Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 186 - Qin Mu Summoning The Devil

"Heaven Wave City?" Qin Mu and the rest had a slight change in expression. They felt they had just escaped from the wolf pack and into the tiger's den.

General Xiaoyi smiled, "Great Mountain Sect's Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command is indeed powerful. Heaven Wave City is also attacking the opposite shore therefore if there's a devil god assisting them, there would be much lesser casualties in Heaven Wave City. Lin Ding, you'll follow them.

That officer immediately acknowledged.

General Xiaoyi waved his hand and let the army be on their way. Qin Mu and the rest bowed and when the army had passed by, that Officer Lin Ding smiled, "Junior brothers, let us head for Heaven Wave City."

Qin Mu's expression remained unchanged and said, "Please, Officer Lin."

Lin Ding smiled, "Your Great Mountain Sect has done a meritorious deed and even though there are only a few of you left, you could still summon devil god forward to assist us in battle. You guys will definitely reestablish your sect and shine. Even though you are still quite young, I admire this kind of miraculous ability."

Qin Mu laughed out loud with a face full of glory, "We're indebted to officer's lucky words. That's right officer, I see you're not that old yet your cultivation is high, may I dare to ask what is officer's realm now?"

"Peak of Seven Stars Realm, however, it's always hard to advance to Celestial Being Realm."

Lin Ding sigh ruefully, "Celestial Being is hard and now that the world is in turmoil, we will have to enforce justice on behalf of heaven, to clean up the laws and discipline of the imperial court, to get rid of Imperial Preceptor that renegade. This is a chance and I might just be able to take this chance to have a breakthrough. You guys might be young but you must grasp this chance as well."

He saw everyone looking somewhat puzzled and said solemnly, "Since ancient times, heroes are born from the battlefield. The more chaotic the world becomes, the easier it is to improve. Why is that so? This is because when the strong practitioners clash, their philosophies collide and all kinds of divine arts, paths and skills would emerge, broadening one's horizons, raising their knowledge and experience. The pressure from strong practitioners, pressure from life and death, would push ourselves forward with acute determination, continuing to improve. For example, the Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command of your Great Mountain Sect, who would execute this kind of spell in times of peace? The more chaotic it gets, the more chances they would be able to be executed, only then would one improve."

Chen Wanyun and the rest felt that his words were very logical.

This time, Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command, this kind of neglected spells had really broadened their horizons. After Great Mountain Sect was exterminated, their remnant disciples could actually still summon a devil god to assist in battle. How astonishing was the battle prowess of that devil god!

A mere unremarkable spell could actually give forth to such an astonishing power, truly shaking them.

In addition to that, Soul Guide was also an unremarkable spell which didn't have much power. When they saw this kind of spell in Floor of Heavenly Records, they would usually throw them aside and not further study them.

In terms of the power of spells, there were thousands of spells in Floor of Heavenly Records that would surpass these two unremarkable spells.

However, it was a low-level spell like Soul Guide that had changed the situation of the entire war just like that, causing a border commander like Yuyuan Chuyu to suffer a huge setback, making it difficult to protect Lizhou.

Soul Guide and Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command absolutely had no power but by using these spells at the right situation, the power this kind of neglected spells could unleash would far surpass the power of a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses!

This Officer Lin Ding may be the opposing force but his experience surpassed them.

This also stressed them. Since Officer Lin Ding's experience and strength much higher than theirs, if he discovered any tiny hints, they would probably die miserably!

Furthermore, even if Officer Lin Ding couldn't find any flaw with them, they would still die if they couldn't summon the devil god when they reached Heaven Wave City.

Even if they summoned the devil god which would massacre the army of Eternal Peace, they would still have to die when they returned to the capital city.

No matter how they looked at it, it was a sure death ending.

"If we could attack him mercilessly all together, will we be able to get rid of this great expert?"

Qin Mu calculated secretly and felt his victory was uncertain. Unless he could make the dragon qilin make a move, however, with the dragon qilin's temperament of always resigning himself to adversity, it would probably be hard to make him put his life on the line.

"We can get rid of thirteen divine arts practitioners so why can't we deal with an expert of Seven Stars Realm?"

