Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 175 - Mutual Aid Of Battle Techniques And Spell

The dragon qilin drank the water and looked towards Qin Mu, "I'm still a little hungry…"

"I'll bring you to refine pills."

Qin Mu brought this dragon qilin to the warehouse, planning to buy some herbs to refine Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills. Meanwhile, there was a Daoist opposite Jade Dragon Lake who was looking over here. As he saw Qin Mu bring the dragon qilin away, he muttered, "This dragon lion in front of the mountain gate has come alive? Why did it come to Jade Dragon Palace for a drink? Who is that youth? Doesn't he know the water of Jade Dragon Palace is to be offered to the royal family? Oh well, as long as they don't wash in the lake, there's no need to bother with a few drinks."

Qin Mu passed by Royalty's Park and saw many scholars surrounding there as cheers sounded out.

Qin Mu gave a look from afar and even the scholars from Scholar's Residence were also running over. There were also some divine arts practitioners of Divine Arts Residence, crowding Royalty's Park so much that it was impenetrable.

Suddenly, a loud boom sounded out as a figure got blown into the air with his head crashing downwards. A voice cried out, "Another one is defeated!"

Qin Mu jumped in shock. The one who got his head stuck in the ground was a prince of Royalty's Park. A prince was a king's son, who was the one who dared to be so merciless?

"I'm here to experience it!"

A girl's voice came from the crowd while Qin Mu had already walked further away. He suddenly heard another loud boom and a girl in green flew backward and crashed into the walls of Hall of Hidden Light which was not far from him. Only a pair of slender legs were left outside.

"Seems to be a princess."

Qin Mu looked back at the crowd and thought to himself, "These moves are a little familiar, seem to be Chancellor Ba Shan's battle spells.

Chancellor Ba Shan founded the ultimate skills of battle spells and merged battle techniques moves with spell divine arts, resulting in a power that was greater than battle techniques or spells by themselves. This feat of founding had allowed Chancellor Ba Shan to be part of the circle of strong practitioners of the sect master level. In this current world, there was no one who could surpass his attainments in ultimate skills of battle spells.

The only weakness of battle spell ultimate skills was that it wasn't as flexible as battle techniques or spells by itself. This was why even though Chancellor Ba Shan had become a strong practitioner of the sect master level, he was unable to take another step forward.

"Could it be Sister Yuxiu? Why is she fighting with the princes and princesses?"

The dragon qilin was so hungry that his steps were shaky and his belly had shriveled up. Qin Mu suppressed his urge to go watch the battle and continued on to the warehouse to buy the herbs. After the apothecary of the warehouse had handed him the herbs, only then did he see the huge creature behind Qin Mu's back and was stunned.

Qin Mu brought the dragon qilin back on the road they came from and analyzed the medicinal energy of the herbs on their way back, refining out a furnace of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills.

The dragon qilin hurriedly ate it and still wasn't full from a furnace of spirit pills. Looking at Qin Mu pleadingly, Qin Mu could only refine another furnace of pills to finally satisfy the huge creature's appetite.

The dragon qilin was enlivened and followed beside him with a smile, "From now on, you can find me for anything, I'm pretty good at fighting."

Qin Mu shook his head and walked towards Royalty's Park. Hu Ling'er sneered, "You don't even dare to fight a bull and still say you're good at fighting?"

The dragon qilin instantly became downcast.

Royalty's Park still had a vast crowd in front of it and there were even more people. He heard a scholar said, "Is there still no one in Royalty's Park that could defeat her? Ever since the seventh princess has come back from experiencing the outside world, she seems like a changed person. Her abilities have improved rapidly."

"Merging spells and battle techniques together, on top of that, the Nine Dragon Monarch Technique of the royal family, the seventh princess could basically sweep the entire Royalty's Park. I wonder if she can block the gate of Scholar's Residence and Divine Arts Residence?"

