Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 176 - Grand Chancellor Gu

Ling Yushu had a flickering expression as Qin Mu was right about his worry.

Gu Linuan was the teacher of the crown prince when he was young. The crown prince was older than him and occupied the position of the crown prince. If one could say that there was a world difference between a royalty and a commoner and the difference was as vast as the sky and the earth, then one could also say the difference between a crown prince and an imperial prince was as vast as the sky and the earth as well.

Gu Linuan would definitely not give him face and on the contrary, he would deliberately create trouble for him.

He could confirm this for sure now.

"I won't interfere with the matter between you and Gu Linuan."

Ling Yushu came to a decision and said, "But you must be careful, the way Gu Linuan handles things is not like the previous grand chancellor. He doesn't have the breadth of mind for the long-term influence of a solid education."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "Don't worry. Gu Linuan will at most create trouble for me and not dare to go overboard."

Ling Yushu had a weird expression. Qin Mu seemed to be talking too big. Where did his confidence come from?

"Could he and seventh sister have already…"

A bad thought floated up in his mind. If he becomes the emperor's son-in-law, there was indeed no need for him to be afraid of Gu Linuan.

Ling Yushu was silent for a moment and said, "I plan to leave Imperial College and head to the borders to lead my troops. I'm the General of Roaming Cavalry and have an official position on me, furthermore, I've also reached the age to lead the army. However, I'm just worried about my seventh sister…"

Qin Mu assured him, "Don't worry second prince, there's me!"

The corners of Ling Yushu's eyes twitched as he thought to himself, "That's exactly why I'm worried."

Qin Mu chatted with the siblings for a moment before rising to bid farewell, "I just came back home from a trip and have yet placed my luggage down. I have to return to Scholar's Residence first."

Ling Yushu sent him out of Royalty's Park and kept silent for a moment before saying to Ling Yuxiu, "Academician Qin's frame of mind is not like a youth. He sees things very clearly and will definitely be a very capable person in the future. His words earlier struck the bottom of my heart."

Ling Yuxiu burst into laughter and said, "Who says he's an adult? He doesn't even know anything and even says I'm chubby. He doesn't even know how to say appealing words."

Ling Yushu shook his head and said, "I'm going to write a letter to father and leave Imperial College. I can't be a scholar anymore. Now that Gu Linuan has become the grand chancellor, he most likely won't give you a nice look. If you can't stay in Imperial College any longer, you can follow me to the borders."

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head, "Don't worry second brother. If I can't stay here any longer, I'll definitely go find you at the borders. However, I still want to cultivate along with Chancellor Ba Shan."

Ling Yushu looked at her and knew exactly what she was thinking but he couldn't say anything and could only shake his head.

Qin Mu returned to Scholar's Residence and the huge dragon qilin followed behind him. On their way back, most of the scholars in Scholar's Residence gazed at them with envy.

Yun Que came up with a smile and said, "Sister Fox, I have earned enough money. Can I redeem my clothes back?"

Hu Ling'er took over the coin pouch and gave it a press before nodding her head, "Wait for a moment. I'll go get it for you."

Yun Que was full of thanks.

Hu Ling'er returned to the house to get his clothes back while shouting out, "Those that owe me money quickly take your money out to redeem your certificate of indebtedness."

After a moment, a few scholars came over with resentful expressions to redeem their certificates of indebtedness. Hu Ling'er was very satisfied and said, "Next time you get beaten by young master, I can give you twenty percent discount."

A scholar shook his head, "Imperial academician is a sixth ranking official, who dares to challenge him?"

Hu Ling'er was stunned for a moment before turning her head to tell Qin Mu, "Young master, we lost our source of income. Our whole fortune is going to be eaten up, and we can't raise this big fella anymore!"

The dragon qilin pulled his head back and muttered, "A liter of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills each day is also fine, as long as there's something to eat…"

Qin Mu consoled, "Don't worry, I can raise you. That's right, do you have some saliva? Give me a bottle and let me see if I can exchange it for money."

