Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 185 - Summoning The Devil

On this sacrificial altar that not was very large, a vertical and a horizontal knife light shone. The horizontal knife light beheaded that Daoist while the vertical knife light sliced down from the head of another female Daoist.

That female Daoist was a divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm and even though she had never cultivated battle techniques before, she had a golden chain hanging around her forehead and in the middle of this chain was a jewel. Light burst forth from this jewel and blocked this knife from Qin Mu.

Qin Mu dragged his knife and the female Daoist's forehead bled. Her vital qi immediately burst forth and the horsetail whisk in her other hand bloomed like a flower that had countless petals. The thousands of threads from the horsetail whisk stabbed towards Qin Mu.

Her attacks just unleashed and she saw countless of sword light overwhelming her.

Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities.

Qin Mu's footsteps moved and he avoided the horsetail whisk that was stabbing towards him and went behind the female Daoist's corpse which had not collapsed to the ground yet. Behind that female Daoist's corpse, there was a Daoist behind her.

That Daoist had already returned to his senses and yellow joss papers flew out from the pouch on his waist. However, at this moment, Qin Mu threw away his knives and jabbed with his fingers putting together. The vital qi at his fingertips turned into incomparably sharp sword light and penetrated through the heart of that Daoist's brows.

Behind Qin Mu, a dragon and an elephant rose into the sky. The dragon coiled around Yun Que as he stepped on the elephant and slaughtered towards a female Daoist. A loud boom sounded out as he smashed the female Daoist onto the sculpture of the devil god.

That female Daoist spat out blood and her vital qi burst forth, reflecting him away. She was about to kill him when a sword light flashed by and smeared her throat, giving off a soft clink sound.

This female Daoist's vital qi was so dense that she actually used her vital qi to block this sword, however, in the next moment, Chen Wanyun appeared beside her and grabbed the sword's hilt. With all his strength, he actually pushed her onto the devil god's sculpture and pulled out his sword forcefully, bursting forth with blood light.

Wolf slave's body flashed and he leaped onto the head of the sculpture. With two of his devil knives appearing and disappearing unpredictably, he hacked downwards. Meanwhile, Yue Qinghong stood on the shoulders of wolf slave and sharp swords flew out from the sword case on her back, turning into Drill Sword Form as she stabbed towards a Daoist below!

That Daoist grabbed a white banner stabbed on the altar and held the banner in a reverse grip. The white banner trembled and the runes on the banner lighted up and swam out like weird red snakes to block the two devil knives. Meanwhile, Yue Qinghong's Drill Sword Form drilled through the banner and tunneled into the heart of his brows.

At the same time, Si Yunxiang flashed past like a phantom and gave repeated blows with a kind of strange mudra, vibrating another female Daoist to death, shattering all her bones.

Chen Wanyun's heart leaped when he saw this, "Junior Sister Si hid her abilities well, her cultivation is extremely powerful!"

He leaped towards another Daoist and the Daoist suddenly jumped down from the altar to run away. Behind him, the yellow joss paper flew towards the sacrificial altar.

Chen Wanyun immediately gave chase but the yellow joss papers exploded one after another, blowing him away ruthlessly.

At the other side, Yun Que moved to block that Daoist, executing Great Five Platform Mudra to block that Daoist's way.

That Daoist sneered and splayed out his five fingers. Thunder burst forth from the heart of his palm and shook Yun Que's soul.

That Daoist put his mind at rest and shouted sternly, "A bunch of younger generation that hasn't even cultivated to Six Fusion Realm actually…"

Just as he said that, he felt a chill from the back of his heart and he lowered his head to see a sword piercing through his chest. He had totally no idea when that person behind him had closed in on him.

Qin Mu pulled out his sword and the person croaked, "Great body technique!" When he finished saying that, he collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing.

Qin Mu returned his sword into the sheath and on the altar, Yue Qinghong, wolf slave, and Si Yunxiang were still killing the other Daoist. They circled the altar and saw corpses surrounding the devil god's sculpture.

