Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 189 - A Wooden Chest

Long Jiaonian also hesitated for a moment and the vortex which was currently above Heaven Wave City had already become a passage to another world. The heavenly devils that swarmed out from the vortex were getting stronger and stronger and the heavenly devil horde flooded in from the sky.

"Leave, my people of our Dutian, leave the crumbling dark world of ours and head for the new world!"

Dutian Devil King stood on the sacrificial altar and opened his eight arms to welcome the heavenly devils that were descending down while shouting with a world-shaking voice, "Come, my people. This new world isn't desolate like Dutian, there are beautiful women, endless food and the people guarding this world are all weaklings, let us trample on them!"

Long Jiaonan saw her own father was already under the feet of this devil king. Even the flood dragon that her father had raised laid on the ground, unable to move.

Meanwhile, the other existence of the cult master level was already beheaded. His head was plucked off by Dutian Devil King who was raising it high up in of his hand.

"Is Dragon Rider Sect really going to be finished?" Sorrow swept through her heart.

The heavenly devil horde in the sky fell like rain and attacked the soldiers that were escaping in all directions. Qin Mu was also blasted out of the sky and fell to the ground with a few thumps. Six to seven heavenly devils crashed down around him and gradually stood up.

Qin Mu was no stranger to the heavenly devil horde. He had traveled through Great Ruins with Village Chief at night and met the heavenly devil horde when he was searching for Carefree Village, and he had also killed quite a number of them.

The body of these heavenly devil horde was strong and grew in all shapes and sizes, which was different from humans. Furthermore, they cultivate devil qi and was proficient in close combat and spells. Their divine arts are queer but not as intricate as human's.

When these heavenly devils just landed, Qin Mu flashed to the side of a heavenly devil and raised his knife and beheaded this heavenly devil. He then dodged the scorpion tail of another heavenly devil, the jet-black tail nearly hooking onto his neck.

Qin Mu stabbed his fingers forward and Junior Protector Sword pierced through the scorpion tail which the heavenly devil had yet retracted. With his other hand executing Heavenly Devil Freedom Mudra, he pulled the soul of a heavenly devil which was closing in on him out of his body, shattering the soul into pieces!

"You na la!"

A cow head heavenly devil pointed at him and shouted, "You na la, mai a bu lu ji nao di di nuo jia hong (Warrior, I want to challenge you)!"

"Come, bring it on!"

Qin Mu shouted and his vital qi burst forth as he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. That cow head heavenly devil bellowed and rushed over with quick steps while dragging a huge and long knife that was ten yards long. The blade of the knife was in contact with the ground thus sparks flew as he dragged it over and slashed it down at Qin Mu with a sudden shout!

Right at this moment, a huge snake crashed down from the sky and crushed the cow head heavenly devil into broken pieces. Long Jiaonan controlled the huge snake to land on the ground and with the snake's tail sweeping horizontally like a huge iron pillar, she managed to overwhelm and crush dozens of heavenly devils that came for her.

Qin Mu instantly fleeted away and as Long Jiaonan was about slaughter towards him, countless heavenly devils descended from the sky. Even though her cultivation had surpassed Qin Mu by two to three realms, she was still caught up in a bitter struggle.

Qin Mu was also caught in an ambush. Hu Ling'er immediately summoned a tornado that revolved around them but there were still heavenly devils who could rush into the tornado and pounced at them.

More and more heavenly devils poured in from another world and looking from afar, they were like countless flies flying down from the sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

"Patriarch said I must be able to settle disaster created by myself, it seems that I can't settle it this time."

Cold sweats broke out on Qin Mu's forehead. Suddenly, bright lights suddenly came from the south and the lights were moving in the sky, lighting up the entire land.

The lights grew brighter and brighter as they moved from the south. Wherever the light passed by, countless of heavenly devils would fall from the sky without their heads. Qin Mu raised his head to take a look and was shook.

Those lights were sword groups.

Sword groups formed by countless swords!

It was impossible to count exactly how many swords there were.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the sword groups, there were thousands of sword pellets that were still whirling continuously. The sword pellets were like moons and as they spun, flying swords flew out continuously and killed all the heavenly devils in the sky with all kinds of sword forms.

The sword groups were simply too vast, The light given off by each sword was all very dazzling and there was probably a few million swords here. With all the light gathered together, it was truly a magnificent sight.

Even though the heavenly devils from Dutian hid the sky and covered the earth in a piece of black, the sky soon cleared up once again after the dazzling sword groups swept them, leaving just countless corpses falling from the sky.

In Heaven Wave City, Dutian Devil King's expression changed hugely and gave a bellow. He sped up the process to summon his true body over and the hundred of heavenly devil's voices around the altar became incomparably loud and clear, using the devil language and countless corpses to summon the true body of Dutian Devil King.

The air trembled violently as a huge foot stretched out from another world. There were devil flames burning around this feet which burned the sky scarlet red.

The sword groups in the sky suddenly changed their directions and whistled towards Heaven Wave City. The scale of the sword groups was almost as huge as Heaven Wave City.

In the city, Dutian Devil King roared in anger as he raised his eight arms. With a hum, a huge black barrier appeared in the sky above Heaven Wave City, covering the entire sky.