Hu Ling'er fetched a jade bottle over and collected a bottle of dragon's saliva. Qin Mu kept the bottle safely and instructed them to stay home while he went to Hall of Supreme Healing. The few old imperial physicians were researching prescriptions in the hall and were all delighted when they saw him, "Little divine physician is finally back! What spirit pill do you plan to make today? If it's an anesthetic or poison, please warn us beforehand!"

Qin Mu greeted these imperial physicians and said, "I'm here to find imperial physicians to test a medicine." After he had said that, he took out a small jade bottle.

When the few imperial physicians saw this small jade bottle, their expression changed hugely. Imperial Physician Yu asked with a trembling voice, "I recognized this bottle. Is it another anesthetic?"

"Nope, it's a healing panacea."

When Qin Mu said that, Imperial Physician You took out a small knife and hesitated for a moment before giving a slice on Imperial Physician Ding's arm, causing the fresh blood to flow out.

Imperial Physician Ding went into a fury and was about to blow up when Qin Mu hurried forward. He opened the jade bottle and applied a little dragon's saliva on the wound, only to see the wound heal immediately and returning to its original state within a few breaths' time without even having a scar.

The few imperial physicians were astonished and they immediately gathered forward. Imperial Physician Yu asked, "To what extent of injuries can this healing panacea cure? Can it reattach broken limbs?"

Qin Mu nodded his head, "It can. There was a person who got severed from the waist and I had used this medicine to reattach his body, returning it to normal. However, this medicine only acts as a support, the tendons and nerves still need to be manually reattached, which puts one's technique to the test."

Imperial Physician Ding glanced to the side and saw Imperial Physician You raised his knife again and immediately shouted, "If you dare to chop me, I'll poison your whole family!"

Imperial Physician You couldn't do it and went out of the hall. After a moment, he brought a scholar in. All the imperial physicians immediately shook their heads and Imperial Physician Yu stomped his feet in anger, "Old You, are you mad? Even if you want to test medicine, you can't chop his limbs!"

That scholar broke out in cold sweat when he heard it and immediately ran away. Imperial Physician You wanted to catch him back and was immediately blocked by the other imperial physicians, "You can't, you absolutely can't. Scholars are eight-ranking officials, you're going to face a lawsuit if you chop their limbs off. Daoist Ling Yun has a crane that had fought with Chancellor Ba Shan's green cow a few days ago and got her leg broken by the green cow. You can fetch that crane over and sever her leg to reattach it!"

Imperial Physician You went out again and brought the crane back after a moment. Imperial Physician Qu clamped the crane's beak, making the crane indescribably terrified and unable to struggle. Imperial Physician You followed the injuries and severed the leg off.

The few imperial physicians cleaned up the shattered bones and waited for Qin Mu to treat it.

After a moment, Daoist Ling Yun barged in and was about to blow up when he saw Qin Mu reattaching the crane's broken bones before reattaching the muscles and nerves, clearing the bone marrow.

Daoist Ling Yun didn't dare to say a word and waited until Qin Mu had finished reattaching the leg, only then did the imperial physicians loosen their restraint.

That crane immediately stood up and moved her leg around in astonishment. She expressed her thanks to Qin Mu sincerely with a loud and clear voice which belonged to a little girl.

Qin Mu wrote down a prescription and handed it to Daoist Ling Yun, "Brew medicines on this prescription and boil some water to soak her injured leg, it can help stimulate the nerves and channels, removing any hidden damages.

Daoist Ling Yun saw his crane recovering and couldn't help being surprised and delighted. He immediately took the prescription and expressed his thanks profusely with a smile, "You beat me in front of the emperor, and I had still borne some grudges before. Now I am even grateful to you."

Qin Mu smiled, "Don't fight, won't make friends."

Daoist Ling Yun kept feeling this sentence was a little awkward and used in the wrong circumstances but he didn't brood on it. He immediately called his crane over and headed to the warehouse to grab the herbs.

Qin Mu smiled, "Imperial physicians, how much does this bottle of healing medicine worth? I'm recently tight on money."