Some Daoists were not collapsed on the floor and were nailed to the devil god's sculpture. Some of the Daoists were hung on the white banner and some were turned into a pile of mush. Some of their heads were smashed by an iron hammer and they all died differently.

The three of them were shaken and Si Yunxiang inspected the corpses with a grave expression. These corpses had all suffered Qin Mu's ruthless attack in an instant and died before they could even unleash their divine arts.

"They all basically died from just one move," she thought to herself secretly and raised her eyes to look at Qin Mu.

Thirteen divine arts practitioners, even though their battle techniques weren't strong, divine arts practitioners were divine arts practitioners after all. Even though everyone said that it was sure death if a strong practitioner of the spell school was to be closed in by strong practitioners of the battle technique school, those were only casual talk.

If there was a difference in realm, battle techniques might not be able to break through the opponent's defensive divine arts.

Even though they had caught the enemies unprepared, Qin Mu's battle prowess was way too strong, his speed was also way too fast.

Qin Mu trembled his Junior Protector Sword and shook off the blood on his sword. Returning the sword into his sheath, he said, "Clean the battlefield and immediately destroy the devil god's sculpture!"

Just as he had said that, a loud boom suddenly came from not far away. Blood light shone among the black fog, dyeing the pitch black fog blood red.

That blood light was over three hundred yards high and they could even see it clearly while standing at the mountain col.

A terrifying power came surging from another world and pounded at where the blood light had burst forth from.

Following that, rumblings of thunder sounded out as bolts of lightning struck around the surroundings of the blood light. That was the bolts of lightning compressed out from the space by the terrifying power. If the power was too strong, the vibrating force would compress the space and cause the space to become unstable.

When space became unstable, the lightning hidden in the space would burst forth.

Everyone's expression turned into a daze as they saw an incomparably huge body gradually standing up at where the blood light and bolts of lightning were gathering at. That was a devil god with horns on his head and have four arms and four legs. Even though it was only a sculpture, towering flames overflowed from his body as if a devil god had descended into this world!

This devil god that had descended was even taller than this Deer Mountain and with smoke billowing out from its body, there were flames and rays of lightning mixed with the smoke. Meanwhile, the blood light soared into the sky and hung above his head.

"There was another place where the Great Mountain Sect was summoning another devil…"

Qin Mu's limbs turned icy cold. On the other side, the divine arts practitioners of Great Mountain Sect had succeeded in casting their spell and summoned the devil god over.

The gaze of that imposing devil god was like bolts of lightning interweaving each other. Wherever the gaze swept by, all the trees and rocks would be completely reduced to ashes with a fizzle.

Qin Mu let out a murky breath and said in a low voice, "Strip!"

Everyone was slightly stunned and Monk Yun Que muttered, "I have to undress again…"

Si Yunxiang understood what he meant and immediately undressed the clothes from the corpse on the ground. The other people also immediately understood Qin Mu's meaning and hurriedly took off the clothes of Great Mountain Sect's divine arts practitioners.

Qin Mu also wore the clothes of the Great Mountain Sect's disciple while instructing with a low voice, "Pluck out those white banners and pick up the talisman treasures as backup."

Chen Wanyun and the rest went forward to pluck out the white banner and pick up the talisman treasure. When they were all ready, they saw the devil god blustering towards the river surface, tremoring the huge waves of Surging River into the sky.

Everyone's expression changed hugely and the dragon qilin had also rushed over. Qin Mu said quickly, "We need to move away from here immediately, this place is no longer for us, scholars of Five Elements Realm, to have a footing. Are there any items on you that could represent you as an imperial scholar? Hand them all to me."

Yun Que took out his pass and book tablet while muttering, "Are we really going to send ourselves to death going to the southern border?"

Qin Mu kept everyone's passes and book tablets into his taotie's sack and said, "We are going to take a detour from the southern border. After we make it through this battlefield, we'll just have to cross the river and will be safe once we reach the north of the river."