"I can't say for Divine Arts Residence but she probably can't do it for Scholar's Residence, after all, there's that devil in Scholar's Residence."

"That's true. It's been three months since we saw that devil. He must have died outside, eliminating a huge scourge in Scholar's Residence at last."

"With that devil's abilities, it doesn't mean he can defeat the seventh princess."

"Out of the way, everyone out of the way!"

Most of the scholars felt a disturbance coming from the back and looked behind. They couldn't help being stunned when they saw a huge creature that was half dragon half qilin nudging his body and pushing the scholars who were blocking the road to one side. There were some scholars that lost their footing when they got pushed by this dragon qilin, flying out from the crowd.

This huge creature pushed everyone away and squeezed his way towards the gate of Royalty's Park, clearing a path. All the scholars were stunned from the sight and subconsciously felt terrified.

Even the royalties in Royalty's Park who were more knowledgeable couldn't help staring at this awe-inspiring dragon qilin, unable to move their gazes away.

The dragon qilin swayed his body and shook his hair, turning his head to smile, "Young master, these visually impaired have already cleared a path for you. Young master, this way."

Qin Mu walked to the gate of Royalty's Park and reproached, "Too flamboyant, too flamboyant! You can't do this next time! Senior brothers, senior sisters, excuse me, excuse me."

Everyone had their expression frozen on their faces.

Qin Mu looked towards Royalty's Park and saw Ling Yuxiu sealing her Five Elements Divine Treasure as she fought with Prince Minyue. Prince Minyue was also another scholar that Chancellor Ba Shan had chosen and with just a few moves, Prince Minyue couldn't withstand that astonishing explosive power from Ling Yuxiu and got blown away.

Ling Yuxiu burst her Five Elements Divine Treasure open and nine dragons coiled around her body, looking really valiant and formidable-looking as she glowed with health and vigor.

Qin Mu exclaimed to himself. After Ling Yuxiu had experienced the journey to Rolan's Golden Palace, her cultivation increased by leaps and bounds. These three months made her hold an overwhelming advantage against the other scholars.

It was evident that she cultivated diligently after she had blocked the gate at Rolan's Golden Palace, cultivating Nine Dragons Monarch Technique even more in-depth and patching up her weakness of having an unstable foundation.

Chancellor Ba Shan's teaching in line with one's ability was different from what the directorates of Imperial College taught. He focused on Ling Yuxiu's weakness to groom her and finally allowed her to have a huge growth.

However, Qin Mu looked at Royalty's Park which was almost torn down by this imperial princess. No idea who had she learned from to be so violent.

"The one that herds cows!"

Ling Yuxiu saw Qin Mu and her eyes lit up. She waved towards the royalty of Royalty's Park and smiled, "I'll stop for today, we'll fight another day." After she was done, she walked towards Qin Mu.

Qin Mu praised, "Sister Yuxiu, I haven't seen you for these few months and you've gotten even more powerful."

Ling Yuxiu grumbled, "Where have you been these days? You made me very worried."

She immediately followed up, "Chancellor Ba Shan is also very worried about you! You don't know, the grand chancellor has resigned, the new grand chancellor isn't Chancellor Ba Shan and is that man sealed in ice which was rescued out from Surging River Dragon Palace by me and Little General Qin."

"Man sealed in ice?"

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly. Could it be Gu Linuan?

Ling Yuxiu saw that there was still a vast crowd gazing at them and she was still shy after all so she whispered, "There are many people here, let us go talk in my room."

Qin Mu nodded his head and followed her. As the two of them walked into Royalty's Park, a figure suddenly flashed and a handsome young man appeared in front of them with a solemn face, "Seventh sister, how can you anyhow let a man into a woman's room? Let's go to my room instead."

Ling Yuxiu's face turned red and said yes softly.

Ling Yushu said with a black face, "Scholar Qin, please."

Qin Mu was bewildered. He had no idea where he had offended this imperial prince before and he looked at him as though he wanted to gobble him up.

