Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 171 - Fox’s Tail

There was only one requirement to the Unity Technique of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, which was to unite all the spells, divine arts, sword skills and battle techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures which included the Seven Writings of Creation.

When one managed to do this, they could then be considered unified.

When the previous cult masters received the teachings from the woodcutter on the rock, they would all have to comprehend their own Unity Technique and only when they succeeded then could they secure their position of cult master.

Otherwise for sects like Heavenly Devil Cult which didn't mind their cult master dying, changing the cult master would become a common thing.

Those that could become Heavenly Devil Cult Master were all brimming over with talent, therefore, every one of them could be considered talented figure. Even Cult Master Li, who was castigated for losing himself in female charms, was also an existence of great talent, otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to plant a heart devil in Granny Si's Dao heart which even strong practitioners like Village Chief, Mute couldn't break.

However, what made the three cult heavenly kings astonished was that the speed of Qin Mu comprehending Unity Technique was a little too fast. It had just been over ten days and he had already touched the borders of Unity Technique, starting to harmonize his techniques and blend them together.

What they didn't know was that Qin Mu's so-called Overlord Body had no vital qi's attribute and could turn into vital qi of any attribute at the same time. In addition to that, Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique also had no attributes and could also turn into any attribute.

Qin Mu used Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique as a foundation, adding and taking away stuff on top of the foundation, running through the cult doctrine and philosophy of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Cult and merging it with the marvel of the teachings on the rock, taking the first step to form his own Unity Technique.

To act straightforwardly, to follow the course of nature. This sentence was brought out brilliantly by him.

His Unity Technique may be using Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique as a foundation but Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had no branches or leaves, therefore, the technique of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures became its branches while the spells, divine arts, sword skills and battle techniques became its leaves.

With the jade tree adorned, the technique was achieved and everything would let nature take its course.

After a moment, Qin Mu 'slaughtered' his way over to the cypress pine and the three cult heavenly kings were extremely nervous, afraid that he might chop down this ancient tree which represented the sacred cult when they weren't paying attention.

They didn't expect that Qin Mu didn't keep going to slash the cypress pine when he slaughtered his way to the tree. Instead, he sat down on Saint's Rock in the lotus position and calmed down.

Vital qi curled around his body as his spirit embryo moved while his five stars shook. The five elements rose into the sky by themselves and landed on the five element stars.

His eyes looked at his nose while his nose looked at his heart. His breath was like white light while the golden light was contained in his eyes as he sat there.

Heavenly King Lu was about to say something when Heavenly King Shi immediately did a shhh action and walked away quietly on tiptoe. Heavenly King Lu and Heavenly King Yu also sneaked away with light footsteps and followed him to leave quietly.

"The sacred cult master of this generation sure is remarkable."

Heavenly King Shi walked further and turned his head back to look at Qin Mu while sighing ruefully, "Patriarch has a good judgment indeed, the future of our sacred cult would probably have to rely on him. Such talent and power of understanding are rare in this world."

"He still can't be compared to the saint of every five hundred years."

Heavenly King Yu sighed, "An existence like Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor can only be met once every five hundred years…"

Heavenly King Lu looked at the mess throughout the entire mountain. Those were the trees that were knocked down when Qin Mu was sprinting with comprehending. Some of the collapsed trees were still crackling from being burned.

"'Rare in the world' naturally couldn't be compared to 'once every five hundred years', after all, there can only be one 'every five hundred years'. Our this sacred cult master is good in everything, though it's just that he's too troublesome."

This cult heavenly king sighed ruefully, "Our Saint Arrival Mountain had only been destroyed into this state when Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery invaded us, right?"

"Don't talk about it anymore, he's the cult master Patriarch chose after all. No matter how troublesome he is, we have to endure it. Let's go and put out the fire!"

Qin Mu sat on Saint's Rock for another half a day and was woken up by hunger. He called Hu Ling'er over to hunt a musk deer. They roasted the meat of the musk deer and had no more appetite after eating half of it.