Qin Mu's gaze wavered. They walked several miles forward and they suddenly heard yells coming over. A band of bandits came slaughtering over and these bandits weren't weak at all. The head of the bandits was a divine arts practitioners while the others were martial arts practitioners.

Everyone was lusting to kill when Officer Lin Ding smiled, "Don't worry. They're merely some vermins, let them come."

Those bandits slaughtered over and Officer Lin Ding only raised a hand and unleashed a mudra. With the thunder in palm bursting forth, a loud boom sounded out with a flash of white light, exploding the bodies of the dozens of bandits. Even the divine arts practitioner also exploded on the spot and died.

"Thunder in palm of the battle technique school!"

Qin Mu's heart leaped and instantly felt a thorny problem in his hand. Against strong practitioners of battle technique school, sneak attack was completely useless. They were all martial arts practitioners of Five Elements Realm, therefore if they jumped on him, they would at most be scratching Officer Lin Ding's back and wouldn't be able to hurt him.

With anxiousness in their hearts, they could only follow Officer Lin Ding towards Heaven Wave City.

Qin Mu asked, "General Lin Ding, may I ask what's the background of General Xiaoyi?"

Officer Lin Ding revealed an expression of admiration and said, "General Xiaoyi is the crown prince of Justice Exist Country and after Justice Exist Country was annexed, the emperor was conferred as king with a different surname while General Xiaoyi was conferred as Prince Xiaoyi. Now that Imperial Preceptor is throwing the skills in this world into disorder, this is for the path of the devil. This is a chance for General Xiaoyi and he might just be able to rebuild his empire. Heaven Wave City is right ahead."

In front of them, there was an unbroken chain of mountain peak beside the shore of Surging River. The mountains forced Surging River to go around them and Heaven Wave City was building on the mountains that cut into Surging River. Below was sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces which caused Surging River to become more urgent here. Whenever the towering waves slapped onto the cliffs, they would give off world-shaking bangs.

The waves which were shattered then rose high into the sky, as if there were countless of white jade pearls falling from the white clouds in the sky.

Waves slapping the clouds right up to heaven, this was how Heaven Wave City came about.

At this moment, there were soldiers of the rebel army everywhere in Heaven Wave City which were looking at the army of Eternal Peace Empire across the river, holding on to their weapons and waiting for the time to make their move.

Officer Lin Ding brought them to Heaven Wave City and said, "The person guarding this place is an existence of the cult master level, the dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect! You must have heard him before, right? Even though the ability of the dragon king isn't that high, he had raised a flood dragon and this flood dragon is powerful. It can kill strong practitioners of Life and Death Realm without a problem. Eh, that's the son of the dragon king in front, Long Jiaonan."

The general keeping watch was a pretty and flirtatious male wearing a brightly colored gown. There was heavy makeup on his face and looked very provoking to the eyes. It was the young sect master of Dragon Rider Sect, Long Jiaonan.

Officer Lin Ding brought Qin Mu forward to make some inquiries. Long Jiaonan exchanged greeting with him and was slightly stunned when he suddenly saw Qin Mu, "This person looks familiar…"

Qin Mu felt alarmed in his heart and lowered his head to greet,

When he entered the capital city for the first time, he had taken the ship that was heading towards the capital city with Wei Yong from River Tomb. Long Jiaonan had controlled a huge snake to fly in mid-air and killed everyone on the ship, leaving only him and Wei Yong escaping for their lives.

In the hurry, Long Jiaonan may have seen his face before.

"These few are the disciples of Great Mountain Sect."

Officer Lin Ding introduced, "They summoned a devil god in Deer County thus General Xiaoyi had wanted them to cast their spells here in Heaven Wave City, to summon a devil god to assist us in the battle."

Long Jiaonan couldn't remember where he had met Qin Mu before but her eyes lit up and she chuckled, "Summoning the devil god? Well, this is interesting. What magical artifact do you guys need? I'll prepare them for you."

Qin Mu immediately said, "We only need a white bone sacrificial altar that's thirteen by thirteen yards wide. It would have to be constructed using bones and the platform of the altar would have to be laid out with skulls. The eyes sockets of the skulls must be facing upwards and cannot be sloppy."

"How troublesome."