They came to Ling Yushu's residence in Royalty's Park and saw that this place had been decorated to look like a sunny south garden which looked very elegant. Even though the fake mountains weren't as high as mountains, they had running water wandering around. Even though the garden wasn't as huge as a forest, it was still a path to a serene and secluded place, being several times better than Scholar's Residence.

This place was like a small palace and there were even palace maids walking to and fro, waiting upon him politely.

These palace maids were also divine arts practitioners who were not only beautiful and also had strong abilities.

Ling Yushu led them to the pavilion where there was quite a beautiful scenery and vast landscape. There were palace maids carrying an incense burner over and placed it beside the pavilion before lighting up the incense, causing the fragrance to rise in spirals.

The sound of guqin sounded from not far away. This guqin's sound was very slow and had a lingering temperament that was like two old men slowly playing chess, playing a tune or two after a brief pause, easily calming people's hearts down.

"Second prince sure has quite a refined and elegant attitude of mind," Qin Mu exclaimed.

Ling Yushu's expression softened and said, "I still have to thank Academician Qin for taking care of my seventh sister during her trip to the Great Wall. Seventh sister has told me about the encounters in Rolan's Golden Palace and I know you have saved my sister many times. Yushu can't thank you enough in my heart."

Ling Yuxiu smiled, "Cowherd is very powerful. I thought he had died and I cried in front of the Rolan's Golden Palace's shaman."

The corner of Ling Yushu's eyes twitched. She cried? She didn't mention about this before.

"It's okay, it's just friendship of fellow schoolmates. This sister of mine also cried after a cat she had raised died," Ling Yushu thought to himself.

"We even met my cowherd's elders and the elders praised me being sensible and were pleased with me," Ling Yuxiu smiled.

The corner of Ling Yushu's eyes twitched again. She had already met the elders? Seventh sister didn't mention this either!

Ling Yuxiu said excitedly, "Second brother, Chancellor Ba Shan is indeed powerful. My abilities have improved hugely after he brought us out. You also saw it. If Chancellor Ba Shan can bring me and cowherd out more, even you can't defeat me!"

Ling Yushu shook his head, "I have enquired about it and Chancellor Ba Shan will bring other reserved scholars when he goes out the next time."

Ling Yuxiu was slightly disappointed.

Ling Yushu looked at Qin Mu and said, "Father had appointed Gu Linuan as the grand chancellor and I've heard you have some enmity with Gu Linuan. After Gu Linuan had become the grand chancellor, he also asked the directorates of Imperial College about you."

Ling Yuxiu smiled, "I know about their enmity. Gu Linuan's Junior Protector Sword was scammed by cowherd so he bears slight grudges."

Ling Yushu said, "It's best for Academician Qin to return Junior Protector Sword to Gu Linuan. This guy was born from the devil path and is a master of the devil path who is usually petty. Father has appointed him as the grand chancellor so I won't say much but his breadth of mind is far inferior to the previous grand chancellor so I can't assure he won't create trouble for you. I can be the mediator and let you meet up with him to resolve the enmity between you two. I guess he would let it go for my sake."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "The rule of our Great Ruins is that there is no need to return things that are scammed."

Ling Yushu seemed to give a smile that's yet not a smile, "But this place is not Great Ruins. He is the grand chancellor and it's very easy for him to take revenge on you."

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said, "I've heard that Gu Linuan said he was the junior protector of the crown prince. Junior protector of the crown prince means that he should be the teacher when the crown prince was young, am I right? Second prince, do you think Gu Linuan will give face to you?"

Ling Yushu's heart trembled slightly.

Qin Mu continued, "Second prince, if he's willing to resolve the grudges, it's not a problem for me to break the rules of Great Ruins by returning Junior Protector Sword to him. However, I feel that even if I return Junior Protector Sword to him, he still won't give you face nor will he resolve the grudges. Furthermore, second prince, ain't you worried about his giving you a hard time?"

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