"Young master got tired of it?"

The little fox picked her teeth in boredom and said, "I saw a few fish dragons in Fish Observation Pond which looked quite delicious and are pretty plump."

"I saw them too and they were indeed appetizing."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and said, "I'm afraid I can't defeat those fish. However, Grandpa Apothecary had said, if I can't win, I can poison."

Hu Ling'er cheered and halfway through her cheer, the little fox immediately shut her mouth as she saw the three cult heavenly kings standing behind them with black faces.

Qin Mu rose and smiled, "How long have the heavenly kings been here?"

"Just, just."

Heavenly King Shi wore a pleasant countenance, "Sacred Cult Master can continue to eat slowly without rushing. That's right, the few fish dragons in Fish Observation Pond were reared by the sixteenth generation cult master. Back then the sixteenth cult master gave lectures to the disciples by the pond and reared a few fish. By turning the fish into a dragon to give pieces of advice to the disciples, it led to becoming a deed that captured the imagination and had spread far and wide, thus these fish dragons had lived on. Sacred Cult Master can head over to the pond when you're free to do a headcount in case the fish slips away."

Qin Mu's face turned slightly red, these fish dragons couldn't be eaten?

"Cult Master, how does the musk deer taste?" Heavenly King Lu asked with a smile.

"Sit down and eat together," Qin Mu invited them.

The three cult heavenly kings were no modest as they took a seat each and split the musk deer's meat. Heavenly King Yu licked the grease on his fingers and smiled, "Not a bad taste! If I had not known these musk deer were raised by the saintess of the previous generation, I would have long eaten them!"

"They are raised by Granny Si…"

Qin Mu's face turned black. What else could be eaten on this Saint Arrival Mountain?

Heavenly King Lu seemed to blurt out accidentally, "The forest which Cult Master destroyed was planted during the founding master's era. The sago palm grows slowly and for them to be this thick, they have to grow for a few thousand years."

Qin Mu felt agitated sitting down. That forest was completely destroyed by him and there were only a few burned sago palms standing upright there.

"I have no idea who has plucked the Sacred Heart Flower from the flower bed in Hall of Sacred Heart," Heavenly King Yu beamed.

Qin Mu looked at Hu Ling'er who was looking down at a musk deer's bone. Her furry tail which would always sway around was unusually calm.

Heavenly King Shi said, "There's also the green lamp in Floor of Natural Charm which contains sesame oil, not sure who has drunk quite an amount if it."

Hu Ling'er sensed Qin Mu's gaze staring at her own fox's tail and secretly hid her tail under her buttocks.

Qin Mu coughed and said, "Ling'er, your fox's tail is revealed."


The little fox cried out, "I have clearly hidden it!"

Heavenly King Lu said neither too fast nor too slow, "There's an ancient medicinal tree in front of the Hall of Medicine King and a huge copper-colored nine leaves lingzhi mushroom grew on it. The ninth leaf has almost been completely chewed away. That lingzhi mushroom is cultivated by the ancient medicinal tree and has a strong medicinal energy in it. There are also many spores in it and the spores fly around in all directions. The spores would sprout from time to time and small lingzhi mushrooms would pop out.

On the little fox's head, a small lingzhi mushroom popped out and she immediately raised her paws, pretending she was scratching her head, secretly plucking it down and sending it into her mouth. She thought everything was hush-hush yet to her surprise, Qin Mu and the three cult heavenly kings were staring at her when she raised her eyes.

Heavenly King Shi said, "There are also a few cloud pearls that were embedded on the screen in Pavilion of Floating Clouds, they must have dropped off…"

Hu Ling'er became nervous and immediately hugged the little backpack on her back.

Qin Mu gave two coughs and stood up, "Three heavenly kings, it's been a while since I came to Saint Arrival Mountain. Suddenly I remembered I'm still the imperial academician of Imperial College and did not attend many lessons. I plan to leave Saint Arrival Mountain today and return to the capital city."

