Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 187 - Descend Of The Devil King

That Great Mountain Sect's Daoist in the lead was astonished, "Junior brother and junior sisters? This general might not know that the disciples of our Great Mountain Sect were split into two groups to Deer County so as to invite the gods over. Luckily, we have succeeded in inviting a devil god over; however, the other group of disciples has all been murdered. The devil god's sculpture and talisman treasures were robbed, as well as their clothes!"

Officer Lin Ding's expression changed hugely and he cried out, "If those that are summoning the devil now aren't the disciples of your Great Mountain Sect, then who could they be?"

That Daoist's eyes lighted up as he heard the faint chanting coming from the city lord's manor and said coldly, "I would also like to know who they are… This is bad, the person summoning the devil has already made a connection with the devil god in the devil realm! Let us hurry over!"

Lin Ding's eyes twitched irregularly as he hurriedly rushed towards the direction of the city lord's manor while shouting sternly, "Young sect master, quickly give the order to execute those demons in the city lord's manor!"

In the city lord's manor, Qin Mu felt his consciousness entering deep into another world through this devil god's sculpture and his consciousness traveled throughout this darkness before stopping suddenly.

In front of him was a boundless space and time of darkness. Next, a humongous eye which was filled with scarlet red flames opened up in the darkness. In front of this eye, he was minute like a speck of dust.


On Qin Mu's left, another humongous eye opened up and after that, another eye opened up above this two eyes. The pupil of the third eye contracted and its gaze slowly moved before landing on his body.

"Weakling, you are summoning me, summoning the Dutian Devil King that rules the borderless territory of Dutian."

Those three eyes gradually rose into the sky and went further and further away from Qin Mu's consciousness; however, they were still incomparably huge. Only now did Qin Mu notice there was still light beside his body, and he was like a lamp in the darkness.

He looked at himself standing on the altar. The altar gave off a white glow and looked incomparably minute in the darkness, looking insignificant.

The altar and he on the altar seemed to have come to another world.

"You are summoning my strength!"

A voice resonated out from the center of the three eyes, far and high up. The voice bombarded his consciousness and trembling back and forth, "You are summoning me to your world, to massacre, to battle!"

Qin Mu said humbly, "Oh the great Dutian Devil King, I pray for your descend. I shall sacrifice to you thousands of powerful lives, all the divine arts practitioners of Heaven Wave City."

The three eyes suddenly burst into flames and an earth-shaking voice resonated out, "As you wish!"

The sacrificial altar below Qin Mu's feet suddenly lighted up and the rays spread out in all directions. In an instant, the entire Heaven Wave City appeared in the darkness.

Qin Mu looked around and his heart pounded. The entire Heaven Wave City was under his eyes and all the people in Heaven Wave City were in his eyes. Every action and what they were wearing were all in his eyes, down to the very last detail.

Following that, human figures started to disappear one after another from the city and only the divine arts practitioners were left in the city.

Those that had disappeared from the city were martial arts practitioners that had yet reached Six Directions Realm and the ordinary people. These people didn't really disappear from Heaven Wave City and instead, this Dutian Devil King was confirming his sacrifices!

Qin Mu hurriedly pointed to the dragon qilin beside the altar and said, "This dragon qilin isn't part of the sacrifices offered to the great Dutian Devil King."

"Shut up."

An eerie and sinister voice came out from the back of those three eyes. Qin Mu saw another three more huge eyes spinning over behind these three eyes, "You have no rights to command Dutian Devil King! I'll borrow your consciousness to descend onto this city!"

Qin Mu suddenly felt his body becoming stiff and was unable to move as an incomparably terrifying strength surged over from another world!


Violent tremors traveled from the surroundings of the sacrificial altars. Blood light soared into the sky, reaching several hundred yards and as Qin Mu bathed in the blood light, he could feel a terrifying strength descending onto this world through his consciousness and surging towards the body of the devil god's sculpture.

The runes on the surface of the devil god's sculpture were like weird eyes frantically absorbing the energy surging over from another world. The surface of the devil god's sculpture cracked continuously and the wood chips exploded out in all directions.

This devil god's sculpture became larger and larger as dense light leaked out from the cracked lines. Flesh could be faintly seen growing in the insides of the devil god's sculpture which was made from wood!

In a blink of an eye, the devil god's sculpture on the altar had grown dozens of yard tall and was still continuing to grow.

Qin Mu only felt his consciousness splitting apart. Not only had the energy of Dutian Devil King descended, Dutian Devil King's consciousness had also come bombarding over. That was a sinister, terrifying and irritable consciousness. This made Qin Mu's consciousness became insignificant in front of this terrifying consciousness as if he could be crushed any moment.

The nature of this devil king was extremely violent and he didn't care whether Qin Mu live or die. He just transferred his consciousness and strength from a space and time far away, pouring them into the devil god's sculpture.

The devil god's sculpture was still expanding and becoming bigger, thus all the wood had already shattered and turned into a body of flesh!

Kacha, kacha.

There were rolling thunders all around the altar as numerous bolts of lightning struck here and there, forcing Chen Wanyun and the rest to move back continuously. The dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er were moving back continuously as well. The violent aura of that devil god's sculpture forced the dragon qilin unable to have his footing.

Beneath the feet of the devil god's sculpture, Qin Mu's body was trembling as a wound opened up at the heart of his brows. Fizzling sparks shot out from the heart of his brows and shone on the devil god's sculpture.

Within the sparks was the consciousness of the Dutian Devil King. His consciousness was so strong that he nearly destroyed Qin Mu's consciousness.

