Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 188 - Male Or Female

They quickly brought the dragon qilin to head out. The dragon qilin had suffered an injury thus his legs were inconvenient. Hu Ling'er jumped onto Qin Mu's back and immediately cast a spell to summon a tornado, sweeping this dragon qilin into the whirlwind and brought him along.

Meanwhile, behind them, Heaven Wave City which was constructed on the mountain range beside the river was collapsing. As the huge devil king fought numerous strong practitioners in the city, he actually had the free time to use the flesh and bones of the people he killed to build his sacrificial altar.

Bloody bones and skulls continuous flew through the air and landed under his feet, building a layer very quickly.

His true body was still located in that so-called Dutian and only his magic power and consciousness had descended, yet the strength of his abilities had already surpassed strong practitioners of the cult master level.

In the city, the dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect was not the only expert of the cult master level. There were also other stronger practitioners of the Life and Death Realm as well as the Divine Bridge Realm. However, even when they attacked all together, they were helpless against Dutian Devil King and got injured one after another.

As for the army stationed in the city, the thousands of divine arts practitioners were all injured in Dutian Devil King's roars and countless of them were killed by the twelve gazes of Dutian Devil King.

The city was in a piece of chaos and countless soldiers were escaping for their lives in undisciplined crowds and some even jumped straight into the river, however, they were all smashed into pieces on the mountain cliff by the towering huge waves of Surging River.

The soldiers in the city were usually disciples from each and every sect and lacked the discipline they had in the military. When they met something terrifying like this, they just broke down instantly and had no morale at all. It was absolutely impossible for their armed forces to cooperate and trap Dutian Devil King using formations.

When Qin Mu followed Chancellor Ba Shan to the area beyond the Great Wall for experience, the combined strength of eight hundred strong practitioners of the prairie could wear down Chancellor Ba Shan's divine arts, Heavenly Spirits Escarpment, forcing him to retreat again and again.

Chancellor Ba Shan was a strong practitioner of the cult master level and was even forced to retreat. With thousands of divine arts practitioners and martial arts practitioners in Heaven Wave City, if they cooperated with each other, they would probably be able to contend with Dutian Devil King for a short period of time. However, each and every sect was like a sheet of loose sand, unable to be gathered together. Escaping for their lives were more important.

Qin Mu looked back and saw Long Jiaonan chasing desperately, however, it didn't look like he was chasing after them.

"Oh right, Long Jiaonan is also running for his life," Qin Mu came to a realization.


Terrifying vibrations burst forth from the clash of the strong practitioners. Buildings crumbled and disintegrated in mid-air while Qin Mu and the rest were lifted into the air by the terrifying vibrations. Countless of people flail their limbs and flew off in all directions.

Boom, boom! When they were still in mid-air, another few terrifying vibrations came traveling over and Qin Mu vomited blood continuously. He hurriedly grabbed Hu Ling'er down from his backpack and embraced her tightly so that Hu Ling'er wouldn't be vibrated to death.

When the fourth vibration rushed over, Qin Mu grunted and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His body and soul immediately became incomparably durable but he was still blown away.


Qin Mu crashed into the ground and tumbled several times before coming to a stop. He crashed into a forest and the gale whooshed past the top of the forest, slicing countless crowns of the trees off.

That was the aftermath of the divine arts from the strong practitioners of Heaven Wave City.

Blood flowed out from the corner of Qin Mu's mouth and his eyes stared wide open as he felt a suffocation in his chest. After a moment, he suddenly gasped for huge breaths and he heard a pop sound coming from his chest; his chest should be damaged.

He panted heavily and took Hu Ling'er out from his chest. Hu Ling'er was also injured quite badly and had fainted. Qin Mu hurriedly took out a jade bottle from his taotie's sack. Pinching her mouth open, he poured a few drops of dragon's saliva into his mouth.

After a moment, Hu Ling'er gradually woke up and was in a daze. She then said with a sobbing tone, "I have lost big dragon!"

The dragon qilin had inconvenience in walking thus Hu Ling'er had summoned a tornado with her spells and let this dragon qilin sit on the tornado, allowing him to float in mid-air. The few vibrations that had traveled over earlier destroyed her spells and blew the dragon qilin far away as well.

Qin Mu consoled her, "It's okay, big dragon was merely hurt on the butt and he will heal himself, although I'm afraid he might not be able to reach the wound to lick it. Furthermore, I have also lost Chen Wanyun and the rest."

"Big dragon is very valuable."

Hu Ling'er sobbed, "Chen Wanyun and the rest are worthless…"

Qin Mu got up and circulated his vital qi, expelling the extravasated blood from his chest. He then picked her up and said, "Let's go find them."

Just as he said that, his body became stiff. Sounds of trees collapsing came from the depths of the forest and a huge snake gradually slithered out from the forest, pushing the trees down from both sides.

That huge snake was the one that destroyed the ship that Qin Mu and Wei Yong took when they were heading to the capital city.

The huge creature that Long Jiaonan raised!

"Keke, keke…"

Violent coughs came from the head of the snake. Qin Mu raised his head and saw a pretty man in disheveled clothes sitting on the flat head of the snake coughing and spitting blood.

Thousands of holes were on his flowery gown and even the rogue and powder on his face were smeared, looking battered and exhausted.

"You destroyed Heaven Wave City, destroyed my Dragon Rider Sect!'

Long Jiaonan stood up shakily from the head of the huge snake, seemingly crying yet not crying. Her gaze landed on Qin Mu's body and Qin Mu shivered with fear as he steadily moved back step by step.

Long Jiaonan was an expert and had faced off with the bow and arrow cavalry as well as the sword guards outside the capital city. Even they didn't manage to hold him back and let him escape unscathed.

"Who exactly are you?"