In an instant, countless ear-piercing noises sounded out, causing countless people to bleed from their ears. That was the sound when the flying swords collided with the black barrier of Dutian Devil King. The clanging noises practically burst forth all at the same time, therefore no one's ears could withstand the sound.

Qin Mu was also deafened and couldn't hear any sounds. Countless heavenly devils around him were also covering their ears and squatting on the floor in an unbearable pain.

In Martial Order County on the opposite shore, countless Eternal Peace's soldiers were guarding against the invasion of the heavenly devil horde, and everything was in complete confusion. The noises given off from the collision between the sword lights and the dark barrier had also caused an extreme pain to the countless soldiers here. However, since the distance was much further, it was still bearable for them.

Plopping sounds came from the river surface. It was from those heavenly devils flying to the opposite shore who were getting blown out from the sky, falling into the river.

In the city tower of Martial Order County, a white-haired old general gave off an expression of astonishment, "Imperial Preceptor, a great expert has gone to the opposite shore!"

"Duke Wei, this man is not only a great expert."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stood in the front and gazed at the situation across the river, "His ability is not far from mine. He's even stronger than the three old monsters that ambushed me back then."

Duke Wei gave off a puzzled expression. He sized up the sword groups that were contending against Dutian Devil King and looked at the true body of Dutian Devil King in the sky which already had half of his leg in this world while asking puzzledly, "Who had summoned this devil king? Isn't this a little too much? Have these fellows of the southern borders really stoop so low just to obtain victory?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor shook his head, "With me around, Dutian Devil King will not be able to descend into this world. On the contrary, the one who summoned this devil god had done a great merit for our Eternal Peace. Isn't Heaven Wave City just destroyed like that? Our soldiers will not have to bleed. If it was me, I will also choose to do this for the lives of our soldiers."

Duke Wei sighed, "Imperial Preceptor, this is why they don't understand you and said you're following the devil path."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked out of the city tower and headed towards Heaven Wave City on the opposite shore with a smile, "The reason they said that was because I had affected their interests. My merits and demerits are not what the current people can evaluate, only the people of hundreds and thousands of years later can judge my merits and demerits! Furthermore, in my eyes, they're already dead."

In Heaven Wave City, Dutian Devil King gave a dull grunt. The flesh on his eight palms became messed-up. The attack of the countless swords was simply terrifying, he was unable to endure the strength coming from them.

If his true body came forward, he could naturally endure it but this body was merely transformed from wood. Qin Mu had summoned him with his devil voice but Qin Mu's strength was too weak, the energy he could transfer over through Qin Mu was too little and wasn't enough to contend with this strong practitioner that was controlling countless of flying swords.

At this moment, he saw a middle-aged man walking over from the other side of the river. Dutian Devil King felt a fear in his heart and was about to exert out a little strength when he suddenly saw a sword light flying straight to his face.

How breathtaking was this sword attack?

This sword attack contained an extremely profound principle in the sword path, unleashing the murderous desire of the transforming sword path to its fullest extent. It was like revealing an extremely fine painting in front of his eyes. To be able to see this painting, he could die without regrets.

So he died.

His head was severed by this sword light and the head that grew four faces and twelve eyes rolled from his neck.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor retracted his sword and walked up to Heaven Wave City. The heavenly devil horde in the city was still taking charge of the sacrificial altar. When they saw this middle-aged man, god knows how many heavenly devils immediately swarmed forward, pouncing at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

What followed next was the collapse of Dutian Devil King's huge corpse. That black barrier also shattered and disintegrated in the air.

The countless flying swords attacking the black barrier suddenly moved back and returned into the sword pellets. In the sky floated thousands of sword pellets, each of which was the size of a thumb, rotating around and around.

At this moment, a chest flew over from far away and the lid of the wooden chest opened up. The countless sword pellets flew back into the wooden chest with tinkling and thumping sounds.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at that wooden chest and seemed to be deep in his thoughts as he stood there motionlessly.

Without anyone to take care of the sacrificial altar, that hair raising summoning came to a stop and the growing vortex in the sky immediately stopped growing before gradually shrinking.

The true body of Dutian Devil King already had a leg in and was forced to pull back his leg. An extremely unwilling and angry roar faintly came from the depths of the sky.

Outside Heaven Wave City, Qin Mu was also raising his head to look at the wooden chest in mid-air and revealed a suspicious look, "This chest looks very familiar. It seems to be the one in the smithy in the village. That wooden chest was also filled with silver colored pellets. Granny Si even told me those weren't sword pellets and were ordinary silver pellets. She even said Grandpa Mute wouldn't be so rich…"

He saw every single one of the sword pellets enter the wooden chest. The wooden chest gradually fell down and he immediately sprinted to the place where the wooden chest was landing at.

That wooden chest descended down and vanished in a piece of forest. Qin Mu rushed over and saw an elder in cotton clothing who was carrying a furnace for forging on his back. On his hand was a wooden chest and hardships could be seen all across his face. Those were the wrinkles left behind by time.

When the elder in cotton clothing saw him run over, he gave a wide grin and there was no tongue in his mouth.

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