Qin Mu's forehead was non-stop bleeding and there were even smells of fresh blood burning. He couldn't move at all. Suddenly, he gritted his teeth and forcefully executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to protect his consciousness.

His train of thoughts had already stopped but luckily for him, the pressure on him lessened considerably when Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique started circulating. Suddenly, Qin Mu felt the circulation of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had added some stuff into his own body.

The sounds of slaughter shook the heaven as the spirit weapons bombarded over like clouds, causing him unable to ponder over it.

Sounds of tremors rang beside his ear as the devil god's sculpture placed down that raised leg, collapsing countless of buildings in the city lord's manor from the vibrations. Before the spirit weapons could even reach close, they were all blown up into pieces.

"Devil Withdraw Command!"

Several Daoists rushed in from outside and when the Daoist in lead saw this sight, his eyes couldn't help opening wide from anger. The dozen and more Daoists hurriedly patted the rune pouches on their waists, causing countless of yellow joss paper to fly out from the rune pouch.

Written on these yellow joss papers were weird runes that were different from Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command. The countless of yellow joss paper linked with each other and formed a huge yellow screen.

The countless of runes on the yellow joss papers could actually link one another from head to tail, forming an incomparably huge and complicated character.

The secret arts of Great Mountain Sect, Devil Withdraw Command!

About a dozen of Daoists of Great Mountain Sect chanted in chorus and pushed their vital qi to activate this complicated character on the yellow screen. Devil Withdraw Command lighted up and shone towards Dutian Devil King.

Just as Devil Withdraw Command shone onto the body of Dutian Devil King, the eyes of Dutian Devil King opened up one by one and a bolt of lightning shot out from his gaze, tearing Devil Withdraw Command into pieces. About a dozen of Daoists under Devil Withdraw Command was also shone by his gaze and they turned into ashes!

However, as Devil Withdraw Command shone onto Dutian Devil King's body, Qin Mu instantly felt the heart of his brows turning light suddenly and as if relieved of a heavy load. He regained control of his body and hurriedly retreated.

There were still some puzzles in his heart. This devil god that he had summoned seemed to be slightly different. He didn't listen to him at all. He was extremely cruel and didn't care whether he lived or died at all. This devil god that he had summoned out was probably no ordinary devil god!

"Let us retreat!"

Qin Mu rapidly came to the others and shouted, "Big Dragon, show your true form and bring us out of the city!"

The dragon qilin gave a roar and heat waves instantly swept out, blowing Yue Qinghong and Yun Que away. Chen Wanyun and the wolf slave lost their footing and moved back a few steps while Si Yunxiang's body just swayed and didn't move back at all.

The dragon qilin's body expanded and grew larger, with true fire blazing around his body. He instantly turned into a huge creature that was over four hundred feet long. His height was even taller than the city tower and as his body moved, the air around him exploded continuously from being compressed.

Qin Mu flew and came to Yue Qinghong and Yun Que's side in a flash to grab the both of them. With his fleeting footsteps, he came to the dragon qilin's side and jumped up on the dragon qilin's back.

Chen Wanyun and Si Yunxiang also jumped up and Qin Mu shouted, "Run! Run as fast as possible!"

Fire clouds grew under the feet of the dragon qilin and rose into the sky. At this moment, they heard Dutian Devil King's voice coming from their back, vibrating the air, "Run? Where to? Finally, someone has summoned me, I had not imparted out the spells of Dutian in vain. I'll construct a sacrificial altar here and build a passage to summon my true body, to summon the people of my Dutian! Hahaha, you will all be the skeletons on my sacrificial altar!"

His huge hand came grabbing over and the air in the surrounding was almost solidified, freezing the dragon qilin which was running in the air. The dragon qilin pushed his magic power and the flame clouds raged yet he was unable to move at all.

As this Dutian Devil King was about to grab hold of them, a dragon roar suddenly sounded out. A middle-aged man rode a flood dragon and pounced over viciously. With its body coiled around the Dutian Devil King, the flood dragon spew out lightning and fire at the face of Dutian Devil King.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man stood on the head of the flood dragon, stabbing the head of Dutian Devil King with the sword lights flashing in his hand.

Qin Mu and the rest were free from the constraints and the dragon qilin immediately rose into the sky, rushing out of the city. Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, "The dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect is here!"

At this moment, a miserable cry sounded out. The cult master level flood dragon was actually pulled apart forcefully by the Dutian Devil King, whose punch made both the flood dragon and the dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect spat blood and fell back.


The four faces of Dutian Devil King opened their mouths and shouted with all their might. The earth-shaking sound waves surged forth, causing countless of people to bleed from all their orifices.

The dragon qilin's body also swayed from the roars and suddenly all twelve eyes of Dutian Devil King lighted up brightly. With bolts of lightning interweaving each other, they swept over from all directions, slicing through countless of experts in Heaven Wave City that were pouncing over. The dragon qilin was also hit in his butt and snarled in pain, falling from the sky.

Luckily for him, his skin was thick thus he wasn't killed by Dutian Devil King's gaze.

The dragon qilin landed in the city and his body shrank as he stumbled. Qin Mu and the rest hurriedly came down from his back only to see Dutian Devil King sweeping all the experts in the city lord's manor while chuckling, "I was the one who had imparted Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command, you weaklings wouldn't have thought of it, am I right? I will use your corpses to construct a huge sacrificial altar to let my true body to descend! The people of my Dutian shall descend into this world!"

Yue Qinghong was dazed and muttered, "Academician, what kind of devil have you summoned…"

Qin Mu was also a little dumbstruck, "I don't know either… Let us leave quickly, Long Jiaonan is coming over!"

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