He let out a murky breath and was about to order them to move off when he took a glance at the devil god's sculpture which was yet completed. His heart wavered and he carried this sculpture up, tying it on the dragon qilin's back.

"Let's go, to the south."

Everyone was in a heavy mood as they followed him and headed toward the south along the foothills.

After about three to four miles, they had finally walked out of the area shrouded by the black fog. Walking another three to four miles ahead, Qin Mu turned his head back and saw the black fog was like an incomparably huge black wok which was covered on the surroundings of Surging River, detaining both sides of the shores.

In the middle of the black fog was an enormous gate which opened access between life and death, connecting to the gate in the netherworld.

"I wonder how many people would survive in Lizhou," Qin Mu thought to himself.

Not long after, Qin Mu suddenly stopped, "The army is here."

Yun Que was delighted, "Army? Our Eternal Peace's army?"

Qin Mu shook his head and pointed forward, "The rebel army."

Everyone looked forward and there were dozens of ships flying towards them. The gonfanons were brandished on the ships and around each and every ship were strange beasts that were flying in the sky. There were strange beasts of shapes and sizes, having a numerous number of species.

Meanwhile, below the army in the sky, there were rows of soldiers that were made up by martial arts practitioners and divine arts practitioners. Among the soldiers, there were huge beasts that were strapped full with huge circular rocks. These beast were dozens of yards tall and was like moving mountains. With every step they took, the ground trembled endlessly.

Qin Mu and the rest stood at one side and let this huge army that was heading towards the battlefield at Surging River to pass. A general standing on one of the ship shot his lightning-like gaze over and swept Qin Mu and the rest before enquiring the officer beside him, "Who are those people?"

The officer beside him gave Qin Mu and the rest a few glances and said, "They seem to be disciples of Great Mountain Sect. I'll head down to ask them."

This general leaped down from the ship and everytime his feet landed, there would be a golden lotus blooming under his feet. With a lotus blooming with each footstep, he walked over to Qin Mu and the rest step by step, making everyone felt fear and trepidation in the face of disaster.

This was a great expert of Seven Stars Realm which could step on the void. If he wanted to kill them, it was as easy as blowing away a speck of dust!

That officer saw the devil god's sculpture on the dragon qilin's back and asked coldly, "Disciples of Great Mountain Sect, running without a fight, how should you be punished?"

Qin Mu bowed and replied in a neither servile nor overbearing tone, "Our Great Mountain Sect has tried our best. We have already summoned out a devil god to assist in the battle, not only are we not guilty, we've done a meritorious deed instead."

That officer gave a cold snort, "However, you've escaped from the battle, this is a crime punishable by death, to be beheaded on the spot!"

Qin Mu had an expression of grief and indignation as he protested, "We suffered from the sneak attack of Lizhou and among my thirteen brothers and sisters, seven of them had died in battle, only the six of us are left! When we are putting our lives on the line, where are your people? Our Great Mountain Sect has already been exterminated and only we're left, do you really want all of us to die there? General, leave some seeds for our Great Mountain Sect!"

That general hesitated and raised his head to look up.

On the ship in the sky, that general said solemnly, "There are already very little people in Great Mountain Sect so there's no need to delve into this. They had already done a great deed by summoning one devil god out to assist in the battle. Let them execute their spells to affirm their identity before letting them go."

Chen Wanyun, Yun Que and the rest broke out in cold sweat. They had never cultivated before the spells of Great Mountain Sect.

Qin Mu executed a talisman treasure and the general's voice came sounding out, "Not a talisman treasure, spells."

Qin Mu's vital qi circulated and his vital qi turned into a rune which shone onto the body of the devil god's sculpture, lighting up a rune on the devil god sculpture.

That general bowed and said, "General Xiaoyi, this is indeed Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command of Great Mountain Sect."

General Xiaoyi on the ship waved his hand, "Let them go, move the army and attack Lizhou… Halt!"

General Xiaoyi's gaze landed on Qin Mu and the rest, a smile curled up on his lips, "Send them to Heaven Wave City and let them summon a devil god there as well."

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