already come out with a teleportation clothing to teleport here and there, tormenting the three heavenly kings.

Heavenly King Lu shook his head, "How wise is Patriarch, how could he not think of it? He must have expected it, therefore, he had let the three of us guard this place."

After a moment, the three heavenly kings sighed in unison, "Patriarch definitely didn't expect so."

The three heavenly kings started to fret and grow apprehensive. This sacred cult master was utterly mischievous yet he was so intelligent. It was pretty impossible for them to chasten his temper.

With the speed of Qin Mu, he just needed to practice a few more times and he could master the technique. When that time came, how could they make him stay to chasten his mischievous temper?

After a moment, Heavenly King Yu smiled, "We seemed to be wasting our time on an insoluble problem."

The other two heavenly kings looked at him and gave him a look of inquiry. Heavenly King Yu smiled and said, "Sacred Cult Master is so clever, so let him play crazily if he likes to play crazily. Since he has a mischievous temper, let him be mischievous. He is the cult master after all. Let us not care about the rest and just care about cleaning up his mess. To clean up his mess nicely is what we should do."

Heavenly King Shi said, "That's the only thing we can do. Be that as it may, if the cult master continues to play around crazily, I feel it's still better for him to leave Saint Arrival Mountain earlier and let him return to torment Imperial College."

The three elders came to Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival and became masons to repair Pavilion of Phoenix Arrival. They then went to Hall of Three Kings to repair the roof.

Heavenly King Lu went for a long trip and brought Book Hall Master back after two days to get him to forge Records of the Phoenix Resting on the Parasol Tree on the walls of Hall of Phoenix Arrival.

After everything was settled, the three heavenly kings let out sighs of relief and looked at one another in the eyes, "The sacred cult master's perception through meditation this time could at least let us relax for half a year, am I right?"

"With the degree of the sacred cult master's monstrosity, hard."

Under the cypress pine, Qin Mu had been sitting on Saint's Rock for a few days. When he was thirsty or tired, the little fox would come running over and plucked a bunch of fruit from somewhere he didn't know. Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er would then eat the fruits together.

Qin Mu comprehended for over ten days and experienced the woodcutter's lecture for over ten times yet he always felt it was hard for him to comprehend Unity Technique, thus he gradually got impatient.

"Let's not eat fruits today. I've been eating fruits every day and my mouth feels bland."

Qin Mu stood up from Saint's Rock and asked Hu Ling'er, "We'll eat meat today. Ling'er, is there any things to eat in the mountains?"

Hu Ling'er cheered, "There are musk deer in the mountain! I saw a herd of musk deer and wanted to lay my paws on it but this is Saint Arrival Mountain so I didn't dare to meddle around."

Qin Mu was excited and said, "Let's hunt one."

Not long later, a human and a fox were roasting the meat of musk deer. Hu Ling'er took out some salt from her own little backpack and sprinkled it over the meat, making it fragrant and appetizing.

They were simply starved and they devoured the musk deer cleanly. Hu Ling'er laid on her back while rubbing her bulging tummy, full of satisfaction. Qin Mu was also stuffed and he stood up to walk a step or two, executing his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to speed up his digestion.

His footsteps grew faster and faster as he started to cultivate the way he had cultivated in Disabled Elderly Village unknowingly. Suddenly he executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes and every punch and palm exploded the air, causing thunder to resonate out.

With his fist as a hammer, he executed Mute's hammer skills to smash down on the air that was like a huge drum. He, on the other hand, was like a giant beating onto the drum, shaking the trees in the foresting from the dull booms.

Qin Mu's move changed again as he executed his leg skills before changing it into spear skills, sword skills, then knife skills.

The speed of his sprint grew even faster and he actually gathered his vital qi into a brush to paint in the air, abandoning all restraint to his heart's content.

Suddenly he executed Secrets of Moving Rain, and the rain was like swords and strings, mixing the sounds of strings among the sound of rain.

He then changed to Secrets of Rolling Thunder and Flames which rumbled with thunder and balls of flame exploding in all directions.

Another ball of flames gradually rose into the sky and turned redder and redder as though it was a setting sun. The flaming sword qi shot off in all directions as he executed Sunset Sword Skill.

His vital qi then changed and he turned into a sprinting White Tiger which split rocks with his claws.

He then executed the Seven Writings of Creation. Spirit Creation Technique to change his form, Heavenly God Creation Technique to change his technique, Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to change his appearance, Human King Creation Technique to change into dragon, Ghost Creation Technique to change his soul, Earth Aeon Creation Technique to change his spirit and Precelestial Creation Technique to change his neonate.

He then executed all kinds of spells, fist skills, sword skills, and knife skills in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

Unknowingly, he had sunk into a marvelous state where the woodcutter's voice sounded on and off in his mind. Sometimes it was deep and low, sometimes it was loud and clear and sometimes it was muffled.

All kinds of mysteries flooded his mind again and again, filling up his mind before flowing out from his hand to become marvelous moves.

There was only delight in his heart as he unleashed to his heart's content. No matter what spell, divine art or sword skill, he just unleashed them all regardless of their order.

He only felt his heart becoming deranged. If the technique of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures didn't flow, therefore he changed it. If the circulation of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was rough, he would go with the flow and adjust the direction of the vital qi circulation.

To act straightforwardly, to follow the course of nature, that's the meaning of path. At this moment, he finally had understood this sentence deeply.

No matter what his predecessor had left behind, no matter what Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures or Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was, he would just let the vital qi circulate with the flow, executing all kinds of moves and divine arts. Circulating his boundless vital qi, however, he like, no matter if it was to the standard or not.

The more it was like this, the marvel of woodcutter's lecture on the rock allowed him to understand even more and comprehend even more marvels.

The three heavenly kings were also astonished and immediately came out to have a look, only to see sparks shining out in the forest of Saint Arrival Mountain from time to time. The rumbles of thunder sounded while the groud rolled over and over. As the air vibrated with the knife lights and sword shadows, the forest collapsed in pieces.

The three heavenly kings' expression changed hugely and Heavenly King Shi suddenly shouted, "This is bad, the sacred cult master is sprinting towards the sacred tree!"

The elders immediately rose into the air and landed in front of the cypress pine only to see Qin Mu unleashing all kinds of moves and divine arts to his heart's content as if he had gone crazy. His vital qi even showed apparitions of all kinds of gods and devils. No matter if it was the righteous path, devil path or buddhism path, he just executed all of it.

No matter if it was the divine arts unique to White Tiger Spirit Body, the defensive methods unique to Black Tortoise Spirit Body, the tempest of Green Dragon Spirit Body or the true fire of Vermillion Bird Spirit Body, they were all executed in his hand to his heart's content, making the three cult heavenly king flabbergasted.

"Unity Technique…"

Heavenly King Shi muttered, "He has comprehended it, he has comprehended it…"

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