Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 183 - Sudden Attack From The Netherworld

"Proficient in dressing up as god and playing the devil? Can invite supernatural beings forward to assist them in battle?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and he suddenly thought of Soul Guide and Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command. These two spells were spells that were related to souls and supernatural beings which were found by him on the first level of Floor of Heavenly Records.

Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command was from Great Mountain Sect and as for Soul Guide, it was from Nine Spectres Sect.

These two spells were placed in the first level of Floor of Heavenly Records because there were lesser people who would cultivate spells that deviated from the average. They were spells that belonged to the soul category yet they didn't have much offensive power.

Especially for Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command, this spell declared that it could dispatch ghost gods yet when Qin Mu tried it a few times, it was at the most similar to the Five Ghosts Transfer Technique, however, it was much complicated.

When Qin Mu found these two spells, he had once made Chancellor Ba Shan give him pointers however, Chancellor Ba Shan also despised these two unpopular spells and didn't study them before, therefore he had thrown them back to him and told him to comprehend them himself.

Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command might be similar to Five Ghosts Transfer Technique but the runes were obviously much more complicated and required one to refine a talisman treasure.

This talisman treasure was much more complicated than the one Qin Mu saw in Rolan's Golden Palace. It was a completely different sphere and had one thousand and twenty-four irregular surfaces. On each surface had a complicated rune.

Meanwhile, Rolan's Golden Palace's talisman treasure only had fourteen surfaces.

It was exactly because Qin Mu saw the runes in Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command being complicated, he had thought this divine art was very powerful. Never did he expect its effect was only equivalent to Five Ghosts Transfer Technique.

He felt that Great Mountain Sect might have somewhat concealed the technique; however, this sect had vanished from this world and no longer existed.

Meanwhile, Qin Mu had also cultivated Soul Guide from Nine Spectres Sect but he had not tried out if he could succeed in guiding the souls of the dead back from the netherworld.

The two spells had some runes that were similar and both of them should be spells related to the soul category.

Qin Mu bought some yellow joss paper, cinnabar and spent two days to create talisman treasure for Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command before spending another day to write down the runes needed for Soul Guide as well, comparing the both together.

Comparing them with each other, Qin Mu finally could confirm that both Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command had mistakes. There were some runes among them that were purposely written wrongly.

These sects were not willing to hand the spells of their own sects to the imperial court, therefore, they had purposely written a few runes wrongly, lowering the power of the spell drastically or even making it unusable.

The runes for Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command needed an extremely high amount of runes, so even when there were over a dozen mistakes, there were still over a thousand correct runes.

This was a huge treasure vault of knowledge.

With this knowledge, Qin Mu could fix the wrong runes in Soul Guide.

There were over six hundred types of rune arrangements the Soul Guide required and Qin Mu fixed the wrong runes that he had spotted. When he found that there was no mistake anymore, he immediately called a soldier over to asked, "Are there corpses in the city? I would like to test my spell."

That soldier asked, "Lord requires the corpses of Nine Spectres Sect to test your spell? The corpses of Nine Spectres Sect were all buried so if you need them, they'll have to be dug up."

Qin Mu's face changed slightly and hurriedly asked, "Where were they buried?"

That soldier replied, "We buried some in the disorderly burial mounds beside River Dyke County and the others were buried in Deer Mountain beside Deer County. We just buried the corpses that we fished out a few days ago at wherever that was close."

Qin Mu's mind pounded and he hurriedly said, "Where's the young magistrate? Quickly inform the young magistrate and let her order the whole army to be on guard before sending soldiers to the disorderly burial mounds and Deer Mountain to burn the corpses!"

The soldier didn't understand what he meant but he still ran out in a hurry while shouting, "Young magistrate had gone over to River Dyke County at the opposite shore to soothe the people. I'll head over right now to inform her!"

"Big Sister Chuyu is at River Dyke County? This is bad!"

Qin Mu summoned another soldier over and told him to inform the guards to be on alert before immediately finding Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong and the rest and told them quickly, "Nine Spectres Sect might be making a comeback, quickly be on alert!"

Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong and the rest were all beyond bewildered. Monk Yun Que asked, "The people of Nine Spectres Sect are almost all eradicated and only a few people are left escaping for their lives. Why do we have to guard against these few people?"

"They are faking their death!"

Just as Qin Mu said that, suddenly, a faint singing came from the river surface. This singing voice sounded ancient and obscure as if it was a god of the netherworld summoning the souls of the dead back. It gave people the feeling that a hazy and imposing god had opened the gate to the other world, sending the souls of the dead back from the netherworld!

Qin Mu's face changed hugely and his footsteps sprinted like he was flying as he broke through the air, landing on the north gate of the city tower. The north gate of the city was empty and there were only a few soldiers patrolling. Lizhou Prefecture's huge army had just experienced a huge battle, therefore, most of them were nursing themselves.

Qin Mu looked towards the river surface and only saw a Daoist with a straw hat standing on a ship's mast in the center of Surging River. He was currently casting spells and singing on the river and a huge rune gave off a green glow as if there were numerous green snakes wiggling in the sky.

Yun Que and the rest came running over and stood beside Qin Mu to look towards the river surface. Chen Wanyun asked, "What is happening…"

Before he could even finish his words, he fell into a daze when he saw black fog surging over from the river. The area which the black fog had shrouded became larger and larger, wider and wider. Among the darkness, a towering gate could be seen at the heart of the river, floating above the water!

In the blink of an eye, the sky turned dark. Qin Mu looked towards the opposite shore and could faintly see a few ships that were ferrying the scholars sailed over. He then saw the darkness shrouded the scholars' ships.