The three cult heavenly kings gave sighs of relief and Heavenly King Shi said, "By rights, we should keep Sacred Cult Master here to comprehend, but since Sacred Cult Master's studies are more important, we won't be keeping you."

Heavenly King Yu said courteously, "Sacred Cult Master, Saint Arrival Mountain is Cult Master's home so you must return home frequently, don't treat yourself as an outsider."

"Definitely, definitely."

Qin Mu replied courteously, "As the sacred cult master, I would naturally come back to have a look frequently."

"Do you need us to send Sacred Cult Master down the mountain?"

"No need, no need. Three heavenly kings, no need to see me out."

"Young master, you seemed to be despised by the cult heavenly kings," Hu Ling'er blinked her eyes innocently and said.

Qin Mu stared at her and the little fox secretly hid her fox's tail again. Qin Mu was speechless and shook his head, "Even though you created troubles everywhere, those were small troubles. The troubles I created aren't less as well and they were all bigger than yours so I don't have the face to lecture you. This is probably the first time in Heavenly Saint Cult's history that the sacred cult master is being despised by his subordinates. Oh well, since I have pretty much comprehended Unity Technique, let us leave the mountain."

Hu Ling'er hurriedly nodded her head.

Qin Mu tested a few more times and felt that he had mastered the technique of the teleportation clothing. Carrying Hu Ling'er in his chest, he said, "I'm still not confident of this teleportation. There are still some pills in my backpack and in case my vital qi is depleted, I can still replenish it."

Hu Ling'er clung tightly to his chest and didn't dare to relax. Qin Mu leaped down from Saint Arrival Mountain and the whooshing sound of wind brushed past his ears.

With the youth's brocaded clothes covering and putting away, he had soughingly vanished in mid-air.

The three cult heavenly kings immediately rushed to the bottom of the mountain and looked down yet they couldn't see any traces of Qin Mu.

"Asura's Blood Eyes, awaken!"

Heavenly King Yu stretched out his index finger and touched the heart of his brows. Red lights burst forth from his two eyes as he looked downwards to search. After a moment, he found traces of Qin Mu and let out a sigh of relief, "Sacred Cult Master is fine and has already reached the borders of Heaven's Lightning Restricted Area which revolves around our Saint Arrival Mountain. After he passes through this Heaven's Lightning Restricted Area, he would be safe."

Heavenly King Lu's heart suddenly trembled and he hurriedly asked, "Senior brothers, have you told the sacred cult master about Heaven's Lightning Restricted Area that's outside Saint Arrival Mountain?"

Heavenly King Yu and Heavenly King Shi looked at each other and both shook their heads. Heavenly King Shi mumbled, "Junior Brother Lu has not told Sacred Cult Master about it?"

Heavenly King Lu shook his head, "I thought you guys had said it… Crap!"

The expressions of the three cult heavenly kings changed hugely and they immediately leaped down. Heaven's Lightning Restricted Area was laid down by a cult master of the previous generation to protect the sacred ground. From the outside, there was no peculiarity but once inside, one would receive the bombardment of the Blue Skies Heaven's Thunder!

Don't mention Qin Mu, even if it was a strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm, they would still die or become crippled when they landed inside!

With Qin Mu's cultivation, he will definitely be turned into ashes in an instant!

The speed of the three cult heavenly kings was extremely fast and they came to Heaven's Lightning Restricted Area, barging into the restricted area to save them. Even with the dense cultivation of the three heavenly kings, they were still charred from the lightning strikes.

"That lightning region sure is dangerous."

Outside Heaven's Lightning Restrict Area, Qin Mu looked towards the sky and had a lingering fear in his heart, "Luckily I had used Green Heaven's Eyes to see this hidden lightning region and directly teleported out. Eh, there seem to be people in the lightning region…"

He had no time to take a closer look as his body was already falling down from mid-air. Below him were the green mountains and blue waters of Eternal Peace Empire which were covered by the clouds, looking very spectacular.

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