The huge flowery crown snake raised its head up and looked down at Qin Mu. Long Jiaonan screeched, "Did Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor send you?"

Qin Mu didn't say a word and moved back to the side of a huge tree, suddenly his body disappeared in a flash as he hid himself behind the tree.

Long Jiaonan shrieked and stretched his hand forward to grab. His vital qi transformed into a huge hand and crushed the huge tree into pieces!

However, there was no trace of Qin Mu behind the huge tree. Long Jiaonan turned frantic and raised his hands forwards. The ground trembled continuously as sharp rock spikes pierced out from the ground. In the radius of dozens of yards, there were these kinds of rock spikes everywhere, turning the area into a rock forest.

"Run? You can't run."

That huge snake slithered its body and crushed all the rock spikes as it moved forward. Meanwhile, Long Jiaonan, who was on the snake's head, seemed to be injured as his body squirmed on the head of the snake as if he was a human snake. After squirming for some time, his head suddenly split open and then his face. Another head popped out.

He continued squirming like a snake and not long after, he shed a human skin and Long Jiaonan stood naked. He fetched a set of new clothes and slowly wore it while looking around and chuckling, "I know you haven't left far away and are still lying low around here, I can feel your gaze. You're admiring my body…"

About three hundred yards away from him, Qin Mu was squatting in the crown of a huge tree and fixed his gaze on the body of Long Jiaonan who had gone through a transformation, "Dragon Rider Sect sure has peculiar techniques, to actually be able to shed his own skin and change into a new body. However, didn't they say Long Jiaonan was the son of Dragon Rider Sect's dragon king? How come he's a woman with a plump chest…"

In the instant he hid his body behind the tree, he immediately raised his clothes up and teleported away, avoiding Long Jiaonan's sure kill strike. However, his cultivation wasn't high thus he couldn't teleport far away. He could only teleport up to six hundred yards and couldn't leave this forest.

What made him the most astonished was this technique that Long Jiaonan cultivated. Long Jiaonan had injuries on his body yet after he had shed his skin, there was actually no injuries at all.

Furthermore, the Long Jiaonan that had crawled out was naked like a baby. Only now did Qin Mu realize that his body was different from his own and looked like a woman with an alluring body.

"He trained his chest much firmer than mine, I won't be able to train to this step."

Qin Mu exclaimed secretly, "Is he a male or a female? Or could it be, she's a female but the dragon king wished for a boy, therefore, he had given her the name Jiaonan which meant a delicate boy? The dragon king had most probably raised her as a boy, resulting in her such a queer appearance."

His gaze stayed on Long Jiaonan's body without blinking. If he blinked at this moment, the closing and opening of the eyes would reveal his position and it would be very easy for Long Jiaonan to get his location.

Long Jiaonan had such overbearing and powerful divine arts, therefore, he was absolutely not his or her opponent.

Furthermore, the teleportation clothing could only teleport him three to four times before his cultivation would be exhausted, making it difficult for him to escape Long Jiaonan's chase.

He also couldn't just keep staring at Long Jiaonan, for experts like Long Jiaonan, her senses were extremely sharp and could most probably follow his gaze to find his location.

Long Jiaonan was still slowly wearing her clothes with her back facing Qin Mu. Suddenly fine goosebumps appeared on the skin of her neck as she chuckled, "You're staring at my neck. Does my neck look nice?"

Qin Mu's pupils contracted as the area of goosebumps on Long Jiaonan's neck gradually shrank. She had already confirmed Qin Mu's exact location!

Qin Mu raised his clothes and an explosion sounded out beside his ear. His figure vanished in the divine art explosion.

Long Jiaonan's shirt was half buttoned and she quickly retracted her palm back. The huge snake carried her and slithered at its fastest speed yet they didn't find any traces of Qin Mu. She suddenly raised her head and saw a person sprint frantically in the sky as he stepped on the air.

"You can't run!"

The huge snakes under her feet spewed out a demon gas and rose into the air, chasing after Qin Mu.

In mid-air, the two of them saw the sight in Heaven Wave City and was dumbstruck. They saw the city constructed on the mountain had already been completely demolished, and in its place, there was a sacrificial altar formed from blood and bones!

Dutian Devil King stood on the sacrificial altar and was fighting two people. One of them was the dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect who was with his flood dragon while the other people was a cult master level existence at the Divine Bridge Realm.

These two people were in great danger and could be killed by Dutian Devil King anytime. The devil language coming out from Dutian Devil King's mouth was much more profound than the devil language Qin Mu used to summon him!

Above Heaven Wave City, the sky was spiraling and warping. Suddenly, thunder rumbled and lightning struck as the sky got ripped open and faintly showed a space of darkness!

In that dark space, there seemed to be something moving and suddenly, a bogeyman with two heads and two eyes flew out from the vortex that was spinning crazily.

The bogeyman stopped in the air and gave two shouts towards the vortex


Numerous black spots spew out from the vortex and covered the entire sky in a piece of black as they rushed towards Heaven Wave City.

Those were the heavenly devils of Dutian!

Ten of thousands of heavenly devils were pouring in from Dutian and the heavenly devils were killing one another. Their corpses fell from the sky like rain and accumulated on the sacrificial altar, causing the sacrificial altar in Heaven Wave City to grow even larger.

Blood rain started to fall from the sky.

There were also some heavenly devils that had higher positions holding scepters as they descended from the sky. They landed on the sacrificial altar in Heaven Wave City and chanted an ancient and abstruse devil language as they surrounded the sacrificial altar. Countless magnificent runes instantly appeared in the sky above the sacrificial altar, which was incomparably bright.

"I might have created a disaster even greater than paralyzing the entire Imperial College…" Qin Mu thought to himself as the corner of his eyes twitched.

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