Long Jiaonan smiled, "In times of chaos, corpses are plentiful. Wait a moment, I'll order people to prepare the sacrificial altar. If the bones aren't enough, we'll kill some people to make up for it. The lives of Heaven Wave City's people are worthless."

Qin Mu said, "We are executing a secret art so we can't be disturbed, therefore could General Long…"

Long Jiaonan gave him coquettish glances and Qin Mu felt goosebumps popping up. Long Jiaonan smiled, "I understand, you can be at ease. I'll station the soldiers outside of the sacrificial altar. However, if you can't summon the devil god and make a fool out of me, I'll be sure to violate you thoroughly."

Chen Wanyun, Yun Que and wolf slave felt their hairs standing on ends. On the other hand, Si Yunxiang and Yue Qinghong still felt normal.

Not long after, Long Jiaonan had already ordered his subordinates to build a white bone sacrificial altar in Heaven Wave City. This altar was situated in the city lord's manor. Long Jiaonan dismissed the soldiers and made them station outside so they couldn't observe Qin Mu and the rest casting their spells.

Qin Mu looked around and saw over a hundred soldiers stationed outside and it was pretty impossible for them to leave.

"What should we do?"

On the sacrificial altar, everyone looked at Qin Mu. Chen Wanyun said with a low voice, "We're now deep in the enemies' territory, Se...senior Uncle Qin, you'll make the call!"

He finally changed and called Qin Mu senior uncle. Even though Yun Que and Yue Qinghong were bewildered, they didn't probe.

Qin Mu said solemnly, "Of course we cast spells to summon the devil, inviting the devil god over."

Yun Que jumped in shock and cried out, "We have not learned the spells of Great Mountain Sect before, how do we summon the devil god?"

"I've learned before."

Qin Mu carried the devil god's sculpture over and placed it on the sacrificial altar. He then stabbed the white banner at the four corners and said, "I'll be the one summoning and dispatch this devil god over. Great Mountain Sect requires thirteen people to execute this spell but I feel I can do it alone as well, although it would be slightly troublesome."

Yun Que said with hesitation, "Our whole family would be hung if we summon a devil god to massacre Eternal Peace Empire's army…"

"Don't worry, there should definitely be some trick to summon the devil god, they won't let the devil god go on a rampage otherwise the people summoning the devil god would have died as well."

Qin Mu's gaze wavered and he spat out a murky breath, "If we summon the devil god over and make him attack Heaven Wave City, I think we can escape while chaos ensues… You guys guard the surroundings and be careful of any movements, I'll cast the spell."

Everyone immediately stood guard around the sacrificial altar. Qin Mu took out the talisman treasure and took a look at the runes on the one thousand and twenty-four surfaces, memorizing them by heart. He then looked at the runes on the devil god's sculpture, comparing them one by one before muttering to himself irresolutely and beginning to cast the spell.

His vital qi burst forth and his vital qi threads raised the thirteen talisman treasures up in mid-air, surrounding the devil god's sculpture. An obscure and ancient language sounded out from his nasal cavity and his oral cavity as his vital qi started to push the talisman treasures to transform, lighting up the runes on the talisman treasures one after another. The runes then shone onto the devil god's sculpture, lighting up the runes that were imprinted around the sculpture of the devil god.

Chen Wanyun and the rest were bewildered. The language coming out from Qin Mu's mouth was not the language they normally spoke. It was slightly similar to the language Great Mountain Sect gave off when they were summoning the devil but it seemed to be even more profound.

"It's the devil language," Si Yunxiang said in a low voice.

The runes of this devil god's sculpture lit up one by one. Controlling thirteen talisman treasures required one to memorize over a thousand runes and their arrangement. Even though Qin Mu had not yet master Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery, the memory had already improved by leaps and bounds thus he could control them calmly.

An hour later, more than half of the runes on this devil god's sculpture had already been lighted up by him. At the same time, when he was chanting devil language, he felt that he had gradually made a connection with a being from another dark world in the depths of space and time through this sculpture.

And at this moment, over ten Daoists brought another devil god's sculpture and hurried to Heaven Wave City. When Officer Lin Ding saw these Daoists, he immediately welcomed them with a smile, "You guys from Great Mountain Sect had come just right, your junior brothers and junior sisters are currently summoning the devil in the city, it's been quite some time."

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