There was also a scholars' ship which had reached the sky above Surging River which was also shrouded by the darkness. Shouts of anger and cries of astonishment sounded out from the ship, making it obvious they had met something unexpected weird.

He turned his head towards Deer Mountain on the left of River Dyke County. River Dyke County suddenly burst open as small figures rushed into the mid-air, pouncing towards their location.

The few soldiers who were guarding the west city gate of Deer County couldn't react in time and were fixed in place by the yellow talismans used from the few figures that came flying over, slaughtering them on the spot!


The west city gate blew wide open and the 'corpses' rushed into the county city, slaughtering the guards who had yet reorganized themselves!

These corpses were indeed corpses but the corpses still had the souls of the dead. The Daoist on the river cast a spell and used Soul Guide to summon the souls of all the dead people in Nine Spectres Sect, allow their souls to return to their body and commence a sudden attack on the guards of Deer County.

These corpses were all worn out. There were some that only had a piece of skin attaching their heads to their bodies while some had a huge hole opened up in their chests. Some were missing their limbs and they all looked terrifyingly sinister.

They were indeed dead but their souls were pulled back from the netherworld and returned to their bodies, thus their abilities were still the same as if they were alive.

Even Chen Wanyun was stunned at this sight as he stood on the city tower not knowing what to do.

Qin Mu looked towards River Dyke County on the opposite shore which was already shrouded by the black fog. Only the explosions of divine arts could be faintly heard.

"Abandon the city, we'll head to the east gate!" Qin Mu made his decision.

Chen Wanyun and the rest jolted back to their senses and Qin Mu sprinted along the city walls while shouting for the dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er to return. Turmoil had already broken out in Deer County City as everyone was caught unprepared and got killed by those 'corpses' that were revived by Nine Spectres Sect.

The army of Eternal Peace Empire was used to cultivate skills of combined assault. By cultivating the same spell or sword skill, ten or more soldiers would just need to group up and work together closely for them to be able to even kill opponents a realm higher than them.

These kind of battle techniques were extremely useful in a large-scale battle, which could be said that killing enemies was as easy as smashing rotten wood, resulting in an utter defeat for the sects which dared to resist.

However, this battle in Deer County City also exhibited the disadvantages of this battle technique.

Nine Spectres Sect revived 'corpses' to slaughter their way in the city, scattering these soldiers before they could organize themselves. Fighting on their own, the ability of these soldiers was much inferior to the disciples of the sects in the martial world, thus it was almost a one-sided massacre!

The sky turned darker and darker. After these disciples of Nine Spectres Sect were revived, the darkness was like daylight to them. They could see everything clearly and they were not afraid of death.

They were originally corpses thus they couldn't feel any pain and had no need to defend against the opponent's move. They could just pounce over and kill people directly.

Furthermore, Nine Spectres Sect as a sect, there was no lack of experts. Even the strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm and Life and Death Realm were also 'revived'.

This kind of reviving wasn't a real reviving and was just using spells to summon the souls of the dead back. These souls of the dead would still have to return to netherworld but in this period of time, it was enough for them to sweep away all the guards in Deer County.

"The guards of Deer County are finished."

Qin Mu's heart sunk and when he saw Hu Ling'er and the dragon qilin rushing over, only then did he let out a sigh of relief. Everyone immediately jumped off the east city gate and ran away from the city in the darkness.

Behind, the east city gate suddenly collapsed as it got shattered into pieces by the strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm.

Qin Mu turned his head to look back and saw a general of Celestial Being Realm being torn apart by a few strong practitioners of Nine Spectres Sect that got revived!

There were still a few Daoists that were executing the yellow joss papers and walking in the sky. This made Qin Mu's heart sink. These few Daoists were the remnants of Corpse Immortal Cult. With the alliance of Corpse Immortal Cult and Nine Spectres Sect, one of them would control corpses while the other would control souls. There probably wouldn't be much soldiers in the city left.

"Academician Qin, we should cross the river and return to River Dyke County!" Chen Wanyun said solemnly.

Qin Mu shook his head, "There are also quite a lot of corpses sunk in the river. We can't return."

Just as he said that, sounds of water traveled over from the riverside. Among the black colored fog, the revived 'corpses' walked ashore from the bottom of the river with water dripping off their bodies. When they saw them, they suddenly sprinted towards here.

"We can only head to southern borders and look for the chance to return to the north."

Qin Mu had no change in expression as he raised his hand to pat his waist. A sword light flew out from Taotie's sack and transformed into Wave Sword Form. With the sword light revolving, it severed the heads of the Nine Spectres Sect's disciples.

The few Nine Spectres Sect's disciples became headless zombies. They immediately bend over and picked up their heads, clasping them under their armpits and continued to rush over.

A head under the armpit of the corpse opened his mouth and shouted with a sharp voice, "Come quickly, there are some that have slipped through the net! Come quickly!"

Even though Yun Que, Yue Qinghong, and Chen Wanyun were quite knowledgeable and seen a lot, they had never seen such a sinister spell before. On the other hand, Si Yunxiang who was always shy and timid was calm and composed. She was not the slightest afraid.

Qin Mu spread his five fingers and gave a sudden squeeze. The sword light of Junior Protector Sword immediately turned into Spiral Sword Form. The sword spun and sliced the disciples of Nine Spectres Sect into pieces as he warned solemnly, "Move quickly, in case the experts of Nine Spectres Sect catches up."

The few of them quickly sprinted towards the darkness. Yun Que looked at the flames surrounding Deer County and felt slight fear and dismal in his heart, "To the southern borders? That's the nest of the enemies…"

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