The few imperial physicians were surprised and delighted, Imperial Physician Yu said, "Little divine physician wants to sell? It has quite a considerable value. This kind of healing medicine is even more precious than any natural treasures to the soldiers on the battlefield! I reckon it would be worth ten thousand great abundance coins!"

Qin Mu was astonished and said, "Even faster than Fan Yunxiao robbing people?"

"What?" The imperial physician didn't catch what he said.

"Nothing much."

Qin Mu smiled, "I can refine a bottle out every day and sell it of Hall of Supreme Healing for ten thousand gold, how is that?"

The imperial physicians' eyes lighted up and they looked at one another. Imperial Physician Yu said, "That would naturally be the best."

Qin Mu was satisfied and took his leave. The white heads of the few imperial physicians huddled together and Imperial Physician Qu said, "We're getting rich!"

All the imperial physicians nodded their heads, unable to contain their excitement, "Old Yu is still the wise one, this small bottle of healing medicine isn't worth just ten thousand gold! We can easily earn two times the price by selling it!"

Qin Mu walked out of Hall of Supreme Healing and returned to Scholars Residence when a voice suddenly came from behind him, "Little bald donkey, where's your khakkhara staff?"

Qin Mu stopped and turned around to look at the elder in purple behind him. With a smile on his face, he bowed, "Student meets Grand Chancellor Gu."

This elder in purple was Gu Linuan and the nine coat of arms was nowhere to be seen on his purple robes. It seemed like he had taken off his first ranking official robes and changed into third-ranking official robes.

Gu Linuan gave a wee smile and walked toward him while speaking leisurely, "When you scammed my Junior Protector Sword, did you expect the day would come that you would land in the grasp of my hand instead?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "What is Grand Chancellor saying this for?"

Gu Linuan gave a haughty smile and stretched out his hand, "Hand it over!"

Qin Mu shook his head again, "I never return the things I scammed."

Gu Linuan gave off a fierce gaze and Qin Mu was not scared at all, "I'm now a sixth ranking official and the imperial academician that was appointed by the emperor himself. Empress Dowager's illness was cured by me. If you touch me, the emperor will execute your whole family."


The devil qi around Gu Linuan went into a turmoil and formed a thousand feet devil god behind him with murderous-looking. That thousand feet devil god solidified the surrounding air and seemed to even warp the space as well, making this devil look warped like the blazing noon sun scorching the ground as it stared fiercely at him.

Qin Mu smiled and asked, "Does Grand Chancellor still have anything else?"

Gu Linuan said coldly, "If I want to kill you, I won't have to do it myself."

"You also won't dare to do it."

Before Qin Mu could say anything, a voice sounded behind Gu Linuan, "If you touch my junior brother, there's no need for the emperor to execute your whole family, I'll execute your whole family."

Gu Linuan's body froze and he felt as if there was an unbreakable knife at his neck. He chuckled and said, "Chancellor Ba Shan? You want to stand up for this little bald donkey?"

Chancellor Ba Shan stood behind him with his chest wide open and his two knives rattling non-stop behind his back. Without any expression, he said, "Old Gu, you have not appeared for two hundred years, your path, skills and divine arts are already behind times. Do you need me to give you some guidance?"

Gu Linuan suddenly laughed out loudly and his body vanished as he turned into devil qi. With his voice coming from afar, he mocked, "Give me guidance? Except it was Heaven Knife here!"

Qin Mu turned around and suddenly saw a knife qi breaking through the air to chase that devil qi.

"Chancellor Ba Shan always likes to fight and must be delighted to see a prey. I reckon he's going to fight with Gu Linuan. What a pity I can't catch up to them."

Qin Mu sighed and returned to Scholar's Residence. Just as he entered the door, he heard Hu Ling'er's voice sounding out, "Young master, we have a visitor."

Qin Mu entered the door and couldn't help being stunned when he saw a middle-aged man waiting in the courtyard with hands behind his back.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned around and his gaze landed on him, "The sacred cult master of Heavenly Saint Cult, who would have thought he is the first imperial academician of our Imperial College, how interesting."

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